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Little Primarchs- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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There was only one thing that Malcador was completely sure of right at that moment, and it was that there was a large, possibly xenos, rat standing in the main room of his private chambers. The rat was wearing some form of simple robe, and held a short staff, rather like a walking stick. Malcador had a firm grasp on his staff of office, so he was not too concerned about his personal safety. It helped that the rat had done nothing threatening.
"I am looking for my four sons," the rat finally spoke. "Have you seen, or heard of them?"
"I have not seen any other creatures such as yourself. I can check with my lord to see if there has been word," Malcador said after a moment. He mostly just wanted the rat out of his rooms.
+My lord, there is a giant, possibly xenos, rat standing in my chambers asking about his four sons. Have you heard anything?+ Malcador asked, his confusion evident.
+If the rat in your chambers is related to the turtle standing in the Throneroom, then he is a mutant. Either way, bring him here+ came the response. Malcador raised an eyebrow and turned to the rat.
"I have been instructed to bring you to the Throneroom of my lord," Malcador said, motioning the rat to follow him. They proceeded down the corridors of the Palace, taking the most direct way to the Throneroom from Malcador's tower. They arrived within moments. The Custodians seemed in a bit of a disarray, though this didn't surprise Malcador.
"The mutant rat, my lord," Malcador said as they entered the room. There were four rather large, mutant turtles already present, they were being watched carefully by several Custodians. One of the turtles stepped up to Malcador, trying to loom over the old man.
"The rat has a name, Gramps," the turtle said in a threatening voice. He wore a red headband that had eye holes cut into it.
"Call me that again and I will get to try turtle soup," Malcador said simply, and walked past the nearly irate turtle. Angron might like that one Malcador thought to himself.
"Raphael, that was inappropriate," the rat said sharply. The red wearing turtle ducked his head and mumbled an apology.
"What are your names?" the Emperor asked, Malcador stood to one side of the Golden Throne where the Emperor sat. Constantin Valdor was standing to the other side, he didn't look convinced that the mutants weren't trouble.
"I am called Splinter," the rat began, he then gestured to the turtles. "These are my sons."
"I am Leonardo," said the one wearing a blue head band. He had been brought in by a group of Custodians who had been sent to the residential area of the Palace. The Primarchs had still been at Nova, the Emperor sent a servitor pilot to retrieve his sons.
"I am Donatello," said the one wearing purple. He was the one who had arrived in the Throneroom.
"I am Raphael," said the one who had insulted Malcador. He had appeared just outside of the Eternity Gate and had nearly engaged a group of Custodians stationed there.
"I am Michaelangelo," said the one who wore an orange band. He had been brought in with the one called Leonardo. He had been the reason for the Custodians being dispatched to the residential area. The kitchen servitor had began to transmit that there was an intruder there.
"I am the Emperor of Mankind, you may address me as 'my lord,'" the Emperor said once the mutants were finished.
"I am Malcador the Sigilite. You may call me Lord Malcador," Malcador said quietly.
"I am Constantin Valdor, Captain-General of the Legio Custodes. You may call me Valdor," Valdor said. As he finished, he turned his head away and seemed to be listening to something within his helmet. Donatello looked very interested, but stayed where he was.
"How did you come to be here?" the Emperor asked. He was curious about this, there had not been a turtle, or rat, on Terra in nearly three hundred years.
"We were trying to stop Shredder and Krang from opening a dimensional portal into Dimension X, lord," Leonardo stated.
"The apparatus exploded while we were all close to the portal, lord," Donatello explained.
"We need to find Shredder and Krang and stop them," Splinter added.
"Who are Shredder and Krang?" Malcador asked. Valdor still seemed distracted by a vox feed.
"The Shredder is Oroku Saki, my nemesis," Splinter started. "Once, we were simple creatures, four turtles and a rat. We were kept in a lab as experimentation subjects. Then Oroku Saki tried to push the scientist who used us to give him a new mutagen for human testing. The scientist refused and was killed as a result. In the fight the mutagen was splashed on myself and the turtles. We managed to escape and made our way to the sewers where we developed into what you see today. Knowing that we would need to defend ourselves I learned the arts of the ninja and taught them to my sons."
"Krang is a being from Dimension X," Donatello took up the story. "He basically looks like a brain with a face. He was separated from his actual body when he was overthrown as the warlord of Dimension X. He was banished to our dimension and works with Shredder to try and take over Earth."
"Malcador, can you begin searching for these Shredder and Krang?" the Emperor asked. Malcador nodded and departed from the Throneroom. Valdor turned back to the Emperor just then, he seemed a little off-put.
"What is it, Valdor?" the Emperor asked, picking up on Valdor's discomfort.
"It is your sons, my lord," Valdor said and then hesitated. "It seems that Freki and Geri ate something disagreeable with them. Lord Fulgrim mentions that they are 'leaking poop from their butts'."
"Has Leman gotten them outside?" the Emperor asked repressing a sigh. Valdor nodded after a moment.
"Lord Manus has accessed the visual records kept by the kitchen servitor, lord. He has determined that Freki and Geri ate a pepperoni stick after the two turtles were escorted out.
"I told you to put that back, Mikey!" Leonardo hissed to Michaelangelo.
"I tossed it back in, it must have bounced off the shelf and hit the floor," Michaelangelo said defensively. Valdor had made some adjustments so that the Primarchs could hear what was happening in the Throneroom.
"The servitor's visual records seem to corroborate that story, Father," Ferrus' voice came from the external emitters of Valdor's power armor.
"Tell Leman that Freki and Geri should be alright after they have finished voiding their bowels. They should remain outside until they are finished, everyone should help Leman clean up," the Emperor instructed.
"Even me, Father?" Fulgrim asked, he hated cleaning poop.
"Even you, Fulgrim," the Emperor said. Fulgrim groaned but cut the vox feed.
"Assign some quarters for our unexpected guests, Valdor," the Emperor said aloud. +Also assign two Custodians to remain with them at all times+
"As you will, my king," Valdor said, indicating his compliance with both requests. Valdor then escorted the five mutants out of the Throneroom.
