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Little Primarchs- The Psyber Mole

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"Great One, we have a slight problem," Magos Pythla. He was a biologis tech priest with the Mechanicum. "One of our psyber moles has escaped its holding pen."
The Mechanicum was working on psyber moles in a new terraforming technique. They were programmed to burrow through large tracts of dirt, delivering minerals and soil nutrients around. This was an issue because if it was active and loose, it would perform it's programmed duties where ever it was. If it didn't have soil nutrients or minerals to deposit, it would pick them up instead. There was only one decent sized tract of dirt in the vicinity, and that was what passed for a backyard for the Primarchs.
"How long ago did it escape?" the Emperor asked. He had the Primarchs keep a small garden in their backyard so that they could learn about universal plants that were safe to eat. The psyber mole would disrupt the garden project, which would upset Roboute. Roboute was quite fond of the garden and enjoyed tending it. Lorgar made fun of him for it, calling him girlly-minded.
"It was first noted as missing twenty-three minutes ago, Great One," Pythla said. "We conducted a thoughough search of the area before alerting you."
"Can you detect it in the noosphere?" the Emperor continued. The noosphere was the communications network used by the Mechanicum to control their constructs. The tech-priest shook his augmented head. Much of the tech-priest's face had been replaced by augmetics in his attempt to get closer to the perfection of the machine.
"I will take over its recovery then," the Emperor said. He was fairly certain it would make its way over to the backyard area. The Primarchs were off from Nova that day, so taking them into the backyard would be a good way to flush out the psyber mole. The Lion would enjoy this as a new hunt. He then continued on his way back to the Primarchs. He had been headed there for the noon recess when Magos Pythla stopped him.
Freki and Geri wagged their tails in greeting to the Emperor when he entered the residence. The Primarchs all looked up from their various activities. They all smiled and greeted the Emperor.
"One of the new psyber moles has escaped from the Mechanicum," the Emperor as they all sat down to lunch. The Emperor assured that they all had meals together as often as possible. He considered it to be very important for the Primarchs as they were growing. Roboute looked towards the armourglas door that lead to the back yard. So far there didn't seem to be any disturbance in the garden area.
"I can hunt it down when I'm done with lunch," the Lion offered. Quickly putting more food in his mouth so that he could finish faster and get to the hunt. His eyes already getting bright with excitement.
"We can all go out and help Lion," Horus said.
"I can also make sure that the garden hasn't been tampered with too much by the psyber mole," Roboute said. It was clear where his concern lay. Lorgar rolled his eyes while facing away from Roboute.
The Lion finished his lunch before anyone else and quickly trotted outside. He began to scout about, mostly looking at the garden area as that was the most vulnerable area for the psyber mole to attack. He then moved away from the garden and inspected other areas. Roboute was next out, turning his attention solely turned to the garden area.
The others all followed suit once they were done with their food. Rogal quickly climbed up the tree where he was working on a tree house. Perturabo was stealing thngs that Rogal would need in order to continue building his tree house. Leman had found a ball and was getting the Emperor to play fetch with him. Freki and Geri currently weren't interested in the ball.
"Stop it Perturabo!" Rogal whined as he found he was missing yet another important tool. The Emperor looked over and then tossed the ball so that it went right past Perturabo. Leman, too focused on the ball, ran right into Perturabo, and knocked the other Primarch off balance. Perturabo glared at Leman, then turned to look at the Emperor. The Emperor was giving him a stern look and Perturabo put all the tools back where Rogal could get to them. The Emperor smiled and returned to throwing Leman's ball where he wouldn't run into his brothers.
The others were arranged around the yard, a few of them were actually helping the Lion track down the psyber mole. Alpharius had moved over to the fence by where the Eldar ambassador was staying. The Ambassador had also brought her children and Alpharius liked talking with them through the hole in the fence.
"Have you guys seen anything unusual in your yard?" Alpharius asked the Eldar children.
"No, is there something we should be looking for?" Elthien asked. He was the older of the two children.
"It would be a small thing, made entirely of cybernetics," Alpharius said. "It would burrow in the dirt there, and potentially leave holes in the ground." He didn't want to say any more than that to the Eldar children. What he had given them would be enough to allow them to identify it if it did show up in their yard instead of theirs. Alpharius doubted that the psyber mole would go there because they didn't actually have dirt, however he was also not going to tell them that. The Eldar thought they had dirt, and the Emperor wanted it that way.
"We'll keep a look out for it," Elthien said. The two Eldar moved away from the fence. Alpharius remained there for a moment.
The Lion suddenly went through the garden and reached into an old hole that Angron had dug. Roboute looked annoyed until the Lion came up with the psyber mole.
"I caught the psyber mole, Father," the Lion said. The Emperor looked over from playing fetch with Leman. He nodded his approval to the Lion who was smiling from ear to ear.
"We found it," Alpharius called through the hole in the fence. That was also there courtesy of Angron. Icthal, the younger Eldar was close to the hole and indicated that he had heard. Alpharius then moved away from the fence himself.
Roboute was carefully inspecting the garden area. As far as he could tell without an auspex unit the garden was fine. He got up and went inside for a hand held auspex unit. He returned with the device and found that the psyber mole had taken some soil nutrients, but not enough to do any signifigant damage to the garden. He finally relaxed as the Lion put the psyber mole in a secure box to be sent back to the Mechanicum. Lorgar brought the hose over to the garden and turned it on before Roboute could get out of the garden.
"Hey!" Roboute called. He glared at Lorgar, who turned the hose away. The Emperor looked over, and indicated to Jaghatai to get a towel for Roboute. Jaghatai quickly grabbed a towel and handed it to his soaked brother.
"Thanks, Jaghatai," Roboute said as he accepted the towel. He ignored Lorgar and continued over to the Emperor. Some of the other Primarchs were trying not to giggle at Roboute's plight. The Emperor himself had smiled briefly when Lorgar turned on the hose. He then had everyone head inside. Roboute quickly headed off to change out of his wet clothes. He handed off the wet clothing to a servitor for drying before rejoining his brothers. The Emperor was contacting Magos Pythla to arrange retrieval of the psyber mole.


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