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Little Primarchs- The Art Teacher

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"Hello, Master Tabriz," Master Kirraen said. The principal of Nova Tutorium looked tired and drawn. Mamzel Nythen was getting transferred off planet. Her husband worked for the Adeptus Terra, and had been reassigned to a newly compliant world. This was problematic due to it being the middle of the term. Master Kirraen needed to hire someone fast, and Master Jonal Tabriz was the only person who had actually applied for the position.
"Hello, Master Kirraen," Master Tabriz responded, he made the sign of the aquila which Master Kirraen returned. "I hear you need an art teacher who can start right away."
"Yes, our regular teacher, Mamzel Jesstyne Nythen is being transferred off planet with her husband," Master Kirraen said. "You're our only applicant."
"So, why the meeting then? Just to tell me that I'm hired?" Master Tabriz asked, raising a quizzical eyebrow.
"That, and to inform you about some of our students," Master Kirraen answered, he then turned to the plastiglas window of his office which looked out over the recess area. Master Tabriz stepped up next to Master Kirraen, also looking out the window.
"Do you see the larger boys out there?" Kirraen asked, indicating the playing children.
"The older ones you mean?" Tabriz asked in return, gesturing vaguely.
"They aren't older, just bigger," Kirraen corrected gently. "How many are there?"
"Eighteen, if I can see the entire play area," Tabriz said after a moment.
"Correct, there are eighteen of them," Kirraen said. "They are the sons of the Emperor himself. They get tutored here to be away from the Palace and to interact with children of their own approximate ages. Collectively we call them the Primarchs."
"How many people know who their father is?" Tabriz asked, he looked a bit awed by the opportunity to teach the Emperor's own.
"The teachers, some of the student aides," Kirraen said. "They don't tell their classmates, though everyone knows that they live at the Palace."
"Do you ever see Him?" Tabriz continued, he wasn't quite sure what to feel about the possibility of meeting the Emperor on parent-teacher night.
"He rarely comes to Nova himself, typically he sends Lord Malcador or another representative for most things," Kirraen said. "He only comes out if one of the Primarchs is in trouble."
"They get in trouble sometimes?" Tabriz asked, surprised.
"It's rare, usually Konrad or Angron," Kirraen said. "The others usually don't give us any problems."
"Are they all in the same class?" Tabriz asked, he feared being overwhelmed by all of them.
"No, we have a limit of three Primarchs per class, you will get them all throughout the day, but not all at once," Kirraen said with a smile. "So, are you on board?"
"Yes, this is a great opportunity," Tabriz said, he took Kirraen's extended hand and they shook hands before turning to the paperwork.
"Hello all!" Master Tabriz said the next day as his first class of the day started. "I'm Jonal Tabriz, I'll be your new art teacher."
"Hello, Master Tabriz," the class chorused. Several of the children made the sign of the aquila.
"Alright, I'm going to take roll call now. If I mess your name up, correct me. If you have a nick name that you prefer, also tell me," Tabriz said with a broad smile. He began down the list of names, mostly normal humans.
"Jag-HA-tai Khan?" Master Tabriz asked, looking a bit confused at the list of names.
"Jaghatai, sir," Jaghatai corrected. He was the first Primarch that had been called. Master Tabriz nodded and made a quick notation before continuing.
"Angron?" Master Tabriz called, reaching the next Primarch name. Angron simply raised his hand. Master Tabriz looked up, noted the hand and then continued.
"Corvus Corax?" the final Primarch name, and the last name on the list of students for this class. The palest child that Master Tabriz had ever seen replied to the name, his black hair was pulled back with a hair tie to keep it out of the way in class. The class went smoothly, they were working on a drawing project that day.
Master Tabriz was looking forward to his next class. His attendance list for the next class included Mortarion. He wanted to meet Mortarion because he had a specially labeled bottle of paint thinner. It greatly confused Master Tabriz, because Mortarion was marked as a Primarch name. All of the Primarchs were indicated on his attendance lists with a (P) marking.
His second class of the day filtered in. He read attendance, and started the lesson. Then the settled in to working on their projects. He walked around the room, checking on their work. He then noticed Mortarion move over to where the paint thinner was stored.
"We aren't using paints today, Mortarion," Master Tabriz said, stepping up next to Mortarion.
"I know, Master Tabriz," Mortarion said, and then took a sip of paint thinner. Master Tabriz felt panic set in.
"Spit that out!" he nearly shouted, too late though, Mortarion had already swallowed the paint thinner. Seeing that he had spoken too late, he snatched Mortarion and nearly bolted to the door. "Everyone just keep working, we'll be right back."
He rushed down the hallway, Mortarion protesting the entire time. They made it to the nurse's office within a few moments. The medicae on duty looked up with surprise. "What's wrong Master Tabriz?"
