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Little Primarchs- The Field Trip

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"This is going to be fun!" Fulgrim said as they boarded the large ground car. They were going on a field trip to the natural history museum a little ways away. It was a combined field trip with another school called Quasar Prep. It was a tutorium for older children. The Primarch's grade had been chosen as a partner grade for the youngest set of students at Quasar.
The Quasar students were on the field trip as an excercise in responsibility and leadership. Each one would be responsible for a set of the Nova students. This also meant that there would only be one teacher from Quasar going with them.
"Yeah, being watched by another student is going to be fun," Konrad said. He looked very excited for that. He had a few ideas for pranks while on the field trip.
"Of course you would like that," Mortarion said. He had recently been a victim of one of Konrad's pranks.
"Come on guys, we should behave for them," Horus said. "It is a human normal who's watching us."
"So I shouldn't go for any alcohol?" Leman asked jokingly. Horus pursed his lips, and Leman laughed.
"Alright, Surlaz, this is your group," said the Quasar teacher. Surlaz was one of the students, he had longish hair, but not as long as Fulgrim's or the Lion's.
"How many of you are there?" Surlaz asked, he seemed surprised by how big the Primarchs were.
"There are eighteen of us," Roboute said. Surlaz nodded, and quickly counted to assure that he came to the same number.
They arrived at the museum, and everyone got out of the vehicle. The Primarchs lined up as was their normal behavior. Surlaz was a bit surprised and then led them into the museum. They were allowed to go through the museum in just about any order, but required to get to certain exhibits. The Primarchs and Surlaz started their way through the museum.
"Look, Lion! It's you!" Corvus said, he pointed at a taxidermy Terran lion. The Lion looked over, and shared a laugh with Corvus.
"That's a lion, you're more like a cub," Surlaz said in a falsely patronizing voice. The Lion turned and held Surlaz's gaze.
"I challenge you to a duel of honor," the Lion intoned, deadpan.
"Fine," Surlaz said. He then signalled over to some others who appeared to be his friends. They nodded and moved off with their groups. The Primarchs were of the opinion that the others were going to distract the Quasar teacher so that the Lion and Surlaz could fight.
The two combatants went out a back door that Surlaz had spotted. it was then that the truth of the other boys became apparent. They had snuck out before that and were waiting for when the Lion stepped out. The fight was quick, the older boys overpowered the Lion with sheer numbers. They left him unconscious in the alleyway that the door had opened on to.
"We'll grab him when we get the reminder to leave," Surlaz said to his friends as they headed back inside. However, they didn't get a reminder to leave. Time management was part of the assignment. When it was time to leave, they were too far from the side door that they couldn't make it back to retrieve the Lion.
The Primarchs objected when Surlaz didn't retrieve the Lion. However, the teacher was unreachable from their position. The field trip had taken up to the end of the school day. The Emperor was waiting when they arrived back at Nova. He saw that they were upset, and that the Lion was missing.
"Where is Lion?" the Emperor asked, frowning in concern.
"We don't know for sure, Father," Horus said. "We haven't seen him since we were at the museum."
"Magnus?" the Emperor asked.
"I can't find him, Father," Magnus said. "He must be unconscious."
"Why would he be unconscious?" the Emperor asked, confused.
"We were assigned to a Quasar student named Surlaz, and he insulted Lion," Ferrus said.
"Lion challenged Surlaz to an honor duel, I think he meant like the ones the Space Wolves and Dark Angels do," Leman said.
"That makes sense," the Emperor said. He reached out to Malcador to go to Quasar and speak with Surlaz. Then he contacted Valdor to meet them when they landed. The Emperor would leave the Primarchs with Valdor and then he would seek the Lion.
They landed, and the Primarchs went inside to find Valdor waiting for them. The Emperor stepped from the Thunderhawk to his ornithopter. He felt it would be easier to land the smaller craft in the area he would be searching in.
The museum was a rather large building, and not square. This made it harder to search around. The Emperor landed the ornithopter and began the process. He was very concerned. This was the first time any of his sons had been injured since their abduction. It also seemed that it had been over an hour since the Lion had gone missing. His continued unconsiousness was an indicator that the Lion's sus-an organ had activated. The slightest hint of movement caught the Emperor's attention.
