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Little Primarchs- Sailing

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The Emperor had brought the Primarchs back to Oceanus, the world where they had gone to the beach. Part of this was a brief reprieve from their school schedules. Track season had ended the week before and Jaghatai was slightly depressed. He had done well in the regional title races and had won Nova a Championship. The Emperor suspected that what Jaghatai was really missing was the comradery that he had experienced with the team. Jaghatai had altered the training routines for his White Scars to build more team unity within the various companies.
This was also to give the Primarchs the experience of the sailing. He had explained that it would help them learn how to sail in space and the warp. They all seemed excited for it. The Lion was very excited becasue he was looking forward to trying to find the shark creature he had wrestled with during their beach visit. They got to the port and found the large ship that the Emperor had obtained for this venture. They would be sailing in the ship from the continent that they were on to the next one. It would be twenty-one planetary days to reach the next continent.
The Primarchs all boarded behind their father. Leman looked very excited, Freki and Geri quickly began sniffing around the deck. Vulkan looked gray as he came aboard. He was clearly trying to control his stomach. Fulgrim was staying far away from Vulkan. The Emperor wasn't surprised, none of the Primachs had vomitted since they had come out of their incubation pods. None of them were sure what would happen with their vomit with the Betcher's Gland involved.
"Vulkan, stay close to the rail just in case you do vomit," the Emperor said gently, pointing to over to a spot of railing that was decently away from the other Primarchs.
"Good idea, Father," Vulkan groaned and made his way over to the indicated spot of rail. He sat down there and looked over the side of the ship. Freki approached him and nosed his hand, looking for attention. Vulkan waved Freki away, looking miserable. The wolf pup left Vulkan alone, and went to find attention elsewhere.
Sanguinius flew up to the crow's nest, landing neatly in the basket. Corvus followed on his flight pack, also landing in the basket of the crow's nest.
"Hey, it's a raven nest," Alpharius said pointing up to the crow's nest.
"But Sanguinius isn't a raven," Roboute said as he followed Alpharius' finger towards the crow's nest.
"True, he's more of a dove," Horus said as he also looked up.
"He is the hawk to my eagle," the Emperor said, amusement dancing in his dark eyes. The other Primachs giggled at that. Occasionally the Emperor would refer to Sanguinius as a hawk, as a joke, or a mark of pride. Vulkan had giggled and then vomited off the side of the ship. He looked a tiny bit better afterwards, but only a bit.
Corvus noted his brother's distress and launched himself from the crow's nest and landed closer to Vulkan than his other brothers.
"Are you alright Vulkan?" Corvus asked, he looked concerned.
"I'll be alright I think," Vulkan groaned. "It's a weird sensation feeling the ship moving under me."
"It is a little weird," Corvus admitted. "the Imperator Somnium's compensators are very good at keeping it stable, even in the warp."
Vulkan nodded, not trusting his voice as the ship rose on a wave swell. Corvus stepped away as it looked like Vulkan might retch again. The Emperor waved to Perturabo and Ferrus who began to cast off the mooring lines and to draw up the anchor respectively. The ship slid out of the dock and headed out to the open sea.
Vulkan soon got what the Emperor called his "sea legs" and was able to keep food down. The first seven days went smoothly enough. The Emperor had all of the Primarchs take turns steering the vessel. This helped them learn to navigate by the stars. This would be helpful when they were going around the galaxy. There were many dangers in the galaxy and they needed to be able to handle adverse situations without the aid of technology.
Leman enjoyed fishing off the side of the ship. It helped suppliment their food supplies. The Lion often helped him kill some of the bigger things that he got aboard. Freki and Geri were also helpful in killing Leman's catches.
"Hey, Lion! Look what I caught!" Leman yelled one day as he reeled in a large squid like creature. Freki and Geri were backing away from the strange looking creature. The Lion looked over and grabbed his sword and launched himself at the squid creature. He killed it in a rather clean nature, keeping most of it intact.
"What is it, Father?" the Lion asked as he poked the dead creature with
"It looks like a giant squid from Old Earth," the Emperor said, peering at the squid, counting tentacles.
"It looks like pictures of the Kraken in the books of Ancient Mythologies," Leman said.
