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Little Primarchs- A "Normal" Day

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The Emperor reached out and shut off the antique chronometer alarm and sat up in bed. He brushed some of his hair out of his face and got out of bed. He psychicly formed robes around his body. He then headed out to wake up his sons. Leaving his room he is faced by a long hallway with eleven doors to each side. The middle doors on each side were bathrooms, the rest were the rooms of the Primarchs; the sons of the Emperor.
Originally there were twenty Primarchs, but two of them had "been very bad" and he had had to deal with them. He had left the rooms in place, and sometimes used the two "missing" Primarchs as threats to keep the remaining eighteen in some semblance of order. He occasionally regretted making so many sons at one time.
The Emperor turned to the first door on the left, it had a small "I" above the door frame. It also had a parchment banner that had the name Lion El'Jonson written on it in a firm, flowing hand. Below the banner was another parchment with a winged sword drawn on it. The Emperor knocked loudly on the door and opened the door.
"Time to wake up, Lion," The Emperor said in a firm voice.
"Five more minutes," groaned the Lion, rolling over.
"You have until I get our other brothers up," the Emperor said and dipped out of the room.
Turning to the room across from the Lion's, the Emperor looked at the door with a small "XX" above the frame. The banner on this door said Alpharius Omegon with a drawing of a hydra below it. The writing was blocky and very precise. Knocking in a specific pattern the Emperor opened the door.
"Time to get up, Alpharius" He said.
"Alright" came two voices in such perfect unison no one but the Emperor could tell there were two.
"I'll be the one out today," came a single voice, kept very quiet, so only the Emperor could hear.
"Alright Omegon," He said with a sly smile and left.
Stepping down the hall, the Emperor placed a hand on a worn spot of the second door to the left. It was plain, there was no banner or drawing here, just the white door. Turning to the right, the door had been repainted black. This one had a banner reading Corvus Corax. The drawing below was of a heraldric raven.
"Time to wake up Corvus" the Emperor said, opening the door with his usual knock.
"Okay Father," came a quiet voice from the darkness of the room, there was a brief flash of a pale face as Corvus sat up in bed.
Proceeding down the hall the Emperor woke up all of his sons. He then returned to the Lion's room. He knocked loudly and opened the door.
"Get up Lion," the Emperor said, his tone already seeming to fray.
"Five more minutes," the Lion said, though not in a groggy way.
"You've had your five minutes. Everyone else is up." the Emperor said.
"But Faaather," whined the Lion, with a joking gleam his green eyes.
"I'll get Leman to send Freki and Geri in," came the quick response from the Emperor.
"I'm up!" the Lion said, shooting out of bed. "Don't let him bring those things in here!"
The Emperor smiled to himself as he turned away from his first created son. The Lion loved to sleep, and it was always difficult to get him up in the morning. Leman Russ was the Lion's least favorite brother. Leman had two wolf pups called Freki and Geri that he considered his other brothers. The Lion hated them, and when Freki and Geri were first found the Emperor had had to stop the Lion from killing them.
Suddenly there was a crash from the kitchen area, and a loud voice calling, "FAAAAATHEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!!!!!!! FULGRIM'S MAKING A MESS!!!!!!!!!!"
"AM NOT!!!!!!! YOU BUMPED INTO ME!" Fulgrim shouted back and Horus.
The Emperor walked into the kitchen and found several pans on the floor and Horus and Fulgrim glaring at each other. Ferrus was already reaching down to start picking up the various pans. Sanguinius also started grabbing pans.
"Why were you getting a pan out Fulgrim?" the Emperor asked.
"I was going to make eggs, Father," Fulgrim answered, his long white hair still in the braid he kept it in when he slept. "But Horus bumped into me as I was trying to get the right sized pan."
"You were just reaching for the one on the bottom to make the loudest noise you could," Horus shot back at Fulgrim. Horus kept his dark hair short, to the point that it was almost not there at all.
"You both know that you should have the servitors retrieve various things in the kitchen," the Emperor said, "Also, Fulgrim, how were you planning on making the eggs? You aren't tall enough to reach the stove top."
"Sanguinius was going to help me up onto the counter," Fulgrim said. "I thought that far ahead."
The Emperor looked over at Sanguinius who was still picking up pans from the floor. The winged Primarch sensed his father's scrutiny and looked up, "I was at least going to try and lift him up there Father," Sanguinius said without need of a question being asked.
The Emperor stepped around his four sons and gave some commands to one of the kitchen servitors. The brain-dead half machine moved over and tooked a pan from the collection and began making eggs for the Primarchs.
After feeding the Primarchs, the Emperor was next faced with the task of taking them all to school. The Primarchs were tutored away from the Imperial Palace so that he could run the Imperium without his sons needing his attention.
"Everyone to the Thunderhawk! It's time to go," the Emperor called and stood by the door to the landing pad where their special Thunderhawk was landed. He counted his sons as they each passed by him.
"I call shotgun!" Horus yelled as he trotted towards the ship.
"It's my turn though!" Lorgar called back, already at the door to the pilot compartment of the Thunderhawk.
Horus stuck out his lower lip in a pout, glancing back at his father. The Emperor shook his head, the schedule was the only way to be fair to all of his sons. Horus knew it, he just wanted the Emperor to admit aloud that he was the favorite.
After everyone had made it out of the palace, Freki and Geri whimpering but remaining inside at Leman's order, the Emperor got in the pilot's compartment. He had tried having some of his Custodan Guard take the Primarchs places, but the boys refused to listen to the Custodians and would nearly overwhelm his Praetorians. Now he either had to take them himself or have a servitor pilot instead.
