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Little Primarchs- The Fair

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"Are we there yet?" Angron whined standing towards the back of the strategium of the Imperator Somnium.
"No," said Lorgar in anticipation of the Emperor's response.
"Lorgar is correct," the Emperor said with a nod.
"How much longer?" Angron insisted as he began to pace.
"We get there when we get there," Perturabo said also echoing the Emperor from earlier.
"You were just asking these questions three minutes ago," Roboute said. "Even Jaghatai isn't that impatient."
"Where is Jaghatai?" Lorgar asked realizing that Jaghatai wasn't in the strategium.
"Probably training for his track meet in a month. He races the servitors or some of the human crew so he stays fair," Roboute said.
"That makes sense," said the quiet voice of Corvus from a darkened corner. He had recovered quickly from the sun burn he had gotten on the ocean planet, but still didn't like being touched.
They were headed to a major agri-world that held an annual fair. Ostensibly this was for more inspecting, but the Emperor also liked going to fairs and wanted the Primarchs to experience life for the normal masses. This included going to events like fairs. The Emperor was also happy that Jaghatai was training, otherwise he would be hearing "are we there yet?" a lot more frequently.
The door to the strategium opened and Horus and Sanguinius came in. They had been helping the Lion and Leman look for Konrad. Konrad had gotten into an argument with Vulkan and was somewhere on Imperator Somnium pouting. The Emperor had set his other sons to finding Konrad.
"No luck so far Father," Horus reported.
"Lion and Leman are still looking," Sanguinius added. "Lion thinks he might know where Konrad is."
"I have no doubt that you all will find him," the Emperor said sending Horus and Sanguinus back out to the search.The other Primarchs were in the strategium with the Emperor, with the expecion of Jaghatai.
"Are we there yet?" Angron whined again.
"We are still in the warp for crying out loud!" Magnus shouted in frustration. He was getting very tired of Angron's whining.
"Well I'm bored!" Angron snapped back, rounding on his brother.
"That's no excuse. You can tell that we are in the warp, just as easily as I can," Magnus said, holding his ground.
"Don't argue. We're only here until they find Konrad, then we can go around the ship again," Fulgrim said trying to keep the peace.
"He's the best at hide and seek though," Ferrus pointed our.
"No he's not," Coruvs said, "that's me."
"You cheat though," Mortarion said, "no one else can become invisible."
"I can," Magnus said proudly.
"You cheat at Sardines," Vulkan said. "Only you can fit in some of those spots."
"But it's so funny watching you try and get in," Magnus said.
"Even I can't get into some of those places Magnus," Alpharius said, "it isn't fair to Vulkan or the others."
"Alpharius is right about that Magnus. And I believe we've had a conversation about you using the shadow walk during hide and seek, Corvus," the Emperor said trying to get ahead of the bickering.
"Yes, Father," Corvus said. "We have had that conversation. I'm still better at hiding than Konrad, even without the shadow walk."
Just then the door opened again revealing a happy Lion herding Konrad before him. Konrad looked displeased and shot a glare at Vulkan once he spotted the black skinned Primarch.
"I found him Father," the Lion announced unneccessarily.
"Thank you, Lion," the Emperor said with a nod. There was a shudder and the strange sensation of returning from the warp into real space.
"Are we there?" Angron asked, almost sounding hopeful that the answer might be yes.
"We are close," the Emperor responded. He seemed almost as relieved as Angron that they were finally in the star system they wanted. Angron's constant questioning was beginning to grate on him. After a few minutes a vox chime announced that they were entering high orbit of the planet that was their destination. The Primarchs cheered and headed out of the strategium towards the launch bay where their Thunderhawk was. Leman fell in along the way after securing Freki and Geri in his quarters. They were being kept on the ship due to the number of people expected at the fair.
They landed amongst a large number of other dropships of various marks. There were also skimmers and ground cars everywhere. The Primarchs all piled out of the Thunderhawk, excited to check out the fair.
"Everyone remember where we parked," the Emperor said. Their particular Thunderhawk was fairly distinctive, but it was still easy to lose track of it amongst all the other drop ships.
"Yes, Father," chorused eighteen voices as they headed towards the gate for the fair. They counted lumen poles as they moved through the landing area. They arrived at the gate and the Emperor paid their entry fee.
