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Little Primarchs- Birthday Party

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"I would like to invite everyone to my birthday party next week," Naydeea said as an announcement to the Languages class she shared with Fulgrim, Ferrus, and Corvus. "Not just this class, but everyone in the grade is welcome to come."
The three Primarchs exchanged a glance with each other. They liked parties, so this was going to be fun. Also, Naydeea's father was an archeologist, so their residence would be interesting.
"Did you hear about Naydeea's birthday party?" Fulgrim asked the others when they all met up at lunch. Only Magnus, Vulkan, and Alpharius hadn't heard about it yet. They looked just as excited as the others.
"Wonder what games we'll play," Vulkan said. He loved playing games with others. Leman nodded his excitement for games.
"We won't know until we get there," Horus said. The conversation moved on to other topics at that point, and they didn't get a chance to speak about it again until after school.
"The whole grade got invited to Naydeea's birthday party," Sanguinius said. "It's next week. May we go?"
"I do not see a reason to not allow it," the Emperor said. "What time?"
"i believe she said the first hour after noon," Mortarion answered.
"That sounds right," the Lion seconded. The Emperor nodded.
The days leading up to the party were normal for the Primarchs. They had obtained an appropriate present that they were able to split into eighteen parts, so that they all were giving Naydeea something. Leman got very excited the night before the party. He was the last to bed, the Emperor nearly had to force him to go to bed. The Emperor smiled as he finally stepped out of Leman's room. It reminded him of a moment when Malcador had discovered an amusing book in the Library.
"Here's the perfect bedtime story for the Primarchs," Malcador had said. The book he had been holding out was titled Go the F### to Sleep.
"That's a horrible idea for a bedtime story for them," the Emperor had responded with a chuckle. Malcador had also laughed before putting the book back where he had found it. The Emperor had assured himself that the book was in a position where the Primarchs weren't likely to find it.
The day of the party arrived, and Leman was barely containable before it was time to go. They all lined up well before it was time to actually leave. It was about the only thing that was keeping Leman from doing laps around the residence. The Emperor had a servitor pilot take the Primarchs to the party.
"Hey everyone!" Naydeea said when the Thunderhawk landed. There were two other girls with Naydeea. One was her older sister, Dentheya, the other was unknown to the Primarchs.
"This is Nasturi Ephrenia, she's from Deliverance," Naydeea introduced the other girl. Deliverance was the moon of the forge world Kiavahr. Corvus recruited Raven Guard from both Deliverance and Kiavahr. He had been very much involved in freeing Deliverance, called Lycaeus at the time, from the subjugation of Kiavahr. They had renamed the moon Deliverance in Corvus' honor. Nasturi looked rather nervous as she realized that Corvus was present.
"Hello, Nasturi," Corvus said. "It's always nice to meet people from Deliverance." The girl blushed a vivid red and shily made the sign of the aquilla. Corvus returned it, slightly confused by her reaction. Other kids began arriving, though a few had arrived before the Primarchs.
"I think everyone's here," Naydeea said fifteen minutes after the last shuttle left. "Let's start with tag!" She then reached out and tagged the Lion before running away. The game went on for quite some time before all the normal children became tired. It was an unspoken rule that only Primarchs targetted Jaghatai. They were the only ones that were able to catch him.
"Let's play Psyker Says!" Nasturi said. It was one of her favorite games.
"Dentheya can be the Psyker!" Naydeea called. She shared a wink with her sister. They had a bit of a plan for Psyker Says. Nasturi was Naydeea's pen pal from a galactic culture program her mother signed her up for. It was also very clear that Nasturi had a massive crush on Corvus, Naydeea had an equally massive crush on the Lion. Dentheya started with normal Psyker Says calls, such as make silly faces, pat your head and rub your stomach, and hop on one foot.
"Psyker says Primarchs freeze," Dentheya said. The Primarchs all froze, placing both of their feet on the ground for balance.
"Psyker says everyone else hug your favorite Primarch," Dentheya continued. She had nearly said to kiss their favorite Primarch, but didn't want to get in trouble with her parents. The other players swamped the frozen Primarchs. Nasturi quickly made it to Corvus, who proceeded to blush. Naydeea hugged the Lion, who looked more confused than embarassed. A boy that was smaller than the other human normals was hugging Angron. He was the reason that Angron had beat up the older child that the Lion had mentioned during the Thanalin incident.
"Psyker says good game," Dentheya said once she was able to speak again. She was laughing so hard there were tears in her eyes. "Let's switch to Pin the Plume on the Custodian."
"Yeah!" Konrad loved games that involved blindfolding people. He enjoyed watching people get confused when they couldn't see. Everyone quickly made a line near a wall where they placed a parchment drawing of a Custodian. The Primarchs went to the back of the line to allow everyone else a turn first.
