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Little Primarchs- The Beach

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The Emperor and his sons were off Terra for a rare escape from the Imperial Palace. They were supposedly taking a tour of the Imperium and it's vast expanses. The Primarchs loved traveling in space and trying to see the warp. Leman and Rogal were the only ones who didn't like the warp. Magnus of course loved it. Angron didn't like anything, so he wasn't counted. Corvus distrusted the warp, but understood the need of it.
Today they were "inspecting" a world covered in vast oceans, much as Old Earth once had. The Emperor was taking his sons to the beach to have an experience with large amounts of water. All the Primarchs were natural swimmers, but had only seen the subterranian lake that was ringed by the rooms they would have when they were older. That was where they had learned to swim, and while it was large it was not the size of an ocean. Arriving at the beach, the Thunderhawk set down and disgorged its young cargo. Who proceeded to line up in number order under the wing of the ship so they were in the shade. The Emperor stepped out with a large beach bag slung over one shoulder.
"Alright, everyone put sunscreen on," the Emperor said setting the bag down and opening a pocket revealing several containers of sunscreen. Horus quickly came up and began passing out sunscreen to his brothers. About five minutes later everyone had sunscreen on and they headed away from the Thunderhawk and towards the beach.
"It's weird that the land just stops," the Lion said casting a wary eye around. Corvus nodded his agreement with the Lion's observation.
The Emperor stopped about half way down the run of the beach and pulled a large blanket embroidered with the Imperial aquila and set it down on the sand before sitting on the blanket.
"That is how the ocean works, Lion," he said as he pulled out a data slate from the bag. "It's a large body of salt water that separates continents. Don't drink the water Leman, Mortariaon."
"What will happen if I do?" Mortarion asked instantly interested in what poisonous properties ocean water might have.
"It will dehydrate you, and if you drink enough of it it will drive you insane," the Emperor said. "I don't want you to drink it."
"Alright, Father" Mortation said and headed away to find something he could try and eat.
"What about Freki and Geri, Allfather?" Leman asked as the wolf pups were excitedly sniffing by the water's edge.
"They aren't likely to try and drink it. They should be able to smell the salt content and know that it's bad for them," the Emperor said also glancing over at the wolves.
Glancing around, he watched as Rogal grabbed bucket from the bag and headed off to make a sand castle. He had explained the method for making one while en route to the beach. He noted that Perturabo already had a bucket, and was closer to the water than Rogal was. Leman and the Lion were seeming to have a race to see who could swim out into the ocean farther. Magnus had settled near where the waves ended and was reading. Corvus was looking at the sea birds that were flying near by. An atonal screeching sound announced where Angron had begun a screaming match with a costal bird like a seagull. Alpharius (the actual one) was wearing his hydra shaped floaty ring. Being the smallest of the Primarchs he was the weakest swimmer.
"It looks like snow!" Sanguinius exclaimed and started try to make aquilas in the sand. There was a dark shadow that moved to be somewhat near the Emperor and remained there. This was Konrad in his sombrero and sunglasses. He had sunscreen on like the others, but found it too bright and was determined to hide under his hat.
"Hey, I can bury you in the sand! Then we can dig you out and switch places," Fulgrim said excitedly to Ferrus, who nodded also excited. They quickly began digging a hole that Ferrus to get into. Lorgar was smoothing a patch of sand with a stick near by. Vulkan was gathering driftwood and piling it up for the bonfire he was going to make. Jaghatai was heading towards the rope swing that the locals of the planet said was there. Roboute had wandered to the water's edge a few meters away and was checking out the smaller wildlife that was found in the area.
Suddenly something wet splashed onto the Emperor's leg. Looking over, Horus had what looked like an ice cream cone, and was being quite messy about eating it. He wasn't quite sure where Horus had gotten the ice cream, and then he recalled that there had been a small beach cantina type set up near where he had landed the Thunderhawk.
There was the sound of splashing in the water and the Emperor's attention was drawn that way. The Lion had discovered something like a shark and had begun fighting it. Leman was getting out of the water and shaking like his wolves did. This was an issue because he had come out right beside Magnus.
