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Little Primarchs- Summer Camp

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The Emperor found a "summer camp" to send the Primarchs to. They would be gone about twenty days in total. Fourteen of those days would be the camp itself, the other six were transport. However, the Emperor wasn't transporting them himself this time, the camp offered transportation services. Today was the day the camp shuttle was arriving to pick up the Primarchs.
The Primarchs were excited because it was the first time they had been off planet without their father. This promised to be a lot of fun. They were lined up by the landing apron where the shuttle was being permitted to land. The shuttle would take them to the voidship that was the real transport to the camp. Each Primarch had a suit case by their side. Alpharius was going to camp, Omegon was confusing the Alpha Legion by staying for twenty days at their Legiones Astartes training hall.
"Does everyone have everything they need?" the Emperor asked as the pick up time drew near.
"Yes, Father," chorused the eighteen Primarchs. Leman looked sad; he had to leave Freki and Geri at the Palace, the camp wouldn't allow the wolves to come with. They watched as the shuttle came into view and landed on the apron. A tall, slim woman stepped down from the shuttle. She had a broad smile and was gushing with enthusiasm.
"So you all must be the Primarchs!" She spoke in a falsely high voice, like she thought she was dealing with truly small children. The eighteen Primarchs nodded, glances were shot between several of them. The lady then knelt before the Emperor.
"Rise," the Emperor said in a gentle tone. She rose quickly.
"I would appreciate it if you kept the parentage of my sons from the other campers. The counselors of course should be told, but not the other children," the Emperor instructed.
"Understood, my lord," the lady said breathlessly. She then turned to the Primarchs.
"My name is Naomi, I'll be one of your counselors at camp," Her enthusiasm was returning in force. Magnus had to dampen his senses to not be inundated by her.
"You all promise to listen to Mamzel Naomi right?" the Emperor asked, turning to the Primarchs.
"We swear on our honor as Primarchs to listen to Mamzel Naomi," they all intoned together.
"Very good, I'll see you in twenty days," the Emperor said. "Take good care of them, Mamzel Naomi."
"I will, my lord," She said, making the sign of the aquilla in salute to the Emperor. The Emperor nodded acknowledgement of the salute and turned back to the Imperial Palace with a farewell wave to his eighteen sons.
"Are you all ready?" Mamzel Naomi asked, turning to the Primachs. They nodded and lifted their suitcases. She led them onto the shuttle, understandibly it was the only pick up for this sector of Terra and the shuttle was empty. They settled in, trying to keep it as close to the Thunderhawk they normally flew in.
"So what are your names?" Mamzel Naomi asked as they began their ascent through Terra's polluted atmosphere.
"I'm Lion El'Jonson," the Lion said. They introduced themselves in number order when they were en masse.
"I'm Fulgrim," Fulgrim said, "the pretty one."
"I'm Perturabo."
"Jaghatai Khan, Mam."
"Leman Russ, werewolf."
"Rogal Dorn."
"Konrad Curze, Night Haunter," Konrad said, he liked to try and get people to call him by the name he had picked for himself.
"Sanguinius, Mamzel Naomi."
"Ferrus Manus, and yes my hands are covered in metal," Ferrus said. He didn't like to mention his hands. They were covered in a kind of living metal after a training excercise that went a little awry. The Emperor was unable to fix his hands.
"I'm Angron, Mamzel."
"Roboute Guilliman, it's nice to meet you."
"Mortarion, mam."
"Magnus the Red," Magnus spoke quietly, he had a psychic wall between him and Naomi.
"Horus Lupercal, Mamzel Naomi. And as my brother Roboute says, a pleasure to meet you."
"Lorgar Aurelian, mamzel."
"I'm Vulkan, will there be camp fires?" Vulkan looked excited for that.
"I'm Corvus Corax, Mamzel Naomi."
"I am Alpharius."
"Yes, Vulkan, there will be camp fires every night as long as there isn't any risk of started a wildfire," Naomi called back, she felt like she was going to have to write down everyone's names for this group. Vulkan let out an excited whoop at the news of camp fires.
