Lady Lion

Little Primarchs- The New Kid

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"Alright kids, we have a new student starting today," Said Mamzel Araetha, the Languages teacher. She motioned for a child who was standing off to the side to come forward and stand next to her. "This is Thanalin. Why don't you tell us where you're from, Thanalin?"
"I transfered from a school in Salvator," Thanalin said, he was fairly tall for an eight-year-old, but not as tall as the Primarchs. Sanguinius and the Lion shared a sidelong glnace before chorusing hello with the other students in class.
"Why don't you sit next to Lion?" Mamzel Araetha suggested to Thanalin. The lanky new kid nodded and settled into the desk next to the Lion.
"Hello, I'm Lion El'Jonson," the Lion said turning to Thanalin. "My father works at the Palace." The Emperor had been specific with the Primarchs to keep their parentage as low profile as possible. They usually said that their father worked at the Palace as that was an easy thing to say without lying. The teachers all knew who their father was, along with a few of the older students who assisted the teachers.
"My uncle is a Custodian in the Emperor's personal guard," Thanalin said in a tone the Lion considered to be bragging.
"Isn't it a little redundant to say that?" the Lion said, "all Custodians are part of the Emperor's personal guard."
"Not in the general sense of he's a Custodian. My uncle is always near the Emperor, where ever he goes," Thanalin explained. The Lion decided to drop it as there was a rota for who was closet to the Emperor, run by Captain-General Valdor. To reveal this would lead to a lot of questions the Lion didn't want to answer. He felt he had paid his courtesy and turned his attention back to Mamzel Araetha. The class perioud ended and they all headed out to their next classes.
"Hey, Lion, do you know where the gym is?" Thanalin asked, he showed his schedule to the Lion before the Primarch could head off.
"It's downstairs on the main floor. The locker rooms are in the basement and that's where you should meet your gym class," the Lion said pointing in the direction of the stairs. "You see the kid with the topknot? Follow him."
Thanalin thanked the Lion and headed after the kid with the topknot. He purposely bumped into topknot kid to get his attention.
"Hey, I'm Thanalin. I'm new to the school," He said when topknot kid looked at him. "I was told you could help me find the locker rooms."
"Who told you that? I'm Jaghatai Khan by the way," Jaghatai said, making the sign of the aquila.
"Lion El'Jonson," Thanalin said, returning the sign.
"Ah," Jaghatai said, "Hey, Angron! Meet the new kid!"
"Hello, I'm Angron," Angron said as he fell in with Jaghatai and Thanalin. "We seem to have gym together. I think it's dodgeball day." The last was said with a sly grin. Angron loved dodgeball day, especially when he and Jaghatai were on different teams.
"We should probably take it easy on Thanalin," Jaghatai said gesturing to the new kid. "It is his first day."
"Alright, it is only honorable," Angron agreed. Thanalin wondered what they were talking about, but decided to stay out of it. Angron was a bit larger than Jaghatai and had a clean shaven head. Gym class was in fact dodgeball. Thanalin ended up on Jaghatai's team, and quickly understood what "taking it easy" meant in his case. The two he had followed to class hurled balls at each other like they were bullets. They only did it to each other, and a few of the other kids.
"I have Sciences next, where do I go?" Thanalin asked Jaghatai in the locker rooms at the end of class.
"You can follow Konrad to Sciences," Jaghatai said. "I'll point him out in the hallway."
"Alright," Thanalin said. They headed out into the hallway and Jaghatai pointed to another lanky kid, this one had dark hair like Jaghatai, but it was loose, and looked greasy. The kid was also super pale and standing in the shadow of a pillar.
"That's Konrad," Jaghatai said. "Don't worry, he doesn't bite very hard." This was said with a wink. Thanalin walked over towards Konrad with some trepidation.
"Hello, I'm Thanalin. I'm new to school. Jaghatai Khan said you could show me the way to Sciences?" He asked, looking Konrad in the eye.
"Yeah, I'm headed to Sciences next. I'm Konrad Curze," Konrad said extending a hand to shake. Thanalin took the hand without looking and got slightly zapped by a buzzer in Konrad's palm. He jumped back and shook his hand to dispell the pain. Konrad snickered.
"Jaghatai forgot to tell you that I like to prank people," Konrad said. "the buzzer is usually a good starter for new targets. I don't try to hurt people with my pranks, but a metric needs to start somewhere."
"That makes sense," Thanalin said, "I also like pranking people."
"Hey, Magnus, have you met the new kid yet?" Konrad asked as a red skinned, one-eyed boy fell in with them.
"No, I haven't. I'm Magnus the Red," Magnus said.
"What happened to your eye?" Thanalin asked. "It makes you look like a freak."
Magnus frowned at that, and exchanged a glance with Konrad, who shook his head.
"I turned my eye inwards to learn the truth of myself," Magnus said after a pause.
"How did you do that?" Thanalin asked surprised.
"I'm a powerful psyker. Nearly as powerful as the Emperor himself," Magnus said with pride.
"No one's as powerful as the Emperor," Thanalin said.
"Nearly, I'm no where near as powerful as him, that's true. However, I could nearly equal him when I'm an adult," Magnus clarified. They walked into the classroom right as he said that, so the conversation ended. Sciences was a biology lesson which seemed to go quickly.
"What class do you have next?" Magnus asked as they headed out of the Sciences classroom.