"Y-you don't have to pay, my lord," stammered the lady workng the ticket stand as she realized who it was; trying to bow behind the counter.
"Do not bow. Also this money if for any property damage that my sons might cause," the Emperor said sliding the money across again.
"Oh, if you insist my lord," the lady said taking the money. "Will you be needing tickets for the rides as well?"
"Yes, that would probably be for the best," the Emperor said with a nod. She quickly handed him over a decently large stack of ride tickets along with the admissions tickets. They stepped away from the flustered ticket lady and headed into the fair. The Emperor passed out the ride tickets and some money for the Primarchs to spend. Almost immediately after that the Primarchs scattered, heading in various directions. The Emperor sighed, only Horus had remained nearby, he already regretted not bringing at least Constantin Valdor of the Custodians. There were a lot of people at the fair and he knew it would be difficult to get his sons all back together.
Leman's first goal was to ditch Rogal. Leman was notorious for wandering off and often was put on a leash when they had to deal with crowds. Today Rogal had been assigned to hold the leash. Just then, he spotted Perturabo at one of the shooting gallery things.
"Look Rogal, it's Perturabo. I bet he's cheating at the shooting game," Leman said pointing out their brother. Rogal looked over, and dropped the leash to sneak up on Perturabo without Leman yabbering.
This of course is exactly what Leman wanted, he had already seen a sign pointing the way to the beer garden. He hadn't known that there was a plant that grew beer, but he was very interested in seeing what it looked like, and get some beer if possible. He arrived at the beer garden, which was a fenced off area. There was a man at the door who was checking the ident cards of people heading in. Leman made his way up to the door and tried to slip inside without the man at the door seeing him.
"Where do you think you are going?" the man said blocking the doorway before Leman could slip in.
"I want to see the beer garden," Leman said trying to step around the man, but he kept right in front of the young Primarch.
"No way, little man. You are way too young to be going in there," the man said sternly.
"But I'm a son of the Emperor," Leman said. Usually dropping that fact got him in anywhere he wanted to go.
"Ha, and I'm the Sigilite," the man replied.
"I am Leman Russ, sixth son of the Emperor of Mankind. And you are most certainly not the Sigilite," Leman said, beginning to get annoyed. "I demand entrance as is my right as a son of your lord and master."
"No," the man said flatly and made a shooing motion with his hand. Leman begrudgingly stepped aside and made to look like he was heading elsewhere in the fair. In reality he went around to the other side of the fenced area and climbed the short fence, gaining access to the beer garden.
Vulkan had found some people who were demonstraing the art of black smithing. He was fascinated by it, and eagerly waiting for a chance to ask questions, and possibly try it out himself. He loved being able to work with black smith tools and make things. Some of the artificiers were teaching him when he didn't have school. Corvus was looking bored though. He didn't find black smithing as interesting as Vulkan, but he had lost track of the Lion almost as soon as the Emperor had.
Suddenly Sanguinius landed near where Corvus was waiting for Vulkan. He seemed excited as he approached Corvus.
"You should come check this ride out with me, Corvus," Sanguinius said with an excited smile on his face. "It's like a giant sling shot where we are strapped in and it launches us up high in the air! No wings required!"
"That does sound like fun," Corvus said, also smiling. He liked to fly despite not having wings like Sanguinius. The Emperor had had the Mechanicus create a set of false wings for Corvus so that he could also fly. Sometimes he would race Sanguinius when he was working with them. All of this made Sanguinius his third favorite brother after Vulkan and the Lion. The two set off together towards the launching ride. Vulkan was so engrossed with the black smiths that he didn't even realize that Corvus had left.
The Lion was unsure of what he wanted to do with himself. He could smell a lot of animals over in one of the larger buildings in the area. He decided to head that way. He was always ready to fight some large animal. However, when he entered the building, he found domesticated animals, mostly bovines and ovines. Wandering around he suddenly spotted a beautiful black horse standing in an unattended stall. He headed up to the horse and held out his hand towards the horse's nose. The horse it's head down and sniffed the Lion's hand. After assuring that the horse was familiar with his scent the Lion slipped into the stall with the horse. Leaving the gate open, he carefully climbed a side of the stall and shifted across to the horse's back.
