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Little Primarchs- The Fundraiser

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"My lord Emperor, I would like to invite you and your sons to a fundraiser for our new children's wing at the Apothicarion," the lady's voice came across the vox in the Throneroom. The new term at Nova had started the previous day.
"Will there be alcohol at this function?" the Emperor asked, thinking of Leman.
"Yes, there will be alcohol, lord," the lady responded. She seemed a bit confused to the question. "Will it be a problem, lord?"
"I will try to not have it be a problem," the Emperor said signalling to Valdor. "When will this function be?"
"It will be tomorrow night, lord. Does this mean you will be coming?" She seemed hopeful.
"Yes, I will be coming, along with my sons," the Emperor said. The image of the lady on the hololith lit up with excitement. The Emperor cut the vox feed and turned to Valdor, who had approached the Throne.
"I will need a Custodian to assist me with the Apothicarion fundraiser. He will be in charge of Leman," the Emperor said. Valdor nodded and thought a moment.
"Lucial is my suggestion," Valdor said. He knew better than to offer himself. He had attempted to keep Leman from alcohol before, and had failed miserably. Leman and Mortarion had ended up in a drinking contest while the Emperor was out. Mortarion had lost, passing out. Leman had stripped off all of his clothing and had run around the residential area with Valdor chasing them. The Emperor had returned to find Valdor tackling the naked Leman in an attempt to get the Primarch to bed.
"Bring him to me then," the Emperor said. He wanted to instruct Lucial personally. This was going to be a formal event, so Leman would not have his leash. He wanted to be sure that Lucial was prepared for this event. Valdor departed and approached Lucial.
"Lucial, our master wishes to see you," Valdor said. Lucial nodded and headed towards the Throneroom. Lucial was a recently elevated Custodian. He had heard the horror stories of the Primarchs from other Custodians. He wasn't sure if he believed any of them, though he had never encountered the Primarchs in person.
"You requested me, my king?" Lucial asked as he bowed to the Emperor. The Emperor nodded to Lucial.
"Yes, Lucial. I and the Primarchs have been invited to a function for the Apothicarion tomorrow evening. I need you to keep Leman away from the alcohol that will be present there," the Emperor stated. Lucial was surprised.
"Why not have Captain-General Valdor watch him, my king?" Lucial asked.
"Valdor will remain here in case something happens in my absence. He suggested that you would be up to the task," the Emperor replied.
"It should not be difficult, my lord," Lucial said, rising to his full height.
"This will be a formal event, so Leman will be without his leash," the Emperor said. "He likes to wander in crowds, so you will have to have visual contact with him at all times."
"Very well, my master," Lucial said. He waited, expecting to be dismissed. The Emperor gazed at his Custodian for a few more minutes before waving his hand in dismissal. "If you succeed, you will have earned a new name."
The parting statement from his master confused Lucial, but he continued out the door. He would prepare for the function by studying records of the Primarchs, focusing on Leman Russ. He knew that along with his other duties this would keep him occupied until the event itself.
At the end of the day the Emperor retrieved his sons and told them of the fundraiser event the following evening. It was somewhat rare for the Primarchs to attend something like this, however, it made sense in this case. The Apothicarion was focusing on children, and the Primarchs were a good way to bring children in without too much hassle. The Primarchs were all excited.
"Leman, there will be a Custodian named Lucial who will be with you at the function," the Emperor said at dinner. Leman nodded, he knew that meant there was alcohol, and a large crowd. He didn't wear his leash at formal events, so someone was always partnered with him, usually a Custodian. Sometimes it was Malcador.
The day of the event went by very quickly for Lucial. On the other hand, it went very slowly for Leman. The Primarchs were mostly excited for the fundraiser. Lucial was beginning to think that this wouldn't be a name-worthy challenge.
"Still studying Lord Russ?" Valdor asked as he stepped into the room that Lucial had been using to study the young Primarch.
"Yes," Lucial said, not looking up from the cogitator screen he was looking at.
"Good luck with him. He hasn't hurt any of us since the time he bit me," Valdor said. Lucial looked up sharply at the Captain-General, surprise registering in his eyes.
"He doesn't actually remember doing it," Valdor said. This was involved with the time he had to tackle a naked Leman right as the Emperor returned home. Leman had bit Valdor in an escape attempt while the Custodian was explaining himself. The Primarch was in such a state of enebriation that he had no memory of the evening.
"What did our master do?" Lucial asked, he had never imagined a Primarch hurting a Custodian. Regardless of whether that Primarch could remember it or not.
"Lord Russ was punished, though I was dismissed before that happened. Lord Russ apologized to me the next day," Valdor said. He didn't know what the Emperor had done to Leman as punishment. He suspected that it had something to do keeping Freki and Geri away from Leman for a time.