"Maths," Thanalin said as he looked at a piece of parchment.
"Follow Corvus then," Konrad said, pointing towards someone who could have almost been Konrad's double. Corvus didn't seem quite as scary as Konrad had at first, so Thanalin had a bit more confidence as he headed towards Corvus.
"Hello, Konrad Curze said you could help me get to Maths class," Thanalin said. "My name's Thanalin and it's my first day."
"Ah, the Lion told me about you. Yes, I have Maths now as well, so that is a good idea," Corvus said. "I'm Corvus Corax."
"Are you and Konrad cousins?" Thanalin asked. "You look almost like twins."
"We're brothers. The last name thing gets a little weird, but that's what Father gets for letting us pick our names."
"Your father let you pick your names?" Thanalin asked confused.
"Yeah, I think he might have regretted it at first," Corvus said with a hint of a smile. "I like to think that we've all grown into our names."
"How many brothers do you have?" Thanalin asked interested.
"Seventeen. And here are two more," Corvus said, waving towards a towering boy who was nearly jet black with red eyes and a much smaller boy with a shaved head.
"Vulkan, Alpharius, this is Thanalin. It's his first day here," Corvus said, introducing everyone.
"It's always good to meet a new student," Vulkan said with a smile. "I promise I don't bite."
"Hello," Alpharius said making the sign of the aquila. Maths was the beginning of a triginometry section. This was helpful for Thanalin who had been afraid he was coming in right before a test.
"Ah, lunch time," Vulkan said after Maths let out. "I'm famished!"
The four of them headed down to the lunch room and got in line. Sanguinius got in line behind Thanalin.
"Hey, you're the new kid from Languages. I'm Sanguinius, you sit next to my brother, Lion El'Jonson," Sanguinius said, he tucked his wings tight against his back as a large group of girls squeezed by to get to the back of the line.
"Yeah, I'm Thanalin," Thanalin said, staring at Sanguinius' wings.
"Yes, I can fly with them. I can show you when we go out for lunch recess," Sanguinius said as if reading Thanalin's thoughts.
"That would be cool, why don't you fly all the time?" He asked.
"I'm not allowed to fly inside. Also the hallways are too confined, it feels like what a caged bird must feel," Sanguinius said indicating the walls of the corridor. They entered the serving area and got their lunch. Thanalin was swept up with the others, and headed to the table that the Primarchs were all headed towards They didn't say anything, so he assumed it was alright. There were already four boys there. One of them was the Lion, Thanalin didn't know the other three. One of them was wearing a hood, one had long silver hair, and the third had shortish blond hair.
"Is this the new kid you were talking about, Lion?" the blond boy asked as Thanalin approached the table. The Lion nodded with a glance at the lanky newcomer.
"I'm Leman Russ," Leman said with a smile. "I'm a werewolf."
"What?" Thanalin said confused by the ancient term.
"I'm mostly a human, but I'm also part wolf," Leman explained while the others at the table sighed or rolled their eyes. The silver haired boy gave Leman an arch look.
"You only say that so no one complains about you not bathing for a week," he said wrinkling his nose.
"But bathing messes up my scent," Leman said, "Freki and Geri don't recognize me after I bathe."
"That's not true, they still follow every command you give them because you have them trained. They aren't really your brothers," the other boy said, still looking disgusted.
"They are too my brothers, Fulgrim. Just like you are," Leman said with a huff.
"Whatever," Fulgrim said and turned to Thanalin. "I'm Fulgrim. Sadly, Leman is one of my brothers, so I know how often he bathes."
"You never complain about me," Hood said to Fulgrim. "Even when I've just beaten Leman's crazy garlic eating challenges."
"There's no point in complaining about your smell, Mortarion," Fulgrim said. "You would never bathe if you thought it would give you some crazy disease for you to try and beat."
"True, but Father won't allow it," Mortarion said, and stuck his lower lip out in a mock pout.
"Why would you want to get sick?" Thanalin asked Mortarion.
"To experience it. I can't get sick at all," Mortarion said. "It would be nice to experience something that would cause me to stay home for a day."
"I hate missing school when I have to stay home," Sanguinius said. "You have almost double the homework."
"I still think it would be an interesting experience," Mortarion asserted.
"Why do you have to stay home sometimes?" Thanalin asked Sanguinius.
"I stay home when my wings molt," Sangunius said quietly.
"You're in my spot," Angron said to Thanalin without preamble.
"Sorry," Thanalin said, quickly moving seats so that Angron could sit.
"Thank you," Angron said as he sat.
"Hey, a new kid," said another shaven boy, he gave the impression of a monk. "I'm Lorgar Aurelian."
"Thanalin," Thanalin said, he was beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed by all of these other boys. He decided he needed to play his "cool" card again and start trying to carve his place within the school. "My uncle's a Custodian, part of the Emperor's personal guard."
"Our father works very closely with the Emperor," Angron said from Thanalin's left. "What's your uncle's name? We might know him."
"It would take all day to tell his full name, he's received several," Thanalin said. His father had never told him a name to call his uncle. That was the answer he always got when he asked.
"Well, he has to have a commonly used name," Magnus said, "Captain-General Valdor has nearly two thousand names, and he has a common name."
"Father always says that he can't tell me Uncle's name because it could endanger the Emperor," Thanalin said, this was the other answer he tended to get. He was beginning to think that he might have to make up a name for his uncle.