The horse seemed confused at first, but remained still and didn't try to buck the Primarch off. The Lion then nudged the horse and it began to walk forwards. Looking around, no one seemed too concerned about what he was doing. Thus emboldened the Lion manovered the horse out of the building through a side door that was open to allow air flow. He continued to wander around the rest of the fair on the horse, now called Raven by the Lion.
Fulgrim had dragged Ferrus over to where the side shows were. He was very interested in the snake lady. Ferrus was waiting outside the tent with the snake lady, having refused to go in with Fulgrim. They had enjoyed the "mermaid" show, they both knew that it was a malformed bovine fetus with it's legs fused. However, Ferrus drew the line at snake lady. The thought of it creeped him out a bit. Glancing over, he saw Alpharius heading into the house of mirrors.
There was a loud dinging sound followed by a cracking sound. Ferrus was fairly certain that it was Angron breaking something. He wasn't sure what, something with a bell. He wondered idly what Lorgar had gotten up to. Roboute was riding the ferris wheel, pretty much just staying on it.
Jaghatai had tried several of the rides, but didn't find any that were nearly fast enough for his liking. He suddenly found a ride labeled bumper cars which looked interesting. He got in the line and watched. He decided that he didn't like the way people were using the cars to ram into each other. He wanted to see how fast they could go. It was finally his turn and he quickly got into the nearst of the cars. Once the ride started he did his best to not run into people, though some of them seemed determined to ram into him.
Lorgar had found a stage. There were chairs in front of it, and some people who were taking a rest from walking around the fair. He quickly climbed up on the stage and grabbed the microphone. He began a long sermon he had been preparing for speech try outs at school.
Konrad had headed towards the side shows as well, and then found the House of Horrors. Very interested, the pale Primarch headed in. He quickly found that it lacked a certain flair. Some of the things were scary to normal humans, but it could be vastly improved. He snuck into on of the displays, and then discovered tunnels that lead to other parts of the House of Horrors. Very excited by this he began moving throughout the show and adding his own flair.
Mortarion showed up to the House of Horrors. He found Konrad altering a display to make it scarier. This gave Konrad an idea, as he had seen some rat poison in one of the tunnels below the displays. Reaching out he pulled Mortarion into the display with him.
"Hey, want to scare a bunch of people?" Konrad asked, proud of his idea.
"What would I be doing?"Mortarion asked. Konrad was always plotting ways to scare people, Mortarion found it annoying more than anything.
"I found these tunnels that go between the displays, and one of them has rat poison in it. You could just wander around and drink it," Konrad said smiling.
"I like this idea, let's go get some," Mortarion said, finding the idea to have more merit than anything else he had seen at the fair. The two brothers quickly ran down one of the tunnels and grabbed some rat poison for Mortarion to drink.
"This is so much fun!" Corvus yelled over to Sanguinius as they were shot up into the air for the fifth time by the sling shot ride. They had agreed with the man running the ride to do it only the five times before letting other people have their turns.
"I know!" Sanguinius called back smiling from ear to ear. His angelic face alight with the fun he was having. "It's too bad this is our last turn."
"We never said anything about not going back through the line. We still have ride tickets," Corvus said. "We wouldn't be breaking the deal we made with the operator if we went to the back of the line."
"That's a great idea, Corvus," Sanguinius said as they reached the apex of the ride and began their decent. When the ride ended, they got out and thanked the operator before quickly moving back to the end of the line. Suddenly there was an announcement over the public address vox.
"Would the parent or guardian of Leman Russ please come the the information booth? Attention: would the parent or guardian of Leman Russ come to the information booth immediately."
The Emperor checked the map of the fair he had picked up from a fair employee and located the information booth. He then checked to assure that Horus was still with him, and headed off.
"Is there a problem?" the Emperor asked as he arrived at the information booth. The attendant and another man visibly paled, both trying to either bow or kneel. "Rise, both of you, and tell me what has happened."
"Your son snuck into the beer garden, my lord," the man from outside the beer garden said. Stepping aside he revealed an obviously drunk Leman with his leash tied to a pole sunk into the ground.