"That sounds like a cool name," Konrad said as he approached the others. He wrinkled his nose in disgust at the appearance of the kraken.
"The giant squid was most likely the inspiration for the legends of the Kraken on Old Earth," the Emperor said as Konrad moved away from the kraken. Angron was up in the crow's nest and called down to the Emperor.
"Father, there seem to be storm clouds on the horizon. Do you think it will storm?"
The Emperor looked out towards the horizon, spotting the clouds that had caught Angron's attention. He studied the clouds for a bit and then called back.
"It will storm. We should start preparing the ship." The others began to secure things to the deck. Leman took his kraken below to the hold. He called Freki and Geri to follow him. He would secure them in the cabin he was sharing with Rogal and Roboute.
They entered the storm two hours after Angron had spotted it. The Emperor took control of the ship from Horus. Angron had been called down from the crow's nest and Corvus had gone up. He had secured himself in, hoping it would be enough. He didn't have his flight pack because it was too dangerous. Sanguinius had to go below decks due to the high winds.
Most of them tried to control the sails at the Emperor's commands. The wind speeds got so high that the Emperor began using psychic communications. The Primarchs did what they could. Their bodies were still growing, so they were fighting the storm to do as their father requested. With Sanguinius out due to the wind a few of them had to do extra things. Mostly Magnus and Vulkan were working the sails of the ship, trying to keep the sails from being torn apart while the ship continued to move forward. There was a loud splash as something fell overboard.
+What fell, Corvus?+ the Emperor asked telepathically.
+KONRAD!+ Corvus shouted back telepathically. restrained as he was, he couldn't do anything for his brother.
+Lion, can you-+ the Emperor began and was interrupted by another splash. However, it wasn't the Lion who had leapt overboard to get Konrad. There had been a flash of white wings as Sanguinius went through one of the portholes from below deck. Konrad had fallen past his window and Sanguinius went after his brother without thinking.
+Angron, take over for Magnus. Magnus, Lion, get your brothers+ the Emperor said quickly, his expression darkening. The three Primarchs moved around. Perturabo and Ferrus helped Magnus and the Lion tie long ropes around their waists. This was so they could be pulled back aboard. Magnus and the Lion then dove over the side arrowing down for their brothers.
Magnus stopped his dive before the Lion did. Magnus created a psychic force that dove down in front of him, it provided light for the Lion, and Magnus snagged Konrad with it. The Lion was able to snag Sanguinius with the aid of Magnus' light. The Lion ran an arm under Sanguinius' armpit and across his chest. Then he used his free hand to pull on the rope attaching him to the ship. The rope tightened and the Lion rose, dragging Sanguinius with him. Magnus also pulled on his rope as the psychic hand came close to him so it couldn't dissipate and leave Konrad behind.
They were dragged back aboard the ship by all of the Primarchs that could be spared. Both Konrad and Sanguinius were unconscious. The Lion quickly laid Sanguinius on his back and began to press on his brother's stomach. Sanguinius retched and began to cough up water. Magnus had mirrored the Lion's actions with Konrad and both were coughing up water.
+Go below, take your brothers with you,+ the Emperor said. He seemed to relax a little bit, but still looked concerned. The two Primarchs nodded and gathered their brothers. Horus, Fulgrim, Leman and Jaghatai ran ahead of them. Horus and Fulgrim opened the doors to the cabins that Sanguinius and Konrad were in. Leman ran to his cabin, and came out leading Freki and Geri. He directed Freki into Sanguinius' cabin, Geri went into Konrad's room. Jaghatai had ran down to a storage area and pulled more blankets.
"We should all stay together, it'll warm us up faster," Magnus said, standing in the doorway to Sanguinius' cabin. He had a thick blanket wrapped around him, though he was starting to shiver.
"G-g-g-g-good-d-d-d idea," the Lion stammered through chattering teeth. He also had a blanket around him, but being as wet as they are they were, the blankets weren't as effective as they could be. Magnus brought Konrad, who was shivering violently. They gathered together, Freki and Geri manovered into the middle of the group, they were dry and warm. Even the Lion seemed happy that Leman had brought them in.
