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Little Primarchs- Body Swapping

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The Imperator Somnium shook slightly with the most recent blast from the Dark Eldar voidship. They had been forced out of the warp due to the threat of the Dark Eldar. It was unusual to see Dark Eldar in the void, they tended to stick to the Webway. It was suspected that the Dark Eldar wanted the Eldar relic that was aboard the Imperator Somnium. The Emperor was taking it to a craftworld to trade it for the original Voyager probe sent from Earth back in M2.
"The void shields are holding, but damaged, lord," a crewwoman said on the bridge of the Imperator Somnium. The Emperor nodded seemingly absently, his gaze was focused on the tactical feed from the hololith display in front of him.
"Broadsides are ready, lord" said another crewman. He received a nod as well, the Emperor tapped a few coordinates and then signalled the broadsides to fire.
"Why would the Dark Eldar want this box thing?" Mortarion asked, gesturing to the box on a pedistal off to one side of the room. The Primarchs had all been looking at the Eldar artefact. They had become stuck in the room with it when the Imperator Somnium went to battlestations.
"They probably believe that they have just as much right to it as the craftworld that's getting it," Magnus said. It made sense at the very least. The Primarchs new a bit about the Dark Eldar, but not much. None of them were sure what the artefact did either, but they hadn't asked about it.
Then there was a strange energy pulse that caused the lumens in the room to flare brightly. The Primarchs all covered their eyes, and then it was gone.
"What was that?" Angron asked, looking around. Something about his tone was more like Jaghatai than Angron. "Why do I sound like Angron?"
"Because you are Angron," said Ferrus, far more like Fulgrim. Ferrus then gazed at his hands with surprise. "Why are my hands like Ferrus's!?"
"Fulgrim?" Fulgrim asked, sounding more like Ferrus. Ferrus turned to Fulgrim, mouth still agape.
"Why do I have HAIR!?!" Jaghatai shouted, very much like Angron.
"What the Hel?" Magnus said, that got everyone's attention. Only Leman used that word.
"I think we have learned what that artefact does," Leman said. "I'm Magnus, but I'm in Leman's body."
"Alright, everyone say who they are," Corvus said, sounding like Horus. Everyone nodded.
"I'm Lion," Konrad said.
"I'm Fulgrim," Ferrus said.
"I'm Perturabo," Rogal said.
"I'm Jaghatai," said Angron.
"I'm Leman," Magnus said.
"I'm Rogal," Perturabo said.
"Konrad," the Lion said.
"I'm Mortarion," Sanguinius said. He hadn't attempted to move at all since the energy pulse.
"I'm Ferrus," Fulgrim said. He seemed to be having issues keeping his hair out of his face.
"I'm Angron," Jaghatai said.
"I'm Roboute," Lorgar said.
"I'm Sanguinius," Mortarion said. He also hadn't attempted to move.
"I'm Magnus," Leman said. Magnus was happy that Freki and Geri were in Leman's quarters.
"I'm Horus," Corvus said.
"I'm Lorgar," Roboute said.
"I'm Vulkan," Alpharius said.
"I'm Corvus," Horus said.
"I am Alpharius," Vulkan said. It was almost weirder to hear that line from Vulkan than it was to hear Alpharius say he was Vulkan.
"What are we going to do?" Mortarion asked. He looked very much like he was about to fall over. Sanguinius took a very hesitant step forward, surprised that he didn't fall over himself.
"How do you balance without wings, Mortarion?" Sanguinius asked, holding his arms out from his sides.
"How do you balance with them?" Mortarion shot back. The sounds of battle had fallen away. Before Mortarion could attempt walking in Sanguinius's body, the door to the holding room opened and the Emperor entered.
"Father!" Horus called out, forgetting that he was in Corvus's body, he trotted up and hugged the Emperor's leg. The bemused Emperor placed a hand on his son's shoulder, believing he was dealing with Corvus.
"What is it Corvus?" the Emperor asked. "You usually are not into the hugging thing."
"I'm Horus, Father," Horus said. "There was some form of energy surge and we are all in different bodies. Corvus is in my body."
"That explains why the Eldar want it back," the Emperor said, already working on how to get his son's minds back into their correct bodies. Magnus approached in Leman's body.
"How do we reverse the effect, Father?" Magnus asked. "I'm Magnus."
"I am not sure how to reverse the effect, Magnus," the Emperor replied. "However, I will get the Mechanicum with us to work on it."