The Emperor waited a moment and then headed away from the psychic wards of the Throneroom. As soon as he could, the Emperor teleported the rest of the way to the residential area. Arriving he saw that the Primarchs had finished cleaning the poop and were working on their homework. Leman was sitting by the armorglas door to the "backyard" as the Emperor called it. Freki and Geri were sitting on the other side of the door. The Primarchs all looked up as the Emperor arrived.
"Sorry about voxing you in the Throneroom, Father," Fulgrim said quickly. The Primarchs knew they were only supposed to vox the Throneroom if there was an urgent need.
"There is no need to apologize for, Fulgrim," the Emperor responded. He headed over to where Leman was sitting.
"Will you check out Freki and Geri, Allfather?" Leman asked, looking up pleadingly at his father. "I kept them outside until you returned to ensure that they are alright."
"That was a good idea, Leman," the Emperor said with a slight smile. He then slipped out the door and checked over Freki and Geri; he let them inside ahead of him. The two wolf pups wagged their tails and began licking Leman.
"What happened to the mutant turtles, Father?" Horus asked when he had finished his homework. The other Primarchs looked up, most of them were either finished, or almost finished with their homework.
"They are being held in another part of the Palace. It seems that there are two other beings, a human and a xenos, who are unaccounted for," the Emperor replied. He didn't want the Primarchs to be involved with the mutants, he wasn't sure how dangerous it was going to get.
"I thought there weren't any turtles left on Terra," Magnus said with a questioning look towards the Emperor.
"These mutant turtles, and the mutant rat with them, seem to be from a parrallel universe," the Emperor answered.
"So they aren't from our Terra, but a different one?" Magnus continued, curiosity in full swing now.
"Correct, Magnus," the Emperor said. "They still call their Terra Earth."
"That seems like they were also shifted in time," Roboute theorized.
"Indeed, Roboute," the Emperor replied.
"Can we see them, Father?" Horus asked, he was also very curious about the situation. The other Primarchs looked interested too.
"Alright," the Emperor said after a moment. He checked with Valdor to learn where the Custodians had the mutants. He could find no reason to keep the Primarchs away from the mutants, or at least not one the Primarcfhs would accept. He lead his sons to the rooms assigned to the mutants. The Custodians on guard stepped aside for the group. The Emperor knocked on the door as a courtesy. There was a "come in" from the other side.
"Greetings, lord," Splinter said with a bow. "Is there news already?"
"Not as yet, Splinter," the Emperor answered. "My sons wished to see you and your 'sons'." The turtles had been off to the side, and looked confused at the sheer number of Primarchs.
"I'm Leonardo, though you can call me Leo," Leonardo said as introduction. He wasn't sure if the Primarchs would be able to say "Leonardo".
"I'm Donatello, though most people call me Donny," Donatello said, his name tended to be harder for young children.
"I'm Raphael, or Raph works," Raphael grunted. Most people could say his name.
"I'm Michealangelo, usually called Mikey," Michealangelo said, waving. His name was the hardest for young children to say.
"I am Lion El'Jonson," the Lion said, starting the Primarchs introduction. "Leo was an ancient term for lion, so we nearly have the same name."
"Jaghatai Khan"
"Leman Russ, you are the one who caused Freki and Geri to have diarrhea earlier," Leman said, with a hard stare at Mikey.
" I'm Rogal Dorn, sometimes I'm compared to a turtle."
"Konrad Curze, Night Haunter"
"Ferrus Manus"
"Roboute Guilliman"
"Magnus the Red"
"Horus Lupercal"
"Lorgar Aurelian"
"Corvus Corax"
"I am Alpharius," Alpharius said, he never introduced himself any other way. Even his Alpha Legion used it instead of their actual names.
"Why do only some of you have last names?" Leo asked, confused.
"We were allowed to choose our names, both first and last," Horus said.
"Except for me, I picked Night Haunter and Father named me Konrad Curze because I wouldn't pick another name," Konrad said.
"Night Haunter sounds like someone Shredder would partner with," Raph said.
"Who is Shredder?" Konrad asked.
"He is a master of shadows, our biggest enemy," Leo explained.
"A master of shadows?" Corvus asked, intrigued.
"Yes, he has great skill in being undetected, using the shadows as cover," Leo answered.
"I doubt he's as good at it as I am," Corvus said. He used the term shadow masters to distinguish the Raven Guard marines who were also capable of the shadow walk.
"He's been doing this for a long time," Donatello said, unconvinced. Corvus looked at Donatello and then shadow walked.
"Where did he go?" Mikey asked.
"He's probably just standing there," Konrad said. "Hey, Lion! Where's Corvus?"
"Right next to you," the Lion said after a moment. The Lion could sense even hidden people, this included Corvus while shadow walking. It was how he could always find Konrad or Corvus in hide and seek. Corvus dropped out of the shadow walk, revealing that the Lion was correct.
"How did you do that?" Donatello asked curiously.
"I can remove myself from the conscious thoughts of those around me. Lion can always find me because he picks up things subconsciously," Corvus explained. The Lion nodded his agreement with his brother's explanation.
"I can also melt into the shadows, though I can't do what Corvus does," Konrad said. Donny decided not to challenge that.
"Sorry about what happened with your pets," Mikey said to Leman. That was the wrong way to phrase the apology, Leman rounded on the orange wearing turtle.
"Freki and Geri are my brothers, not pets," Leman said hotly.
"Sorry, I didn't know that," Mikey said.
"I guess you wouldn't know that," Leman said after a moment. "I guess I don't have to fight you over that."
"Good, I wouldn't've wanted to kick your butt, little man," Mikey said with a smile.
"Only Allfather can defeat me," Leman said in a solemn tone. The other Primarchs quickly realized that was a challenge and formed a semi-circle behind Leman. The other three turtles formed a loose circle behind Mikey.
"My son is likely to defeat your son, lord," Splinter said as he watched the two square off. Mikey had a clear size advantage on Leman.