Fifteen minutes later the storm abated. As soon as the ocean calmed enough the Emperor handed the tiller of the ship over to Mortarion and headed below decks. The soaked Primarchs were still damp and cold. Freki and Geri were also now damp, but still warmer than the Primarchs. The Emperor entered the cabin and carefully sat on one of the beds in the cabin. He then made himself a pleseant level of warm that would both dry and warm his sons. He then gathered his four damp sons to him, setting them on his lap.
"Are all of you alright?" the Emperor asked as he settled everyone.
"I'm just wet and cold," the Lion said. He liked to bathe and swim, but he prefered to be dry. He snuggled closer to the Emperor, happy with the warmth from his father.
"I am also cold,' Konrad answered. He didn't look directly at the Emperor. Konrad never did, he said it hurt his eyes and nearly made him blind.
"As am I, but I am uninjured," Sanguinius said in a quiet voice.
"I am cold, but unharmed," Magnus said. He didn't know how to alter his body temperature in the way the Emperor was doing.
"How did you fall overboard, Konrad?" the Emperor asked.
"I was trying to scare Rogal. I was going to catch myself on the mooring lines on the side of the ship. It would have gotten Sanguinius too. I was going to wave at him through the port hole so that he wouldn't think we were ignoring him or anything. Then I was either going to climb back up the rope, or go in through the porthole if Sanguinius would open it for me. Then come up behind Rogal and tap him on the shoulder," Konrad explained.
"I miscalculated the movement of the ship. You know the rest," Konrad concluded after drawing a breath.
"Sanguinius, why did you go after Konrad?" the Emperor asked, turning to the winged Primarch.
"I saw a brother in need. I wasn't thinking with my head," Sanguinius said, hanging his head.
"There is nothing wrong with using your emotions, but you need your head to always be in charge of your decisions," the Emperor chided lightly. Sanguinius ducked his head, and looked sheepishly at the Emperor. The Emperor smiled down at the now dry Primarch.
There was a quiet snoring sound from the Lion, who had fallen asleep on the Emperor's lap, lulled by the warmth and his own tiredness. Magnus giggled at the sound. He hadn't known that the Lion snored.
"Lion snores?" Konrad asked, also surprised.
"Don't use it to prank him," the Emperor stated flatly. Konrad pouted, then nodded.
"So I can't record it?" Konrad asked, looking for a loophole.
"No," the Emperor said quickly.
"But I wouldn't use it against him," Konrad said, "I'd use it against someone else, like Rogal."
"Night Haunter, the answer is still no," the Emperor said. He rarely used the name that Konrad had tried to pick for himself. Due to it sounding like a supervillian name the Emperor had requested he pick another name. Konrad had been given the name Konrad Curze by the Emperor because he refused to pick a different name.
"Alright, Father," Konrad said with a sigh. He knew that if he tried to argue further, he would be called by his number; a sure sign he was in deep trouble.
Sanguinius moved off of the Emperor's lap, he was fully dry now, and feeling sleepy himself. Yawning, he turned to the Emperor and said, "I think I would like to sleep for a bit now."
The Emperor nodded, and after letting Konrad and Magnus off his lap, He lifted the still sleeping Lion and headed out of the room. Konrad and Magnus followed him out, both heading towards their own rooms. Konrad's cabin was right across the hall from Sanguinius' so he didn't have far to go. Magnus was three cabins down on the same side as Sanguinius. The Lion was across the hall from Magnus.
The Emperor settled the Lion on his specific bed. He was sharing with Jaghatai and Ferrus. Tucking the Lion in, the Emperor smiled at his sleeping son. The Primarchs were going to be the generals of his vast armies when they were grown. In that way they were almost like tools to the Emperor. However, with them so small compared to him, and while slightly independant, were still reliant on him, and he couldn't help but feel a deep emotional connection to all of them. They were very much his sons, and he loved them as his children.
Stepping away from the Lion, he returned to his other sons on deck, after checking on the other three, who were all now asleep themselves.
"Are they alright?" Horus asked as soon as the Emperor was fully on deck. He also looked concerned. Corvus was standing next to him, and looked up at the Emperor, waiting for the answer.
