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Little Primarchs- Halloween

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"This is a strange idea, my liege," Valdor said, as he took the bag of sweets that the Emperor was holding out to him.
"It was a tradition, Valdor. I would like for my sons to have an experience of it. It will help to show them more of humanity," the Emperor replied. He had loved Halloween until it had ceased being at the beginning of Old Night. He was handing out bags of candy to several different Custodians, and other Palace staff so that he could take the Primarchs "trick or treating". He also wanted something fun for the Primarchs, they had taken the abduction hard and were still not fully over what had happened. The Emperor was hoping that this would help his sons.
"Very well, my king," Valdor said as he tucked the bag of sweets away until it would be needed. The Captain-General was quite confused by the idea of Halloween, but kept his confusion to himself. The Emperor moved on and found other Palace staff to give bags of candy to. Several of the lower ranking serfs seemed terrified when the Emperor first approached, but they relaxed when the Emperor explained what he was about.
The Primarchs were all working on costumes to wear for when they went trick or treating. They only had a vague idea of what that was. However, Konrad was very excited about the costume idea. The Emperor had encouraged them to find scary costumes. Leman was excited because he got to dress up as a werewolf. Corvus was going as a vampire, stuck halfway between being a human and being a raven. Konrad was going to make it look like he was wearing human skin. The Lion was going as a humanoid cat in knight's armor.
"We just need a halo for Sanguinius," Fulgrim said, he was being silly and going as a princess.
"What about a halo held up by horns?" Lorgar suggested. "Then he can be both an angel and a daemon."
"That's not a bad idea," Sanguinius said. He was used to be called an angel. His Blood Angels called him the Angel due to his wings. The idea of also being a daemon was an amusing prospect. It would also work well with Lorgar going as the pope. The Emperor had initially wanted to discourage Lorgar from that costume, but decided to allow it.
Perturabo and Ferrus were working together on their costumes. Perturabo was going as a robot, having claimed the idea ahead of Ferrus. Ferrus, thinking quickly had decided to go as a tech-priest of the Mechanicum. They were making a blocky style suit for Perturabo, while also working on false mechadentrites for Ferrus. They were also helping Horus on his "secret" costume. Horus had stated that he wanted his Halloween costume to be a surprise to the Emperor.
Jaghatai was working on a red body suit, altering it slightly. He was going as an ancient fictional character called the Flash. The Flash was supposedly the fastest man alive, which was why Jaghatai was interested. He had found the images from something called a "comic book" that he had found archieves of in the Imperial Library. Magnus was working on shape-shifting himself into a priest of Thoth. Thoth was a Gyptian god that they had found records of in the Library.
No one was quite sure what Alpharius was going as. He just had a black body suit with a black face mask on. When asked, he said he was the shadow that cast itself. The Emperor found it amusing. Rogal seemed to be working on a very wide costume, but was keeping it to himself for the moment. Roboute was working on figuring out the best way to drape a white bedsheet around himself like a toga. He was having issues working out how to still walk in it.
"Is everyone ready for trick or treating?" the Emperor asked an hour after he had finished handing out the bags of sweets. The Primarchs nodded, Sanguinius went and knocked on Horus' door to make sure he didn't get left behind. Horus came out, following Sanguinius. Horus' costume was a mock up of their father's armor, complete with a fake sword.
"That is a scary costume," Konrad said with a chuckle. The others shared a laugh and everyone headed out to trick or treat. They were a bit confused on the trick part, did it come with a treat? What if someone did try to trick them? However, they knew they couldn't be in too much danger because their father was with them. They approached several of the staff, most of whom had sweets to provide to the Primarchs.
"What are you supposed to be, Lord Dorn?" one of the serfs asked with a bow.
"I'm the Great Wall of Xina," Rogal answered. This explained the width of his costume. Perturabo giggled inside of his costume. Rogal shot a glare at his brother. They moved on. So far they had only seen Palace serfs. This confused the Primarchs because they knew that the Custodians were involved in the trick or treating.
"What if the Custodians are the ones with tricks?" Jaghatai asked. He seemed a bit nervous about that. He was physically fine from his leg, but he didn't like having more than one adult close to him at a time anymore. The Custodians were much bigger than normal people, so it was worse. This was despite the fact that Jaghatai knew that any Custodian who tried to harm a Primarch would be dealt with severly before the Emperor could even get to them.
"I doubt that the Custodians have tricks," Magnus said in a comforting voice.
"Yeah, they probably have bigger sweets," Vulkan said. His costume was that of a victim from a dragon attack. He was wearing burned looking clothing and had small smoke packs hidden on him so that it looked like he was smoldering. It was well received by the serfs they had seen so far.
"I second Vulkan's opinion," Leman said. He had enjoyed making some of the serfs scream when he had first approached them, only to roll on his back and act like he wanted his stomach rubbed. He had gotten some help from Ferrus and the tail of his costume was capable of wagging, sort of like Freki and Geri.
They moved into a different part of the Palace, and found their first Custodian. Jaghatai hung back as others approached the golden warrior first. The Emperor frowned, but decided against asking Jaghatai if anything was wrong. The red-clad Primarch headed towards the Custodian when Magnus waved him over.