"I doubt that, Splinter," the Emperor replied off-handedly. "Leman has only been defeated by one person not me, and that was Lion. Even Valdor has lost to Leman." As if to prove the Emperor's point, Mikey got flung out of the circle and across the room. There was a cheer from the Primarchs. The turtles all looked impressed.
"I stand corrected, lord," Splinter said. Mikey picked himself up off the floor and dusted himself off. The room wasn't dirty, but it was habit for the sewer dwelling mutants.
"Are we helping them find Shredder?" Corvus asked. He was always helping people who needed it. It was a point of pride for him to assist everyone he could. The Emperor nodded in reply.
"Malcador has already mobilized forces to hunt down and locate this Shredder, and his xenos companion called Krang," the Emperor elaborated. He then turned to Splinter, "Is there anything you can think of that may assist us in limiting our search? There are a lot of places two beings can hide on Terra."
"Oroku Saki is likely to head underground, find malcontents and then form them into the Foot Clan. He will then try to use terrorist tactics to gain power, lord," Splinter said.
"What of the mutagen that made you?" the Emperor asked. "Would he try to recreate that?"
"It is likely, lord. Oroku Saki feels that other mutants are the best way to combat the threat of my sons," Splinter answered. Leo nodded, bowing to the Emperor as he approached the two adults.
"What of the xenos? Will it be with Shredder?" the Emperor continued.
"It's most likely, lord," Leo said. "Krang helps Shredder make weapons and the mutagen. Shredder is supposed to help Krang in return for his assistance."
"Interesting," the Emperor said. He looked over to the Primarchs who were now spread among the other three turtles. Perturabo and Ferrus were both interested in Donny who was also into machines and robotics. There was a signal from the Emperor's vox bead, and he turned away to answer.
"What is it, Valdor?" the Emperor asked, already knowing who was calling.
"Katalon has escaped, my lord," Valdor said in a flat tone. A sure sign that he was very annoyed. Katalon was one of the leaders behind the abduction of the Primarchs that had occured several weeks ago.
"Secure the Palace, no one in or out without being checked by either a Custodian or a Silent Sister," the Emperor said quickly.
"I should also tell you that Shredder was spotted assisting Katalon in his escape," Valdor stated. The Emperor's expression darkened.
"What is it, lord?" Splinter asked as the Emperor turned back to his unexpected guests. The Primarchs fell quiet and looked to their father.
"A prisoner escaped. Shredder was involved," the Emperor said. "The Palace is now on lock down." The Primarchs glanced at each other, this meant they weren't going to Nova until after the lock down was lifted. To leave the Palace during a lock down would require either a Custodian or a Space Marine to be with the Primarchs.
"Which prisoner?" Horus asked after a moment. They knew it was someone very dangerous to cause a lock down.
"One of your abductors," the Emperor said quietly. More concerned glances were exchanged between the Primarchs. They definetly were not going to Nova until this prisoner was captured. Jaghatai especially seemed nervous.
"You guys got kidnapped?" Mikey asked into the silence. The Primarchs nodded silently. Magnus stepped closer to Jaghatai. Both Primarchs moved to be closer to the Emperor. He reached down and placed his hands gently on their shoulders. Jaghatai hugged the Emperor's leg.
"Was it all of you?" Donny asked, he seemed confused by the reactions from Jaghatai and Magnus.
"It was all of us," Mortarion said quietly.
"Jaghatai's leg was broken, and Magnus was continuously drugged," Sanguinius added. He stepped over towards his father, trying to be close to both of his brothers. His wings were tucked tight against his back.
"We are all safe here, Valdor won't let anything happen to us," Horus said. He seemed to be trying to convince himself as much as any of his brothers.
"Indeed, and Father is here," the Lion said. "Nothing will get to us here."
"Come, we should go, it is late," the Emperor said, carefully peeling Jaghatai from his leg. He then escorted his sons back to their residence. They went to bed after a quick dinner. The Emperor remained awake for half an hour after his sons went to bed. Malcador reported negative results from his agents. He was also aware of the escape of Katalon.
Not long after the Emperor went to bed himself, the door to his room opened. The door didn't open very far, and then shut again. Jaghatai slipped up onto the bed alongside the Emperor. He seemed afraid, and like he was trying to keep control of himself.
"What is it, Jaghatai?" the Emperor asked quietly, encouraging Jaghatai to settle in.
"I had a nightmare, Father," Jaghatai whispered. The Emperor felt moisture drop onto his hand. He pulled Jaghatai closer to him.
"There is no need to fear this dream," the Emperor stated gently. Jaghatai nodded into the Emperor's shoulder. All of the Primarchs had the potential for prophetic dreams. The Emperor somehow felt that this dream was not one of them. He felt that it was likely brought about by the escape of Katalon.
"I was being chased, but I was too slow to escape. They then caught me and broke both of my legs," Jaghatai said after a moment. The Emperor was now positive that this was not a prophetic dream. Jaghatai seemed to know that as well.
"It was just a normal dream, nothing dangerous," the Emperor replied. Jaghatai pressed himself up against the Emperor, seeming to get comfortable he drifted back off to sleep. The Emperor allowed Jaghatai to sleep with him. He hoped that it would help Jaghatai get over his fears. Overall, the Primarchs were not meant to feel fear, just like the Space Marines. However, the Primarchs were children, and that left them with some fears and quirks.
The next morning the Primarchs were unusually quiet. They went about morning routines in an almost wooden fashion. The Emperor was at a loss as to what to do with them. He had voxed Nova and indicated that the Primarchs would be missing several days of school. He also warned Master Kirraen that Katalon had escaped from prison. The principal thanked the Emperor and went to set security of Nova.
"What are we going to do, Father?" Horus asked when it was clear they weren't going anywhere.
"You should all stay here," the Emperor said after a moment. "Treat it like a vacation day from Nova." The Primarchs nodded, they had several things they could do on days off from Nova. The Emperor left to start his working day. After a while, the vox activated.
"Donny, stop messing with that, we don't know what it is," Leo's voice came over the open channel.
"I doubt they would allow us to have access to anything dangerous, Leo," Donny's voice responded.