"How do I walk with these things on my back?" Mortarion asked. He still wasn't sure if he was about to fall over if he lifted a foot off the floor. "It's Mortarion."
"It's not that hard, Mortarion," Sanguinius said, clearly indicating where he was. "Think of them like a cape, they are just attatched to you in a strange way."
"Sanguinius has a good point Mortarion," the Emperor said. "It's how I taught him to walk when his wings first grew in." Mortarion nodded and took a few hesitant steps, then began to walk in a more normal fashion. The Emperor left the Primarchs in the room and summoned the Mechanicum on board. The tech-priests began to study the energy readings they had from recording devices in the holding room.
"I believe we can duplicate the energy source, Holy One," the magos of the group stated after forty-five minutes of research.
"Do it then," the Emperor said. He stepped inside briefly to tell the Primarchs that they were going to attempt to activate the device. The Primarchs quickly moved to where they had been standing when the device originally activated.
"We are ready, Great One," the magos said again after twenty minutes of set up. The Emperor nodded, "Are you all ready?" He asked to the Primarchs in the room. He received nods from the Primarchs, and a thumbs up from Leman in Magnus's body. The Emperor signalled to the magos to activate the device. There was another flare of bright light, and then it was gone.
"Did it work?" Corvus asked, then answered his own question. "No, I'm Lion, but this is Corvus's body."
"WHY CAN I ONLY SEE WITH ONE EYE!!!!!!????????" Magnus screeched, indicating where Angron had ended up. The edges of Magnus's body began to fray.
"Angron! You need to get in control of yourself," Fulgrim said, though it was Magnus talking.
"WHAT DO YOU MEAN!?!" Angron yelled, causing his borrowed form to fray further.
"My body is more like Father's than yours," Magnus said, pausing a moment to flip Fulgrim's hair from his face. "It's more like a shell that my psychic essence lives in, it needs control to maintain. Your uncontrolled rage is causing my body to break down. That means your essence will spill out and we could all get infected with your anger."
"I normally would like to be infected, but not by Angron's anger," Mortarion said from Konrad's mouth.
"I didn't know you had a bionic foot, Perturabo," Sanguinius said, tapping the foot to indicate which one.
"Yeah, I figured that Ferrus couldn't be the only one with metal somewhere obvious," Perturabo said, he was staring at Ferrus's hands. "Though this necrodermis stuff is a lot cooler than my foot."
Angron was working hard on controlling his anger, Magnus's face was screwed up in concentration. However, the edges of Magnus's body were beginning to solidify again.
"Hey, I'm doing it!" Angron said after a moment, he could feel his borrowed body re-solidifying. Magnus smiled with Fulgrim's face.
"What conditioner do you use, Lion?" Fulgrim said, he was stroking the Lion's hair.
"I steal yours," the Lion said with a chuckle. Fulgrim scowled at him, "No you don't."
"True, I don't. Though now I see why everyone admits to lying when I scowl at them," the Lion said. "I use conditioner that's made from a plant on Caliban."
"Can I borrow some when we get out of this mess?" Fulgrim asked. "It makes your hair amazingly soft. No wonder all the girls at Nova want to play with your hair."
"Sure," the Lion said with a smile. "You need to smile more, Corvus. This makes your face hurt."
"I can try, but not in this body," Corvus answered. He was in Angron's body. "I don't think Angron's face has the muscles to smile."
"I can so smile in my own body," Angron said. Just then the flare of light returned as the magos tried again.
"Did it work this time?" the Emperor asked into the room.
"No," said Leman. "I'm Horus."
"Can I try flying, Sanguinius?" Corvus said, he was already working on controlling Sanguinius's wings.
"I would suggest against it," Sanguinius said, he was getting better at walking in bodies without wings. However, Vulkan's large frame was giving him problems. Corvus pouted, but kept his feet on the floor.
"Who's in my body?" Magnus asked from Alpharius's body. "It's Magnus."
"Lion," said the Lion.
"Good, the worst we can get is secretiveness," Magnus said.
"Very funny, Magnus," the Lion said sarcastically.
"Why do so many of you like hair?" Angron said, he was in Fulgrim's body. The magos made another quick calculation and tried again.
"Hey! That one worked! I'm back in my own body!" Horus cried when the light had faded away.
"Yeah, I'm back in mine as well," Magnus said.
