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Little Primarchs- The Accident

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The Primarchs were all very excited. They were headed down to a planet that was being terraformed. The process was nearly complete, so the planet was entirely habitable, but wasn't yet being colonized. This meant the planet was nearly deserted, with only a small contingent of Mechanicus on the planet. Most of the work was being done by servitors. At this point most of what the servitors were doing was removing parts of terraforming machines that the Mechanicus no longer needed. The decent was tricky because of how many servitor piloted cargo lifters were in the air.
The Emperor was carefully piloting his Thunderhawk over a forested area, trying to avoid the more congested areas nearer to the Mechanicum site that they were headed for, The Primarchs were all being very quiet, knowing that it was difficult flying for their father. Also, most were looking out the window slits at the vast forests below. The Lion especially seemed to really like them.
Then one of the cargo lifters was careening off course directly towards the Thunderhawk. The Emperor attmepted evasive manouvers, but the lifter was too close when it began going off course. The lifter struck the Thunderhawk just aft of the pilot compartment on the pilot side. There was a loud bang and part of the bulkhead collapsed striking the Emperor in the side of the head. The Thunderhawk yawed and began to spiral out of control. It had been Konrad's turn in the copilot's seat, the young Primarch screamed seeing the Emperor slumped over the controls. The copilot's controls had been disabled after Fulgrim had nearly taken control from a servitor pilot so there was nothing Konrad could do to regain control of the ship as it dropped through the atmosphere. The other Primarchs were also screaming, panic was something very foreign to them, but they had never seen their father injured before. There were several warning alarms going off at once along with proximity alarms stating that they were about to impact with the ground.
The Thunderhawk landed with all the grace of a newborn giraffe coming into the world. It slammed into the ground creating a clearing in the otherwise dense forest they had been flying over. A plume of dirt and pine needles spread out in a ring from the impact point. The Primarchs were all slammed against their restraints but they were safe.
"Is everyone alright?" Horus asked, nearly shouting to be heard over the sudden burst of paninking sounds from his brothers.
"Is Father still alive?" the Lion asked looking to Konrad who was closest to the Emperor.
"Yes, I can feel his pulse," Konrad said after carefully placing two fingers to their father's throat. "He just seems to be unconcious."
"He's unconcious, I can't reach him," Magnus said, he nearly looked pink, the color drained from his face. His remaining eye was a deep yellow which his brothers knew meant he was very concerned.
"First we have to get out of the ship," Roboute said, trying to keep his voice from shaking.
"Agreed," Horus said as he disengaged his restraints. The others did the same, Ferrus had to help Fulgrim as his restraints were jambed from the crash. In a rare turn Rogal helped Perturabo who was in a similar fix. The Lion's restraints were also jambed, but he tore through the straps. Leman quickly went to the back holding area to check on Freki and Geri. The two wolves whimpered and looked shaken, but weren't injured. Outside they quickly set about clearing an area where they could put the Emperor. Then Angron, Vulkan, the Lion, Leman, Corvus, and Horus carefully moved the Emperor out of the Thunderhawk and to the cleared out area. Sanguinius helped them by directing. Fulgrim found the bag they had had at the beach and took out the folded aquila blanket and set it down where they were going to put the Emperor's head.
"Alright, we need to come up with a plan," Horus said, taking charge of the other Primarchs.
"Lion, Leman, we are going to need food. You two are our best hunters, so that duty falls to you," Horus said. The two nodded and quickly headed off, Freki and Geri following Leman without a need for commands.
"Perturabo, Ferrus, can you try and fix the vox system? Valdor isn't expecting a check in for three hours, it'll be another three at least before he can get down here with help. If we could even just reach the Mechanicus that would get us help sooner," the two robotically inclined headed back inside the Thunderhawk to see what they could do with the vox.
"Konrad, Angron, Corvus, can you guys set up a perimeter? They have introduced several predator species along with prey species so we need to keep an eye out," the three looked at each other and moved off to set up a perimeter positions and what signals they would use.
"Sanguinius, can you fly up and scout the area? Maybe the Mechanicus saw the crash, or a servitor was able to report it. If you see anyone you can lead them back here," Sanguinius nodded and launched himself into the air. His powerful wings carrying him above the tree tops within seconds.
"Magnus, can you reach the astropaths on the Imperator Somnium? It might be faster than the vox repairs, and we should try to cover all possibilities," Horus said turning to the pink Primarch.
"I can try," Magnus said hesitantly. "I've never tried to make a contact that far away before."