"They are fine. They are resting now," the Emperor said, calming their worries. Mortarion was still at the tiller, it was his scheduled turn at the tiller. The rest of the day passed without incident. The four from below came up after an hour's rest. Everyone relaxed a lot when they did. Corvus seemed very relieved that they were all fine.
The next day, however, it was a different story. The Lion, Konrad, Sanguinius, and Magnus all had scratchy throats, and slight fevers. Mortarion was quite annoyed, he had purposefully stood where the waves were crashing over the side of the ship, trying to get as wet as possible.
The Emperor left Horus in charge of the operations of the ship and went below to tend to his sick sons. He had hoped that they would not have any serious issues from their time in the ocean. They had all made it to a common room, though the Emperor noted that there were empty barrels near each of the Primarchs. They were sprawled in various levels of prone on the sparse furniture in the room. They all looked miserable. Konrad was nearly as white as the sails.
Magnus, who had been on a bench, crawled into his barrel. The Emperor was about to tell Magnus that that was not the purpose of the barrel, but he spotted the scratched psychic wards on Magnus' barrel. There was a brief flash of psychic light, and then Magnus dragged himself out of the barrel, back to the bench. He snorted his nose and groaned. The Emperor realized that Magnus had sneezed and had gone into the barrel to contain himself.
"How are you feeling, Magnus?" the Emperor asked, Magnus being the closest to the door.
"I'm doing alright, as long as I don't smell the galley," Magnus said, he was a dark pink, not quite his normal red.
"Ugh, don't mention the galley," the Lion groaned, he was vaguely green in the face. He slumped over the edge of his bench so that his head was hanging over his barrel. The Emperor moved over and sat so he was as close to each of his sick sons as possible. The Lion scooted a bit closer to the Emperor. Konrad turned his back to the Emperor, but also scooted closer. Sanguinius and Magnus also moved closer to the Emperor.
The Emperor knew that they wouldn't be sick for very long, but it would feel long to each of them. They were quite small still, at least to him. They were fairly large for children of the age they seemed closest to. They were growing quickly, both in intellegence and in size. It made clothing the Primarchs almost as difficult as feeding them. They were nearly constantly increasing in size.
None of this changed how the Emperor viewed them. They were his children, he did his best to be both parents for them. He felt that he wasn't always the best, especially at the mothering part of things, but he tried his hardest.
"Have any of you tried to eat anything?" the Emperor asked. The Primarchs shook their heads. Magnus crawled back in his barrel to sneeze again. Sanguinius scooted and placed his head in the Emperor's lap. The Emperor looked down, and laid a hand on Sanguinius' head. Fulgrim went by the open door and entered the galley. The scents of cooking wafted from the galley into the common room. The Lion let out a loud groan and then retched into his barrel. The Emperor reached over and snagged the Lion's long hair so that it wouldn't get soiled.
"Thank you, Father," the Lion moaned when he was done retching. He still looked green, but it seemed to be fading away to just a Konrad-esque pallor. The Emperor hand-combed the Lion's blond hair. None of them had actually done any of their normal morning routines. Normally the Lion hated when people touched his hair, but didn't mind with the Emperor. Mostly he didn't like when his brothers tried to mess with his hair, or some of the girls at Nova. The girls were often trying to braid the Lion's hair, they braided Fulgrim's hair all the time.
"You should all try to eat something, it will help you feel better," the Emperor said after a moment. The Primarchs didn't seem too convinced of this, but none offered any complaint. The Emperor carefully moved Sanguinius' head off of his lap and stood up. He headed to the galley and found Fulgrim, Rogal, and Ferrus inside, they were cooking food for the other Primarchs. The Emperor moved over and began to make a simple broth on the stove.
The Emperor returned to the common room with four bowls of the broth that he made. The four had all managed to sit up. They were all leaning against the backs of their benches, but they were all sitting up. The Emperor handed out the bowls to each of his sons.
"Eat this slowly," the Emperor instructed. They all nodded and began to carefully sip at the broth. Magnus, paused and psychicly held his bowl up as he slid into his barrel to sneeze. He came back out and took up his bowl again. The Emperor sat down again to be near his sons. He turned slightly towards Konrad, who was still facing away from him.
"What have you learned from this Konrad?" the Emperor asked.
"To not prank Rogal during storms at sea," Konrad replied quickly.