"We can hear you guys," Corvus said, activating their end of the vox channel.
"It's a comms device?" Donny asked directly.
"Yes, we call it a vox network. You've activated an inter-residence channel," Ferrus said, standing next to Corvus.
"That's fascinating," Donny said. "What if I altered some of the settings?"
"I wouldn't do that, If you do it wrong you could get the direct line to the Throneroom. Father wouldn't appreciate that," Ferrus cautioned. "Also Valdor will be on to you pretty quickly."
"Alright, no tinkering then," Leo said. Donny let out an over-dramatic sigh.
"Are there any forms of sensors around that we could use?" Donny asked after a moment.
"Not that we can use. There are augers and auspex units throughout the Palace, but only the Custodians may use them," Ferrus responded. Alpharius had some limited augers and auspex in his secret lair, but he kept that information to himself.
"That's not good, Raph disappeared a few hours ago," Leo said.
"I doubt he's escaped from the Palace. The Custodians would have returned him," Corvus said. "He's probably lost though, the Palace is huge."
"That's what we're afraid of, that he'll end up lost and somewhere he isn't supposed to be," Leo said, anxiety causing his voice to rise.
"We can help you find him," the Lion said. "We have nothing else to do today. We know the Palace as well as the Custodians do."
"That's not a bad idea. We could split up into groups and hunt for him," Leo said thoughtfully.
"Twenty-two doesn't work well for small groups though," Horus said. "We could go as two groups of eleven, or have three groups of four and two groups of five."
"I will remain behind at the rooms assigned to us in case Raphael returns while you are looking for him," Splinter said.
"That works, we can have three groups of seven," Horus said quickly adjusting the numbers. "That keeps one turtle with each group of Primarchs."
"Yeah, that would probably work best," Leo said. "Who is going to who?"
"We will come to you," Horus said, the others were already prepared. Freki and Geri were standing next to Leman. The Primarchs went out and headed directly to where the turtles were. They knocked on the door leading into the chambers assigned to the mutants. Splinter opened the door and the Primarchs entered.
"How are we going to split up?" Roboute asked. Horus looked thoughtful for a moment.
"Lion, Perturabo, Sanguinius, Roboute, Mortarion, Corvus, and Leo. Fulgrim, Jaghatai, Leman, Ferrus, Angron, Lorgar, and Donny. Rogal, Konrad, Magnus, myself, Vulkan, Alpharius, and Mikey," Horus said after he had deliberated. The Primarchs nodded and split up into the stated groups. The turtles took a moment and then moved to the groups they had been assigned to.
"Did Raph leave anything that has his scent on it?" Leman asked. "Freki and Geri can track him by scent if they can get his specific scent."
"Sadly, Raph didn't leave anything. He didn't even leave a note," Leo said. He had liked the idea of using the wolves to track down Raph.
"It's alright, they can still be usefull," Leman said. He had confidence in his wolf brothers. They set out, each group heading in a different direction. The Primarchs had also brought hand vox units. This allowed the groups to stay in contact with each other.
"Any sign?" Leo asked, he seemed antsy. He has Jaghatai's patience Horus thought to himself.
"Not yet," came Fulgrim's answer.
"Nothing," Mikey said for Horus' group.
"Alright, keep looking," Leo ordered. Leo's group turned down a new corridor. There were several Sisters of Silence further down the hallway. Leo felt strange as they approached the women in power armor.
"Who are these ladies?" Leo asked the Lion quietly.
"They are Sisters of Silence. They have no prescence in the warp. That makes normal people feel strange around them," the Lion explained. "It's a bit worse for psykers like Magnus and Father. It messes with my ability to sense people, but not terribly."
"Greetings, Sisters," Sanguinius said, reaching the Silent Sisters first. One of the women looked down at Sanguinius and weaved her hands in an intricate pattern. Leo glanced at the Lion, silently asking for an explanation.
"The Silent Sisters take a vow to never speak, hence their name. They communicate through a complex sign language called Thoughtmark," the Lion explained. "She gave an appropriate greeting to Sanguinius."
"Have any of you seen the red wearing mutant turtle?" Sanguinius asked them. The Sisters exchanged a glance and then the one who had signed to Sanguinius before shook her head. Leo hung his head. He was beginning to fear that Raph had somehow escaped.
"Have you heard anything from the Ten Thousand?" Sanguinius asked, they had not seen any Custodians to ask. Another exchange, and then another shake of the leader's head.
"Thank you for your time, Sisters," Sanguinius said, saluting them with the sign of the aquila. The Sisters all returned the salute, a few of them gave shallow bows at the waist. The search party moved on.
"Wonder if the others are having any luck," Leo muttered to himself. He didn't realize that all of the Primarchs could hear him. None of them said anything as they continued down the hallway.
Freki gave a low growl, Leman put a hand on the wolf pup. He was looking down a small side corridor that was used mostly by human staff. Ferrus aimed the hand-held auspex unit down the hall. It came back with a faint return. Geri began down the hallway, Leman removed his hand from Freki who quickly caught up with Geri. Donny and the Primarchs with him followed the wolf pups.
"We might have something, Leo," Fulgrim voxed to Leo. They went down the hall, Donny was somewhat surprised at how long it was. He was also happy that it wasn't any narrower, Raph was broader than him. Mikey would never let Raph live it down if he got stuck while on reconniscance. It was bad enough that Raph had gotten lost.
They reached an intersection and the auspex indicated a stronger return straight ahead. The lumen strips needed to be replaced up ahead, leaving the end of the hallway in a deep gloom.
"Raph?" Donny asked, hoping his brother was in earshot. The ears on turtles were far less sensitve than the ears of humans. Sometimes he was annoyed that their mutation had not included the development of an outer ear. However, it was very helpful to not have outer ears when they needed to go underwater. Their hearing was less effected by water than that of Splinter or April.
"Donny?" Raph's voice was hesitant, as if he wasn't sure who's voice he was hearing. Donny could barely hear him, so it made sense to him. Raph carefully turned towards them in the narrow hallway. He looked a bit surprised that there were six Primarchs with Donny, and then relieved.
