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AUTHORS NOTE: This was written several months ago, before Last Jedi was in theaters. There are no spoilers for it below. Enjoy!
It was movie night at the Palace. Once a week the Emperor would bring out a hololith recording of a film. Typically these were old Terran movies. This was a special movie night as they were starting a long series of movies. Ferrus was making popcorn with his modified servitor. Vulkan had "made" popcorn once, the resultant smoke was so bad Valdor had sent a Custodian patrol to see if there had been a fire. The Emperor settled with his own bowl of popcorn and got the attention of his sons.
"We will be watching this series in release order, not episode number. This means we will start with episodes IV, V, VI, then I,II,II, followed by VII, VIII, and IX. The three stand alones will follow IX. I will explain where they fit when we watch them," he explained. The Primarchs nodded their understadning. The Emperor began the playback of Episode IV.
"Those are robots!" Perturabo exclaimed upon seeing the two droids. Rogal sushed him. The others ignored the exchange.
"And a scary robot man," Ferrus said when Vader made his appearnace. He didn't actually seem afraid of Vader, just noting how it wold seem to normal humans. The other Primarchs agreed with Ferrus.
"That's what Frederick looks like," the Lion said a bit later in the film. He was always trying to convince his brothers that Frederick was real. It annoyed the Lion that his brothers claimed that Frederick was imaginary.
"He steals robots?" Perturabo asked, raising a thin eyebrow.
"No, he just looks like them. His robes are white though, like my Dark Angels," the Lion replied. The Primarchs watched in silence for a bit longer. They were a bit confused by all of the xenos that were visible.
"What is that thing?" the Lion asked as Jabba the Hutt first appeared on screen. He looked torn between disgust and the desire to try and kill it. Leman also looked like he wanted to kill it.
"That is Jabba the Hutt," the Emperor answered. He gave the Lion a look, and then turned it on Leman. He was interested to see how those two would react to Chewbacca. He was certain it would be amusing.
"Can I kill that?" the Lion asked in near unison with Leman when Chewbacca came on screen.
"No, it's not real," the Emperor told both of his sons. Several of the other Primarchs snickered at the exchange. Everyone knew that the Lion in particular liked to hunt and fight wildlife.
"Can I do that with my hair?" Fulgrim asked, indicating Leia's buns. Nearly all of the Primarchs gave Fulgrim odd glances. The Emperor smiled and shook his head.
"But it would be funny to do my hair like that at school," Fulgrim whined.
"No, Fulgrim," the Emperor said in a firm voice. Fulgrim pouted, but turned back to the movie. Everyone seemed to be interested in the action and plot of the movie. They all commented on how they would do things differently if they were in that scenario. Magnus shouted nearly as loudly as Luke when Obi-Wan died. Lion hissed like an angry cat at Vader. They also all cheered when the Death Star blew up.
The next movie night was Episode V. Leman and Rogal were both intrigued by Hoth. The Lion was excited for the ice monster that captured Luke. Fulgrim was disgusted by the use of the Tonton as a shelter. Mortarion was interested in the Dagobah planet.
"We can't go there can we," Mortarion said. It was phrased almost like a question, but said as a statement. The Emperor shook his head.
"No, not to Dagobah itself, but there are swampy planets we could go to," he said. Mortarion looked excited at that. They were all a bit surprised that Master Yoda was a xenos.
"Even Alpharius is taller than that thing," Angron said with disgust. Alpharius nodded.
"Height isn't a factor with power though," Magnus said. "I'm more powerful than Vulkan, and he's taller than me."
"Fair point," Angron said. "Besides, no one's more powerful than Father." The Primarchs all giggled at that. Jaghatai was the upset one towards the end of the movie. He rather liked Han Solo and was a bit distressed that he had been frozen in carbonite. Perturabo and Ferrus were both happy that C-3PO was reassembled by Chewbacca. Everyone was appropriately surprised that Vader was Luke's father.

Then it was time for Episode VI. No one seemed to know what to think of the Ewoks. Both Lion and Leman called the Sarlac a "sand kraken". It amused the Emperor to no end. The Primarchs were actually offended by the use of the title emperor for Emperor Palpatine.
"That's Father's title," the Lion complained once at the display.
"It was not my title when this was made, Lion," the Emperor said gently. The Lion conceeded the point. Most of the Primarchs were confused by Han and Leia kissing. Though Fulgrim was retroactively disgusted when he realized that Leia was Luke's sister. Jaghatai liked the speeder bikes.
