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Little Primarchs- Snow Day

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On the way back from the rendevous with the Eldar craftworld, they stopped on an ice world. It was the dead of winter on the north side of the planet, and the Primarchs were excited to get to play in the snow. Even Vulkan liked snow, though it had an odd tendency to melt into puddles around him. They headed down over the neat ice fields, to set down next to the large cabin that they would be staying in overnight. There was supposed to be an atmospheric event that night. It was reportedly like the aurora borealis of Terra.
The Primarchs were all off the Thunderhawk as soon as the troop ramp was down. The Lion had recovered from his cold the previous day. He was very excited because he would have been left behind on the Imperator Somnium if he had still been sick. He didn't want to miss the atmospheric event. They quickly began to play in the snow, many of them building snowmen, Rogal began building an igloo. Others were making snowballs and stock piling them. Angron was known for making iceballs, or making snowballs that had rocks in them.
Perturabo threw the first snowball, hitting Rogal square in the chest. Rogal looked down at the mess of snow that was covering the Impereal Fist icon that was in the center of his snowsuit's chest. All of the Primarchs were wearing snowsuits in their Legion colors, with sigils to identify them. Rogal had not only been working on an igloo, but also a small cache of snowballs; he quickly grabbed a snowball, and hit the robotic skull icon on Perturabo's suit. There was a pause, and then they each started grabbing more snowballs. Perturabo missed on his fifth snowball. It struck the Lion in the back of the head. His abilities didn't extend to objects.
"Hey!" the Lion cried, before wheeling around with his own pair of snowballs. They each hit Rogal and Perturabo in the shoulders. He wasn't sure which of his brothers had hit him, so he hit both of them. It was the fairest way he could think of to deal with them. This drew him into the snowball fight between Perturabo and Rogal. Soon all of the Primarchs were involved. Then a stray ball managed to hit the Emperor square in the face.
Everyone froze, a few dropped the snowballs in their hands. The Emperor shook his head, dislodging the snow without melting it. He then gave a menacing smile and lifted a very large pile of snow, and buried all of his sons with it. The snow around Vulkan began to melt quickly, though it made things worse for his brothers around him. Sanguinius was forced to dig his way out like the others, because his wings were wet.
"I think Father wins the snowball fight," Angron said as he climbed his way out of the snow drift. Others that were out agreed with Angron. They turned and began to help their still trapped brothers.
"My hair is freezing!" Fulgrim yelled. He had been standing near Vulkan when they were buried by the Emperor. This meant that slush had gotten his hair wet, and it was snap freezing. He moved over towards the Emperor, hoping to warm his hair and then dry it so it wouldn't freeze again. The Emperor placed a hand on Fulgrim and pulled him close.
"Let's get into the cabin and warm up," the Emperor said after a all of the Primarchs had escaped the snow drift. Everyone trooped inside, Vulkan had a fire going in moments. They all settled around it, warming their hands, or drying hair for those with longer hair. Sanguinius turned around and dried his wings, facing the small window in the main room of the cabin.
"Look! The borealis effect is starting!" Sanguinius said after a few moments. He leaned forward, nearly putting his wings in the fire. The Emperor quickly put up a kine shield to stop them from catching fire. The other Primarchs moved from the fire to crowd around the windows of the cabin, some moving into other rooms to get better views.
The borealis effect didn't last very long, but was fascinating for everyone. The Emperor was quite happy to be able to show the Primarchs this event. The Terran aurora borealis was no longer visible due to the pollution levels. Sometimes he missed Old Earth, before all of the pollution from the Golden Age of Technology. It was part of why he took the Primarchs off planet with him when he could. He wanted them to see the stars and see nature before worlds were turned over to industry. He enjoyed seeing the looks on the Primarchs' faces when they saw new and exciting things.
"Alright, let's head to bed," the Emperor said when the borealis effect faded away. The Primarchs headed towards the beds they had picked out before the snowball fight. Crawling into the sleeping bags, they quickly fell asleep. They left in the morning.


  1. Nyctophora's Avatar
    I can just picture this. But did Sanguinius make snow angels?
  2. Lady Lion's Avatar
    Yes, that's part of what he was doing before getting caught up in the snowball fight
  3. Nyctophora's Avatar
    War ... snowball war never changes


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