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Little Primarchs- Kidnapped

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There had been increasing rumors of unrest within some of the underhivers. There had been some terrorist attacks in various areas. It was making Valdor nervous about the location of Nova. The most recent attacks had been very close to the tutorium. The Emperor was determined to not show fear to the people making the attacks. He knew they were trying to manipulate him into doing something for them, or giving them money.
The Primarchs were all well trained in case they were abducted by anyone trying to use them against the Emperor. They were to be the worst captives they could possibly be. They all had their own ideas about that, including attempts to escape just about any scenario. This was some assurance to both the Emperor and Valdor.
One day, there was a utility failure at Nova, causing an unscheduled early release from the tutorium. The Primarchs lined up and attempted to contact the Palace to inform Valdor or their father that there was an issue and they needed to be picked up early. For some reason, the vox network was down.
"Can you try psychic projection Magnus?" Horus asked when they had cycled all of the vox channels. They had only gotten static.
"I can try, it usually works better in an enclosed space when I'm alone," Magnus said, stepping away from the others a little bit to be away from them. He went over by a large false tree that was meant as decoration. There were very few real trees anywhere on Terra. Most of the ones at Nova were artifical, though there was one real tree in the recess area.
As Magnus shut his eye to concentrate on his projection, a shadowy figure leapt from behind the tree. It jabbed something into Magnus' neck. Lorgar screeched, trying to draw the attention of a teacher. However, the rest of the Primarchs were snagged from behind, and a hand was clamped over Lorgar's mouth, cutting the sound short. Bags were shoved over their heads so they couldn't see. There also seemed to be a dampening field because they couldn't hear as well as they should.
They were thrown into a ground vehicle. It was easy for a normal human to become disoriented as they moved through the underhives of Terra. The Primarchs were typically immune to this, but the bags must have been given an aura effect from a psyker. It was messing with their senses of direction, and their sense of time.
"We all know what to do," Horus whispered. "Is everyone alright?"
All of the Primarchs sounded off, except for Magnus.
"Magnus?" Jaghatai whispered. There was no response.
"The one that grabbed him was pressing something against his neck. It's possible that he's been drugged or something," Sanguinius whispered. They were barely able to hear each other. Finally the vehicle stopped and they were pushed out. The Primarchs could tell that they were in the underhives somewhere, it was quite cold and the air smelled terrible. They were tied to chairs before the bags were removed from their heads.
"Our father will find us," Horus said defiantly to the one who removed his bag. Angron was clearly testing his bonds already. Magnus was unconscious, but looked unharmed.
"We are counting on your father wanting you back in one piece," one of their kidnappers responded. There were twenty-one of them. Eighteen had been used to snag the Primarchs and three who seemed to be in charge.
"He is our shield, and you master. He will not forgive this transgression, you must turn from your path and embrace his glorious power," Lorgar began. His thoughts were that he had a captive audience for spreading the word of the godlike nature of his father.
"Indeed, he will not forgive. He has very painful deaths planned for all of you," Konrad stated. "Would you like me to tell you the grisly details?"
"Make sure we have everyone," the main leader said. They began to count the Primarchs. Corvus used his powers of shadow walking to vanish.
"There are only seventeen, but that's not possible. We just had all eighteen a moment ago," the one who had counted stated when he had finished.
"Count again! We need them all," the leader said. They counted again, Corvus was visible again.
"Eighteen. What is going on?" the counter said, very confused. Angron distracted them by breaking his bonds. At about the same time Leman began to howl. Angron was quickly grabbed again and retied to his chair. He escaped even faster that time, and they chained him the next time.
"Shut them up!" cried one of the other leaders. He was referring to Lorgar, Konrad, and Leman. Several of the others found adhesive that they used to shut the Primarch's mouths. They had to adhere Angron's mouth shut becasue he was spitting acid at them, and his bonds. They adhered Mortarion's mouth shut after he kept asking for the drugs they were using to keep Magnus unconscious.
The Lion and Alpharius had picked apart their knots. They kept their hands behind them, giving the appearance that they were still bound. The Lion growled whenever any of the kidnappers got to close. Horus was still working on his bonds. Sanguinius had escaped his bonds once, and they tied him even tighter to the chair the second time. It was actually hurting his wings.
Jaghatai stood, still tied to his chair, then ran towards an exit he could see. Two of their abductors blocked the doorway and two more grabbed Jaghatai from behind. They dragged him over to where the leader was.