"No cheating Magnus," Horus said with a smile. Magnus pulled a face at his brother, but agreed to not cheat. Everyone cheered on the person up. After everyone went through the line they switched to hide and seek. At the end of a round Naydeea's father approached them.
"I have a special surprise game for you all," he said. He was holding what looked like a doll that was shaped like horse, one of Naydeea's favorite animals. "This is a pinyata. You will all be blindfolded, like Pin the Plume on the Custodian, then you will be handed a stick. The goal is to break open the pinyata with the stick. It'll be suspended from the ceiling."
"That sounds like fun!" Naydeea said with a giant smile. "Who's going first?"
"You should go first. It's your birthday," Horus said. Angron nodded his agreement.
"We'll go last so everyone else can get a chance to hit it before one of us breaks it," the Lion said.
"Sounds fair enough," Naydeea said and went over to her father to be blindfolded. Her mother handed her the stick. Dentheya was holding the string that was suspending the pinyata from the ceiling. Naydeea swung the stick in a solid arc, and Dentheya jerked the pinyata upwards at the last moment. This caused Naydeea's swing to miss, passing harmlessly beneath the bottom of the pinyata. Konrad looked even more intruiged, it was a game that involved a prank.
They went through several of the normal kids before anyone actually got a good hit on the pinyata. It was down to the Primarchs to break the pinyata. They were still working out the fairest order, Angron and Vulkan were still working out who would go last.
"Let's just go in number order," Horus said as the line got shorter, there was no more time to work it out better than that. Angron and Vulkan nodded and everyone lined up in number order. The Lion approached first and grazed it as the pinyata was jerked away. Several of the Primarchs got glancing hits before Angron caught it and broke it open. He removed the blindfold with a massive grin.
"Yay!!!!!!!!" the other kids rushed forwards and grabbed at the various sweets that had spilled from the pinyata. The Primarchs quickly joined the rush of children in grabbing sweets. Angron had to remind himself to not fight the others.
After the pinyata they had cake and Naydeea opened her presents. The hosts also had party favor bags for their guests. It was another tradition that Naydeea's father had learned of while researching late M2 society. Ferrus signalled to the servitor that had brought them to the party. It had landed in an open landing area several hab units away. It arrived within moments and they boarded the Thunderhawk.
"How was the party?" the Emperor asked when they had returned to the Palace. He was interested in what his sons had done without him. Leman looked happy, and so did Angron.
"It was a lot of fun," Leman said. "We played a lot of fun games. Including something called a pinyata."
"Yeah," Angron said. "it's something that Naydeea's father learned about in his research. it was a hollow doll thing that they put sweets in and then we were blindfolded and they let us hit it with a stick to get to the sweets."
The Emperor was amused by this, he remembered pinyatas from M2 and into the first part of M3. They were sometimes dangerous for the person manipulating the pinyata, but they been very popular for a time.
"Good to know that those might be making a comeback," the Emperor said. "At least they won't be forgotten anytime soon."
"Indeed, it was a lot of fun to watch," Konrad said. "I liked that it was moved around when people tried to hit it."
"It's not surprising that that is what you liked about it," the Lion said. Konrad stuck his tongue out at the Lion in response. The Emperor smiled at his sons. They didn't really celebrate the birthdays of the Emperor or Primarchs. Malcador once told the Primarchs that they had to stop celebrating the Emperor's birthday because even outside there were too many candles on the cake for it to be safe. The Primarchs didn't share the same birthday, but they were basically within several days of each other and it just got to be too much for everyone involved. Even the Primarchs didn't like celebrating their birthdays in that way. There was also the issues of everyone trying to get cakes for them. It was nearly as many candles as a cake for the Emperor.
This didn't mean that the Primarchs didn't receive presents. They got presents from their brothers, the Emperor, and Malcador. However, this was all on one day just after the Primarchs actual birthdays. They also only got one present from each person involved. That did leave everyone getting a lot of presents.
"Did they feed you all dinner?" the Emperor asked. He wasn't sure if that was a thing that was commonly done anymore. The Primarchs shook their heads.
"We had cake and ice cream," Fulgrim said. "Also sweets from the pinyata." The Emperor then signalled for the kitchen servitor to start dinner for the Primarchs. They settled in for the evening, Leman finally got tired, and fell asleep in the living room just before bedtime. The Emperor carried Leman to his room and put him to bed. The other Primarchs followed. Everyone was happy that they had been allowed to go to the party.


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    Just imagine Jaghatai on a sugar rush after all those sweets ...
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    A scary thought....


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