They arrived at the ship taking them to Galactic Horizons Camp. It was on a planet known as Terra Nova by the locals. It was an almost perfect replica of Old Earth, right down to almost identical wildlife. There were already several other children aboard the Galacticus, the transport ship for Galactic Horizons.
"Alright, everyone at least share your names!" Naomi cooed in her perky voice. The Primachs mingled with the other children and introduced themselves.
"What's your name?" the Lion asked a quiet boy in the back of the common room they were gathered in. The boy was wearing a hooded jacket so his face wasn't entirely visible.
"I'm Nameless," the boy replied.
"Your parents named you Nameless?" the Lion asked confused.
"No, they gave me a terrible name because they didn't want me. I hate my name so I call myself Nameless," the boy said in a dejected voice.
"Nameless isn't a good name, can I pick a name to call you?" the Lion asked, he found "Nameless" to be in the same vein as "Night Haunter" in terms of names.
"Sure, just make sure it's not horrible," the nameless boy said.
"Let me see, how about Cypher?" the Lion suggested, he figured the boy should have a say in this name.
"Cypher? What kind of a name is that?" the boy asked, it was his turn to be confused.
"Technically it's a title, Lord Cypher, but just Cypher would work as a name," the Lion explained. Lord Cypher was a position within the Dark Angels who was meant to preserve the traditions that the Lion wanted his Space Marines to embody.
"Alright, it's not as terrible as the name my parents gave me," Cypher said.
"I'm Lion El'Jonson by the way, I forgot to mention my name earlier," the Lion said, extending his hand.
"You were complaining about Nameless when you were named Lion?" Cypher asked, taking the Lion's hand.
"My father allowed me to pick my name, he just had to approve it. Is there something wrong with Lion as a name?" the Lion tilted his head slightly. "I think it shows my nobility."
"In that case it's an awesome name," Cypher said with an easy smile. He would have loved to have been able to pick his own name instead of having to accept the name his parents gave him.
"Have you been to this camp before?" the Lion asked, he was curious about what they would be doing, other than camp fires.
"No, this is the first time my parents have sent me anywhere without them. I think they might be trying to abandon me," Cypher responded, his dour demeanor returning.
"Why would they abandon you?" the Lion asked confused, he knew the Emperor would never abandon any of the Primarchs anywhere.
"They never wanted me. Now I'm old enough to go to a summer camp and they can conviently forget to pick me up at the end, when they drop me off at the pick up area," Cypher stated, as if that explained anything.
"Why wouldn't they give you up for adoption earlier if they really didn't want you?" the Lion pressed, still confused.
"I don't know, they never answered that question," Cypher admitted.
"Well, you can be my little brother during camp," the Lion said. "Everyone needs some form of family."
"Don't you have a bunch of brothers?" Cypher asked, motioning with one hand over to other Primarchs.
"Yeah, but they are my younger brothers, you would be my little brother," the Lion replied, to him the use of different words denoted very different things.
"They won't be annoyed?" Cypher asked, eyeing Angron carefully.
"No, as long as you are nice to them they will be nice to you," the Lion said. "Besides, I can tell them that I claim you as a little brother for the duration of camp and that should prevent the worst stuff. Konrad will still probably prank you, but don't feel targetted, he'll get around to as many people as he can."
Cypher looked alarmed at this revelation. The Lion chuckled and assured Cypher that nothing too terrible would happen to him. He also told Cypher that if something bad did happen, there would he would chat with Konrad personally. The Lion then dragged Cypher over to the largest grouping of Primarchs; Leman, Sanguinius, Magnus, Horus, Lorgar, Vulkan, and Corvus, to introduce Cypher.
They continued on to Terra Nova, picking up other children along the way. Cypher began actually introducing himself as Cypher, by saying that the Lion called him that. There were older kids who thought it was weird, but for the most part left him alone. One older kid did mock Cypher, but the Lion quickly stepped in.
Three days after leaving the Imperial Palace they arrived on Terra Nova. They took several shuttles down to the specific camp site. The landing area was a short hike from the camp site itself, this was to preserve the idea of being out in the wild that camping was all about. The Primarchs promptly lined up as per their normal when they got off the shuttle.
"What are you guys, little soldiers?" sneered one of the slightly older boys. It was clear to the Primarchs that he was trying to do a dominance display.