"I'm happy it's you guys who found me, and not Mikey," Raph said. The Primarchs chuckled at that. "How did you guys get involved?"
"Donny activated the vox network on an inter-residence frequency," Ferrus answered.
"I was trying to find a scanner," Donny said. "Apparently only the Custodians are allowed to use the scanners though."
"We offered to help find you," Leman said. Freki and Geri had approached Raph and were sniffing the mutant's feet. Raph looked down at them.
"Those are Freki and Geri. Freki's the white one," Leman said by way of introduction. Freki and Geri were nearly identical, save that Freki was white. "They are my wolf brothers."
"They don't want to eat me do they?" Raph asked. Leman shook his head, and then called the wolves over to him.
"We found Raph, Leo," Fulgrim said over the vox.
"That's great," Leo said, he sounded quite relieved. The Primarchs with Leo all turned and headed back the way that they had come. As the approached the Sisters of Silence again, the leader stepped into their path. She made some signs to Sanguinius who approached them.
"One of the other groups found the one we were looking for," Sanguinius answered the signed question. The Sister nodded and then stepped aside. The group then proceeded quickly back to the chambers where Splinter was waiting. The three groups met up again in front of the doors. They then all headed back inside.
"We found him, Sensei," Leo said to Splinter as they entered. Raph ducked his head as they approached the rat sitting on the floor. The turtles all recognized that Splinter was meditating. The Primarchs picked up on it quickly. They all knew some meditation techniques themselves. They moved to head out of the room, when the vox unit on the wall chimed. Splinter opened his eyes. and moved to the wall.
"There is news, my lord?" Splinter asked after Donny opened the vox channel.
"Yes, we have located a possible location for Shredder and Krang," Malcador answered. "I am sending in agents now."
"That is excellent, my lord. I hope your men will be careful, Oroku Saki is not easily surprised," Splinter said. Malcador cut the vox channel and left the room quiet.
"Malcador has well-trained men," Horus said after a moment. The other Primarchs nodded their agreement with Horus.
"They aren't known for recklessness," Angron said. He found he could respect Malcador's agents for their training if nothing else.
"Indeed, but Oroku Saki is not a normal opponent for them," Splinter stated. He did seem that he wasn't convinced of Malcador's men.
"Also, if they've made mutants, it could be too much for Lord Malcador's men," Leo said, sharing Splinter's grim view of the situation.
"Have faith, Malcador trains his agents hard," Lorgar said with confidence. The Primarchs all thought highly of Malcador's agents. There was silence for a few moments when the vox unit activated again.
"Was Oroku Saki there, lord?" Splinter asked as soon as the channel was opened.
"No, but he had been," Malcador said. "We found signs of experimentation, along with a few failures."
"They are trying already to make mutants, that's not good," Leo said. Splinter nodded his head in agreement.
"Any idea of when they were there, lord?" Donny asked Malcador.
"We are still determining the specifics, but the bodies are several hours old," Malcador said. "We are on the trail, but they are well ahead of us. Though this isn't a total loss."
"How so?" Mortarion asked.
"We now know what they are looking for in a lair. This helps us to narrow the parameters of the search," Malcador replied. He didn't seem surprised that Mortarion was with the turtles. The Sigilite smiled to himself.
+I win, it isn't even lunch time+ Malcador said to the Emperor. They had made a small bet as to how long it would take for the Primarchs to go to the turtles.
+Indeed you do+ the Emperor replied. Malcador winning the bet meant that the Sigilite was off babysitting duty for the next thirty days. Valdor would not be pleased with the result of the bet. Especially since it meant that he would have to cover any days that Malcador would have babysat. If the Primarchs had waited until lunch, the Emperor would have won.
The rest of the day turned up empty on the search for Shredder and Krang. Malcador was quick to point out that that was nearly as good of a result as finding the targets, pointing out that they had eliminated several potential locations, thus limiting the search further.
They found more evidence of Shredder the next day. It was another abandoned laboratory, this one more recent than the lab from the previous day. There were more bodies of failed of attempts at mutants, but these were quite fresh. Everyone was interested, but there was nothing for the mutants and Primarchs to do but wait. it was grating on Jaghatai, Angron, and Raph.
"We need to find them," Raph said at one point, heading toward the door.
"There's no point in going out there," Jaghatai said. "No one can leave the Palace without a writ from Father or Malcador."
"Besides, you got lost last time you wandered around by yourself," Leo said. The situation was wearing on him as well. Raph glared at Leo, but said nothing.
"We also need to work on a way home," Donny said later. He had been growing more concerned about that.
"If you can provide the STC, the Mechanicum can build you just about anything," Ferrus said. He had been the first Primarch to start liking the Mechanicum after Centus Quintae. The others had slowly come back around to it as well, though Angron only did after the Emperor had formally pardoned the group responsible for the crash.
"What's an STC?" Donny asked.
"Standard Template Construct," Ferrus replied. "They are caches of information from before Old Night. They contain information on how to construct various technological things."
"Interesting. I can give specifics on a dimensional portal, hopefully that's enough," Donny said.
"Probably, Father can also help," Ferrus said. "The Mechanicum considers Father to be their Machine-God, the Omnissiah."
"A Machine-God?" Donny asked, confused.
"Yeah, the Mechanicum claims that the Omnisiah provides knowledge of technology," Ferrus explained. "He also provides the machine-spirits found in all pieces of technology. The machine-spirits help keep the technology they are bonded to working."
"That sounds a little far-fetched," Donny said after a moment.
"The part about the machine-spirits is true. Though the Machine-God part is harder to accept," Ferrus admitted. He was very familiar with the machine-spirits of a lot of things. He also knew the process that bound a machine-spirit to a machine. Perturabo knew it as well. Donny didn't look to convinced on any of what Ferrus had said. However, he did move over and start to write down the specifics of a dimensional portal that should hopefully allow the turtles and Splinter to return to where they were supposed to be.
The day passed to evening before more news was received. This time it was that Shredder, Krang, and Katalon had been located. There was a slight issue though. The location was only accessable by human normals. The Custodians could not go, and Malcador's agents were limited to those without full power armor. There were also a large number of mutants that would complicate things. The turtles could fit, but they would be almost completely alone in there.