"Just do your best, I have faith in you," Horus said placing a hand on Magnus' shoulder. The one-eyed Primarch headed away from the others so that he was away from the psychic wash of his brothers.
"Fulgrim, go with Mortarion and try to find other food supplies along with water," Horus said hoping that Fulgrim could keep Mortarion from trying absolutely everything. The two headed off togther.
"Rogal, Roboute, we are going to need shelter, Father shouldn't be left exposed," the two glanced at each other and began to look at the Thunderhawk.
"Vulkan, do what you do best," Vulkan smiled and headed off into the words to gather firewood.
"Jaghatai, you can be our messenger, and keep everyone in contact with each other," Jaghatai nodded with a smile. This meant that he could run and be as fast as he wanted.
"Lorgar, Alpharius, you can scout on the ground, head towards the Mechanicum site. This way if Sanguinius can't see through all the trees help can still get to us," the last two primarchs headed off. Horus moved off on his own, looking for anything that they could use as medical supplies for the Emperor.
Rogal took to building shelter with relish. He and Roboute were able to move some of the panels from the Thunderhawk's siding and repurpose them into walls and with a little help from Vulkan also made a roof. Everyone was quiet and focused on the tasks that Horus had assigned them. After a bit there was a sound of frustration from what little remained of the cockpit of the Thunderhawk.
"This is useless!" Ferrus huffed, glaring angrily at the damaged vox system. "It would take a tech priest to make this function again."
"We are never going to get it to work with that attitude," Perturabo said. "It'll only upset the machine spirit further, we need to calm it down before it will work with us."
"You're right, Pert," Ferrus said as he calmed himself and began again to try and appease the machine spirit of the downed ship.
After he was done starting the fire, Vulkan began to take smaller parts of the Thunderhawk that Rogal and Roboute couldn't use for the shelter and began to make simple tools and utensils for them to use. He sat close to the Emperor's feet as he worked making sure the fire wouldn't spark onto his father.
Jaghatai went to check on Magnus, and found him in a clearing holding his head in his hands. Jaghatai couldn't sense any psychic power flowing from Magnus, so he approached his brother with concern.
"What's wrong Magnus?" Jaghatai asked coming up on Magnus' left side and crouching down next to his brother.
"I can't reach them," Magnus sobbed. "They are too far away, I've failed Father."
"You haven't failed Father," Jaghatai said, "take a break and then try again. I can stay and try to boost you."
"But what about being the messenger?" Magnus said, his eye watery as he looked to Jaghatai.
"I'm fast, I can still do this. Besides, not much is happening right now. Ferrus and Perturabo are still trying to calm the machine spirit, so no one's making head way," Jaghatai said. "This is more important, and we need to work together to make it through this."
"True, we do need to work together," Magnus said, mastering himself and preparing to try again.
The Lion and Leman met up on the way back to the crash site. They had each found large prey animals and had killed them. They nodded their respect to each other and continued towards the site and the others. They were stopped by Corvus suddenly revealing himself in front of them. Startled, Leman stepped back with a cry.
"Hey, Corvus," the Lion said looking less startled than Leman.
"Hi. Good to know that you were both successful. Vulkan already has a fire going," Corvus said and let them pass. The two hunters were greeting by the shelter that Rogal and Roboute were building. It was quite the sight from a distance. The gold of the Thunderhawk made for a bright structure that was easy to spot. This was a good idea as it would be obvious to Mechanicus augurs. They headed towards where the fire was, and found that Vulkan had already created, and set up, a roasting spit over the fire.The hunters settled down and began cleaning their kills. Leman finished first and set his on the spit first. The Lion set his cleaned kill aside and sat next to the Emperor to wait for Leman's kill to cook.
He sat next to the Emperor, near his shoulder. The Lion watched his father's face, hoping to see some sign of returning consciousness. There was none, the Lion bit back tears and he placed a hand to his father's chest to feel the Emperor's heart beat and breathing. It gave him some small level of comfort to know that the Emperor was still alive.
Fulgrim and Mortarion returned after forty-five minutes. Vulkan had made some pails for carrying water and Fulgrum and Mortarion grabbed them and headed back out to where they had found water. Fulgrim returning first with his pail and poured some into a bowl that Vulkan had set near to the Emperor's head. The Lion found a towel from the beach bag and began to clean the cut on the Emperor's head. The Emperor grimaced subconsciously when the damp towel first touched his face.