"Yes, in a sense we are little soldiers," Roboute replied. He didn't understand why this boy in particular was focused on them. The boy, Kantro, rolled his eyes and walked away.
"Alright everyone! Let's head to camp!" Naomi called loudly over the campers. She and Jaem, a male counselor, lead the way. The six other counselors dispersed throughout the campers to ensure everyone made it to the campsite.
The campsite came into view five minutes later, it was a large natural clearing in the forest where several cabins stood. Most of the cabins were quite large and these were the ones Galactic Horizons used. There were four of the large cabins, two for girls and two for boys. The campers were split into four groups as evenly as possible. The Primarchs were split perfectly in half; nine in one cabin and nine in the other.
Cypher was in the same cabin as the Lion, Fulgrim, Jaghatai, Rogal, Angron, Roboute, Magnus, Vulkan, and Corvus. He was quite happy with that, he liked the Lion. Perturabo, Leman, Konrad, Sanguinius, Ferrus, Mortarion, Horus, Lorgar, and Alpharius were in the other cabin, which served Perturabo and Rogal just fine. Fulgrim and Ferrus were a bit sad, but didn't mind too much.
The first hour was spent setting up sleeping areas. Part of this was determining who was sleeping where. Then they wandered around the campsite to learn the various areas. There were several large buildings that would be used for meeting halls and mess hall. There was also a stream for water activities. Most of the campsite was a large, open meadow.
A bell began to ring from the mess hall. Returning campers waved for the new campers to follow them. The bell signalled mealtimes. Everyone lined up outside the mess hall. For the most part it worked just like a school cafeteria. The Primarchs quickly found a table they would fit at and claimed it as their own. Cypher joined them, but most of the other campers kept away from them.
The camp all met in one of the other buildings, and the campers were split up into small groups that would be the people they interacted with for most of the organized day. The groups were co-ed and the Primarchs were split up among them. There were nine groups so two Primarchs were in each group.
The rest of the day was getting to know the other campers, either in the small groups or in one large group. The activity with the large group was quite amusing because they sat in chairs set up in a circle. Naomi said generic things that could apply to anyone. If it applied to anyone they had to get up and move a certain number of chairs in a stated direction. If someone was already there they had to sit on that person. If there was a large group of people it was called a "train wreck" and anyone sitting on someone who had to move, moved with them. At one point, Vulkan had to sit on Alpharius.
"Apologies, brother," Vulkan said, as he sat as lightly on Alpharius as he was capable of. The next statement was called and a girl ended up having to sit on Vulkan. This started a six person train wreck, all sitting on Alpharius.
After all of the "ice breakers" it was time for a camp fire and then bed. The boys in Mortarion's cabin were still very excited and full of energy. Jaem and Mytch, the counselors for that cabin, were trying to get everyone settled, and failing.
"I should warn you all that I have the worst farts ever," said a boy from Luna, his name was Tama.
"I doubt they are worse than mine, so don't worry," Mortarion replied, terrible gas was about the only thing Mortarion did get.
"Prove it!" called the boy from earlier. His name was Kantro.
"Don't encourage him," Sanguinius quipped, he was trying to open a window so he could escape. Leman was working on another window. However, it was too late, Mortarion had already farted. The smell hit a few seconds later.
"That is disgusting!" Kantro gagged.
"Everyone out!" Jaem shouted. Everyone trooped out.
"Why are the others evacuating their cabin?" Cypher asked the Lion. He was looking out the window of the room they were sharing with Loren, one of the counselors in their cabin.
"I don't know," the Lion said, moving to stand next to Cypher. Loren came up behind them. He then voxed over to Jaem to see what was the matter.
"Someone let loose the worst fart I have ever smelled," Jaem voxed back. The Lion snickered, Cypher and Loren glanced at him.
"Someone must have challenged Mortarion about the nature of his farts," the Lion explained. "It'll be fifteen minutes before it's safe for them to go back into the cabin."
"Did you hear that, Jaem?" Loren asked.
"Fifteen minutes? Can anyone confirm that?" Jaem asked, speaking to the campers around him.
"Fifteen minutes at least," Mortarion said. "That was a pretty nasty one."