"I tried to keep him out, lord. He must have climbed the fence or something," the man said, clearly afraid.
"I have no doubt that you did what you could to keep my underage son from getting into the beer garden. You were out of your depth and it cannot be held against you," the Emperor said calming the man. "Thank you for returning my son to me."
Turning to the attendant for the information booth, he asked, "Can you make another announcement for me?"
"Y-yes, m-my lord," the young lady stammered.
"The announcement is: 'will all Primarchs come to the information booth, their father is waiting'" the Emperor said.
The attendant nodded, though she looked slightly confused at the announcement itself. She activated the public address vox and made the requested announcement. Within a few moments several boys came running up to the booth and lining up in front of the Emperor. Vulkan was the first to arrive, having noticed that Corvus was gone and trying to find him. Followed by Fulgrim and Ferrus who had been looking for a challenging game booth to compete at. The Lion rode up on his "borrowed" horse just ahead of Alpharius. Sanguinius and Corvus looked disappointed, but showed up anyway. Rogal and Perturabo arrived together, still in the middle of an argument. Upon seeing Leman, Rogal looked at his feet and didn't look at his father. Lorgar arrived having met up with Roboute at the ferris wheel. Konrad and Mortarion arrived together looking pleased with themselves. The Emperor noted that Mortarion had washed his face before showing up. Magnus trotted up looking back, and waving at a lady wearing several shawls with beads; he was holding a deck of cards in one hand. Jaghatai came up just behind Magnus.
Angron arrived after the others had moved off to the side. He was being dragged by an irate looking man who stormed up to the attendant and snarled, "I need you to call for the parent of this little freak to get here NOW!"
"What seems to be the problem?" the Emperor asked, having noted that Angron had yet to arrive.
"This little freak broke my strength game. It's completely destroyed and unsalvageable," the man holding Angron snapped without looking at who had spoken to him. "And to make it worse, he is trying to deny it! Why aren't you making that announcement?"
"She doesn't need to," the Emperor said, "I am the father of this 'little freak' as you put it."
This caught the man's attention and he turned from the overwhelmed attendant. Noticing who it was, the man immediately started sweating and turned whiter than Konrad and Corvus.
"I---- I didn't mean it that way, my lord," the man said after a pause, clearly thinking the Emperor was going to smite him for the insult.
"Angron, did you break this man's property?" the Emperor said, turning his attention to his son, still in the grip of the man.
"It was a weak thing, it's not my fault," Angron stated glaring up at the man.
"Twelve," the Emperor said giving Angron a hard stare and raising an eyebrow.
"Yes, I broke this man's propery," Angron said in a quiet voice.
"Since it was one of my sons that caused your property damage, you may request money from the attendant at the admissions counter. i will rescind this offer if I hear that you were unpleasant to the attendant there," the Emperor said, his attention returning to the man holding Angron. "You need only mention that you suffered property damage as a result of one of the Emperor's own."
The man nodded, and headed away quickly. The Emperor then turned towards the Lion, who was still atop the horse he had ridden up on. The Lion quickly dismounted when he saw the Emperor was looking at him.
"We are not keeping the horse, Lion," the Emperor said in a stern voice.
"Alright, Father," the Lion said, and took the lead rope for the horse in one hand. "I will return it to where I found it."
"Very good," the Emperor said, satisified that he was not going to have an argument from the Lion. It was difficult to keep track of what animals the Lion actually liked, but horses were a weak point with him. If the horse was black, it took the Emperor to keep the Lion from trying to appropriate it for himself. Ten minutes later the Lion returned on foot.
"I put the horse back in it's stall," he said to the Emperor very much like a soldier giving a report.
"Thank you, Lion," the Emperor said with the hint of a smile. "It's time for us to leave."
"All right, Father," eighteen voices chorused, as they all fell in line behind the Emperor and headed back to the Thunderhawk.


  1. theonelogician's Avatar
    "I put the horse back in it's stall"

    Imagining a tiny Lion saying this is the most adorable thing.
  2. Lady Lion's Avatar
    Originally Posted by theonelogician
    "I put the horse back in it's stall"

    Imagining a tiny Lion saying this is the most adorable thing.
    Thanks! Tiny Lion is very much adorable.


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