"We could go with them, Father," Horus said. The Primarchs all had full suits of power armor that fit over their smaller, child frames. It was possible that they could slip through and help fight the mutants.
"No, you guys should stay here, where it's safe," Leo said, trying to shut the idea down.
"Horus has a point though," the Lion said. "We are more likely to fit, even in our power armor, you need our help if you want to defeat Shredder and Krang with all the mutants and humans they have in there."
"It's too dangerous, we have experience," Leo said sternly.
"We have experience as well," Leman said. "Mikey can attest to that."
"The decision lies with Father," Sanguinius said. "You cannot order us to stay behind, Leo."
"Indeed, the decision is mine," the Emperor said. "While I don't like it, but Lion makes a valid point. The numbers are against you, Malcador's agents are limited by the access point to the site. Prepare for battle, my sons."
The Primarchs all quickly went to back to their residence and activated their arming servos. The turtles had followed the Primarchs and waited in the living room. Ten minutes later the Primarchs stepped out of their rooms and assembled by the door to the Thunderhawk landing pad. Vulkan was the notable exception.
"Where's Vulkan?" Leo asked. Just then, the black Primarch entered and took his place in the line up. The smell of burnt skin came with him.
"What smells like burnt skin?" Mikey asked, holding his nose.
"Me," Vulkan said. He seared oaths of moment into his flesh before battle. When he was with his Salamanders he had a specific person who did the brands for him. The others had written oaths of moment affixed to their armor at various points.
"Are you all ready?" the Emperor asked, he was taking them to the insertion point, and would wait for their return. The Primarchs all nodded, as did the turtles. Everyone crowded aboard the Thunderhawk. They reached the insertion point and were dropped off by the Emperor. They quickly followed the directions given to them by Malcador's men to the location where Shredder and Krang were.
The Lion took point, along with Freki and Geri. Leo had been surprised when no one commented on the inclusion of the two wolves. They wore no armor themselves, but scouted just ahead of the Lion. Suddenly the wolves stopped, and began to growl. The Lion stopped in the same instant, the party stumbled to an abrupt halt behind him. Corvus and Konrad both vanished.
"What is it?" Raph asked, he was annoyed by the hold up.
"There are three mutants in front of us," the Lion whispered. "They aren't aware of us yet."
"Corvus and Konrad have vanished," Donny said, checking around him.
"Yeah, they have moved ahead to deal with the mutants," the Lion said. There was the sound of a brief scuffle, and then silence. The wolves stopped growling and the Lion moved on ahead. They approached the location of the three mutants to find all three of them dead. Konrad and Corvus fell back in with the group as they passed through the intersection the mutants were guarding.
"You didn't have to kill them," Leo said sternly.
"Their deaths assured that we have the element of surprise," Corvus said. "Besides, it also means that they can't wake and outflank us while we are engaged."
Leo didn't have an argument for that, so he kept quiet. He still felt that it was wrong to kill without need and hoped he could save the lives of some of the mutants and humans they were sure to encounter. Splinter had instilled a desire to preserve life in all of his sons. It also unnerved him a bit at how easily the two Primarchs had taken out three mutants.
Twenty meters further on, the Lion stopped the party again. The sound of muffled speech reached the ears of the turtles. The Primarchs could clearly hear Katalon and Shredder having an argument.
"I don't care what your private goals are, 'Shredder', I won't help you further if you do not help me get my son back," Katalon was saying.
"That's Thanalin's father's voice, I heard his name is Katalon," Angron said with a note of surprise, the Primarchs had not been told that any of their abductors had been identified. Alpharius nodded his agreement, an odd look passed across his face.
"You will do what I say if you even want a chance of getting your son back, you fool!" Shredder snapped. The Primarchs and turtles slipped forward as silently as they could, using the sound of the argument to cover their approach. There was a pause in the argument as Krang told them both to stop whining. Raph leapt into the chamber during the moment of quiet.
"I have you now Shredder," Raph said, launching himself at the helmeted human. Shredder managed to dodge at the last moment. Raph was then swarmmed by mutants loyal to Shredder. The others quickly charged into the room as well. Konrad snuck around the room, killing the mutants on the outside edge of the room. Corvus vanished and then basically went on a killing spree throughout the room. Leman howled, Freki and Geri leapt at attackers as they came within range. Mikey yelled "Cowabunga" as he charged into the room.
The Lion moved about in a spiral, blocking and attacking as he was able. Manovering, he began to spiral back outwards, killing waves of mutants that hurled themselves at him. Magnus engaged Krang, shifting so that he was the same size as Krang's robotic body. The others were spread throughout the room. Sanguinius was in the air, the chamber being much taller than the entrance. Konrad and Corvus, now visible, ended up before Shredder. Konrad had been shooting mutants with his bolt pistol. Corvus was using his power whip to trip and injure other mutants. Shredder flashed his clawed gauntlents at the two Primarchs.
"I am your opponent now," he snarled at them. Konrad and Corvus exchanged a glance and then turned to face Shredder. Konrad mag-locked his bolt pistol to his leg, Corvus twitched his power whip in such a way that it wrapped about him, mag-locking the handle to his side. Konrad flexed his finger claws, feeding power to them. Corvus also fed power to his lightening claws called the Raven's Talons.
"Ours are better," Konrad said with a leering grin. He then launched himself low to Shredder, just as Corvus activated his flight pack and went for Shredder's head. Shredder barely managed to block the simultaineous attacks. Electricity from the lightening claws washed over him and nearly rendered him unconscious. Fighting through the pain, he sent Corvus spiraling away, and kicked Konrad savagely. Neither Primarch was actually injured by this, Corvus recovering quickly and rose in the air. He then deactivated his lightening claws and cut the power to his flight pack. This caused him to drop hard and slam into Shredder from behind. This sent Shredder sprawling, Corvus activated his jump pack to prevent getting dragged down by the thinned crowd of mutants.