Frederick was standing in an alcove. The diminuative creature stepped forward, and down a branch of the alleyway that the Emperor was standing in. The Emperor got a sense that Frederick wanted him to follow, so he did. The two found the Lion halfway down the alley branch. The Emperor quickly passed Frederick when he spotted the unconscious Lion.
"Lion," the Emperor said. He was fairly certain his son was inchoate, but he said the name anyway. The Lion was crumpled, clearly injured in several places. The Emperor carefully shifted the Lion, and turned to where Frederick had been standing, but Frederick was gone. Lifting the Lion he moved back to the ornithopter.
He arrived at the Apothecarion and carried his son inside. The Lion had not regained consciousness on the flight over. The staff of the Apothecarion weren't as prepared for the Lion as they had been for Jaghatai after the abduction. The did however, gear up quickly and took the Lion from the Emperor. He then was left to wait outside while the Apothecaries did their work. The Emperor waited impatiently. There was nothing much to distract him this time. It had been somewhat easier with Jaghatai and Magnus. Jaghatai's injury wasn't very dire, and he had had to tend Magnus himself. It was fifty minutes before the Emperor got any word. A medicae approached, bowing before addressing the Emperor.
"We have stabilized Lord Jonson, my lord," he said. "He has not awoken yet, would you like to see him?"
"Yes," the Emperor said, rising and moving with the medicae. He entered the room, and sat by the side of the bed. The Lion was covered with bandages, a few intravenous tubes were also poking out of Primarch. He looked very small to the Emperor. An Apothecary entered a few moments later.
"Do you have an idea of when he will wake?" the Emperor asked. The Apothecary shook his head.
"No, lord. He could be out for several days," the Apothecary said. The Emperor indicated his understanding. He knew he couldn't stay for much longer, the other Primarchs needed him. He stayed for a few moments longer before departing.
He returned to the residence and found Corvus missing from the living room. Vulkan approached the Emperor even before Horus or Sanguinius.
"Father, Corvus has locked himself in his room and refuses to come out," Vulkan said. He seemed very concerned for his brother. The Emperor placed a hand on Vulkan's shoulder, and then headed over to Corvus' room. Knocking on the door, he then entered the room.
"Go away, Vulkan," Corvus muttered from a corner. He turned to tell off his brother further, but faltered when he realized that it was his father he was dealing with. It was obvious that Corvus had been crying, but the Emperor didn't know why.
"What's wrong, Corvus?" the Emperor asked gently. He moved over to the bed, the only thing in the room that was big enough for the Emperor to sit on. His only other option was the floor. Corvus was sitting on a chair by the desk in the corner.
"It's my fault that Lion's hurt," Corvus said. He stayed on the chair, but did turn towards the Emperor.
"Why do you say that?" the Emperor asked, he motioned to the open space at the edge of the bed, trying to encourage Corvus to come closer. Corvus remained where he was for the moment.
"I was pointing out a taxidermy lion to Lion," Corvus said quietly. "I called him by name, and then Surlaz insulted him on his name. If I hadn't said Lion's name, Surlaz wouldn't have insulted him and Lion wouldn't be hurt right now."
"Come here, Corvus," the Emperor urged quietly, Corvus finally caved and moved from his chair to the small area left on his bed. The Emperor placed an arm around Corvus, holding him gently. Corvus wasn't the biggest fan of being touched by anyone, including the Emperor.
"When you pointed out the taxidermy, did you intend for Lion to be injured?" the Emperor asked.
"Of course not," Corvus said emphatically. "I would never want to hurt Lion, or any of my brothers."
"Even Horus?" the Emperor asked, trying to get a smile from Corvus. It was well known that Corvus found Horus to be his least favorite brother.
"Even Horus," Corvus said quickly, without smiling.
"Then this is not your fault," the Emperor said. "The fault lies with Surlaz who is the one who hurt Lion."
"But it was my comment that started it," Corvus insisted.
"No, you made a comment to share amusement with a brother," the Emperor said. "You didn't know that Surlaz would insult Lion, or that he would fight Lion."
"He couldn't have done what he did to Lion alone though," Corvus said. They were all capable of fighting off a single human normal, even an adult, without their armor.