"I can see that actually," Magnus said, relieving some of Thanalin's fear. "The Custodian's aren't really supposed to have family outside the Legio, so if one did have a sister, or a brother who didn't pass the tests to be a Custodian, it would be a weakness they wouldn't want."
"Yeah, it's also why I've never met him, just heard of him," Thanalin said, snatching at Magnus' explaination. The Primarchs all nodded at that. Everyone finished their lunch quickly and then headed out to recess. As soon as he was clear of the building, Sanguinius sprang from the ground, his wings extending and catching the breeze. Thanalin smiled and watched as Sanguinius climbed higher.
"You want to see something hilarious?" Konrad asked, nudging Thanalin and showing him a large rubber spider.
"Who are you thinking of?" Thanalin asked, a semi-malicious glint coming to his eyes.
"My brother, Roboute. He hates spiders," Konrad said with a smile, he then indicated a tree that they could hide behind while waiting for Roboute. A blond boy, his hair kept short in a traditional style, came out with a pair of other boys following behind him. The two behind him looked to be in some form of argument, and the blond boy was now walking backwards to try and break it up. Konrad took the opportunity and threw the spider underhanded towards the blond boy. It landed right on the boy's head.
Roboute reached up to brush off whatever had hit his head, dislodging the spider. He then shrieked like a girl, jumping several feet into the air, nearly hitting Sanguinius.
"Careful, Roboute!" Sanguinius called as he rolled to the right in order to avoid his brother.
"KONRAD!!!!!!!!!" Roboute yelled, recognizing the rubber spider as belonging to his brother. Konrad was nearly rolling on the ground laughing at his brother's reaction.
"Your reactions are priceless!" Konrad called over to Roboute. "It's almost as good as pulling a good prank on Lion."
"Yeah, but you have to run like Jaghatai when you do," said one of the two who had been arguing. This boy had short, spiky white hair and ice blue eyes. The other had a shaven head, and what looked to be a few augmentations.
"That's part of the fun with the Lion though," Konrad said, then gestured to Thanalin. "Have you met Thanalin yet Rogal? Perturabo?"
Both of the arguing boys shook their heads and stepped forwards to introduce themselves.
"I'm Rogal Dorn," said the white haired kid.
"I'm Perturabo," said the other.
"It's good to meet you," Thanalin said. He didn't truly believe that Roboute was actually Konrad's brother. Nor did he believe that Corvus had seventeen brothers. He could however, believe that they were all close and that they viewed each other as brothers. At best he could believe that they were all adopted, or fosters to the same parents. He liked Konrad, he wasn't sure what he thought of the others.
Recess ended and the school day continued. He had History with Rogal, and Lorgar. Mortarion was in art class with him, and he swore he saw Mortarion sneak a drink of the paint thinner the teacher had in the back of the room. Technologies was with Perturabo and a kid named Ferrus Manus. They seemed to have some form of competition between them. Thanalin's last class of the day was Galactic Geography, he found Roboute, Fulgrim, and a boy he didn't recognize in the class along with the other normal kids. He sat down next to the boy he didn't recognize.
"Hi, I'm Thanalin," he said, turning in his desk to the boy. This boy was bigger than the normals, more like Roboute and Fulgrim. His head was shaven, like many of the others he had met today.
"I'm Horus Lupercal," Horus said, "Roboute told me about you."
The class was about a planet about Centae Quintus, that had just been terraformed by the Mechanicum. Roboute, Horus, and Fulgrim all had impressive details about the forests on the planet that surprised Thanalin. It surprised him more that the teacher, Master Jeccar didn't correct them, and instead listened with interest.
"Thank you, Fulgrim, Roboute, and Horus. Your insight was helpful," Master Jeccar said when they had finished. This confused and irked Thanalin. He didn't think it was right for the teacher to just accept things from the students like that.
The class ended, and with it the school day. Thanalin headed out to wait with everyone else for transports to their home spires. He stood next to Alpharius who was lined up with the others he had met that day.
"Where do you live?" Thanalin asked as he searched the sky for his ride, a small atmospheric shuttle piloted by a servitor.
"We live with our father at the Imperial Palace," Alpharius replied as a large Imperial Thunderhawk landed in front of the group of boys. The troop ramp dropped and seventeen of them manovered into the back of the Thunderhawk, Sanguinius got into the pilot's compartment.
"How was school today?" the Emperor asked as the ramp clanked close and he moved the Thunderhawk away from the school.
"There's a new kid who started today," Sanguinius said. "He says one of his uncles is a Custodian who is always near you."
The Emperor gave a huffing laugh at that. Not even Valdor was near him all the time. The other Primarchs added their agreement from the back.
"Did he give a name for this Custodian?" the Emperor asked out of curiosity.
"He said his father doesn't tell him, to prevent secuirity breaches," Magnus said. "But that was after he said that it would take him all day to give his uncle's full name. As if this uncle doesn't have a primary name."
"All of my Custodians have primary names that they are called by. The knowledge of the name of one Custodian also does not constitute a security threat," the Emperor said, poking holes in Thanalin's story.
"Should we tell him that tomorrow?" Angron asked.
"No, let him have his fantasy, if his father's involved in it, it is probably for the best that he not learn the truth from anyone else," the Emperor said after a moment's thought.