"They have giant sweets!" Leman said. This encouraged Jaghatai. The Emperor relaxed as Jaghatai got his sweet from the Custodian. The Primarchs chorused a thank you to the Custodian and headed off again. There was a single trick set up in the Palace, and that was Malcador. Malcador was set to startle the Primarchs when they reached his residence. To make up for the fright, he had the best sweets to give the Primarchs. There was one specifically set aside for Leman that had alcohol in it.
The Primarchs went along, heading directly for Malcador's trick, approaching Custodians as they went. They learned that Mortarion was a zombie, Angron was a gladiator, and that Roboute was Julius Caesar. The Custodians were at first confused, and then amused by Horus' choice of costume. Valdor was the last Custodian that they encountered. By then, Jaghatai seemed to have gotten over his unease; dashing up to Valdor ahead of all the others. Thus living up to the costume he had made.
Then, forging ahead to check for more Custodians, the Primarchs triggered Malcador's trick. The Primarchs were surrounded by psychic projections of zombies. The Emperor and Malcador had been unaware of Mortarion's costume when they set the trick. Rogal and Fulgrim both let out shrieks of near terror. The Lion, Angron, and Horus pulled out the swords that they had as parts of their costumes. The Emperor nearly intervined because the Lion's was actually a Space Marine combat knife. However, the trick faded before the Lion made it to any of the zombies. Everyone seemed confused for a moment, Konrad recovered first.
"Was that a trick?" he asked, looking up at the Emperor. The Emperor nodded to Konrad.
"Does that mean there's a treat?" Fulgrim asked. He still looked a little shaken.
"Yes, Malcador has very special treats for all of you," the Emperor said as he knocked on the door. The Primarchs very rarely went to Malcador's tower, so they were curious. The door opened and they entered. Malcador had decorated the main room for the event. There were quite a few scary looking things scattered around. There was also a tray that had the Primarchs favorite sweets on it, set up to look like their Legion sigils.
The Lion's was a dark chocolate winged sword, with coconut filling. Fulgrim's was whipped chocolate mousse in the shape of a raptor arm holding an orb. Perturabo's was licorice that was shaped like robotic skull, it went well with his costume. Jaghatai's was caramel shaped like his lightening bolt. Leman became very excited when he bit into his wolf's head due to the cherry liquor that was in it. The Emperor winked when Leman looked his way.
"There's alcohol in mine!" Leman called to his brothers. They all chuckled. Rogal happily took his twinkie shaped like a fist. Konrad was already biting into the straight baker's chocolate bat winged skull, he was the only one who liked straight baker's chocolate. Sanguinius beamed when he spotted his winged blood drop of white chocolate, very much the opposite end of the chocolate gradient. Ferrus' was cookies and creme shaped like a hand. Angron was playing with the jaws that held the jaw breaker he had received, the jaw breaker itself was in his mouth.
Roboute's was a blondie with his Ultrima in blue frosting, he hated chocolate and some of his brothers made fun of him for it. Mortarion was sucking on a green apple candy that was imprinted with the skull-in-a-circle that symbolized the Death Guard. Magnus was eating his strawberries and creme serpentine sun. Horus was still chuckling about the moonpie with a wolf head on it. Lorgar was enjoying his bag of taffies that were shaped to look like his burning book. Vulkan had received a bag of cinnamon flavored dragon gummies. Corvus got a dark chocolate peppermint raven. Alpharius had a large box of Nerds, he would give the other half to Omegon when they all returned home. The Emperor and Malcador were sharing an extra large bag of red, fish shaped gummies.
"Why did you trick us first, Malcador?" Lorgar asked, turning to the old man.
"First, it was your father's idea. Second, he says it was a tradition, as the last Sigilite I could not turn my back on that," Malcador said looking at the pope clad Primarch. The Primarchs either finished or set aside their sweets from Malcador, and turned in a semi-circle to face their father.
"Get him!" Horus called. The Primarchs all launched themselves at the Emperor, knocking him onto his back.
"Help me, Malcador!" the Emperor cried in mock dismay. Malcador smiled, and shook his head.
"I believe the old saying was, 'you made your bed, now lie in it,'" Malcador said. Konrad popped up at hearing that.
"Sounds to me like you are trying to escape punishment," Konrad said, he glanced at the Lion and Leman who were the closest to Malcador.
+He's ticklish, especially on his sides+ the Emperor told both the Lion and Leman. They looked at each other briefly and switched to Malcador. The Sigilite made a very undignified, high-pitched sound and went down with the two Primarchs tickling his sides. After a moment they all stopped and simply laid on the floor.
"Sometimes you are a hard man, my lord," Malcador said after catching his breath.
"Leman, could you poke Malcador for me? You are closer," the Emperor said, he was pinned by Vulkan and Horus. Malcador attempted to dodge Leman's fingers, only to get poked on the other side by the Lion's waiting finger. He squeaked again and everyone laughed.
"I think it is time we left Malcador for the night," the Emperor said once the laughter subsided. The Primarchs quickly rose, and gathered their belongings. The Emperor assisted Malcador off the floor, still grinning.
"Good night, Malcador," the Primarchs chorused. "Thank you for the sweets!"
"Good night Primarchs," Malcador said with a chuckle. "Good night, my lord."
"Good night, Malcador," the Emperor said as he herded the Primarchs out and back to their residence.



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