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Little Primarchs- Fangirls

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The Lion was running down the hallway of Nova. He glanced back over his shoulder, seeing no one. He knew that they were still there, coming for him. It was a free day at school, meaning that they didn't have normal classes.
Suddenly, they appeared at the end of the hall, they were starting to catch up. They had enlisted older ones. The Lion feared that he was going to be captured and sped up. He had to be faster than the older ones, they would hold him until the younger ones caught up.
He rounded another corner and passed a door. The door suddenly opened and the Lion was dragged inside. Fearing a trap by the older ones, he struggled against the hands holding him. He stopped when a wing brushed up against him.
"Stop struggling will you?" Sanguinius hissed, barely audible.
"Sorry, I thought it was a trap by the older ones," the Lion apologized, also keeping his voice low.
"That makes sense actually," Sanguinius whispered. "I think the only one safe for the day is Corvus."
"Yeah, that shadow walk of his would be useful right about now," the Lion muttered. The shadow walk was the name for Corvus' ability to remove himself from the conscious thoughts of the people around him. It had its limits, but was very usefull on free days. The Lion's persuers ran past in a faint thunder of feet. The two hiding Primarchs held their breath.
"How many were after you?" Sanguinius asked.
"Eleven younger ones, five older ones," the Lion stated.
"I had nearly twenty after me as well, both younger and older," Sanguinius replied.
"Do you think it's safe to move?" the Lion asked. "We don't want to be here if the janitor comes."
"That's true," Sanguinius said, though he seemed hesitant to try and move. The door opened again and Roboute slipped in without checking if the room was clear. He snicked the door closed as quietly as possible. There was another stampede of persuers, rather close on Roboute's heels.
"That was too close," Roboute whispered to himself.
"Yes, it was," Sanguinus agreed, announcing his presence.
"We still need to move, if it's safe," the Lion said, startling Roboute.
"Sorry, I didn't check. I was theorizing that others hadn't gone this way, so practically the closet would be empty," Roboute explained.
The other two just looked at him. "We weren't all together when this started," Sanguinius said quietly.
"True, I didn't factor that into my theorectical," Roboute said. It was almost an apology. He made up for his lapse and checked the hallway to ensure it was clear.
"Alright, it looks safe," Roboute said, "I think we can head for the Hiding Spot."
The Hiding Spot was a large crawlspace that the Primarchs had found on the first free day. It was just barely large enough for all eighteen of them to cram in there. Only they knew where it was, though they suspected building staff knew about it. It was in a side stairwell to the basement. Most students didn't know about it because they only went to the basement for the locker rooms. It was also close to an exit so they could just run out to the landing aprons after school.
The Primarchs slipped out of the janitor's closet and quickly took off towards the Hiding Spot. There was a scream as they crossed a large intersection. Their persuers had spotted them.
"Run!" the Lion yelled. They sprinted ahead, trying to keep their persuers from picking up their trail. Suddenly, Sanguinius tripped and fell.
"Leave me!" Sanguinius called as the Lion turned to try and retrieve his brother. The Lion hesitated, but turned in the end.
Roboute and the Lion made it to the Hiding Spot. Konrad, Magnus, Horus, Angron, Alpharius, Lorgar, and Leman were already there. There was no sign of Corvus, Ferrus, Fulgrim, Perturabo, Rogal, Mortarion, and Vulkan.
"Sanguinius is captured," Roboute said to the others present.
"What happened?" Horus asked.
"We were running together and he fell. He told us to go on without him," the Lion said with a shake of his head.
"That's not good, but we can't get him back until after school," Magnus said. Everyone in the Hiding Spot nodded. The door opened and Ferrus stumbled in.
"Fulgrim's missing. I haven't seen him since free day was announced," Ferrus gasped, quickly noting that Fulgrim wasn't there already.
"He might have allowed himself to be captured, he does that on occassion," Alpharius stated. Fulgrim seemed to like the attantion they gave him, so the idea wasn't outlandish. Vulkan slipped in, followed by Rogal and Perturabo.
"You weren't followed were you?" Angron asked, eyeing the landing in front of the crawlspace.
"We weren't followed," Vulkan said with assurance. "Corvus was with us."
"Good," Angron grunted. He didn't want their Hiding Spot to be found. None of them did.
Sixteen of the Primarchs trickled into the Hiding Spot thoughout the day. Corvus was in and out several times. He was able to get food for them at about lunch time.
Mortarion had arrived just before lunch time. Some of the others were a bit wary of this, Mortarion was known for having some terrible gas. It was from the school food, and usually wasn't noticable to anyone because they went outside for recess. However, on free days it was a massive issue because they couldn't leave for risk of getting captured.
"Father's Throne, Mortarion!" Roboute gasped seven minutes after they had finished eating their lunches. Mortarion had just released what was likely the first of many noxious smelling toots. The only good thing about it was it was silent. They did manage to survive the gassing by Mortarion. It made him happy because it was the only time he didn't feel perfectly healthy.
The end of the day came slowly to the Primarchs. With only Corvus able to leave it was difficult to keep up on anything. Corvus searched for Sanguinius and Fulgrim, but was unable to find them without getting too close to the persuers. Their persuers were the girls of Nova. Leman liked attention, but even he didn't like the attention of the girls. They were obsessed with oddly touching the Primarchs, or trying to get them to sign things. This is why they were hiding.
"That's the last bell. Let's head for the landing apron," Jaghatai said as they heard a muted ringing sound. They ran out to the landing apron and lined up. Sanguinius and Fulgrim appeared and slipped into their spots. They looked a little dishevled because of the fangirls. The Emperor arrived in the Thunderhawk and the Primarchs quickly boarded.
"Free day?" The Emperor asked as he looked at Fulgrim and Sanguinius. They nodded, Sanguinius tried to pull one of his wings around in front of him. Some of the feathers of his wings were in disarray. The girls liked to try and take feathers from his wings. It was the worst part about being captured for Sanguinius.
Fulgrim's hair was braided into several braids of different styles. He was trying to undo all of the braids. His fingers were getting tangled in his hair and he was clearly becoming frustrated. He always allowed the girls to braid his hair, but he usually only allowed one or two braids, and always in the same style.
"At least it's term break now," Konrad said. Nova was taking a term break of three months to allow everyone to have vacations. That was the reason for the free day. The Emperor was slightly concerned about what he would do with the Primarchs for three months. He guessed they could all stay at the Palace, though he would have to keep an eye on them. He turned from that, and focused on getting everyone home.


  1. theonelogician's Avatar
    I really expected Vulkan to make a "Let us mourn our fallen brother" statement after hearing about Sanguinius.
  2. Lady Lion's Avatar
    I did not even think of that


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