"They look like jetbikes," Jaghatai said, looking excited. He enjoyed getting to ride on the jetbikes used by his White Scars Legion. There was a lot of sadness in a way when Vader died, but they were happy that Palpatine was dead. The rest of the trilogies went quickly. For the most part they seemed to like the original trilogy better than the prequel trilogy.
"Can I kill that thing?" the Lion asked when Jar Jar Binks came on the first time. The Emperor shook his head.
"Sadly, no. I do not care for this character either," the Emperor said. Several of the Primarchs looked surprised at this. "Keep watching, and you will see." It didn't take long for the Primarchs to understand the Emperor's distaste for Jar Jar Binks.
"Is he in any of the other movies?" Angron asked later in the movie.
"Yes, he is in the next two movies. More in the next one than the third movie," the Emperor said. Perturabo and Ferrus got excited to see the creation of C-3PO. They were surprised that it was Anakin, who they knew to be Vader.
"Why does C-3PO not remember who made him?" Ferrus asked. The robots that he created were aware that Ferrus had made them.
"That involves spoiling things," the Emperor replied. Ferrus sighed and returned his attention to the movie. Jaghatai enjoyed the pod race scene in Episode I. Fulgrim was curious about the clones in Episode II. No one seemed to like Dooku. The various sword weilding Primarchs were impressed with Yoda in the lightsaber duel. Episode III went over only slightly better than Episode II. Horus was angered that Anakin slaughtered the younglings at the temple.
"I understand now, they wiped his memory, like a servitor," Ferrus said at the end of Episode III. The Emperor nodded to his mechanically inclined son. They liked the sequel trilogy fairly well. Jaghatai was quite sad when Han Solo died.
"How could his own son do that?" Horus asked, surprised that Kylo Ren had been able to slay his father.
"He is being corrupted by evil forces, sort of like Anakin was in the prequels," the Emperor said.
"I could never kill you, Father," Horus said, shifting closer to the Emperor.
"I know, Horus," the Emperor said, putting an arm around the Primarch. The next two movies in the trilogy were received well. Then they went onto the stand alone movies.
"Rogue One takes place directly before Episode IV," the Emperor said as they started it. He indicated when in the timeline the other two stand alone movies fit. Corvus rather liked Rogue One, but didn't like how everyone died. Jaghatai liked the second movie as it was about Han Solo.
"What did you think of the Star Wars series as a whole?" the Emperor asked. It was the norm to discuss a series overall when they had finished it.
"It was interesting, though there were a lot of xenos in it," Horus said before anyone else. Most of the others nodded in agreement with Horus.
"They did a surprisingly bad job of killing dangerous creatures," the Lion said. Leman seconded that opinion.
"Their psychic powers were surprisingly limited. Vader never attempted the 'Force lightening'," Magnus said.
"Vader couldn't do the Force Lightening because he did not have his biological hands," the Emperor explained.
"So, if I were in that galaxy I wouldn't be able to do Force lightening?" Ferrus asked.
"I believe that you could do Force lightening, Ferrus. You have not lost or replaced your biological hands, they are just coated in necrodermis," the Emperor answered. Necrodermis was the term for the living metal that covered Ferrus' hands and lower arms.
"That's good to know," Ferrus said. He wasn't particularly interested in attempting Force lightening, but felt it was important to know.
"Still, their Force powers were weak and they had a very limited range. I am getting better at projecting, and they had to use hololiths instead of psychically projecting," Magnus continued. He had been working on it since the accident on Centae Quintus. He had even managed a brief projection to the Emperor on the Imperator Somnium while it was in orbit of Terra.
"Indeed, they do not have the full range of our psychic abilities," the Emperor responded to Magnus.
"I liked the ice planet in the second movie," Leman said.
"Yeah, because for whatever reason, you like Fenris in winter," the Lion quipped.
"It was rather like Fenris in winter," Leman said. Fenris was the world they had found Freki and Geri on. Leman recruited Space Wolves from the frozen planet.
"I thought it was a bit like Inwitt," Rogal said. He recruited from an ice world called Inwitt. They were proud of their architecture and it had attracted Rogal to the population.
"I liked Geonosis," Angron said. He recruited from a world where they held gladatorial games. Angron was interested in them, and participated when he made recruitment tours for the World Eaters.
"I liked all of the droids," Perturabo said. Rogal rolled his eyes behind Perturabo's back. The Emperor gave Rogal a quick glance, causing Perturabo to turn around. Rogal quickly looked away from Perturabo. The Emperor smiled, and sent everyone off to bed.



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