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Little Primarchs- Father's Day

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It had taken several weeks to get things ready for their Father's Day celebration. It was difficult keeping such a thing secret from the Emperor, but Malcador was helpful on that front. The Primarchs were getting very excited for their celebration. Vulkan was quite proud of the thing that he had made for their father.
The Emperor knew something was up, the Primarchs weren't that good at poker faces, but kept himself in the dark about what was going on. He was certain that it would be hard on the Primarchs to let on that he knew anything. He went to bed the night before their Father's Day celebration, without any real clue as to what was going on.
He woke the next morning to the sound of several of the Primarchs trying to sneak into the room. They had made, or more likely gotten the kitchen servitor to make, breakfast for the Emperor. Magnus and Vulkan were carefully moving a serving tray with the food. Lorgar had opened the door. Sanguinius flew over Magnus and Vulkan, flitting over to the Emperor's bed in order to wake him up.
"Wake up, Father!" Sanguinius called in a happy voice. The Emperor opened his eyes and sat up as Sanguinius moved away. It then became apparent why Magnus and Vulkan were the ones with the tray. Magnus had made himself tall enough to match Vulkan, who was taller than the edge of the bed. They set the tray on the Emperor's lap, both of them smiling. It almost made Magnus look like he didn't have either eye.
"Fulgrim made breakfast for you," Magnus said. Fulgrim enjoyed cooking, though he did have another present for the Emperor.
"It smells delicious," the Emperor said. He was slightly nonplussed by the situation, this was not what he had been expecting. He ate his breakfast, watched by the four Primarchs who had brought him breakfast. They then trotted out to the living room, taking the tray and dirty dishes with them.
The Emperor then came out of his room, to find all of the Primarchs already awake, including the Lion. It was a regularly scheduled day off from Nova, sort of like a weekend day. The Emperor of course still had to run the Imperium. The Primarchs waved to him as he headed off to the administration districts of the Palace. They then hurried about themselves, preparing for when the Emperor would return in the evening.
The Emperor normally would have visited the Primarchs during the noon recess, but Malcador had waylaid him. When he did return in the evening, he found a pile of wrapped items stacked neatly in a corner of the living room. He didn't get long to contemplate the pile, as he was swarmed by the Primarchs welcoming him home.
"Father!" they all called out, smiling. Even Angron had managed a smile, proving his point to Corvus from the body swapping incident. The Emperor was a bit surprised by the welcome, they hadn't welcomed him home like that since before he had sent them to Nova.
"What is this?" the Emperor asked, indicating the presents in the corner, and implying the events of that morning.
"It's our Father's Day celebration," Horus said.
"Yes, we asked Malcador about it when you went to parent night," Lorgar said.
"The breakfast in bed thing was his idea," Magnus said. Fulgrim nodded his agreement.
"We also all made you presents, because no one seems to know what a 'necktie' is," the Lion said. "Besides, it wasn't fair that the other children's mothers got their special art projects, and you didn't get anything because you are a father instead." Several heads nodded in agreement to the LIon's statement.
"We thought it would be a good thing for you as well, Father," Corvus said. "More days than not you come home, and have even more work to do. We aren't always helpful on that front either. We figured that you could use a break on our side of things."
"Yeah, you do a lot for us. You deserve this," Vulkan said. "We aren't always the best at showing you our appreciation for everything you have done for us." All the other Primarchs nodded at Vulkan's statment. Just then, the kitchen servitor indicated that dinner was ready.
"So you had dinner made as well?" the Emperor asked, he had been caught off guard by his sons. He made a note to himself to thank Malcador as well for helping the Primarchs.
"Yep," Fulgrim said, heading in ahead of everyone else to ensure that everything was set. After dinner, they brought the Emperor into the living room, Jaghatai moved over to stand by the pile of wrapped items. Belatedly, the Emperor realized that they were wrapped presents for him. Once he was seated on his couch, Jaghatai handed him the first present from the pile, pausing a moment to read the tag attatched to it.
"This is from Fulgrim," Jaghatai said as the Emperor took it. It was a fairly flat rectangle, and when he removed the wrapping, the Emperor found himself staring at a painting that was clearly from Fulgrim's hand. It was a great eagle holding a lightening bolt.
"This one's from Mortarion," Jaghatai said, as he handed the next present over to the Emperor. Fulgrim had stepped up and held his painting so there was space for Mortarion's present. Mortarion's was also a painting, this one was of the Emperor fighting something that rather looked like representations of Death that could be found in the old books of the Imperial Libary.