"Is that all?" Sanguinius asked raising an eyebrow.
"Also, the ocean is really cold," Konrad said smiling.
"How about how terrible of a diver you are?" Magnus said in a joking voice.
Konrad chuckled quietly at that comment. "I could dive just fine if I actually wore the right equipment."
"Can I try and find the shark I fought when we went to the beach?" the Lion asked, he looked almost normal now.
"Not today, maybe tomorrow," the Emperor replied. The Lion pouted, but nodded his acceptance. After finishing the broth the Primarchs were essentially recovered. The Emperor allowed them up on deck so they could be with their brothers.
The next day they saw several sharks. The Lion was very excited, looking for the one he had fought before. After several moments he spotted the one that he wanted. Running below decks he quickly donned the diving gear they had brought with them. He grabbed a harpoon like weapon. He then connected to the diving safety rope and jumped overboard before the Emperor could stop him.
"Lion just jumped overboard," Mortarion called down from the crow's nest.
"I know," the Emperor replied from amidships. He was checking their position on the map. "He is conencted to the safety line."
The Lion dove down into the water. He found the water much more tolerable this time. He spotted his shark, and struck out towards it. The shark also spotted the Lion, and swam towards him. The shark rammed into the Lion, trying to bite him through the diving suit. The Lion brought his harpoon around and jammed it into the side of the shark. Blood spurted from the injured shark, which attracted other sharks in the area.
The Lion hadn't been planning for other sharks to show up. He found himself surrounded, with only the one harpoon. He began to swim upwards to get away from the sharks. He felt a shark nip at his diving flipper. The Lion poked backwards with the harpoon and was rewarded with the release of his flipper. Breaking the surface he made it back aboard the ship.
"Did you kill it?" Leman asked as the Lion rolled over the side and onto the deck.
"No, more sharks showed up when I stabbed it. Nearly lost my flipper because of it," the Lion said, he looked disappointed. He moved off to clean the harpoon. He stumped past the Emperor in the map room. The Emperor had heard the comment about the other sharks showing up, and chased them off with psychic powers.
"Hey, Lion! There's only the one shark now, you could try again if you wanted," Leman called out. There was the sound of running feet with a whoop followed by a splash. The Emperor smiled to himself. He stepped out of the map room and leaned on the side of the ship, watching the Lion wrestle with the shark and finally defeat it with the harpoon.
Triumphant, the Lion made his way back over to the ship, dragging the body of the shark with him. "I got it!" he cried up to his father and brothers. Several of his brothers cheered, happy that the Lion had made his goal. They hauled the shark's body up onto the ship. The Lion took it down to the hold to clean it and prepare it for the galley.
The rest of their trip on the sea was uneventful. The last few days of the trip were the worst for the Emperor. He began to nearly regret the decision to make this trip. The Primarchs all had cabin fever. Mortarion was annoyed that it wasn't an actual fever.
Angron was nearly uncontrolable. He had physically come to blows with Leman, and nearly punched the Lion as well. Perturabo and Rogal had to be kept in different parts of the ship to prevent them from coming to blows with each other.
Corvus had moved to the crow's nest. The others had renamed it the Raven's Nest. He had a cover up there to protect him from the sun during the day. He also used it to protect him from the occasional rains they experienced. There had been only the one storm which made the Emperor very happy.
"I see land!" Corvus cried on the twenty-first day of their voyage. He seemed hopeful that the voyage was at its end. He got his flight pack on in anticipation. The others cheered at Corvus' announcement. The Emperor scanend the horizon, and found that they were approaching the continent they were sailing for. Relief flooded the Emperor, he wanted to let the Primarchs run before having to take them back aboard the Imperator Somnium. The flagship was larger than the sailing ship they had spent the last twenty days on, but it was still restrictive.
They arrived in port to be greeted by Valdor and a small group of Custodian Guards. The Primarchs rushed past the Custodians without really looking at them. They ran around the docks, not really going anywhere, just burning energy.
"Did you have a good voyage, my king?" Valdor asked with a raised eyebrow.
"No one died, or was severly injured. I guess that makes for a good voyage," the Emperor said with a sigh. He was already looking to the task of reining in his sons so they could all head home.

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