"Sort of like with Santa?" Leman asked. Perturabo had hacked the main cogitator in the residential district before they started at the school and had learned of the legend of Santa. Lorgar had then convinced everyone else that if it was in the Emperor's cogitator it must be true. The Emperor had had a long talk with the Primarchs explaining how Santa was both not real, and not a way he had spent his time before creating the Imperium.
"Yes, in a way," the Emperor said. He had had to have the Mechanicus create a new cogitator for him after Perturabo's hacking. This had been part of a series of events that lead to the Primarchs being at the tutoring center.
"Alright then," Angron said with a sigh. He didn't like that the new kid had lied on his first day. However, he could understand it if Thanalin didn't know that it was a lie. In that case it was the father lying to the child and that was not alright, but Angron had no influence in the matter so he left it.
Thanalin settled into the school. Konrad was his only friend from among the Primarchs. This meant that Konrad was Thanalin's only friend. Everyone else at the school tended to ignore him, including the other Primarchs. He tried to make more friends among the Primarchs, and ignored the normal kids at school, he wanted to be friends with all of the biggest kids in his grade. His plan then was to rise to the top of the Primarchs and rule the school yard. However, the reluctance of the other Primarchs was hampering his plans.
One day he brought several gas-based stink bombs to school. He arrived just after the Imperial Thunderhawk the Primarchs rode in. He quickly caught up with Konrad and showed him the stink bombs.
"Who are you targeting?" Konrad asked quietly. "I'd advise against Mortarion, he thinks it's cologne."
"I'm going after Naydeea," Thanalin said, pointing to a girl in their Sciences class.
"No, choose someone else. Fulgrim makes a great target for stink bombs," Konrad said.
"Why not Naydeea?" Thanalin asked, confused by Konrad's request that he change targets.
"She has lung problems, stink bombs are dangerous for her. I told you when we first met that I try not to hurt the people I prank. I want to give people a fright, but that doesn't mean I'm malicious," Konrad said.
"What'll you do if I don't switch targets?" Thanalin asked haughtily.
"Switch targets or I'll tell on you," Konrad said in a dead serious tone.
"You wouldn't," Thanalin said with sureity.
"I will," Konrad said without any sign of backing down. Thanalin headed off to Languages. It was then that Konrad remembered that Naydeea had Languages with the Lion, Sanguinius and Thanalin. He caught the Lion's arm as his brother moved past him to head to class.
"Heads up, Thanalin has some stink bombs. He told me he was targeting Naydeea. I told him to switch targets, but I'm not in class with those two until Sciences. Could you watch him? I don't want Naydeea to get hurt from the stink bombs," Konrad said in a rush. He and the Lion didn't get along very well, but he was determined in this.
The Lion looked at him, judging the sincerity of his words; then nodded, "I'll watch him. If he tries to move on Naydeea I'll tell Mamzel Araetha."
"Thank you, Lion," Konrad said and released his brother's arm so they could both get to class. Konrad was suddenly nervous for Sciences. The Primarchs all looked after the normal children in their grade. This meant no bullying from the older students and none within the grade itself. As much as Konrad liked scaring people, he had his rules and he kept by them. A few of the kids had actually said that they would feel weird if Konrad stopped scaring people. It was a sign that he was around and watching.
Sciences came up and Konrad headed to class. He hadn't heard any comotion that would have resulted from the release of a stink bomb, and that was a good sign. Arriving in the classroom he spotted Naydeea sitting with her friends and laughing. This made Konrad relax a bit. Nothing had happened to Naydeea during Languages. She had Maths after Languages, and was exempt from gym due to her lung issues.
Thanalin came in just before the bell to start class. He sat next to Konrad, and flashed the stink bombs again. He still had them.
"Have you switched targets?" Konrad whispered over to Thanalin. The lanky boy shook his head.
"You gonna tell?" Thanalin asked as he put the stink bombs back in his pocket.
"I'm giving you one more chance to change targets. If you try to get her during class I'll make a scene," Konrad said. He didn't want to get his friend in trouble, but he wasn't going to allow Naydeea to be injured due to someone's stubbornness.
"We'll see," Thanalin said as the teacher, Mamzel Byth entered the room. Thanalin didn't get a chance to make a move as that day was a chemistry lab involving fumes, so Naydeea was given a worksheet and sent into the hallway. Konrad was never so happy to see Naydeea going out into the hall for a chemistry lab. Normally he felt a little bad for her because she seemed to like chemistry better than the other sciences. Konrad also knew that it meant Thanalin didn't have a chance at her again until lunch recess. Naydeea had Galactic Geography after Sciences.
Lunch rolled around. Thanalin sat towards the edge of the table next to the Primarchs' table. He wasn't allowed to sit at their table anymore after he wouldn't stop calling Magnus a freak over his eye changing colors. Even Konrad enforced the ban. Leman would growl if Thanalin got too close. Once all of the Primachs were at the table, Konrad asked how many knew of the stink bombs. Only Lorgar and Angron had not known about them. This didn't surprise Konrad, keeping something quiet from the other Primarchs was nearly impossible, though they could all keep a secret. He had asked subvocally so Thanalin couldn't hear him.
At recess the Primarchs all headed around in what looked like a normal dispersion for them, however they were all ranged around Naydeea. This way they could keep an eye on her, and on Thanalin so that any of them could tell the playground monitor if something happened. Today it was Master Jeccar who was monitoring. The teachers all took turns being the playground monitor.