"This one's quick. what do you want us to do with him?" the one to Jaghatai's right asked.
"Break his leg, that should show him, and any of his brothers who might try a similar tactic," the leader said. The two holding him set his chair back on the ground, one of them holding the chair and pressing down. The other, the one who had spoken, grabbed Jaghatai's leg and snapped it. Angron struggled mightily as did Sanguinius. Jaghatai screamed in pain and nearly fainted. Those who didn't have their mouths adhered shut cried out to their stricken brother. They moved Jaghatai so that all of the Primarchs could see him.
"My king! We have received a ransom letter," Valdor called out, bursting into the Throneroom. He was holding a vox recorder in his large hand. The Emperor dismissed the Mechanicum in the room as he turned to Valdor.
"Begin the playback," the Emperor ordered. Valdor complied immediately, placing the recorder in a unit near where the inactive webway gate was. Then stepped back so that his master could see the recording.
"So called Master of Mankind," came a voice from a shadowy figure. He was backlit, but some form of blank bunker wall was visible in the background. Not very helpful on Terra.
"Father!" cried twelve voices. The Primarchs, but why only twelve? The Emperor and Valdor shared a concerned look.
"Quiet!" snapped the shadowy figure without turning. "If you want your precious little 'sons' back, you will do exactly as I tell you."
"They're drugging Magnus so he can't reach you!" Horus shouted form the back. That explained one missing Primarch.
"Shut it!" figure snapped again. "You will release those real sons of ours that you have taken from us."
"They've adhered shut the mouths of Leman, Konrad, Angron, Mortarion, and Lorgar!" Vulkan boomed.
"Silence or you'll be next!" their abductor was clearly not in control of the Primarchs. This explained the other missing voices.
"They threw me into some sludge! Father, make them clean my hair!" Fulgrim whined from just off the pict-recorder.
"Shut up you little m########### c####!" screamed their abductor.
"What's a m########### c###?" asked Sanguinius, in the most innocent voice that could be mustered.
"Release our sons if you ever want yours to be able to speak again!" the man finally yelled before cutting the feed. Valdor turned to the Emperor and was about to speak when a audio only vox recording began playback.
"Father, it's Omegon. I intercepted the demand video that played first. I caught it as it was reaching the vox net for the Palace. I was able to trace the signal to it's source. The coordinates that I located are in the message jar. I'll infiltrate under the name Frederick."
Valdor looked confused at his master. The Emperor smiled. The message jar was a small jar that Alpharius had made in an art class one day at Nova. They kept it in a corner of the living room and was reachable by a secret passage way from Alpharius and Omegon's room. Frederick was used as a cover name for when both Alpharius and Omegon were out at the same time.
"Omegon? Isn't that Alpharius' chosen last name?" Valdor asked, voicing his confusion.
"Omegon is Alpharius' twin. You are the only one besides myself and them who know," the Emperor said.
"The other Primarchs think there's only Alpharius?" Valdor asked. The Emperor nodded.
"They both use the name Alpharius, and they choose when they wake which of them will be out that day."
"What does the other one do?"
"They have a 'secret lair' under their room. That's probably where Omegon intercepted the message," the Emperor said. He couldn't make it down into the secret lair below their room, but he knew of its existance. They occasionally got either Perturabo or Ferrus to make them things that they took down there. Valdor nodded his understanding.
They headed to the residential area of the Palace and obtained the piece of paper that Omegon had left there. Valdor had already begun organizing a squad of Custodians to accompany the Emperor so that they could retrieve the abducted Primarchs.
Omegon had painted his face so that he wouldn't look like Alpharius. Frederick was their favorite code name to use when they were both out and close together. He knew that it would give Alpharius at least some hope. It might confuse the Lion, but that mattered little to Omegon. He was certain that his father would get the version of the demands video that he had added to. He had sent it directly to Valdor from the secret lair he shared with Alpharius. He moved into the room where his brothers were being held.
"Who are you?" snapped one of the abductors, pointing an old bolt pistol at the young Primarch.
"I'm Frederick," Omegon said, "I was your inside man to tell you where to find the Primarchs."
"We had an inside man?" the guard asked, looking to the leader. The leader turned, and nodded his head. Alpharius looked at his twin, knowing that it was Omegon, and not an inside man. The other Primarchs glared at their brother. Omegon forgave them for it, they didn't know he was their brother.