"Mortarion just drank some paint thinner," Master Tabriz said after regaining his breath. To his surprise, the medicae started to laugh. "What's so funny? Paint thinner is very dangerous!"
"I know, Master Tabriz, but it's Mortarion," the medicae said controlling herself. "Didn't Mamzel Nythen leave you a note about him?"
"I haven't had a chance to go through everything that she left me," Master Tabriz admitted.
"I'm immune to literally every toxin on Terra, Master Tabriz," Mortarion said. "I was trying to tell you that as you were going through the hall like a Custodian in the Blood Games. You have to go to the planet Barbaras to find something that can do anything to me."
"Why do you have a bottle of paint thinner then?" Master Tabriz asked, more confused then ever.
"I like the taste of paint thinner, also Konrad offered to swap chores with me if I did that on your first day," Mortarion said frankly. Konrad and Lorgar were the other two Primarchs in Mortarion's class. They then returned to the classroom, just ahead of the end of the period.
The rest of the day went well, the next one he was very interested in was the last class which had Ferrus, Sanguinius, and Magnus. Sanguinius specifically was going to be interesting. As Mortarion had his special paint thinner for drinking, Sanguinius had a special smock that was labeled as being used on paint and ceramics days.
The last class of the day came in, and Master Tabriz found that he didn't have to ask about the smock. Sanguinius had large white wings that stuck out from his back. Sanguinius approached Master Tabriz before taking his seat.
"Will we be working with paint, clays, or glitter today?" the winged Primarch asked politely.
"No, it's a drawing project today," Master Tabriz said. Sanguinius nodded his thanks and headed to his seat. "Why did you ask about glitter?"
"One of the first times we worked with glitter two years ago, someome decided to cover my wings in it," Sanguinius said. "We are still finding glitter around the Palace from that."
"Ah," Maser Tabriz said, not quite sure how to respond. He was next surprised by Ferrus's hands. He somehow felt that it was inappropriate to ask about them, and left it alone.
After surviving the first day, he quickly settled into the rythm of teaching the Primarchs. Most of his training with art was actually historical art. He knew techniques and the like, but he was more familiar with the history of art. He was looking forward to getting a bit deeper in the term and then he could start teaching them about the history and traditions of children's art.
Sixty days into his teaching, he began telling them about an ancient tradition called Mother's Day. There was a lot of records that implied that children would make art in celebration of their mothers. He began encouraging the students to begin making special projects for their mothers. The Primarchs instantly asked if they could make their projects for their father instead, as they had no mothers.
"No, fathers were given something called 'neckties' on a different day," Master Tabriz said. He was very firm on that front. The Primarchs were saddened, as they had no mother to give art projects to. The Emperor picked up on their sadness when he retrieved them from school.
"What is wrong?" the Emperor asked to his sons in general. They all seemed upset about something.
"Master Tabriz has everyone working on special art projects in an attempt to revive something called 'Mother's Day'," Horus said after a moment. "He wants the projects to be aimed specifically at everyone's mothers."
"We asked if we could aim ours at you instead," the Lion added. "He said that fathers only received 'neckties' on a different date, and wouldn't allow us to make ours to you."
"It's not fair," Lorgar said.
"Indeed, it's not particularly fair," the Emperor said. He thought a moment, and then added,"You could make your projects to Mount Everest, that is the mountain where you were all born."
"I like that idea," Magnus said. The other Primarchs perked up at that. They still felt bad that their father apparently couldn't get their art as gifts. There were some select pieces of art that some of them had been allowed to bring home that were scattered around, but they weren't gifts to their father.
While the Primarchs were thinking about that, and working on ways to make art for a mountain, the Emperor was considering going himself to the parent-teacher night that was coming up in four days. He usually sent Malcador to these things, but was deciding that he should go himself.
Parent-teacher night arrived. It was a special one specifically for Master Tabriz's arrival. Master Kirraen wanted all of the parents to see what the students were working on in art class. The Emperor left the Primarchs with Malcador and headed off to Nova.
"Have you ever heard of an old tradition called 'Mother's Day', Malcador?" Horus asked after awhile.
"I have heard of Mother's Day, Horus. Why do you ask?" Malcador said after a moment. He had read of Mother's Day, but wasn't aware that they Primarchs knew about it.
"Master Tabriz, the new art teacher, told us about it. He said that it was traditional for children to make art for their mothers," Horus said. "He also said that fathers didn't receive art as presents from their children."
"Yeah, he said they only ever got 'neckties', but couldn't explain what a 'necktie' was," the Lion said, hopping into the conversation. "He wouldn't let us make our art projects for Father instead of a mother we don't have."
"Father gave us the idea of making our projects for Mount Everest though, as that's where we were born," Magnus said. He still rather liked the idea and was a bit sad that he wasn't going to see Master Tabriz's reaction to the Primarch's art projects to a mountain.
"Could we make a version of Mother's Day for Father?" Leman asked.