Konrad had never told Thanalin that he got glimpses of the future. Most of these were of how poeple would die, so he didn't talk about it very often with anyone outside of the Primarchs and the Emperor. In this case, it meant that he knew that Thanalin was going to wait for the end of recess, when everyone was headed inside, to set off the stink bombs. He approached Master Jeccar and told the monitor about the stink bombs, and that he knew Thanalin had had them all day.
"Thank you for telling me this, Konrad," Master Jeccar said. "Why didn't you tell one of your other teachers?"
"I was pretty certain that he would use them either at lunch or at the end of the day," Konrad said. None of the teachers knew about his ability. "My brothers and I have been trying to keep an eye on him."
"That's very responsible of you all, but you should have told a teacher before now," Master Jeccar said, gently admonishing the Primarch.
"I'm sorry, Master Jeccar," Konrad said hanging his head. He wasn't going to tell a teacher that he had told Thanalin to switch targets, even suggesting one of his brothers as a possible alternative to Naydeea.
"I know you'll try to do the right thing in the future," Master Jeccar said. He always tried to be positive when he was correcting any student. He felt it was more effective.
"Yes, sir," Konrad said bringing his head up.
"Good, now be on your way," Master Jeccar said as he headed towards Thanalin.
"Konrad informs me that you have some stink bombs, Thanalin," Master Jeccar said, stopping in front of Thanalin. "Is that true?"
"No, sir, it isn't," Thanalin said quickly as he shifted to glare at Konrad who had moved into the shade of a tree and was drawing his bat-winged skull with chalk.
"Interesting, are you calling Konrad a liar?" Master Jeccar asked. "That is a serious accusation if you are."
"Yes, he is lying about the stink bombs," Thanalin said in a loud voice. "He's the one with the stink bombs. He was going to go after Naydeea with them."
"Now that is very interesting. Konrad has never gone after Naydeea with any form of gas pranks," Master Jeccar said. He was very familiar with Konrad's pranking, as all the teachers were. They were also all aware of the strict code that Konrad had for pranking.
"Well, he is now," Thanalin said.
"I think I need to see what you have in your pockets, Thanalin," Master Jeccar said.
"You aren't going to make Konrad turn out his pockets?" Thanalin whined.
"I'm in front of you, and Konrad is drawing with chalk not bothering anyone. I think I'll start with you, and if I don't find stink bombs I'll move onto Konrad," Master Jeccar said. "Now, turn out your pockets please."
Thanalin turned out his pockets, and the stink bombs were revealed. "Those aren't mine," Thanalin said as soon as they were in the open. "Konrad asked me to hold onto them, said I'd have more opportunity to get Naydeea than him."
"Interesting, it seems like before you were trying to imply that you had no stink bombs, I find stink bombs, and suddenly you are holding onto them for Konrad," Master Jeccar said, making a bit of a show of thinking out the situation. "This seems to me like you are trying to pin your guilt on Konrad. I thought he was your friend."
"So did I, and then he sold me out to you over a stupid prank," Thanalin said glaring over at Konrad who was still working with the chalk.
"He didn't sell you out, he's helping you avoid being guilty of injuring a classmate," Master Jeccar said in a mollifying tone. "He's keeping you and Naydeea safe."
"But friends are supposed to be on your side," Thanalin said, his voice heading towards a whine again.
"This is him being on your side," Master Jeccar said, trying a different tact, "He's being on your side by stopping you from crossing a line you can't really come back from. If you hurt a classmate it will permanetly change how others see you. That will make it harder for you to make and keep friends."
"It doesn't feel like he's on my side," Thanalin said defiantly.
"I assure you that he is," Master Jeccar said. Thanalin stormed past Master Jeccar and shoved Konrad onto his nearly finished chalk drawing. It caused the lines to blur and the entire drawing to smudge.
"What was that for?" Konrad asked, glaring at Thanalin as he stood up.
"You ratted me out," Thanalin said hotly.
"Yeah, I told you I would if you didn't change targets," Konrad said, brushing off chalk dust from his body suit. "And what I heard seemed like you were trying to throw me under the Thunderhawk."
"You heard our conversation?" Thanalin asked in surprise.
"Yeah, we Primarchs have better hearing than normal people," Konrad said offhandedly. Thanalin shoved Konrad down again.
"Thanalin, what are you doing?" Master Jeccar asked as he grabbed Thanalin from behind.
"I'm having a conversation with my 'friend' Konrad," Thanalin snarled.
"Not any longer, you are headed to the prinicpal's office," Master Jeccar said, firmly turning Thanalin towards the building and the prinicpal's office. Konrad hadn't meant for Thanalin to end up in the principal's office, but was aware that the boy had brought it upon himself. The pale Primarch was in fact happy that he had protected Naydeea. He would have felt worse about himself if he hadn't done what he had done.
Konrad went inside at the end of recess and attended the last four of his classes. At the end of the day he got in line with the rest of his brothers. Jaghatai had some form of permission slip for an out of sector track meet in a couple of weeks. He seemed pretty excited about it. Konrad spotted Thanalin heading out of the building, his erstwhile friend glared openly at him. He figured that if it had been a shot from a lasgun, it would have stunned him and killed a normal human. He became acutely aware that Thanalin was no longer his friend. He found that that was probably a good thing in this case.
This began near open warfare between Thanalin and the Primarchs. He attempted to get Konrad in trouble at every turn. He also tried to pick a fight with the Lion. The teachers difused all of the situations without involving the principal or parents. Then came the fateful day on the playground.