"He can wash my hair then," Fulgrim said. He was determined to either get his hair cleaned, or to get his mouth adhered shut.
"Why were you so late coming back here then?" another of the abductors asked, not as satisfied as the guard had been.
"I had to escape from the tutorium. Seeing the Primarchs get snatched spooked all of the tutors," Omegon said. It at least made sense. The abductor nodded his understanding. Omegon felt a ticking start in the back of his neck, he risked a quick glance at Alpharius to see if his brother felt it too. The ticking was an indication that the Emperor was close. Alpharius nodded slightly to his twin. He felt it too.
"Well, do we think he will return our sons to us?" one of the men asked. He looked towards the direction Omegon had come from.
"I don't know," Omegon answered. He noted that Jaghatai's leg was at an unnatural angle. That meant that it had been broken, Omegon just hoped it hadn't healed that way. If it had, the leg would have to be rebroken. There was a distant rumbling that Omegon knew to be the engines of Custodian flyers. He could also hear the whine of the Thunderhawk's engines. He had to work on not seeming like he could hear it. He knew that all of his brothers could.
"Father comes for us, just like I said he would," Horus said smugly. The leader rose, and was about to backhand Horus, when the sound of engines became unmistakable. Then the timbre of the engines changed as the flyers all began to hover, or land in the case of the Thunderhawk.
Then there came the sound of combat as the Custodians began to go through the abductors outside of the bunker. Omegon quickly moved away from the other abductors, and slipped out a back way he had found in schematics of the sector. He began heading back to the Palace, none of his brothers other than Alpharius the wiser about his existance.
The Emperor entered the bunker like a hurricane. He had not ignited his sword, but it mattered little to those who faced it. The wrath of the Emperor was terrifying to behold. Even the Primarchs were taken aback by the ferocity of their angered father. The chamber was secured by the Custodians within minutes. The Emperor swiftly turned to releasing his sons. The Lion and Alpharius quickly began helping their still bound brothers. Jaghatai hobbled over to the Emperor.
"What happened, Jaghatai?" the Emperor asked, kneeling in front of his fifth son.
"They broke my leg after I made an escape attempt," Jaghatai said, his leg was still hurting, though it had begun to heal.
"Who broke your leg?" the Emperor asked, reaching for his ornate bolter.
"He's the one who broke my leg, but that's the man who ordered it," Jaghatai said, pointing to the one who had broke his leg, and the leader. The Emperor shot both abductors in the leg. They groaned, still alive. The Emperor then turned back to Jaghatai and lifted his injured son. The leg was healing at the odd angle, so it would have to be rebroken to fix.
"How is Magnus?" the Emperor asked Valdor, who was examining the red Primarch. Valdor shook his head.
"I cannot tell for sure, my king," Valdor replied. "I can feel his pulse, but it does not seem normal for one of the Primarchs."
The Emperor adjusted Jaghatai as he moved over to examine Magnus himself. Valdor was familiar with the Primarchs, but when they were injured, the Custodian was out of his depth. The Emperor examined Magnus, and then turned to Valdor.
"Call ahead to the Apothicarion. Magnus and Jaghatai will both need attention when we return," the Emperor said, lifting Magnus along with Jaghatai. The other Primarchs fell in behind their father. Fulgrim--- still looked annoyed about his hair. They all piled into the Thunderhawk. The Emperor carefully placed both of the injured Primarchs in their seats and set their restraints. They then headed back to the Palace.
As soon as they touched down, the uninjured Primarchs got out, Sanguinius waited for the Emperor, staying with the injured Primarchs. The Emperor appeared and picked up his injured sons. He glanced at Sanguinius, but didn't send the winged Primarch away. Sanguinius was also rubbing at his wings, they had been pressed very hard against the chair the second time he had been tied. His wings had gone numb as a result. It was a strange sensation as his wings had never been pressed like that before.
The Emperor moved swiftly into the Apothicarion, carrying his injured sons. Jaghatai squirmed a little bit. He wanted to be walking on his own, but he understood why his father was carrying him. Sanguinius was nearly running behind the Emperor to try and keep up. He couldn't fly with his wings numb. The medicae staff were prepared, an assistant offered to take Jaghatai from the Emperor. Passing off Jaghatai, the Emperor kept Magnus, and headed into a room.