It was time to leave for the event. Lucial had arrived two minutes prior to when the Emperor and his sons were to depart. This was so he could be properly introduced to Leman and the other Primarchs. Leman shook Lucial's hand and looked up at the Custodian with a serious expression.
"May the best man win," Leman said.
"Neither of us are men though," Lucial responded.
"Sure we are, we are males of the human species. We are just advanced men," Leman replied.
"Fair enough," Lucial said. He didn't return the comment. The Emperor then had everyone head out to the Thunderhawk. Lucial was claiming the co-pilot's seat, as was normal when another adult was flying in the Thunderhawk with them. It didn't take long to arrive at the fundraiser. There was an open buffet that was advertized when they arrived. The Empreror turned and looked as his sons.
"Do not eat all of the food. You all can have six plates, no mountaining," the Emperor spoke seriously. He doubted that the event coordinator had planned for the Primarchs, nor how much food they could eat. Both Vulkan and Leman deflated at hearing that there was no mountaining. That was what Leman called it when he piled several levels of food on a plate. 108 plates of food was likely to test the amount of food that was present.
They all disembarked from the Thunderhawk and headed into the building where the fundraiser was being held. Several people were there already. Mostly ladies, who all seemed to be very nice. The event coordinator gushed as she approached the Emperor.
"Thank you for coming, lord. Also thank you for bringing your sons as well," she said, looking around at the Primarchs who were looking around at the fundraiser party. Leman and Vulkan were both looking towards the buffet table. The Emperor waved his children on, letting them spread around the crowd. Lucial began shadowing Leman.
Leman went to the buffet table first. It was on the opposite side of the room from the open bar, so Lucial relaxed a bit. The challenge hadn't really started yet, until he caught Leman trying to layer food on his plate.
"Lord Russ, didn't your father mention not 'mountaining' your plates?" Lucial asked pointedly.
"Yes, he did, Custodian," Leman said with a sheepish grin, placing the piece of food back that he had been trying to add.
"Why would your father want you to not get your fill?" asked a lady who was minding some of the heated dishes on the buffet line.
"So we don't eat you out of food," Leman said. "There are eighteen of us and we can eat a lot of food."
"But you are a growing boy," the lady said.
"True, but Allfather said to not eat all of the food," Leman reiterated. "Besides, we are allowed six plates total, and this is only my first one." He understood that others needed to be able to eat from the buffet as well. Leman moved off and ate his food quickly. The Primarchs tried to spread their six plates of food throughout the evening.
Leman escaped from Lucial's notice halfway through the evening. The Custodian was mildly annoyed at the sudden abscence of the Primarch. Leman had made his way over to the open bar. Knowing no one there would actually pour him a drink, he reached for a bottle and cup to pour one himself. There were three slightly tipsy ladies sitting near the bar.
"Oh, honey, that's not punch," one of the ladies said as she noticed Leman reaching for alcohol. "That's back over by the buffet."
"There you are!" Lucial stated as he snagged and lifted the Primarch before Leman could grab the bottle he was reaching for.
"Kidnapper!" shrieked the three women together. Lucial was nonplussed by the women. Leman, still held aloft by the Custodian, fixed the women with a stare.
"He is not kidnapping me. He is one of Allfather's Custodians and is doing the job assigned to him. He's doing well so far," Leman said in a stern voice.
"I believe I have the upper hand here, Lord Russ," Lucial said.
"You can't hold me like this all night. I am allowed to mingle with the people here, which I can't do in your arms," Leman replied. "You have won this round, but the night is still young."
Leman then wriggled out of Lucial's grasp, dropping to the floor he trotted off to see what some of his brothers were doing. The Emperor glanced over at Lucial, assuring that the women were shrieking about the Custodian. Lucial nodded to the Emperor as a bow.
The rest of the night went fairly smoothly. The event coordinator begged the Emperor to give a brief speech in support of the Apothicarion, he agreed. Not long after the Emperor's speech Lucial realized that he had nearly lost again as Leman had succeeded in pouring himself a drink, but hadn't drunk any of it yet. The Custodian quickly snatched the drink out of Leman's hands before he could get a sip.
"You are quick, Custodian," Leman said, impressed. "I think I like you."
"Thank you, Lord Russ," Lucial said. He wasn't sure if that was a compliment or not. He stepped away from Leman to dispose of the drink. He didn't know that Leman had poured himself two drinks, and had hidden the other one. When Lucial returned Leman was finishing that drink.
"It's time to go everyone," the Emperor called just after the other guests had left. Lucial escorted Leman back to the Emperor.
"I failed you, sire," Lucial said, indicating Leman.
"He should still earn the name, Allfather," Leman said. "I only got the one drink of alcohol."
"Agreed, Leman," the Emperor said. "That is the closest to success we have had with anyone not Malcador."
"That's because Malcador alters what I drink so it's not alcoholic," Leman said. He hated it when Malcador was partnered with him. They all settled into the Thunderhawk and headed back towards the Palace. It was fairly late at night for the Primarchs to be awake. When they landed, the Emperor and Lucial discovered all of the Primarchs had fallen asleep. The Emperor smiled at the sight, Lucial raised a curious eyebrow.
"Should we wake them, sire?" Lucial asked, keeping his voice to a whisper.
"No, get Valdor and six of your brother Custodians. We will carry them inside and put them to bed," the Emperor said. He had stepped into the troop compartment and undid the restraints for both Sanguinius and Horus. Lucial quickly did as the Emperor had requested. He picked up Leman and Rogal. Valdor and the others grabbed the other Primarchs in pairs.
The Emperor tucked Horus into bed first, and then Sanguinius. He moved among the other rooms and ensured that all of his sons had made it to their specific rooms. He also tucked them in, he didn't expect the Custodians to do that. After assuring the Primarchs were all secure in their beds, he went to sleep himself.



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