Thanalin was calling Alpharius out on the number of brothers he had. Thanalin was still of the opinion that the Palace only sent one Thunderhawk for all of them because their fathers were menial workers and it was more cost effective to send one ship. While the Primarchs kept their parentage quiet, they never denied that they were all blood brothers. What Thanalin didn't know was that he was actually dealing with Omegon, not the real Alpharius.
"If you are the eighteenth son of the same guy as the other 'Primarchs', why were so many of you made? What are all of you? Spare parts?" Thanalin said, unwittingly hitting on Omegon's secret fear. Omegon had been preparing come backs for just about anything, until that happened. Omegon was so hurt by the prospect that he began to cry.
Silence decended on the playground. There were a few of the older students who knew the Emperor was the father of the Primarchs who only had one thought: That kid isn't going to exist tomorrow. The kids in the same grade as the Primachs had a different, but no less universal thought: I didn't know that they could cry. The Primarchs had a universal thought of their own: Did he really just make Alpharius cry?!? All of the other Primarchs quickly formed a ring around Thanalin and the sobbing Omegon. Mamzel Byth was monitor that day, and looked over from her prefered post of a shaded bench.
"Magnus, give Angron five minutes if you would," Horus said as he stepped next to Omegon and put an arm around his brother's shoulders. "Come on, Alpharius, Angron's got this one."
Magnus' eye glowed briefly with power and created a warp-generated version of a stasis field around Mamzel Byth. "You're good to go, Angron."
Angron stepped into the circle of Primarchs, "No one, not even Konrad, makes our youngest brother cry." This was delievered as a clear threat with Angron cracking his knuckles in anticipation of a fight.
"We have only broken the rule about fighting at school one other time," the Lion intoned. "That was for an older student that Angron but in the Apothecarion for several weeks before he was able to return to school." The others nodded.
Angron then swung at Thanalin, much faster than the normal boy was expecting. Thanalin took the punch straight on the jaw. He went toppling toward the ground. However, he never made it as Angron's foot came up in a savage kick to Thanalin's back. This sent into another punch that sent him reeling into the circle of Primarchs. They pushed him back towards Angron and the path of another punch.
Angron's five minutes felt like an eternity to Thanalin. Everytime he came too close to the circle they would push him back in. The shoves were just as painful as the beating he was getting from Angron. Finally the five minutes were up, and the warp-fed stasis field around Mamzel Byth collapsed. She got up off of her bench and headed over, the circle of Primachs opened up for her, revealing Angron and Thanalin.
"Angron, you know better than to fight on the playground," Mamzel Byth said with disappointment in her voice. "I need you and Thanalin to go to the principal's office right now."
"Yes, Mamzel Byth," Angron said without a trace of remorse. He roughly grabbed Thanalin and headed to the principal's office. They entered the office of Master Kirraen. Master Kirraen looked up and internally shuddered. He hated having to vox the Imperial Palace.
"Why are you here, Angron?" Master Kirraen asked with a heavy sigh.
"I beat up Thanalin, Master Kirraen," Angron said, failing to keep the pride out of his voice.
"He did it without provocation too," Thanalin mumbled. Angron made a fist and Thanalin flinched.
"Wait outside, on opposite sides of the hallway while I get a hold of your fathers," Master Kirraen said. The two boys headed out and sat down as the principal desired. Angron kept himself far enough away that he wasn't as tempted to continue beating up Thannalin while waiting for their parents.
inside the office, Master Kirraen called Thanalin's father first. He quickly punched in the vox code for Thanalin's father.
"Master Katalon," Came the voice of Thanalin's father over the vox.
"Master Katalon, this is Master Kirraen from Nova Tutorium. Your son has been involved in a fight here at the school. I need you to come in please," Master Kirraen said.
"A fight? Alright, I'll be there in five minutes," Master Katalon said.
"Thank you," Master Kirraen said and closed the channel. He then sighed and set up a direct connection to the Throneroom of the Imperial Palace.
"Master Kirraen?" the voice belonged to Captain-General Valdor.
"Yes, lord. Is the Emperor available?" Master Kirraen asked, pinching the bridge of his nose.
"Yes, here he is, Master Kirraen," Valdor said.
"Who is in trouble, Master Kirraen?" the Emperor asked without preamble.
"Angron was involved in a fight, my lord. Could you please come out to Nova?" Master Kirraen asked.
"Who was he fighting with?" the Emperor asked, sharing a look with Valdor. He often sent a representative when one of the Primarchs was in trouble.
"Thanalin, our newest student," Master Kirraen said.
"I will be there in six minutes," the Emperor said. "Have you contacted his parents?"
"Yes, I have contacted his father who will be here in three and half minutes," Master Kirraen said.
"Very well," the Emperor said and cut the channel. He quickly headed out of Throneroom and towards his personal shuttle for atmospheric travel. He arrived at Nova, stepped down in the guise of a minor Palace administrator, and stepped inside.
"Where is this kid's father!?" came a loud voice from the principal's office. The Emperor strode down the hallway and headed into the office. He paused at the doorway and glanced at Angron and Thanalin still sitting in the hallway. Thanalin glared back as if the Emperor was beneath him. Angron held his father gaze, showing no remorse for his actions.
"I see that Angron was stopped earlier this time," The Emperor said as he walked into the office.