Magnus was reacting poorly to the mix of drugs the abductors had used to keep the psychic Primarch unconscious. The Emperor quickly worked to flush Magnus' system in an attempt to stop the reaction. The main issue was that Magnus' body was more of a shell used to encase his psychic essence. It was almost less of a body than the Emperor's own body. This was why the Emperor was attending to Magnus. The medicae staff could handle Jaghatai, and Sanguinius if he needed anything.
Twenty minutes later Magnus was stabelized. The Emperor sighed, and stepped back. Two of the medicae staff entered into the room and whisked Magnus off to a recovery room. The Emperor cleaned his hands and then went to check on Jaghatai. Jaghatai was also in a recovery room, his leg was splinted, but they hadn't bothered with a cast. Everyone knew that his leg would be healed in a matter of hours.
"How is your leg?" the Emperor asked.
"It'll be alright, Father," Jaghatai said. He looked antsy, Jaghatai hated being stuck in one place. The Apothicarion was his least favorite place to be "trapped". The Emperor smiled, assured that Jaghatai would recover quickly.
The Emperor next checked on Sanguinius, who was assuring that his wings were undamaged. He was in a flight testing area assuring that. Sanguinius landed when he saw his father and headed out of the testing area. He trotted out to the Emperor.
"You are alright, Sanguinius?" the Emperor asked. Sanguinius nodded and fell in with his father as the Emperor continued down the hallway. They came to the room that the medicae had brought Magnus to. The red Primarch had yet to wake.
"Will he be alright, Father?" Sanguinius asked, as the both sat. Sanguinius was fond of all of his brothers. He was closest to Horus, but Magnus was a very close second.
"He will be just fine, Sanguinius," the Emperor replied. He watched Magnus as the one eyed Primarch slept. Sanguinius stood up and held Magnus' hand.
"We did just what you told us to do if we were to ever be kidnapped," Sanguinius said after a moment. "Lorgar even tried to screech, but they tackled us. Fulgrim really did end up in a sludge puddle." The Emperor smiled a bit at that last statement.
"How many times did they have to re-bind Angron?" the Emperor asked.
"Three, it would have been four, but they adhered his mouth shut. He was spitting acid on the chains they had bound him with," Sanguinius answered. "He ended up chained to a pole after breaking his chair the second time."
"How long did it take for everyone else?" the Emperor continued.
"Lion and Alpharius had theirs undone pretty quickly, they tied me too tightly the second time. I couldn't get around my wings," Sanguinius said. "Horus had some troubles, I'm not sure about the others, I couldn't see their hands."
"Why was Mortarion's mouth adhered shut?" the Emperor asked, he was confused by that point.
"He kept asking for them to give him the drugs they were using to keep Magnus unconscious," Sanguinius answered. "I'm happy they didn't give him any. Though knowing Mortarion, he would be happy to be in the Apothicarion."
The Emperor chuckled slightly at that. Mortarion would have probably had a similar reaction to the drug cocktail as Magnus, but Sanguinius was right. Mortarion would have loved to wake up in the Apothicarion after having a near death experience. It was why his Death Guard Space Marines had given him the name "Deathlord".
Magnus stirred, and both Emperor and Primarch turned their attention to the bed. Magnus' eye opened and he looked first to the Emperor and then to Sanguinius.
"Father...?" Magnus said weakly. "Sanguinius?"
"We are here, Magnus," Sanguinius replied, giving Magnus' hand a gentle squeeze. The Emperor nodded. Magnus gave a weak smile.
"What happened?" Magnus asked. He couldn't remember anything after walking to the tree to try and contact the Emperor.
"We were abducted. They kept drugging you so you would stay unconscious. They had to adhere people's mouths shut so that they couldn't talk. Except for Angron, that was so he would stop spitting acid on his chains," Sanguinius said.
"That sounds like Angron," Magnus said managing another weak smile. "Why did they take us?"
"They apparently were men that felt their sons were unjustly taken from them," the Emperor replied. "They wanted their sons back in exchange for you."
"You didn't give them back did you?" Magnus asked. The Emperor shook his head.
"Father came and got us, with Valdor and a few other Custodians," Sanguinius answered. "It was almost scary, Father was very angry."
"Who were they?" Magnus asked, assuming their abductors were dead.
"I haven't determined that yet. They kept their faces hidden," the Emperor replied. Magnus gave a questioning look at the Emperor.