"Are you sure?" Jaem asked.
"It's one of mine, so yeah," Mortarion replied.
"Well, I think we have throughoughly determined who has the worst farts in the Imperium," Mytch said.
"I tried to warn you," Sanguinius said.
"That you did," Mytch said. The other two counselors for their cabin, Thisten and Samath were off to the side with Tama, Kantro, and several other boys. They waited nearly twenty minutes before going back in to the cabin and going to bed.
The next three days were spent doing mostly group building activities and learning "camp songs". Camp songs were entertaining songs that were mostly goofy. Mortarion was particularly interested with the "belly button song" that implied that an uncleaned belly button would grow a green fungus.
"We are going to go on a polar bear hunt!" Naomi called out during a session of camp songs. The Lion and Leman got very excited, but waited semi-patiently before heading out.
"Isn't that going to be dangerous?" Cypher asked, looking concerned.
"We can handle a polar bear, just stick close to me," the Lion said with surity.
"An imaginary polar bear hunt," Naomi clarified. The Lion and Leman deflated at the news. They still found the song to be entertaining. The next song was about an imaginary shark attack. The Lion pretended to attack Cypher, grabbing him and lifting him off his feet. The counselors were startled by this, but Cypher giggled so they relaxed.
The fourth day was a hike to a lake several miles away. The Primarchs spread out amongst the other campers. The Lion, Sanguinius, and Jaghatai were near the front. Cypher was also up front with them, Naomi was leading the hike. A mountain lion moved out onto the trail in front of the group. Naomi squeaked and stopped short, the rest of the campers stumbled to a ragged halt behind her. She tried to back up, but the mountain lion came towards the group.
"I've got this," the Lion said as he rushed past Naomi towards the mountain lion. The large feline reared back and attempted to swipe with it's front paws. The Lion was able to dodge and stepped in under the mountain lion as it came back down on all fours. The Lion crouched with the cat's weight and then shoved upward while standing, sending the mountain lion out into the forest and away from the campers. He went to the edge of the trail to persue the feline.
"Lion! That was very dangerous!" Naomi cried, causing the Lion to pause at the edge of the trail. He looked back at her and saw that she was pale with fear and concern.
"It wasn't too dangerous," the Lion said in a causal manner. "Are you sure you don't want me to kill it?"
"No!" she nearly shouted. The Lion nodded and fell back in with the rest of the campers.
"That was amazing," Cypher stated once the Lion was beside him again. The Lion smiled at Cypher and his brothers. The rest of the hike out was uneventful.
"I tussled with a mountain lion!" the Lion announced to his brothers that had missed the excitement. The other Primarchs were impressed and stated so. The counselors that heard it were surprised. Naomi had to confirm it for them. Jaem stepped over to the Lion after the other Primarchs headed off.
"That was dangerous, Lion," Jaem said in a stern voice.
"It wasn't that dangerous though," the Lion said in his own defence.
"You should have allowed either Naomi or Thisten to handle the situation," Jaem stressed.
"Naomi was scared, Thisten wasn't aware of the mountain lion," the Lion said, trying to keep his voice even. He wasn't trying to insult Naomi in any way.
"Adults should handle these things in the future," Jaem said sharply and stepped away. The Lion waitied a moment before heading off to find his brothers. They had begun a swimming contest in the oblong lake. Jaghatai ended up winning, with Alpharius coming in second. Konrad and Corvus were both nearly glowing with the amount of sunscreen they were each wearing. The hike back to the camp site was uneventful.
The sixth and seventh days were spent having the campers make vox recordings to be sent home. They had siblings all go together. The Primarchs tried to split up based on who was in what cabin, but the counselors insisted that they all go together. They made their recording and gave a vox access that would allow for the message to reach the Emperor before they made it home.
Captain-General Constantin Valdor approached the Emperor. He was enthroned on the sofa in the living room of his residence. Freki and Geri wagged their tails as Valdor came close to them. Freki yipped which drew the Emperor's attention.
"What is it, Valdor?" the Emperor asked, glancing up from the data slate he had been reading.