"Ye-" began Master Kirraen before he was cut off by Master Katalon.
"THERE YOU ARE, ABOUT TIME YOU SHOWED UP!!" Master Katalon shouted. The Emperor kept himself calm as Katalon tried to loom over him.
"I believe this will go better if you could calm yourself," the Emperor said in a quiet voice.
"YOUR SON POMMELLED MY SON AND THIS INCOMPETENT PERSON WHO CLAIMS TO BE THE PRINCIPAL IS DOING NOTHING ABOUT IT!" Katalon screamed. The Emperor idly compared this man to Angron, and wondered who could shout louder. His marks were on Angron.
"Has anyone asked why Angron attacked his classmate?" The Emperor asked, looking towards Master Kirraen.
"I have not had an opportunity yet, lord," Master Kirraen said. "I was hoping to speak with both of you first, and then bring the boys in. Thanalin did insinuate that Angron's attack was without provocation."
"You did not ask Angron if this was true?" The Emperor asked, ignoring Master Katalon's raging.
"No, lord. I thought you would want to be here to learn of that," Master Kirraen said. The Emperor nodded.
"Let us bring the boys in one at a time and hear their stories," the Emperor suggested. "I suggest that we begin with Thanalin."
"Indeed," Katalon said, finally bringing his voice back down to a normal level. Thanalin was brought in, limping and holding onto his ribs.
"Now, Thanalin, did this psycho beat you up?" Katalon asked as Master Kirraen returned to his side of the desk. Thanalin nodded, his jaw was dislocated from Angron's first punch and he found speaking painful.
"Did you give him a reason to attack you?" the Emperor asked Thanalin, holding the boy's glare.
"No, he had no reason to beat me," Thanalin managed.
"How come you didn't walk away?" Katalon asked.
"His friends he calls brothers surrounded me," Thanalin said.
"So there are others involved that aren't here for punishment!?!" Katalon asked, voice rising in volume.
"They were not involved in the fight itself," Master Kirraen said.
"This is unacceptable," Katalon snapped.
"There is no need to involve the others who were not physically fighting," the Emperor said. He was beginning to allow more of his Imperial nature slip, trying to calm the situation.
"I still don't like this," Katalon said, casting a glare in the Emperor's direction.
"You can go back in the hallway now, Thanalin. Please send in Angron when you go out there," Master Kirraen said to Thanalin. "The medicae will be here shortly to see to you."
"Yes, Master Kirraen," Thanalin mumbled. He stepped out in the hall and the door closed briefly before Angron stepped in to the office.
"So, you're the psycho who beat up my son. Do you know who my brother is? He's a Custodian, part of the Emperor's personal guard, always at his side," Katalon said before either Master Kirraen or the Emperor could get a word in.
"Thanalin said that he had an uncle in the Custodian Guard," Angron said. "And I'm not a psycho."
"You attacked my son without provocation!" Katalon snapped.
"I did not. Your son made my brother cry, and that was unacceptable," Angron said, his temper rising.
"Which of your brothers?" The Emperor said, smoothly inserting his question before Katalon could get a word in.
"Alpharius, Father," Angron said without hesitation. "He said Alpharius was nothing more than spare parts."
The Emperor knew that it was Omegon who was playing the role of Alpharius that day. He also knew Omegon wouldn't have taken that particularly well. He nodded to Angron.
"Thanalin said nothing about talking to any of your 'brothers', he said they surrounded him while you beat him up," Katalon said in a triumphant tone, as if he was catching Angron in a lie.
"Can we bring Alpharius in and see who he corroborates?" the Emperor asked Master Kirraen. Pressing a button on his vox set up, Master Kirraen signalled to Mamzel Araetha. Alpharius had Languages at this point.
"Yes, Master Kirraen?" Mamzel Araetha asked over the vox.
"Could you please send Alpharius down to my office please?" Master Kirraen asked.
"Of course. Alpharius, Master Kirraen wants you," Mamzel Araetha said, first to Master Kirraen and then to Alpharius.
"He's on his way," Master Kirraen said. Four minutes later Omegon opened the door into Master Kirraen's office. He looked between all of the adults' faces, trying to judge the mood of the room.
"Master Kirraen? Father?" Omegon asked, it was obvious that he had been crying, but had managed to control himself.
"Did Thanalin say something mean to you at lunch recess?" Master Kirraen said, inserting the important question before Katalon could speak.
"Yes, he was implying that my only reason for exisiting is to be spare parts for Father," Omegon said, his voice began to tremble.
"That couldn't be farther from the truth," the Emperor said, motioning towards Omegon, who quickly moved over the Emperor and pressed up against his father.
Katalon quickly stood up and poked his head out into the hall, bringing Thanalin into the room.
"Did you tell this boy that he was nothing but spare parts for his father?" Katalon asked Thanalin.
"He is, Father. If there really are eighteen of them, why does anyone need so many sons if not for spare parts?" Thanalin said. The medicae had been treating Thanalin in the hall, and had already reset his jaw.
"So, who are you going to believe?" Katalon asked, clearly implying that he believed his son, and not Angron and Omegon.
"I believe Angron and Alpharius," the Emperor said.
"Of course you do, they are your brats," Katalon sneered. Omegon's eyes were overmoist again, and he pressed himself harder against the Emperor's leg. Angron took a step towards Katalon, but the Emperor put his free hand on Angron's shoulder, and shook his head.