"Father only defeated them, no slaying. Though he did shoot two people in the leg," Sanguinus explained. "Those two were involved in breaking one of Jaghatai's legs."
"Jaghatai was hurt?" Magnus said. He tried to sit up, but the Emperor gently pushed him back onto the pillows.
"He is just fine, Magnus," the Emperor said. "He's resting, as you should be."
"That's good, that Jaghatai is alright," Magnus said, resettling against the pillows. He used the action to show his compliance to his father. The Emperor smiled and then stood.
"We should let Magnus rest, Sanguinius," the Emperor stated as he headed to the door. Sanguinius let go of Magnus' hand and followed the Emperor out of the Apothicarion. They quickly headed back to the residential district. Valdor had been left with the uninjured Primarchs while the Emperor was busy at the Apothicarion.
"Is everyone alright?" the Emperor asked as he entered with Sanguinius. The fourteen Primarchs greeted them in the living room with indications that they were fine. The Emperor was about to ask where Fulgrim was, when he noticed the sound of the shower.
"How long has Fulgrim been in the shower?" he asked instead.
"He went in as soon as we were inside," Horus answered. That had been over an hour prior. The Emperor went over and knocked on the bathroom door.
"Fulgrim, you are clean now. Save water for your brothers," the Emperor called.
"I still feel dirty though," Fulgrim called back over the shower.
"You are not dirty, you have been there for over an hour, it is time to get out," the Emperor stated.
"Alright, Father," Fulgrim sighed. He turned off the water and climbed out of the shower. He dried off and then quickly ran down the hallway to his room to get clean clothes. Fulgrim joined his brothers in the living room.
"How are Jaghatai and Magnus?" Mortarion asked. He didn't look envious of the two injured Primarchs.
"They will both be fine," the Emperor said. "I expect they will be released before bedtime." This seemed to make the other Primarchs happy, even the ones who weren't all that fond of Magnus.
"Why were you all outside anyway?" the Emperor asked, he knew that it wasn't the end of the school day.
"There was a utility failure," Perturabo said. "Some form of gas leak is what I heard." Several other Primarchs nodded their heads.
"We tried to vox you, but the channels were all jambed," Ferrus said. "That was when Magnus went over by the big tree in front of Nova and tried to reach you. The guy who first drugged him was hiding behind the tree."
"I tried to screech, but they put a gag in my mouth when they snagged me," Lorgar said. He sounded a bit glum that he hadn't been able to raise adult help. There were a few scabs on his lips from the removal of the adhesive. This was true of all the Primarchs who had had their mouths adhered shut.
"You tried, that was all that you could do, Lorgar," the Emperor said. Lorgar gave a brief smile to his father.
"They had the same person counting us all the time, so the shadow walk was even more fun," Corvus said. His disappearing and reappearing act was how he was a horrible captive. Konrad nodded.
"It was funny, that guy was completely confused the entire time. One round Corvus would be there, and the next, Corvus and his chair were gone," Konrad said with a chuckle. No one was surprised that he found the situation funny.
"I was almost happy they adhered my mouth shut. It meant that I could laugh internally at them without giving up my role," Konrad continued. His role was to describe the deaths of people in the room, in the most horrid details that he was capable of.
"I'm surprised they didn't put something over my eyes," Vulkan said. His sclera were a bright, almost glowing red. Combined with his onyx colored skin was usually enough to keep people away from him. His role was to simply glare at his abductors.
"Or adhere your mouth shut after the video," Horus said. "I thought all four of us were going to get that."
"I never got an answer to my question," Sanguinius piped up. "What is a 'm########### c###'?"
"It is a very rude term for someone, especially a woman," the Emperor said, and continued in a stern voice. "Do not ever use that term, or any part of that term." The Primarchs all nodded at that.
"So they were calling us girls?" Fulgrim asked. He seemed more angered by that then by the rudeness of the term itself.
"Not really, they were using it as an insult though," the Emperor elaborated. Fulgrim still looked annoyed that he had basically been called a girl. The Emperor then had dinner started for the Primarchs. The Apothicarion returned Jaghatai and Magnus together just as the other Primarchs were finishing their chores.
"Jaghatai and Magnus are back!" Horus called. The others trotted over to greet their returning brothers. Magnus still looked more pink than red, but he seemed alright. Jaghatai appeared completely normal. The Emperor let them have a special movie night, and then sent them all to bed.



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