Angron had gone for Katalon as soon as he was able. He clashed savagely with the man who had both struck his father, and abducted him and his brothers. There was no honor to be found in this man. He deserved a swift death so he couldn't escape again.
"You scum," Angron managed as he punched Katalon hard in the face, nearly dislocating the father's jaw, just as he had the son's. Katalon tried to resist, but Angron had him pinned, the blows didn't stop until Donny dragged Angron off.
"Let go!" Angron shouted, struggling against the turtle. Donny refused to let go though.
"Let Lord Malcador's justice take care of him," Donny said, trying to calm Angron down.
"He escaped from Malcador's prison. He struck Father once, he has no honor. He deserves death and I will give him what he deserves!" Angron shrieked. Donny still refused to let him go.
"That's not what your father would want," Donny said, trying to change tacts.
"Father wants him dead too, he abducted us. Death is his only future, it was just delayed until Malcador was finished wringing information out of him," Angron said, he had stopped fighting Donny. Donny kept up his grip, suspecting a ruse. Then Konrad approached Katalon.
"Let me go, and I will give that honorless toad a quick death," Angron said. "You don't want to know what Konrad will do with him." Donny kept his grip on Angron, refusing to let go. Konrad saw that Katalon was still breathing, and quickly brought out a knife from under his cloak. He had a demented look in his eyes.
"Last chance, if you let me go now, I can still beat Konrad to the finish," Angron said. He didn't really care, but he knew that Katalon would suffer a slow death at Konrad's hands. Donny remained still, the mutants had either been killed, or surrendered. Those that had surrendered were being bound by other Primarchs. Even Krang had been defeated by Magnus, his robotic body a ruined mess. Shredder was being held by Raph. Konrad slipped up next to Katalon, who screwed his eyes shut.
"We can't have that now, you need to face your punishment with your eyes open," Konrad said in a smooth whisper. He then calmly removed Katalon's eyelids as the man screamed.
"Stop, Konrad!" Leo yelled, disgusted by what Konrad had done so callously. Konrad ignored the turtle. and tossed aside the removed eyelids, and cut out Katalon's tongue. The other Primarchs turned away.
"Only Father can stop him now," Horus said to Leo. "I wouldn't waste your breath. Angron was also right, the man was slated for death anyway, Malcador was just getting information from him."
"This is still wrong," Leo said, as he stepped towards Konrad. The Lion stepped in his way.
"Horus is right, only Father can stop him at this point. Trying to stop him will only make you next," the Lion said firmly. "There's nothing you can do for that man, he was dead the moment he left the cell he was in."
Raph stepped forward next, only to be blocked by Leman with Freki and Geri. Leman merely shook his head. The Primarchs then formed a wall facing the turtles, keeping them from Konrad as he continued to kill Katalon slowly.
"What does the Emperor say about this?" Leo said in desperation.
+Father, Konrad is killing Katalon, his way. Leonardo is very upset by it. He doesn't think you would approve+ Magnus said to the Emperor.
+Angron was able to identify Katalon? I'm surprised he isn't the one killing Katalon+ the Emperor replied.
+Donatello pulled Angron off of Katalon, Angron tried to escape. He even asked to be let go to end Katalon's misery+ Magnus said simply. +Konrad got to Katalon before Angron got away from Donatello.+
+I will not get in the way of Konrad killing Katalon+ the Emperor said. +If the turtles intervened, then they brought it upon him.+
+Shall I tell Leonardo this?+ Magnus asked.
"Father says that by intervening in Angron's killing of Katalon, you brought Konrad's killing upon Katalon. He will not intervene," Magnus said aloud. Leo looked shocked, even Raph looked surprised. Donny looked at his feet, he felt guilty. Sanguinius approached him.
"Don't take his death on your conscious," Sanguinius said, just barely loud enough to be heard over the screams. Konrad liked the screams, so he severed the vocal cords last, if the person survived long enough.
"But, if I hadn't pulled Angron off, or if I had let him go when he asked, this guy wouldn't suffering now," Donny said sadly.
"His death was assured anyway. Even if he surrendered and been brought back to the surface, he would likely have been killed by Father before anyone even knew what had happened," Sanguinius said. "No one gets to escape from prison twice on Terra."
"I will be happy when we can go home," Donny said. "I'm not cut out for this dimension."
"It's not always this bad," Sanguinius said. "However, I can see why you don't like it here." Suddenly the screams stopped, Katalon had finally died. The Primarchs were well aware that Konrad had not gotten to the point of severing the vocal cords.
"Alright, we can go," Konrad said after cleaning his knife on Katalon's clothing. The turtles took over the prisoners and the Primarchs lead everyone back to the surface. Donny was carrying Krang who had to leave his robotic body behind. Magnus seemed pretty proud of himself for how well he had done against Krang. The Emperor met them at the landing site, Valdor had arrived while the Primarchs and turtles were below. The prisoners went into the Custodian flyer that Valdor had brought. The turtles and Primarchs boarded the Thunderhawk.
"It is over then," Leo said after a moment. He still seemed shocked by what Konrad had done.
"Indeed, now you just need to be returned to where you belong," the Emperor said. "The Mechanicum has begun to construct your portal design, Donatello." Donny nodded absently towards the Emperor.
"I tried to tell you," Angron said quietly after a moment. Raph exploded at that point. He glared at both Angron and Konrad.
"You shouldn't have been trying to kill anyone," Raph nearly shouted. Angron glared back.
"He was slated for death, I just made him suffer for his crimes in life," Konrad stated. He didn't sound angry, but he wasn't upset by what he had done either. Konrad was devoted to justice, and felt that he gave it out in his punishments.
"Killing people is wrong though," Raph continued, anger rising.
"Killing people is necessary to save the larger number of people," Konrad said. "We don't know how far Katalon would have gone to try and get Thanalin back, or how many innocent people he would have been willing to risk in the process."
"Thanalin?" Mikey asked, cocking his head to the side.
"Katalon's son, he went to school with us for a time," Konrad explained. "He made Alpharius cry and Angron beat him up."
