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Little Primarchs- Roadtrip

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Jaghatai was very excited, today was the day the track team headed to another sector of the great hive city of Terra. They would be traveling by ground vehicle and staying overnight in the different sector. This would be the first time Jaghatai had ever spent any time away from the Palace without his brothers or the Emperor.
The school day seemed to drag on forever to Jaghatai. He wanted to get going. He had his overnight bag placed with the others in the back of the locker rooms in the basement. The day finally ended and he quickly headed down with the rest of the track team to the locker rooms to retrieve their bags. They then lined up and waited for the coaches.
The coaches came out and they waved the team onto the ground vehicle. It reminded Jaghatai of a Land Raider, but without the gun emplacements. That made sense as there shouldn't be a need for gun emplacements on a school ground vehicle on the Throneworld of all places. Once everyone was in place, the coaches asked if everyone had snacks for their trip. No one did, but most of them had money to buy snacks.
"Very well then, we'll stop at one of the convienience stores on the way out of sector," Mamzel Hynia said. She was the Maths teacher. Jaghatai knew that there were a few boys in his class who had crushes on Mamzel Hynia. He didn't understand that. She was pretty, but Jaghatai did not share the feelings of his classmates.
The vehicle moved away from the school, and after fifteen minutes stopped at a convienience store. The entire team got off the bus and headed quickly towards the store. They had ten minutes to grab snacks before they needed to get back to the vehicle. Jaghatai grabbed a basket that was located near the door. He knew that he would need it. He was happy to see that there were several people who were operating the cash registers. This meant that he could buy enough snacks for him without delaying his team mates.
Three minutes later he approached one of the cash registers and placed the full basket on the counter. The cashier looked surprised, but began scanning the snacks.
"Buying snacks for some of your friends too?" the cashier asked, looking at Jaghatai.
"No, it's all for me," Jaghatai said. As a Primarch he required a lot of food. The snacks he was buying would last him until they reached the other sector, but not much beyond that. Helio Sector, where they were headed to, was three sectors away from Nova, which was in the neighboring sector from the Imperial Palace.
The track team returned to the vehicle and continued towards Helio Sector. They arrived in the late afternoon. Terra's weak sun was heading towards the horizon. All of the normal humans were getting tired. Many members of the team had not done overnight trips before. Jaghatai was to be sharing a room with three other boys. They would be staying in a boarding house often used for pilgrims who visited the Throneworld.
"Is everyone going to shower?" Zethyn asked, he was one of the high jumpers.
"I am at least," said Shalo, he did long jump.
"Me too," said Torr, he was a miler.
"I think that means all of us," Jaghatai said. "I'll go last so you all have a chance at hot water."
While the others took their turns at showering, Jaghatai pulled out his small vox and called home. The Emperor had requested that Jaghatai check in when they had made it to Helio Sector. He turned it to the private channel used only by the Primarchs and the Emperor. Zethyn, Shalo, and Torr all knew who Jaghatai's father was.
"Hello, Jaghatai," the Emperor said after the channel conencted. Jaghatai could hear his brothers in the background, sounded like Corvus and Horus were having an argument.
"Hello, Father," Jaghatai said, "we made it to Helio Sector without any problems."
"Good, how did you like travelling by ground vehicle?" the Emperor asked, suddenly one of Leman's wolves let out a yelp. Jaghatai could hear Fulgrim begin to apologize for stepping on Freki's tail.
"It was a lot slower than the Thunderhawk, but it was interesting to see all of the spires and how they change between Sectors," Jaghatai said thoughtfully.
"That is excellent insight," the Emperor said, high praise from him. Jaghatai beamed, even though he knew his father couldn't see it over the vox channel.
"HI JAGHATAI!!!" Sanguinius and Magnus called over the tumult of their brothers.
"Hi guys," Jaghatai said with a laugh. Sanguinius, Magnus, and Jaghatai had been working on a secret project to surprise their father. It involved the vast Imperial Library, and Magnus had worked hard to ensure the Emperor wouldn't find out before they were ready. They were getting close to the reveal.
Torr got out of the shower at that point. Jaghatai said a quick good night to his brothers and father and broke the vox link. He showered and got ready for bed. The other boys were already in bed, but had left the light on for Jaghatai. He turned it off and crawled into the bed that he was sharing with Shalo.
They all woke up the next today and prepared for the track meet. It was what was considered an off day for schools, but a perfect day for a track meet. Jaghatai was slightly disappointed because he knew his father couldn't make it to the meet. However, he did know that there was a brave Custodian who had volunteered to bring his brothers.
They headed out to the location for the track meet and met their opponents. Jaghatai checked the crowds, but didn't see his brothers. Magnus and Sanguinius tended to be easy to spot. Even when they were trying to keep a low profile, Magnus' skin and Sanguinius' wings stood out, not to mention Vulkan. Saddened, he went to the stretching area. It wasn't quite time for the meet to start. He figured there was still time for them to show up.
The track meet began and Jaghatai forgot all about his brothers as he got swept up in the excitement of the various events. Almost too soon the meet was up to his events. He was mostly in the dashes. He looked up towards the crowds as he set up in the blocks. He still didn't spot his brothers among the crowd. Pushing that thought from his mind, he focused on what he needed to do in order to race the right way. He heard the gun to start the race and ran for he finish. He made second place in his first race. He had three more races before the end of the track meet.
They announced the last race and named the competitors. He was surprised by the sudden loud cheering when his name was called. Glancing up again, he spotted the distinct glitter of the Custodian's armor, and all of his brothers surrounding the Custodian. He smiled, and waved up to his brothers. He won the last race which ended the track meet.
"Sorry we were late, Jaghatai," Sanguinius said once they were able to get onto the track field. "We got a little turned around."
"It's alright, you got to see me win my one race," Jaghatai said. He liked winning the races, but he liked running more so he was fine with only being allowed to win one or two races per meet.
"That's right, we saw the important part," Rogal said. He found track meets boring and was only interested when Jaghatai was runniing.
"But we missed a few of his other races," Leman said, "That's not very supportive."
"It's alright, Leman," Jaghatai said. He was always more excited to be watched when he was going to win.
"Did you enjoy yourself, Lord Khan?" the Custodian asked.
"You can call me Jaghatai, Custodian," Jaghatai said. For the most part the Primarchs were not into formality unless they were dealing with their Space Marines. The Custodians didn't count for formality with the exception of when they were at state functions for the Imerium. Those were rare for the Primarchs.
"That would be inappropriate, Lord Kahn," the Custodian said. The Custodians didn't usually follow the orders of the Primarchs. Sometimes the Custodians would do things for the Primarchs if they asked in the form of a request. It happened infrequently. Jaghatai nodded, and then headed back to where the team was. He was traveling back to Nova with the team to be picked up by the others there. This was to allow Jaghatai the most interaction time as possible. The return trip to Nova seemed to go a lot quicker than the drive out. He waved to all of his teammates as he headed towards the open ramp of the Thunderhawk.



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