"Now I can understand why you seem to have a stick up your butt sometimes, Magnus" Angron said. "That was a little scary feeling your body slip away from me."
"Yeah, it's a big part of why I'm happy you have the anger issues," Magnus said with a smile to remove the sting from his words.
"Who was in my body last?" Corvus asked. "I think you stretched my face out."
"I was," Vulkan said. He had spent his brief time in Corvus's body smiling at everyone. "There are people at school who believe that you are incapable of smiling."
"See, definitly need to smile more often," the Lion said. He was picking apart a partial braid that someone (he suspected Leman) had left in his hair. Outside the room the Emperor sighed with relief. He was beginning to worry that he was going to have to go the rest of the way to the craftworld getting everyone's names wrong. The Primarchs quickly came out of the room. Several of them cast wary glances at the artefact as they departed.
"Oh, hey, Lion, did you know you have something wrong with your throat?" Mortarion asked, looking to the Lion with an excited expression on his face.
"Yeah, I think I picked up a cold from Naydeea last week," the Lion said. He had been keeping it a secret, because he wasn't going to miss school for something as simple as a cold.
"So that's what it feels like when you have a cold," Mortarion said. He had always wondered what it was like to be sick, and now he had a few moments of experience. "It was interesting."
"You can say that, you've never had a cold," the Lion said. He hated being sick, but always powered through it. "You were also in my body for four minutes."
"True, and it wasn't a serious illness," Mortarion said, smiling despite his words. Several of the other Primarchs were comparing their experiences in others bodies. Corvus still seemed sad that he hadn't been able to attempt flying with Sanguinius's wings. He was understanding though.
"It was weird being without wings," Sanguinius said. "Almost like being naked or something. They've always been there to me, from the moment I formed useable memories."
"It was weird having wings," Horus said. He had been in Sanguinius's body when Angron had been in Magnus's body. He had enjoyed the experience, once he had figured out how to walk without tripping on the wingtips.
"What if the Dark Eldar return?" Lorgar asked. He had kept mostly quiet during the whole body swapping incident.
"I doubt that they will return before we meet up with the craftworld," the Emperor said. "It's highly unlikely that the Dark Eldar would be willing to go up against the Imperator Somnium and a craftworld together."
"That makes sense, it would be suicide to go against two bigger ships together," Lorgar said. He headed off with his other brothers. The rest of the journey to the meeting point with the craftworld went smoothly. The Dark Eldar did not return. There was to be a brief formal ceremony that involved the artifact exchange. The Primarchs were looking forward to that, they had never seen an actual Eldar before, just pict-captures of them.
They met up with the craftworld, and then headed to the the shuttle that would take them to the craftworld itself. The Eldar were insistant that the exchange happen on the craftworld itself. This suited the Emperor just fine, now that he knew what the artefact did, he didn't want it on the artefact on his ship longer than necessary. The Primarchs arrived, dressed in their formal robes. Angron already looked annoyed at having to wear them.
The exchange was brief, as promised. There seemed to be an odd tension between the autarch that lead the craftworld and the Emperor, but the Primarchs chose to ignore it. They were all interested in what they could see around them. Leman reached out to touch a tapestry hanging on a wall.
"Stop, mon-keigh," an Eldar female snapped at Leman. Leman moved his hand away from the tapestry and turned towards the Eldar who had spoken. she was giving him a look of annoyance.
"What's a mon-keigh?" Leman asked.
"It's what you are," she said and headed past him. Unsatisfied with the answer, he approached the Emperor.
"Allfather, what's a mon-keigh?" Leman asked once he had gotten his father's attention. The Emperor raised an eyebrow before he answered.
"It's a term that our hosts sometimes use to refer to humanity," the Emperor said, he shot a quick glance at the autarch he had been speaking with when Leman approached. The autarch colored slightly, and turned to address Leman.
"Who called you that, lord? Can you identify the person?" the autarch asked.
"I can point her out, yes," Leman said, he turned and began to scan the crowded hall. It took him a few moments, but he quickly spotted the Eldar female that had spoken to him.
"It was her, lord," Leman said, indicating the female with his hand. The autarch nodded and turned back to the Emperor.
"I will speak with her later," the autarch said. The Emperor accepted this without comment. The event ended not long after. All of the Primarchs gathered and headed back to the Imperator Somnium. The Voyager probe was already aboard the large Imperial ship. Their dealings with the Eldar done, they turned back towards Terra.


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