"Apologies, Father," the Lion said quietly as he continued. "The cut doesn't look too deep. That's a good sign." The Lion continued to clean the Emperor's face and ensured that there was no blood in the Emperor's hair. It helped the Lion feel like he was doing something while waiting. The Emperor shifted his head, but showed no signs of waking. The Primarchs near the Emperor perked up when their father shifted, but sagged when he remained unconscious. Pulling out a dry towel, the Lion carefully finished cleaning the Emperor's obvious injury. Horus had arrived having found a soft moss that would serve as a bandage. He then approached and placed the moss on the Emperor's head.
Leman finished roasting his kill, and moved it off the spit. The Lion moved from the Emperor to the spit and set up his own kill, a large deer. Leman had killed something that looked more like an elk. Vulkan handed out plates to Primarchs that were there. Leman's elk was soon divvied up among the brothers. Even Perturabo and Ferrus paused in their work.
"How go repairs with the vox?" Horus asked as he ate.
"We have the machine spirit calmer, but it's very weak from the crash," Ferrus said.
"We might be able to get a low-gain signal out, but it'll be well after check-in time," Perturabo added with a shake of his head.
Jaghatai and Magnus arrived, having smelled food. Magnus looked drained and disappointed. Horus saw all he needed to know about Magnus' efforts to reach the astropaths. Magnus numbly took a plate that Jaghatai piled with elk meat. He sat across the Emperor from the Lion, and stared blankly at their father's face. Jaghatai poked him a few times to get him to eat.
"The food will help. Maybe Sanguinius will return soon and he can help too," Jaghatai said, trying to keep Magnus' spirits up. "Father will be fine, he's like us and we recover from everything."
"I know, but it's just wrong for him to be this way," Magnus said, barely audible above the crackle of Vulkan's fire. The Lion looked over at Magnus and placed a hand on the Emperor's chest, as close to Magnus as he could reach. Magnus looked at the Lion's hand, and then placed his hand on top of the Lion's. Everyone knew the Lion didn't particularly like Magnus, so this was a signifigant show of support for the red Primarch.
"We will get out of this, and Father will wake," the Lion said with assurance. "Valdor will come for us."
"Yes, he will," Leman said, he had sat away from the Emperor while eating, but approached now that he had finished. Freki and Geri followed and at Leman's direction settled around next to the Emperor, pressing their wam bodies up against the Emperor. The sun was setting before Sanguinius came back. He arrived five minutes before Lorgar and Alpharius. They all looked dejected.
"Here, have some food," Fulgrim said handing cuts of meat from the deer that was now finished. Sanguinius took a plate and gathered some food, and woodenly settled at the shoulder of the Emperor, near to the Lion. It was obvious that the scouts had found no one.
"Why aren't the Mechanicum looking for us?" Ferrus said. Jaghatai had gone off to tell he sentries to come in for food. They were also going to plan a watch rotation for the night. Ferrus looked through the trees, "the Mechanicum should have found us by now."
"Who knows?" Leman said, stroking Freki absent-mindedly.
"They're probably too busy freaking out that their Omnissiah is missing and possibly dead," Rogal said with a look of disgust. He disliked the way the Mechanicum behaved around his father and found it annoying and almost childlike.
"Possibly," Horus said, "hopefully they aren't the kind who would try to ritual suicide to repent to the Omnissiah."
"I doubt that's the case," Magnus said, "they are likely salvagaing what they can from the cargo lifter that hit us. It landed quite a ways away from us, so it could take time for them to find us when they are done."
"Magnus has a point," Corvus said, arriving with Jaghatai, Konrad, and Angron.
"But it indicates that the Mechanicum holds little honor by their god," Angron said. One of the few things he truly liked in the galaxy was honor. It was the one thing he took seriously, other than combat. The rest of the Primarchs nodded, in a rare agreement with each other.
"We still need to set up sentries for the night," Horus said, "If we do three like before we can split the night into six watches."
"That sounds like a good idea," the Lion said," Corvus, Konrad, and Angron have already taken their turn. It's been an hour and a half since they were assigned, so that can be the length of our watches."
"Indeed," Horus said, "how about Fulgrim, Magnus, and Perturabo first?"
The three Primarchs nodded to each other and to Horus before heading off. After a few more minutes the watch shifts were determined and Jaghatai told Magnus who he found first. Slowly the Primarchs began to get sleepy. They settled down around the still unconscious Emperor. Horus and Sanguinius climbed up on the Emperor and laid down on their father's chest. The others set up so that they were able to reach a hand out and touch the Emperor.