"You have received a recorded message from Galactic Horizons, my king," Valdor said, holding out the recorder to the Emperor. He took the device from his Custodian and headed to a vox-caster mounted to the wall. He inserted the recorder and played the recording.
"Hello, Father," chorused the Primarchs, there was a delay from Leman who was clearly saying "Allfather". They were arranged in three rows of six Primarchs each. Horus was in the center of the front row. The second and third rows were both on some form of risers. Vulkan was the exception standing at the right-hand end of the third row.
"The counselors have directed us to make this recording so that we can update you on what we have been doing," Horus said, he clearly wasn't quite sure what to stay.
"I made a friend!" the Lion called from the second row, to the left of Horus. "He doesn't like his real name so he allowed me to pick a name to call him. I'm calling him Cypher."
"I haven't broken anything, or hurt anyone, yet," Angron stated from the right-hand end of the second row. He looked proud of himself.
"I cleared out my entire cabin on the first night. Someone challenged me about how bad my farts are," Mortarion said. "Also, if I don't wash my belly button will it grow a green fungus?"
"Why would you want to know that?" Fulgrim said with a disgusted look on his face.
"Also, if Rogal wasn't in the other cabin I would have slept in a tree house that first night," Sanguinius quipped.
"I also got into a tussle with a mountain lion the other day," the Lion said, seeming to try and keep some of the recording on track. "They didn't let me kill it though, also the counselors were annoyed with me."
The Emperor chuckled at that statement from the Lion. Valdor was surprised by the display of emotion, but kept quiet about it.
"Tell Freki and Geri that I said hi!" Leman called from the third row. "Also tell them that I miss them." Freki and Geri trotted over to the wall at the sound of Leman's voice. They whined up at the image of the Primarchs.
"They let me light the fire last night," Vulkan said excitedly.
"I haven't burned at all," Corvus said, he was his normal palor and seemed quite proud of it.
"I like this place, there are so many people to prank," Konrad said with a devious gleam in his eyes. It was Valdor's turn to chuckle at the recording.
"I did a trick with the smoke from the fire to help tell a story," Magnus said, he had been working on learning to manipulate things like smoke.
"Yeah, it was really helpful," Lorgar said with a smile back towards Magnus.
"They say there's going to be a building contest before the end of camp," Rogal said. He and Perturabo were in different groups so there was going to be steep competition. Ferrus was also looking forward to the building competition. Both robotically inclined Primarchs smiled and nodded.
"It's going to be awesome," Ferrus said.
"I'm going to beat Rogal," Perturabo said. Both the Emperor and Valdor chuckled at that statement.
"I came in second in a swimming contest we had at the lake we hiked to," Alpharius said. He looked like he had been prompted to speak.
"Overall, this has been a very interesting experience so far," Roboute said.
"Has anyone not spoken at some point?" Horus asked, looking around at his brothers.
"I haven't gone yet!" Jaghatai called, he was the last Primarch to speak in some way during the recording. "I won the swimming contest, and Alpharius nearly beat me."
"Alright, wrap it up please," came a male voice from behind the pict-corder.
"We will see you all soon, Father," Horus said, trying to get everyone focused again.
"Goodbye, Father," they all chorused together. The vox recording ended.
"Just like writing a letter home in ancient times," the Emperor muttered to himself.
"Sire?" Valdor asked, confused by the statement.
"Before the Golden Age of Technology and the utter poisoning of Terra, parents would send their children to camp. If the camp ran a long time they would have the children write home so that they wouldn't get too homesick. Then they would send the letters," the Emperor explained.
"Interesting, sire," Valdor said, he wasn't quite sure if he understood the concept. He did reach down and scratched Geri on the head, between the ears. Geri wagged his tail softly. Both wolves seemed a little saddened by the extended absence of Leman.
The rest of camp seemed to go quickly for the Primarchs. The building contest took up most of the ninth day of camp. They did more group building activities. The twelfth day of camp was spent doing a series of games that were very amusing. They were given things to wear on their heads as they did the various games. Almost too quickly, it was the last night of camp. In a way camp would continue as they delivered the various children either home, or to designated pick up points.