"Hey!" Magnus said, his one eye glaring at Leman.
"Well you shouldn't be this close to the water," Leman replied with a glare of his own.
Magnus huffed, but didn't have an argument for that. The red skinned Primarch closed his book and retreated up the beach, careful not to step on Sanguinius who had figured out a way to make sand aquilas.
"Father, I don't feel right," Corvus sobbed approaching the Emperor. The Emperor looked down and saw that Corvus had turned a bright red from sunburn.
"I thought you put sunscreen on," the Emperor stated with a frown. Corvus was the only other Primarch as pale as Konrad so he burned very easily.
"I did Father, I put on the whole bottle that Horus handed me," Corvus said, tears were shining in his eyes. He held out the empty bottle of sunscreen to the Emperor. He took the bottle from his son, careful to not touch the burnt Primarch. A quick examination of the bottle told him it was the wrong SPF for Corvus.
"Horus, did you check the SPF levels as you were handing out the sunscreen to your brothers?" The Emperor asked turning toward the ice cream covered Horus.
"No, I'm sorry, Father," Horus said as he realized his mistake, seeing that Corvus had got very sunburned from his lack of attention.
"It's Corvus that you should be apologizing to Horus," the Emperor said.
"Sorry Corvus, I didn't mean to give you the wrong sunscreen. I should have been checking," Horus said hanging his head as a demonstration of his sincerity.
"I guess I can forgive you since it was an accident," Corvus said, though he looked like he wanted to hit Horus.
"FAAAAATHER!!!!!!!!!!!! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPP! !!" Roboute screamed running up to stand next to the sunburnt Corvus. There was a fairly large crab that had latched onto one of Roboute's fingers.
The Emperor reached down and pried open the crab's claw causing it to fall to the ground where it quickly scuttled away. Roboute's finger was already clotting so the Emperor left it be.
"Corvus, you should go get your hat and do what Konrad is doing. Horus, since your brother is burnt because of your desire for ice cream, you will go get him one," the Emperor said after ensuring that the crab was gone. "Roboute, next time you should find a stick or other probe instead of your fingers."
"Yes, Father," the three Primarchs chorused. Corvus reached into the bag and pulled out a hat similar to the one Konrad was wearing and very carefully put it on his head. He sat next to the Emperor on the blanket, away from the ice cream mess that Horus had made. Roboute wandered over to Vulkan and started collecting driftwood. Horus quickly trotted off to buy Corvus ice cream from the cantina stand. Leman headed towards the Emperor, and slapped Corvus in a greeting.
"OOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!" Corvus screamed as soon as Leman's hand touched him.
"Sorry Corvus! I thought you were Magnus!" Leman stated, startled by his brother's reaction to his greeting.
"I do rather look like him don't I?" Corvus said trying to smile though his entire arm still hurt.
"You have two eyes and black hair, you look nothing like me," Magnus said from a few feet away where he had relocated after Leman had gotten his book wet.
"You can have two eyes and black hair if you wanted," Corvus said, "so you could look like me."
"True, but why would I want to look that way?" Magnus said.
"So people could slap you and not me," Corvus muttered.
"Lion, let it go!" the Emperor called as the shark managed to make an escape from the Lion's grip. The Lion seemed like he was about to try and swim after it. Upon hearing his father's voice though, the Lion turned back and struck out for shore. The sun was starting to set and the Emperor set about gathering all of his sons so they could enjoy Vulkan's bonfire and then head back to the Imperator Somnium, their star ship.
They had also brought marshmellows for the Primarchs to toast on the bonfire. The Emperor of course could toast his own without fire. Magnus was close to being able to do that as well, but wasn't quite there yet. There were only a few issues with Konrad trying to chase Corvus with a burning marshmellow, and Vulkan grabbing the burning marshmellow off of Konrad's stick. Vulkan liked Corvus the best and didn't like it when his other brothers were rough with Corvus.
"Alright, everyone ready to go?" the Emperor asked as the bonfire began to burn low. The Primarchs all nodded. Fulgrim and Ferrus looked ready to fall asleep. The Lion and Leman were also yawning. Everyone trooped to the Thunderhawk after helping to pack everything up.



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