"I also believe Angron and Alpharius," Master Kirraen said quietly, giving a nervous glance towards the Emperor.
"WHAT!!!!????" Katalon shouted, losing his cool completely. "HOW CAN YOU SIDE WITH THESE CRAZED PSYCHOPATHS????"
At this point the Emperor dropped his guise, revealing himself as the Master of Mankind. Master Kirraen glanced away from the Emperor who's displeasure was obvious at this point. Thanalin threw himself on his face, nearly re-dislocating his jaw on a chair. He remained there, tears streaming from his face.
Katalon realized his mistake a bit too late, he had raised his hand to strke who he thought was a minor Palace administrator. His hand had already started it's decent when the Emperor dropped his guise. This caused Katalon to strike the Emperor with an open hand. Katalon snatched his hand back as quickly as possible, and fell on his knees trying to beg for forgiveness for the slight of striking the Emperor.
Valdor entered at the Emperor's psychic command. The Custodian took Katalon by the shoulder, and then looked at Thanalin, crying on the floor. He looked to his master with a questioning look.
"Who do you think will want him?" the Emperor asked Angron and Omegon.
"I think he would do well as one of Konrad's," Angron said.
"I agree with Angron," Omegon said quietly, "Konrad can keep the best eye on him."
"So be it then," the Emperor said with a nod to Valdor. Valdor then picked up the boy and escorted both Katalon and Thanalin out. Omegon remained close to the Emperor's side, with Katalon and Thanalin removed Angron had relaxed and the Emperor dropped his restraining hand.
"Angron, you did break a rule, so I will need to give you a detention," Master Kirraen said after a moment.
"I understand, Master Kirraen," Angron said with a nod. "I accept my punishment."
"It'll be after school detention, so head back to class," Master Kirraen said. Angron nodded and headed off.
"Can I have a moment alone with Alpharius?" the Emperor asked Master Kirraen. The principal nodded and stepped out into the hallway to speak with the medicae.
"Why did you make two of us, Father?" Omegon asked quietly, his fear boiling just under the surface.
"I didn't purposefully make you and Alpharius twins. There was a random chance with any of your brothers for splitting just after you were created as zygotes," the Emperor said, he had been surprised when the last Primarch zygote had split into two. His goal had been twenty sons and he was going to have twenty-one. He had been pleased that Alpharius and Omegon had wanted the others to believe there was only one of them.
"So I'm not spare parts in case something goes wrong with Alpharius, like with Two and Eleven?" Omegon asked hopefully.
"Correct, you were a surprise. Even to me," the Emperor said with the slightest of smiles. "Besides, if something had gone wrong with Alpharius, I would have made him like Two and Eleven, and there would only be the one of you."
"How would you explain the third fish though?" Omegon asked with a giggle. Two and Eleven were the names given to the two goldfish they kept in a tank in the living room. The Emperor would point to them and say that that was what happened to really bad Primarchs. None of the Primarchs were certain if the two fish were truly their lost brothers as they were never spoken of. They knew better than to ask the Emperor.
"I would have probably told them the truth," the Emperor said simply. Omegon nodded at that. "You should probably head back to class."
"Yes, Father," Omegon said and headed out. The Emperor stepped out into the hallway and turned to Master Kirraen.
"You can have your office back now," the Emperor said. "You should remove Thanalin from your records; he will not be returning."
"Very well," Master Kirraen said, "May I ask what has happened to him?"
"You may ask, but I am not answering," the Emperor said, heading back to the landing apron. Valdor was waiting with Katalon and Thanalin. Katalon would be held for questioning by Malcador. Thanalin was going to be put through the trials to become a Space Marine. If he passed he would be turned into a Night Lord, if Konrad approved of him.
Each of the Primarchs were going to be generals of a Legion of Space Marines, who were technically the sons of the Primarchs. This was due to the geneseed that was used to create Space Marines. The Primarchs themselves had the last say in who could take the trials to become one of their Space Marines. Konrad would be told about the decision after school. This meant that they would have a detour on the way back to the Imperial Palace.
After school, and Angron's detention, the Thunderhawk made a surprise stop at the Legiones Astartes training hall. Only the Emperor and Konrad got out of the Thunderhawk, the rest knew this would be a short visit.
"Angron and Alpharius both suggested Thanalin become one of yours, Konrad," the Emperor said as they entered the massive spire and stepped up to an elevator.
"That makes sense, I was the one he was closest with," Konrad said in a surprisingly buisiness like tone.
"What do you think of this?" the Emperor asked, interested to see what Konrad thought.
"I think the Night Lords will be the best fit for him," Konrad said as they approached the gantry way that would overlook the training grounds.
"How so?" the Emperor asked.
"He has a decent grasp of terror tactics to begin with, he just needs to have more structure around this base," Konrad said. "He had good pranks for someone of his faculties, but he needs guidelines for proper target selections."
"And the Night Lords can give him that?" the Emperor pressed.
"Yes, we have our code of honor that, if he passes the tests, will be an absolute for him. If he can't stick to it, I'll handle him personally," Konrad said with finality.
"Very well then, he will begin the tests," the Emperor said, and signalled down to the Night Lords who had been standing around Thanalin. They nudged the frightened looking boy forwards and encouraged him to begin some of the physical tests. The Emperor and Konrad both turned away and headed back to the Thunderhawk and home.



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