"Katalon hit Father when we were in the principal's office," Angron inserted. "So this isn't the first time he has gotten away from justice."
"He was released after a holding period," the Emperor said. "It was determined that he was unable to catch himself when I revealed myself."
"What?" Leo and Angron asked, shocked.
"We keep the fact that the Primarchs are my sons as quiet as possible," the Emperor began. "When I have to come to the school for some reason I hide my true nature so as not to be so intimidating. Katalon had explosive anger issues and tried to strike me as I revealed myself. Since he had already begun the action, he was unable to halt his actions with his normal human reflexes."
"That makes sense," Angron said. "It did seem like he realized his mistake as soon as it happened." The Emperor nodded as they approached the Imperial Palace. The lock down was being lifted as news of Katalon's death spread throughout the precincts.
"What happened to Thanalin?" Leo asked after a moment.
"I took him as a Night Lord," Konrad said. "He is becoming one of my Space Marines."
"How does that work?" Donny asked.
"He went through many trials and was determined fit to receive the gene-seed organs made from my genetic material," Konrad explained. "The organs are implanted into him and enhance his body and mind. It makes him like a bridge between a normal human and me."
"What about organ rejection?" Donny asked.
"We create the organs specifically for each Space Marine, but it is part of why they have to be so rigorously tested before implantation," Ferrus answered. "Also, the normal body is enhanced in other ways, such as increased growth."
The Emperor landed the Thunderhawk and the troop ramp lowered. The Primarchs and turtles got off, the Primarchs quickly headed to their rooms to have their armor removed. Splinter was waiting for the turtles in the main residence. The unarmored Primarchs quickly returned carrying the various weapons that they had used. Setting them in places around the room, they trotted out and then returned with armfuls of cleaning supplies. Pooling the supplies where everyone could reach, they set about cleaning their weapons. The Emperor sat among his sons, assuring that they had come through the fight without issues.
"What will happen to the mutants who surrendered, lord?" Leo asked as he cleaned his own swords. The Primarchs had offered their cleaning supplies to the turtles.
"We will first try to counteract the mutagen and return them to normal," the Emperor said. He already had the Mechanicum working on it. "If that is unsuccessful their mutations will be assessed and they will be assigned new positions to match their mutations."
Leo nodded thoughtfully at that. He still felt off about how easily killing the mutants had come to the Primarchs. Splinter caught on to Leo's unease.
"Sometimes killing is the only way," Splinter said quietly to Leo. All of the turtles heard and nodded their heads. "It may feel wrong, but can be necessary."
"Indeed," the Emperor said. "The important thing to know is when it is necessary and when it is not."
"We kill in battle because if we do not, we risk our own death," Horus said. "That is the reality of war, you cannot expect your enemy to show mercy and not kill you."
"We kill to protect ourselves or others," Leman said.
Alpharius nodded his agreement,"If the death of one saves the lives of fifty, that is a fair trade to make."
"Sometimes we kill to grant mercy," Roboute said. "When someone is too injured to be healed."
"It can allow a warrior to die with honor," Angron said. "Some would rather die wholy in battle than be interred in a Dreadnought."
"Dreadnought?" Donny asked, intruiged despite himself.
"They are sort of like armored coffins," Perturabo explained. "When a Space Marine or Custodian is greviously injured and cannot be rehabilitated, they can be placed within a Dreadnought. The armor keeps them alive unless the sarcophagus is damaged."
"it's the closest to a machine that anyone outside of the Mechanicum can get," Ferrus said. He liked Dreadnoughts for that reason.
"I have a question for you, Mikey," Magnus said after a moment. Mikey looked to the red Primarch with a smile. "What does 'cowabunga' mean?"
"It doesn't really mean anything," Mikey said, surprised. No one had asked about the word before. "It's something that I use like a battle cry."
"It works well against new enemies," Corvus said. "It causes confusion which is always helpful."
"What are the claw weapons you and Konrad used on Shredder?" Raph asked, he thought they had looked awesome.
"Those are twin lightening claws," Corvus said. "There are four claws in each glove, we can feed power to them that creates an energy field around them."
"Mine are a finger mounted version, so I have five," Konrad said. "They are designed as close combat weapons, so we still need to be able to use ranged weapons."
The Primarchs finished cleaning their weapons and put them away. Dinner was waiting for them when they returned. They ate in the living room as it was the only room with enough room for all of them. The turtles were as hungry as the Primarchs. Then it was time for the turtles and Splinter to return to their rooms.
"I have one more question, lord," Leo said. "If Katalon had not died today, what would have happened to him?"
"He would have been turned into a servitor at best. A servitor is a brain dead half-machine, like the one in the kitchen. At worst, Katalon would have been executed," the Emperor answered. Leo bowed and rejoined his brothers.
The Mechanicum pulled through and the portal was done by the next day. The turtles and Splinter gathered close to the mechanism. The Primarchs were all lined up to one side in order to say goodbyes.
"If something ever happens and you end up in New York, drop by the sewers and we'll host you guys," Mikey said. "We can try and send pizza through to you before the portal collapses."
"What is pizza?" Magnus and Leman asked at nearly the same moment. Vulkan also looked interested.
"It's only the best food ever," Mikey said, that promptly got him hit by Splinter's walking stick.
"Michaelangelo, it is time to leave," Splinter said, indicating the active portal. "If you want to try and send pizza back through, we need to be swift."
"Right, Sensei," Mikey said and waved to the Primarchs. The turtles and Splinter headed through the dimensional gateway, carrying Shredder and Krang with them. A moment later a flat, square box was pushed back through with the briefest flash of a green hand. Then the portal collapsed and the mechanism shut down.
Vulkan made it to the box first, lifting it carefully. He found it to be warm, but not overly so. He took it over to the Emperor. "What is this, Father?"
"It's a pizza box," the Emperor replied, taking the box from the tallest Primarch. He then flipped open the lid, it was a pineapple pizza. There was also pepproni on it. The Emperor smiled. Somehow, this would cause a fight between his sons. He led them back to the residence while the Mechanicum began dismanteling the device that had sent the mutants back to their dimension.



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