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Little Primarchs- Waaagh!!

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A large force of orks was working its way through the Imperium. The most recent reports of the war effort were not encouraging. The Emperor made the decision to join the front lines. Malcador was being left in charge of both the Imperium as a whole and the Primarchs. They had fought battles before, but never against the orks, the Emperor didn't want to risk the Primarchs getting separated from him or their Legions by the orks.
"I have to go now, all of you behave for Malcador while I'm gone," the Emperor said to the Primarchs. Valdor was waiting by the Thunderhawk, the Bucephelus was waiting in orbit. The Emperor preferred to use the Bucephelus for going into combat. The Imperator Somnium was perfectly capable as a battlebarge but was more often used for matters of state.
The Primarchs came up individually and hugged the Emperor. None of them wanted him to go, but they understood the necessity of it. Horus held on longer than the others, and the Emperor had to gently peel Horus off his leg. Horus stepped back and the Emperor departed. The Primarchs all watched the Thunderhawk until they could no longer see it. Malcador would be staying with the Primarchs until the Emperor returned.
Everyone settled as the days went by. The Emperor projected a simulacrum of himself every ten standard days to the Primarchs and Malcador. Malcador could do the same thing, but only if he was alone, and his simulacrum wasn't as strong over long distances. Magnus wasn't capable over the distances that were involved. The closer the Bucephelus got to the front lines of the ork war, the shorter the Emperor's communions.
Then one day, more than twenty days after the Emperor arrived on the embattled world, the Emperor didn't appear at the scheduled time. The Primarchs looked concerned and distressed at their father's abscence.
"Perhaps the orks attacked," Malcador said after a moment. "We can wait an hour, and then it will be bed time."
"What if he doesn't make it?" Horus asked quietly.
"If he doesn't make contact before bedtime, I will try to contact him in the morning," Malcador said gently. Valdor had a way of contacting Malcador if the Emperor was injured, that hadn't happened yet, so he assumed that the Emperor was simply waylaid. After an hour, the Primarchs begrudgingly went to bed. Malcador waited up a few extra minutes before going to bed himself.
In the morning Malcador headed to a projecting chamber when he got the opportunity. He reached out across the warp, his simulacrum was faint and very ghostly, but still recognizable as the Sigilite. It manifested in the Apothicarion aboard the Bucephelus, Malcador found himself looking at the unconscious form of the Emperor. He turned his head and found Valdor in a similar state on the next bed. That explains why I wasn't informed, Malcador thought. He turned around when he heard someome behind him. An Apothecary assigned to the Bucephelus was standing there.
"My lord," the Apothecary said with a bow.
"When did this happen?" Malcador asked, indicating the Emperor and Valdor.
"Last evening, lord," the Apothecary said. "The Emperor was duelling with the warboss. The warboss tried for a killing blow, but Lord Valdor interveened. The filthy xenos had poisoned blades."
Malcador thought a moment and then said, "Have the Emperor's left vambrace brought here. When our lord wakes, tell him to check Lord Perturabo's present."
The Apothecary looked confused, but nodded his compliance. Malcador then ended his communion. He was somewhat relieved that the Primarchs were at Nova that day, it gave him time to find a good way to tell them of their father's injury. He also needed a bit of time to settle himself, the Emperor hadn't suffered any injuries since the accident on Centae Quintus.
The Primarchs returned from Nova to find Malcador waiting for them. He had a pict-corder set up to one side of the living room. They could all sense something was wrong the moment they entered.
"What is it, Malcador?" Horus asked as they all pooled around the Sigilite.
"Your father was injured last night while fighting the orks," Malcador said. "He and Valdor were both struck with poisoned blades. "
The Primarchs all paled, a great feat for both Konrad and Corvus, and shared concerned glances with each other. Malcador then indicated the pict-corder that the Primarchs had noticed when they entered.
"I set this up so that we could record a short message for your father when he wakes," Malcador said. "It would be similar to the message that you all made for him when you were at Galactic Horizons." The Primarchs perked up a bit at that idea. Malcador settled everyone so that they would all be in frame, and then activated the device so they could record their message.
It was several day cycles before the Emperor awoke. The Apothecary that Malcador had spoken to saw to it that the Sigilite's instructions were carried out. He was the primary Apothecary assigned to the Emperor and Valdor. His name was Geryth.
Geryth turned from tending Valdor to assess the Emperor's injury. The Emperor had been dealt a deep wound to the shoulder. It would have much worse if Valdor had not interveened, though this left the Custodian with a deep gash to his own shoulder, right where it joined with his neck. Neither one had regained any level of consciousness since they were injured, though both shifted frequently.
All of this meant that Geryth was quite surprised to turn to the Emperor, and find dark brown eyes staring at him. Geryth stifled the sound of surprise that he felt clawing at his throat, and bowed instead.
