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Little Primarchs- Intro and Dramatis Personae

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Welcome! This is basically all of my fanfics of our favorite dysfunctional family: the Emperor and his primarchs. This was originally inspired by that one picture of the Emperor in a kitchen with all the primarchs around him, I think we all know it. If you don't, Google it, the picture is adorable.

Dramatis Personae:
The Emperor: Overwhelmed single father. Really regretting making 20 sons. Leader of the Imperium
Lion El'Jonson: "One", the "oldest" of the Primarchs. Often fighting wildlife, or Leman Russ. The hardest to wake up in the morning. Occasionally there will be a small robed figure in his room called Frederick, the others believe this to be the Lion's imaginary friend. It isn't, but only the Emperor and the Lion ever see Frederick.
"Two": One of two missing Primarchs. Used as a threat. The Emperor is not looking for him. Also a fish.
Fulgrim: "Three", the vainest of the Primarchs, gets along best with Ferrus Manus.
Perturabo: "Four", obsessed with robots. Constantly fighting with Rogal Dorn
Jaghatai Kahn: "Five", he likes speed. That's about it. Gets along best with Magnus.
Leman Russ: "Six", has two wolf "brothers" Freki and Geri. Thinks he's a wolf, likes food and trying to get to alcohol.
Rogal Dorn: "Seven", likes building stuff. Sort of like Dexter to Perturabo's Deedee.
Konrad Curze: "Eight" or "Night Haunter". Hates the sun or anything else bright. Likes to scare his brothers.
Sanguinius: "Nine" or "Fabulous Hawk Boy", likes to fly around or be close to the Emperor.
Ferrus Manus: "Ten", mostly hangs out with Fulgrim. He has metal hands and also likes robots.
"Eleven": The other missing Primarch. The Emperor isn't looking for him either. Also a fish.
Angron: "Twelve" always angry with everything. The cause of a lot of property damage.
Roboute Guilliman: "Thirteen", hates bugs, and crabs. The others pick on him for his "overthinkiing"
Mortarion: "Fourteen", immune to literally everything. He likes to eat/drink things that would kill normal people like it's normal.
Magnus the Red: "Fifteen", the biggest nerd of the bunch. He always has a book. He likes Jaghatai and Sanguinius.
Horus Lupercal: "Sixteen", the clear favorite of the Emperor. He is always the closest to the Emperor.
Lorgar Aurellian: "Seventeen", he wants to worship just about anything. The Emperor keeps finding cult pamphlets in his room.
Vulkan: "Eighteen", he likes fire and blacksmithing. He also likes Corvus Corax, and dragons.
Corvus Corax: "Nineteen", he's the emo/goth one of the bunch. He tolerates Vulkan and Lion best, hates Horus.
Alpharius/Omegon: "Twenty", only the Emperor knows there are two of them, and finds their minds games with the other Primarchs amusing.
Malcador: the Sigilite, the Emperor's closest friend and advisor. He thinks of the Primarchs like his nephews basically. Magnus likes him best. First choice for babysitting.
Constantin Valdor: the Great Custodian, the Captain-General of the Legio Custodes. He likes the Primarchs, though is always wary of Leman. Second choice for babysitting. Once got bit by a naked, drunk Leman as the Emperor returned.


  1. DrakonTheNightLord's Avatar
    Fan fiction? It's something different, at least. I'm interested to see what you come up with
  2. theonelogician's Avatar
    Oh, this is going to be good.


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