The Emperor slowly regained consciousness. The first of his senses to come back to him was his sense of touch. He quickly realized that the slight pressure he felt all around him were the hands of thirteen of his sons. The heavier pressures on his chest were two more of his sons, but all of this left him three short of the number he should have. The Emperor's eyes snapped open as the memory of the crash flooded his mind. Horus dropped gracelessly into the Emperor's lap as he sat up rapidly. Sanguinius' wings snapped open and he began to flitter in the air, just above Horus.
"Father!" the two Primarchs shouted together, waking the other thirteen that were present. They all chorused the word as well and the Emperor was suddenly swamped with hugs as the Primarchs expressed their joy. It had been five hours and fifty minutes since the crash, so the Primarchs were expecting Valdor just about any second.
"Where are Leman, Jaghatai, and Ferrus?" the Emperor asked having determined that they were the missing Primarchs.
"They are on watch duty," Horus said, "They are looking for Valdor, along with any dangerous species that the Mechanicum released."
"Did you make contact with the Imperator Somnium?" the Emperor asked, realizing that the shelter they were in was made from the Thunderhawk.
"No, the vox system was completely un-usable," Ferrus said, "the machine spirit was too weak after the crash and couldn't even raise the Mechanicum on planet."
"We did try our hardest though," Perturabo said in defense of what he and Ferrus had done. Magnus failed to stifle a sob at that, and the Emperor swung his head around to look at the red Primarch.
"What is it, Magnus?" the Emperor asked.
"I t-t-tried to c-c-contact the a-astropaths, b-but f-f-failed!" Magnus said, finally breaking.
"The Imperator Somnium is in hight orbit, it's hard to reach someone that far away from here," the Emperor said, carefully placing a hand on Magnus. "I'm impressed that you tried."
"Really?" Magnus asked, looking up at the Emperor.
"Yes, it wouldn't be easy for me to reach the astropaths from here. You are not fully grown into your powers yet. That will come as you grow."
"Thanks, Father," Magnus said with a smile. Just then a howling could be heard over the trees.
"Leman must have found someone!" Sanguinius said excitedly.
"Wonder who it is," Angron asked. He was still annoyed with the Mechanicum for not coming to them first.
"Probably Valdor," Corvus said, he was also annoyed with the Mechanicum for their lack of swift response to the Emperor's need. Corvus was always helping those who needed it. Jaghatai came crashing through the underbrush and staggered to a halt, staring at the Emperor.
"Father!" Jaghatai yelled and rushed up to hug the Emperor, much as his other brothers had a few minutes earlier.
"Who did Leman find?" Horus asked, slightly impatient.
"Valdor," Jaghatai said, "he had to land in a natural clearing a little bit away. They sent me to get you guys while they grabbed Ferrus."
"We have a slight problem," Rogal said suddenly, looking up at the roof of the shelter he had so carefully made.
"What is it?" the Lion asked, glancing in the same direction as Rogal.
"We miscalculated the ceiling height," Roboute said, eyes widening with this revelation.
Vulkan looked up and said, "We could remove the roof. The set up for getting in place is still up there."
The Emperor also realized that they had set the ceiling of the shelter with themselves in mind, and had set it too low for him to stand up. He could have moved the roof himself, but Vulkan, Rogal and Roboute were already moving towards fixing the issue. He left them to it, to see what sort of contraption they had used to set up the roof in the first place. They had the roof removed just as Valdor arrived with Leman and Ferrus.
"My king!" Valdor called as the Custodian saw his master. He stopped short and gave a bow before continuing into the clearing made by the crash. He glanced with surprise at how well constructed the shelter was, since it was obviously made out of parts of the Thunderhawk.
"How did this happen? You were only out of contact for six hours," the Custodian stated glancing around.
"I made the shelter with Roboute's help, and some help from Vulkan," Rogal said, he was very proud of his shelter, even with the ceiling flaw. Roboute and Vulkan nodded with Rogal as he spoke.
"This is quite impressive, Rogal," Valdor said with a slight smile. The young Primarch beamed at the praise.
"How far away did you have to land?" the Emperor asked Valdor.
"About thirty meters," Valdor said, pointing back the way he had come.
"Very well, lets gather what we can and head out." the Emperor said, rising and stepping out of the shelter. The Primarchs quickly gathered what was valuable and followed their father. Valdor lead them to the Thunderhawk he had brought down and they all piled aboard and headed off planet.


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