The rest of the day seemed to go both quickly and slowly. He had a lot of meetings with various people, and the Mechanicum wanted him at a ritual for someone's promotion. All too soon it was time to retrieve his sons from school. Climbing into the Thunderhawk and headed toward the tutoring center that they all called school. He arrived to see seventeen of his sons waiting at the center's landing pad.
"Where is Jaghatai?" the Emperor asked his assembled sons after quickly scanning their faces.
"He's at track try outs Father," Magnus said, closing his book.
"He didn't mention this before," the Emperor said with a frown.
"He was afraid you wouldn't let him, since everyone else here are normal humans," Roboute said. "Jaghatai was going to tell you if he made the team."
"He was right, I'm not alright with this. However, I assume they have already started the try outs," the Emperor said with a frustrated sigh. The Mechanicus ritual was that evening so he had to get everyone home and settled for the evening.
"Yeah, they started as soon as classes were over for the day," Perturabo said. "Jaghatai was right out there as soon as he could."
"I guess we will have to wait for him then," the Emperor conceeded. He guessed that he would have to permit it if Jaghatai made the team, but only if the Primarch agreed to keep himself in control so as to be as fair to the other children as he could.
Half and hour later Jaghatai ran around the school with a big smile on his face. The smile vanished as soon as he spotted the Emperor.
"Did you make the team?" Magnus asked, he seemed to be trying to distract Jaghatai.
"Yes," Jaghatai said in a small voice.
"Can you restrain yourself to normal human standards?" the Emperor asked gently.
"Yes, I can Father!" Jaghatai said, straightening to his full height. "I was doing it during the try outs."
"Then I'll allow you to be on the team," the Emperor said. "But only as long as you control yourself. If you can't be fair to the normal humans I will pull you."
"I understand Father," Jaghatai said his smile returning.
"I have a ritural for the Mechanicum tonight," the Emperor announced after everyone was aboard and they were in the air.
"Who's watching us tonight then?" Konrad asked from the middle of the group.
"Malcador will be with you tonight," the Emperor repled.
Magnus looked excited at that, "I like Uncle Malcador."
Leman made a growling sound in the back of his throat. Leman didn't like Malcador as much as Magnus or some of his brothers. Corvus frowned, but kept his displeasure at that. Corvus was more accepting of Malcador than Leman.
"Leman, are you going to give Malcador trouble tonight?" the Emperor asked over his shoulder. It wouldn't be Leman's turn for "shotgun" until the next week.
"I'll behave Allfather," Leman said. He was the only one to call the Emperor "Allfather", and never used anything else.
"Good. Also remember you have to pick up after Freki and Geri today," the Emperor said. Leman made a disgusted face, but nodded. His specific chore was to keep up after Freki and Geri.
They made it home to the Imperial Palace to be met by Constantin Valdor, Captain- General of the Custodian Guard.
"You are early for the ritual Constantin," the Emperor said by way of greeting.
"I wished to go over the security arrangements for the ritual before hand, my king," the Custodian replied with a bow.
"I trust that you have covered everything you can, Constantin," the Emperor said, the words were almost part of a ritual in and of themselves between the two. It would have been strange for them not to have some form of exchange like this before the events.
"I made the track team at school! And Father is allowing me to be on the team," Jaghatai said, looking up at the large Custodian with a huge smile.
"That....sounds like it is an achievement," Valdor said, taken off guard by the Primarch.
"Uh-huh, I get to run fast. But only as long as I keep it fair to the other kids," Jaghatai said and headed inside the palace. Valdor glanced at his master, who only nodded that it was true.
Malcador arrived after dinner and homework. All the Primarchs were settled into the living room of the residence area of the palace. Magnus smiled at Malcador as he stepped into the living room.
"Hi Uncle Malcador!" he said as the old man settled into the chair meant for him. Magnus was the only one to call Malcador "uncle".
"Hello Magnus," the Sigilite replied with a brief smile.
"I'm reading about the Gyptians. They were very interesting," Magnus said, showing Malcador the book he was reading. "I especially like the way that they wrote things down with pictures."
"They were quite interesting weren't they?" Malcador said.
The evening went fairly smoothly, mostly because all the Primarchs knew that their father could see them through Malcador, and that Malcador wasn't afraid to contact their father if they misbehaved. However, that changed when it was time for bed. Partially because it was Leman's shower night.
Leman wasn't very fond of showering, or bathing in any form. Malcador nearly did have to contact the Emperor during the ritual before the Lion and Magnus were able to drag Leman off to shower.
The other reason that bedtime was an issue was Horus. He was determined to wait up for the Emperor. Lorgar and Sanguinius were able to talk him out of it though. About fifteen minutes after everyone was in bed, the Emperor returned.
+How were they?+ the Emperor asked pshycicly as he strode in. He knew they had just gone to bed, and were likely still awake. Horus at least would rush out if he heard the Emperor's voice.
+Leman and Horus both were a bit stubborn, but the others were quite helpful. Jaghatai is very excited about being on the track team+ Malcador replied in kind. +How was the ritual?+
+Boring for the most part. Thankfully the Mechanicum is easier to please than my sons are+
+They certainly take after you though, my lord+ Malcador said with a smile. This earned him a mockingly annoyed look from the Emperor. The Sigilite retreated, and raised his hands in mock surrender.
+Good night, Malcador+ the Emperor said and headed down the long hallway towards his chambers. As he passed the doors to the Primarchs rooms, he peeked in and bade all of his sons good night.



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