"My lord," Geryth said, suddenly reminded of when he had entered the Apothicarion to find the simulacrum of the Sigilite looking at the Emperor. He then presented the vambrace to the Emperor. He adjusted the Emperor's bed so that the Emperor was propped up slightly.
"Lord Malcador appeared briefly the day after you were injured, lord," Geryth said as the Emperor took the vambrace. "He instructed that your vambrace be brought. He also left the message that you should check Lord Perturabo's present upon waking."
The Emperor nodded and put an input into the communications device that Perturabo had made for him as a Father's Day present. A small lithocast display lit up, showing the washed out image of Malcador with the Primarchs surrounding him. They all looked worried.
"Greetings, my lord," Malcador started. "We are making this the day after your missed communion. I learned of your injury earlier today."
"Get better soon, Father!" Horus called, he was seated just in front of Malcador.
"What happened to the ork that hurt you?" the Lion asked, he looked like he wanted to fight something.
"When are you coming home, Allfather?" Leman asked, he also looked like he wanted to fight.
"Please be safe, Father," Sanguinius asked. The winged Primarch was clearly concerned. His wings twitching with worry.
"I hope the ork who hurt you is dead," Angron said. The rest of the Primarchs nodded their agreement, even Malcador indicated his agreement.
"We know that this won't actually make you better," Ferrus said.
"But we hope it makes you happy," Fulgrim finished. He managed a smile.
"Yeah," Magnus said. "It's like when you stayed with those of us who got sick on the ship on Oceanus."
"Even I liked that," Konrad said, "it was nice to know you were there, even though it didn't really make us better."
"You can beat whatever poison that ork was using," Mortarion said. "I know it."
"Yeah," Perturabo said. "You can beat anything."
"We miss you," Alpharius said. Others nodded.
"Even Two and Eleven miss you," Vulkan said.
"Hopefully we can see you soon," Jaghatai said. He looked like he felt trapped.
"Hopefully this finds you on the mend," Malcador said. "I have made arrangements so that this message should arrive within two days. Say goodbye, Primarchs."
"Hope to see you soon, Father," the Primarchs chorused. "We love you!" The lithocast recording ended. The Emperor felt the odd sensation of tears pricking in his eyes. Geryth remained silent, he turned away to allow the Emperor some privacy. The Emperor swung his legs off the bed. He knew he couldn't reach Terra right now, but he would be able to within the next few hours. Also there was nothing more that the Apothicarion could do for him.
The Primarchs were doing their homework in the living room. They were completely silent, still worried about their father. Malcador was in the kitchen, arranging snacks for the Primarchs. The Emperor's simulacrum, slightly ghostly, appeared in the middle of the living room. Magnus became aware of it first, sensing the psychic presence.
"Father!" Magnus called, getting everyone's attention. Even Malcador rushed back in from the kitchen.
"My lord," Malcador said, clearly relaxing, leaning against the wall separating the kitchen from the living room.
"FATHER!!!" the other Primarchs chorused loudly together. Horus got to his feet, and then stopped himself. He knew it was a psychic projection, and that he couldn't actually hug the Emperor like he wanted to do.
"Malcador," the Emperor said. "My sons."
"I knew you could beat whatever poison that the ork was using," Mortarion said.
"Indeed, Mortarion," the Emperor said with a slight smile.
"What happened to the ork that hurt you?" Angron asked.
"Dynasty squad killed it," the Emperor answered. Angron looked pleased at this news. Dynasty squad was a squad of Custodians whose parents were some of the last warlords of Terra before Unification.
"Does that mean you're coming home soon?" Horus asked.
"Yes, the Bucephelus is heading home," the Emperor said. The Primarchs all cheered at that news.
"We miss you, Father," Fulgrim said. The other Primarchs nodded, looking up at their father.
"I miss all of you as well," the Emperor said. His simulacrum was beginning to fade more, and his nose began to bleed.
"I trust we can hear again from you soon, lord," Malcador said. He knew that the Emperor wouldn't be able to stay much longer.
"Indeed, I believe the schedule would have me making contact again in four days," the Emperor said.
"See you then, Father," the Primarchs chorused, though they sounded saddened by the short contact. The Emperor ended the communion and headed to his sanctum in order to rest.
The four days until the next communion was a nearly torturous wait for the Primarchs. It helped ease Malcador though. The Primarchs were still concerned for their father, though they knew that he was fine at this point. They were also excited to be able to talk to the Emperor again, and that he was headed home.
Finally it was time for the next communion with the Emperor. His simulacrum appeared without any difficulty, he was also clearly more recovered as the projection was more solid looking. The Primarchs cheered, and Malcador smiled.
"Hi, Father!" the Primarchs chorused, smiles on all their faces. The Emperor smiled at the Primarchs.
"Hello my sons, Malcador," the Emperor said in greeting. "How are all of you?"