"Here's Angron's," Jaghatai said, next present in hand. This one was in a box, and once removed from the box was a sculpture of a chain axe that was set like a trophy.
"This one's Rogal's," Jaghatai said, reading the card of the present he was handing the Emperor. Each Primarch stepped forward when his name was read so that he could hold on to his present once the Emperor had opened it. Rogal's was also a sculpture, a model of the Imperial Palace.
"Here's Horus's," Jaghatai said, this present was longer than some of the others, but not quite the scale of Rogal's present. This one was mural of all of the Primarchs together with their father.
"This one's Lorgar's," Jaghatai said, it was another larger present. This one was an ikanostasis, very like Horus's mural, it had representations of everyone.
"This one's from Roboute," Jaghatai said, this one was also in a box. Upon opening the box, he found cloth, and wooden dowels. Picking up a wooden dowel, he was surprised when it came up as one unit. It was a display of his battle standard, and flowing down from it were the battle standards for the eighteen Legions. There were white banners in the places where Two and Eleven's banners would have been.
"Why the white banners?" he asked, turning his gaze to Roboute.
"Their abscence needs to be honored as well," Roboute said. "It seemed wrong to put something with fish in those spots."
"Indeed, that would have been inappropriate," the Emperor mused. Jaghatai handed him the next present.
"This one's mine," Jaghatai said with a smile. It was a drawing of the Emperor on a bike, charging into battle. Jaghatai took his drawing and set it against his leg so that his hands were still free to hand over presents.
"Here's Lion's," Jaghatai said after a moment. This was another painting, this time the Emperor was standing triumphant over a Calibanite Lion.
"This is Sanguinius's," Jaghatai said. A drawing, an eagle and a hawk, flying together. He smiled as he handed it over to Sanguinius.
"And Corvus's," Jaghatai said. This was a perched eagle, a raven looking up at the eagle from a lower branch.
"Perturabo's," Jaghatai said. This was a modified vox receiver that could be fitted into the Emperor's armor.
"Ferrus's," Jaghatai said. It was an upgrade device for the Emperor's iron halo. He wasn't surprised that he had received practical gifts from the two robotically inclined Primarchs.
"Alpharius's," Jaghatai said. It was one of the smaller gifts, but that meant no less to the Emperor. It was a set of nesting dolls. The Emperor on the outside, and each of the Primarchs in number order going to the inside. It was a bit amusing as it made Vulkan rather small, but worked well as Alpharius was the innermost doll. The Emperor suspected that there was another face painted onto the back of the Alpharius doll.
"Leman's," This was a small hololith projection, a wolf and eagle at play with each other.
"Konrad's," It was a short cartoon of a planet without justice, becoming compliant, and then everyone sleeping in peace because the Emperor was watching over them.
"Magnus's," Jaghatai said. This was one of the thicker presents. It was a hand-written book. He almost thought it was a copy of The Book of Magnus that he knew Magnus was working on. However, he saw that it wasn't. It was a book of all the things that the Emperor had taught Magnus, along with illustrations. To his surprise, it was things not psychic that the book covered.
"I can't actually lift Vulkan's," Jaghatai said. Vulkan's gift was by far the biggest of the gifts. He was aware that Vulkan had been spending a lot of time at the forges recently, and now understood that he had been forging something for the Emperor. It was a well-wrought hammer, a bit too small for the Emperor to use in battle, but too heavy for Jaghatai to lift.
"It's a gavel, Father," Vulkan explained. "I know that you don't use hammers in battle, but you can use this one to keep meetings of the Council of Terra in order."
"Thank you all, these are wonderful gifts," the Emperor said. He was truly surprised by some of the things that the Primarchs had made. In some ways all of the presents reflected the Primarch who made it. However, they also all reflected that Primarch's view of the Emperor. He looked slightly different in all of the images, even when represented by an eagle.
"We all love you, Father. Even Angron loves you," Horus said. Angron stuck his tongue out at Horus, the others chuckled.
"He is right though," Angron said. "I do love you, Father."
"And I love all of you," the Emperor said, smiling. "Even Angron." That got everyone chuckling. Then it was time for bed. The Primarchs headed off without any issues, all saying good night to their father.


  1. Nyctophora's Avatar
    I loved the presents! Everything was a perfect choice for them to have made. I always have fun spotting the references. Always tugs at my heartstrings a little too.
  2. Lady Lion's Avatar
    I like slipping references to canon in these. Sometimes there's references to other sci-fi/fantasy stuff in them too . Also, wrote this for fun and giggles and ended up with feels too.


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