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Little Primarchs- Molting

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They returned to Terra the night before Jaghatai's track meet. The Primarchs were all excited to be able to sleep in their normal beds. Sanguinius was also happy because he had started to molt after the accident on Centae Quintus. He hated molting, it was itchy. He molted every three to four months. The Emperor assured him the frequency of his molting was attached to his growing. It would happen less frequently when he was fully grown.
Sanguinius woke up the next morning before the Emperor knocked. His wings itched like crazy, and his bed was covered in feathers. He began to pick up the feathers and after a few moments heard his father's knock. The Emperor opened the door a crack and poked his head in.
"Ah, I will inform your tutors that you won't be in today," the Emperor said, he always allowed Sanguinius to stay home on molting days. "I will also summon the special servitor."
"Thank you, Father," Sanguinius said setting his shed feathers in the waste chute on the wall of his room. The special servitor was programmed specifically to assist Sanguinius during molting. This was used mostly for scratching his wings and collect his shedding feathers. The Emperor left Sanguinius alone to handle the other Primarchs and summon the servitor. Forty-five minutes later the others left for school. Sanguinius finally left his room.
Heading towards the kitchen he found a plate of breakfast sitting out for him. The kitchen servitor looked to him, but said nothing. Freki and Geri looked up hopefully as Sanguinius ate his breakfast. Leman had already fed them so Sanguinius knew they weren't hungry. The two wolves seemed to like Sanguinius' molting days because there was someone in the residential area of the Palace to give them attention.
Sanguinius finished his breakfast and took his plate over to the kitchen servitor. He then went to the living room where the special servitor had set up the stool that Sanguinius used on molting days. He settled onto the stool and turned on the holo-projector. He mostly watched old holo-cartoons when he remained home at the Palace. The servitor began to scratch his wings without prompting. Relief washed through Sanguinius as the itching finally started to abate under the fingers of the servitor. He mostly used the cartoons to fill the quiet of the residental area.
At midday the Emperor stopped by to check on Sanguinius. This was also a tradition on molting days. Since Sanguinius was the only one of his sons that had to remain home from school at any point in time. He found Freki in Sanguinius' lap as the servitor continued to tend to Sanguinius' wings.
"Feeling better, Sanguinius?" the Emperor asked stepping up by his son.
"Yes, the itch is starting to abate," Sanguinius said looking up at the Emperor. Freki also glanced up and wagged his tail in greeting. The Emperor reached down and stroked Freki's head. He then looked at what holo-cartoon Sanguinius was watching. This one involved monkeys hanging from tree branches trying to get bananas.
"Did monkeys really use their tails that way, Father?" Sanguinius asked, "I've heard some of the Mechanicum say that their tails were used as stingers."
"Monkeys had no stingers," the Emperor said. He had also heard the debates between some of the Mechanicum about the use of a monkey's tail. He still didn't understand why they didn't just ask him. He had even owned one of the last monkeys.
"Why don't they just ask you about these things?" Sanguinius asked, mirroring his father's thoughts.
"I have no clue," the Emperor said. "They probably view that as something beneath my attention."
"That makes sense," Sanguinius said. None of the Primarchs were impressed with the Mechanicum after Centae Quintus. Angron was still surprised that the Emperor had not taken actions against the Mechanicum group that failed to rescue them before Valdor's arrival. The Emperor had refused to have anything to do with the group from Centae Quintus and felt that that would be enough. The group was falling over itself trying to find a way to get back into the Emperor's good graces.
The Emperor had to leave again after the midday recess. Sanguinius was then left alone again. Freki hopped off of him, to be replaced by Geri five minutes later. Leman didn't think that they sat on anyone other than him. This was because they only sat on other Primarchs when Leman wasn't around. They never sat on the Emperor. Sanguinius continued to watch the holo-cartoons until it was nearly the end of the school day. By then his wings had stopped itching as the old feathers had finished falling out. The new pin feathers were growing in and had already recovered his wings. He then remembered that Jaghatai had his first track meet that day.
The Emperor poked his head in from the door leading out to the landing apron for the Thunderhawk. "Do you want to go to Jaghatai's track meet?"
"Yes!" Sanguinius said, he had been saddened by the timing of this molting. He liked to cheer his brothers on whenever they did anything. His wings felt better and they weren't quite as ugly as they could be when they were still shedding. At least all the feathers were even at this point. He dismissed the special servitor and headed towards the Thunderhawk.
They made it to the school just in time for the start of the track meet. All of the other Primarchs were happy to see Sanguinius. Horus had a folder of all the homework that Sanguinius needed.
"You missed a pop quiz in Languages," the Lion said. The Primarchs didn't have all of the same classes together due to how many there were and the class sizes the school maintained. Horus had the same Languages teacher, but at a different class period.
"I see Jaghatai!" Alpharius said, drawing everyone's attention to the track field. Jaghatai was lining up for his first race. He was in all of the solo running events. The Emperor had said no to being in the relays for fairness sake. Jaghatai had taken it well and so had the team's coach. The Primarchs cheered when the race began. The Emperor merely looked on. He was surpressing his nature for the most part, however cheering would still have drowned out all of the other parents. The meet went well. Jaghatai had done well keeping himself in check which allowed others to win on occasion.
"I'm really happy you were able to make it, Sanguinius," Jaghatai said after the meet with a face-splitting smile.
"I'm happy I was able to make it too," Sanguinius said, "I was really sad that I molted on the day of your track meet."
"Well, it all worked out," Jaghatai said as they settled into the Thunderhawk to head home.



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