"Much better now that we know you're better," the Lion said. He had nearly asked Frederick to check on the Emperor after they had sent their message. In the end he decided against it so that he would be able to share the news with his brothers. The fact that the others didn't believe Frederick was real made that harder.
"Indeed," Vulkan said. "And the fact that you're coming home."
"Yes," Corvus said. "It will be good to have you home again."
"Can you tell us about fighting the orks?" Leman asked. The others also looked excited, they all enjoyed the Emperor's stories.
"Alright," the Emperor said. He then told them about one of the first battles that he had participated in during the recent ork incursion. He ended with the orks being repelled and retreating from the battlefield.
"Time for bed, Primarchs," the Emperor said as he finished his story.
"But we aren't tired," Horus said. The others nodded their agreement, though Rogal was hiding a yawn as he did so.
"Yeah, we miss you too much to want to go to bed," the Lion said.
"I miss all of you as well," the Emperor said. "That doesn't change the fact that it is your bedtime."
The Primarchs pouted, but slowly headed to bed. Malcador and the Emperor watched them go. The Emperor turned to Malcador, a slight smile on his lips.
"How have they been?" the Emperor asked.
"They have done well enough," Malcador said. "Both Lion and Horus had nightmares about your death though."
"On the same night?" the Emperor asked. The Lion and Horus didn't get along well and it would have been awkward for Malcador.
"Thankfully no," Malcador said with a smile of his own. "It was consecutive nights though."
"That's better," the Emperor said. He then looked over to the hallway where the Primarchs were preparing for bed.
"I wasn't meant to get this attached to them," the Emperor mused, almost to himself. "They are to be my generals, my greatest tools of war."
"This is what you get for making them as children," Malcador said quietly. "That, and managing to get them all out of the lab before those 'others' sent them out into space."
"You have me there," the Emperor said with a huff of a chuckle. "I think I'm going to miss them being so small."
"I'm going to miss it too," Malcador replied. "I'm always wondering if today is the last day that Magnus will call me uncle."
"I don't think he'll ever stop that," the Emperor said. "You are his favorite person after me." Malcador smiled at that, it was true and they both knew it.
"Good night, my lord," Malcador said. The Emperor replied in kind and ended the communion.
It was another thirty-four days before the Emperor returned to Terra. The Primarchs were beside themselves with excitement the night before his return. Malcador nearly had to make them all go to sleep. He was happy as well with the imminent return of the Emperor.
The next morning the Primarchs lined up by the landing pad where the Emperor and Valdor were going to land. They were all quivering in excitement. Sanguinius was actually in the air, trying to spot the Thunderhawk first. All of his brothers were also trying to spot the ship.
"I see it!" Sanguinius called out as he spotted what looked like a smudge that was growing larger. As they watched it, the shape of the ship became distinct. It was another few minutes before the Thunderhawk landed. The Emperor stepped out of the ship, the Primarchs restrained themselves until he was clear of the Thunderhawk. As soon as he was clear they rushed up and swamped him.
"Father!" the Primarchs called out, all of them trying to hug the Emperor at the same time.
"Welcome home, Father," Horus said, he had made it to the Emperor first. Leman right behind him. The others had come up in a crush, flowing around the Emperor.
"Are you happy to see us?" Fulgrim asked.
"Of course I am, Fulgrim," the Emperor said. "I missed all of you."
"We missed you, Allfather," Leman said. "Even Freki and Geri did."
"They probably didn't even know that Father was gone," Roboute said.
"Yes they did," Leman asserted.
"Guys, can we not argue?" Vulkan said. "Father's home, and we should all try to get along."
Valdor chose that moment to exit the Thunderhawk himself. He chuckled quietly at the Emperor's predicament. This caught the attention of the Primarchs and the Emperor.
"Now, you can't forget to greet Valdor properly," the Emperor said. The Primarchs all turned and swarmed Valdor. Then it was him that was surrounded, the Custodian looked very much confused.
"It's good to have you back too, Valdor," Mortarion said. "I knew you could beat the ork's poison too."
"Yeah, and you protected Father," Perturabo said.
"You're almost always with him," Corvus said. "It would have been weird for Father to come home without you."
"We missed you too," Alpharius said.
"None of this is necessary, Primarchs," Valdor said, trying to carefully extricate himself from the press of boys.
"But it is, Valdor," Sanguinius said. "You are one of the important adults in our lives. We see you nearly every day."
"You lead the Legio Custodes," the Lion said. "This means you are instrumental to our safety and the safety of our father. You allow us all to stay together as a family. That means you are part of our family."
The Emperor looked over at Valdor, surrounded by the Primarchs. He chuckled a bit, Malcador also chuckled. Valdor finally managed to escape the mob of Primarchs. They allowed him to pass, and he made his way to the Emperor's side.
"There, everyone's back together," Konrad said. "It's all back to normal."


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    Awww ... And not even one of the Custodes can stand against massed Primarch hugs.
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    No, they cannot especially not Valdor.


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