"Well, there was Father's Day, the day that Master Tabriz mentioned with the 'necktie' thing," Malcador said. "There's nothing that I know of that says you cannot treat Father's Day the same way as Mother's Day. Especially since you don't have a mother."
"So, what would we do?" Horus asked, excitedly.
"Well, on Mother's Day it was common for their children to make breakfast and serve it to their mother in bed," Malcador said after a moment of thought.
"We could do that," Fulgrim said brightly. "And we can make him special art projects outside of school."
"Yeah, that sounds like a great idea," Alpharius said. He and Omegon already had a great hiding place for their work in progress.
"If we did it outside of school, I could forge him something," Vulkan said, eyes glowing with excitement. Perturabo and Ferrus also looked excited, they could make him robotics outside of school. They instantly didn't feel as limited.
At Nova, the Emperor had made it to the art class. He was following Horus's schedule which had art as the second to last class. The entire room was arrayed in various projects for students' mothers. The Emperor was amused by the eighteen projects that clearly were clearly aimed at a mountain. The room was set up in a way that encouraged the parents to move around the room and look at all of the art. Possibly to encourage specific parents to find their child's work.
The Emperor walked around, and made a point of peering closely at the various projects to see if his name was on any of the projects. He had decided to move past the projects that he knew belonged to the Primarchs and would approach those projects last. He was very amused by some of the projects and mentioned it to parents when he was able to match parents with projects.
Finally, he approached the projects that were labelled for "Everest". The Emperor was quietly impressed by the depth of the projects his sons had done. Only Magnus even remembered being in the lab in Mount Everest. Corvus had a few vague memories from there, but he was the only other one that had any memory of the lab.
"Who is this lucky lady?" the Emperor asked Master Tabriz.
"I'm not quite sure, the students who made these projects are all brothers, but they said that they don't have a mother," Master Tabriz said. "They seem to view her as a mountain, or a labratory."
"Indeed, why didn't you allow them to make projects to the parent that they do have?" the Emperor asked. "It must have been sad for them to have to make projects for someone that they have never met."
"Fathers apparently only received something called a 'necktie' on a separate day," Master Tabriz said. "Besides, fathers traditionally aren't as involved in parenting as mothers."
"What if the father was the only parent though? Such as if a mother died during childbirth?" the Emperor pressed.
"They probably would have given the child up then," Master Tabriz said defensively. "Fathers only ever walked out on their children."
Now we are getting somewhere the Emperor thought. His father must have left them, and he was raised with his mother's anger.
"That can't be how every father is," he said aloud. "There are several fathers here tonight who seem to be very interested in the lives and education of their children."
"You are the only father here who isn't accompanied by his spouse," Master Tabriz pointed out. "It's more likely that the other fathers here are here to appease their spouses."
"Then why am I here?" the Emperor asked. "I have no spouse to appease."
"I'm not sure why you are here," Master Tabriz said. "Though I assume you know the answer to your own question."
"I'm here because I am the only parent that my sons have," the Emperor said. "I could never imagine giving them up or sending them away from me. They are prescious to me, and I care very much about them. I am also saddened that my sons were not allowed to make art for me, as their only parent. This left them making art for the mountain that they were born in."
Knowing that it was the Primarchs who had made the "Everest" projects, Master Tabriz realized who he had been talking to. His face reddened with embarassment.
"My apologies, my lord," Master Tabriz said with a slight bow. The bow was slight not as an insult, but because there were several other parents around. "I let my past get the better of me."
"Indeed," the Emperor said. "However, their projects are still quite excellent."
"True, they are all very talented artists," Master Tabriz said. "My apologies again, lord."
"I will forgive this in light of your history," the Emperor said. "However, do not let it happen again."
"I won't, my lord," Master Tabriz said. The Emperor then turned and walked away.
"Father's home!" Magnus called as the Emperor's flyer touched down. He only took the Thunderhawk when transporting the Primarchs. There was a flurry of activity as some of the Primarchs quickly hid their new art projects, or planning stages of art projects for their Father's Day celebrations. They wanted to surprise the Emperor with it. They figured that he would be disappointed about the fact that all the other families were going to get art projects from parent night.
The Emperor entered just after the last of the Primarchs returned to the living room area. He could tell something was up, but decided against asking about it. The Primarchs were all good about telling him things eventually.
"I learned why Master Tabriz was unwilling to allow you to make your Mother's Day projects for me," the Emperor said. "His own father abandoned him and his mother. He was raised with his mother's anger towards his father."
"That makes sense, also there isn't as much information in recorded in history about Father's Day as there was about Mother's Day," Malcador said.
"I spoke with him, and he has promised that his issues will not effect his teaching again," the Emperor said. The Primarchs were all happy about that. They smiled and a few of them cheered. They then headed to bed, certain that the issues with the art teacher were now finished.


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