The Primarchs were to be the last group to be dropped off. Every day saw fewer children aboard the Galacticus. Soon it was just Tama, Kantro, and Cypher were the only ones left not the Primarchs. Tama and Kantro were cousins so they were dropped off together. Then it was just Cypher and the Primarchs.
"Alright, say your goodbyes," Naomi called to Cypher. He nodded to Naomi, and then slowly headed off to say good bye to all of the Primarchs.
"Here, this is vox access that should be able to get you in touch with me if you ever want to," the Lion said, passing over a slip of paper with neat hand writting on it.
"Thanks, Lion," Cypher said with a flash of his easy smile. He had saved the Lion for last. It was almost like the Lion had beome his brother, he didn't really want to leave the Primarchs.
"We have a slight problem," Jaem said as he came into the main rec room. Naomi stepped off to the side with him. They didn't know that they were still within earshot of the Primarchs.
"His parents haven't shown up yet. They were supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago," Jaem said quietly to Naomi.
"Any response to vox hails?" Naomi asked, keeping her own voice down.
"No, nothing," Jaem said. He looked concerned, but was trying to hide it.
"What are we going to do? We can't be late dropping of the Primarchs," Naomi seemed frustrated.
"We could leave a message for his parents and quickly drop off the Primarchs," Jaem suggested.
"What if they show up, just as we are leaving and accuse us of kidnapping their son?" Naomi asked. Jaem didn't have a good answer for that.
"What are they saying?" Cypher whispered to the Lion.
"Seems that your parents haven't shown up yet," the Lion said. "They are concerned about how Father will react if we are late being returned."
"Would he be angry?" Cypher asked. The Lion hadn't said much about his father.
"Not likely, he's pretty understanding that things happen," the Lion said. "Also, we can tell him what happened."
Cypher headed over to Naomi and Jaem. He didn't want the counselors to feel like they were going to get in trouble for not dropping off the Primarchs on time.
"You can take the others, I could wait here for my parents," Cypher said when he was close to Naomi and Jaem.
"No, honey, we can wait a few more minutes," Naomi said in a cooing voice.
"It's all right, we can go," Cypher insisted. Naomi knelt down in front of him, placing her hands on his shoulders.
"We will wait another twenty minutes for you parents to show up, then we will leave a message for them saying that we still have you, but had to drop off other campers," she said with finality. Cypher hung his head and walked back over to the Lion.
"It'll be fine, Cypher. Your parents will show up," the Lion said, trying to comfort his friend. He truly liked Cypher, and would have him as a Dark Angel if it was possible. He was a bit sad to see Cypher leave.
"I think they might have truly abandoned me this time," Cypher said glumly. The Lion placed a hand on Cypher's shoulder, not quite sure what to do to comfort his friend.
Twenty minutes passed and Naomi had Cypher come into another room so that he could be part of the vox message they left for his parents. They continued on to Terra. The Primarchs quickly gathered their belongings. They trooped to the shuttle so that they could head out to the Palace.
"Hope your parents show up," Sanguinius said to Cypher as they past him.
"Maybe," Cypher admitted.
"Don't forget to vox if you need anything," the Lion said, he had delayed as long he could. Cypher nodded, and was suddenly pulled into a hug by the Lion. The Lion pulled away after a moment, and headed to the shuttle.
The Emperor was waiting for the Primarchs on the landing stage. The Primarchs quickly swarmed over to him once the boarding ramp was dropped. The Emperor smiled as his sons came up around him.
"So, you all enjoyed camp?" the Emperor asked his sons.
"Yeah!" they all chorused. The Lion glanced up towards where the Galacticus was in orbit.
"Is something wrong, Lion?" the Emperor asked, a frown crossing his face.
"Cypher's parents weren't at his pick up site. They had to leave a message for his parents so that they could get us here on time," the Lion stated. "He thinks that his parents have tried to abandon him."
"Why would they do that?" the Emperor asked, raising an eyebrow.
"I don't know. He says that they don't like him, and were looking for a way out of having to take care of him," the Lion said. "I gave him a vox access code so he could reach me if he needed anything."
"That was a good gesture, Lion. There isn't much else we can do for him at this point," the Emperor said, placing a hand on the Lion's shoulder. and guiding his first son towards the Thunderhawk and his waiting brothers.



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