"True, but that is also not your fault," the Emperor said. "You couldn't have known that the others involved would do what they did."
"Do you think that Lion thinks the same way?" Corvus asked.
"Of course, Corvus," the Emperor said. "Lion has no reason to hold this against you."
"He isn't going to think that it reflects poorly on me?" Corvus insisted.
"This doesn't reflect on you," the Emperor said. "No one reflects on you, but yourself."
"What about the Raven Guard?" Corvus asked, looking confused.
"They reflect the morals, values, and ideals that you use," the Emperor said. "In fact, they embody those traits, but that is not all of what makes you Corvus Corax."
"I guess you're right, Father," Corvus said. He finally returned the one-armed hug that the Emperor had been giving him.
"Vulkan's quite worried about you," the Emperor said after a moment.
"That somehow doesn't surprise me," Corvus said. "Sometimes I don't understand why he is so insistent on hanging out with me."
"It keeps you from skulking,," the Emperor said. "Like Konrad does."
"I do not skulk like Konrad," Corvus said quickly, finally cracking a tiny smile.
"It doesn't seem that way to the others," the Emperor said with a slight smile of his own. "Let's go out and prove that you don't skulk."
"I brood," Corvus muttered. "There's a difference there."
The Emperor spent the majority of his spare time with the Lion over the next several days. He would bring a few of the other Primarchs when he came in the evening. He knew that he wasn't the only visitor that the Lion had. Luther had come twice, bringing Zephyr the second time. The Emperor had passed them in the hall as they were leaving.
"Greetings, my lord," Luther had said with a deep bow and a salute. Zephyr had just had the first set of implants for the gene-seed and had only been released from the Astartes Apothecarion the day prior.
"Greetings, my lord," Zephyr had also said. He looked less scared in the presence of the Emperor than their previous encounter.
"Any change?" the Emperor had asked. Both Dark Angels shook their heads.
The Emperor would talk about his day and events of the Imperium when he sat with the Lion. The other Primarchs would tell him all of the events at Nova when they came in the evening. Everyone knew that the Lion couldn't really hear them, but it helped fill the quiet and gave them all something to do.
The Emperor entered the room one day, and the first thing that he noticed was that the plush toy Calibanite Lion that the Lion had was on the floor. The Emperor had brought it the day after the field trip. He knew that it was the Lion's favorite toy. The Emperor stooped and picked up the plush toy. He placed the toy back on the bed, carefully lifting one of the Lion's hands to set the toy under the Lion's arm. The Lion shifted slightly and pinned the Emperor's hand. The Emperor extricated his hand with a slight smile. The Lion didn't wake that visit.
It was indeed several days before the Lion woke. The Emperor was alone as it was the midday recess. He had finished talking about what he believed the Lion would be interested in, and had moved on to reading. The Lion shifted himself and the Emperor looked up sharply from his data slate.
"Lion?" the Emperor asked quietly, unsure if the Lion was waking or not.
"Father?" the Lion whispered, his eyes opening a fraction.
"Yes, I'm here," the Emperor said, relieved. "Do you know where you are?"
"The Apothecarion," the Lion said after a quick glance around.
"Do you remember what happened to you?" the Emperor asked.
"The Quasar student, Surlaz I believe, called me a cub," the Lion said after a moment. "I challenged him to a duel of honor, we went outside for the fight. When we got outside there were several other boys and they all attacked me at once."
"Malcador has been talking with Surlaz," the Emperor said. "Surlaz is insisting that he beat you alone."
"No, there were four other boys involved," the Lion said. "I could sense them, but I didn't expect them to attack me all together." The Lion turned his face away from the Emperor, feeling ashamed for not having handled the number of opponents.
"You are not quite ready for five opponents at once," the Emperor said gently, reaching out and placing a hand over one of the Lion's hands with a squeeze. The Lion turned his head back towards the Emperor.
"How is everyone else?" the Lion asked.
"They are all worried about you," the Emperor answered. "Corvus especially is concerned. He was convinced that he was in some way responsible for what happened to you."
"He wasn't though, all he did was make a joke," the Lion said. "Vulkan and I have been working on getting Corvus to joke more since the body swapping thing. Now we're going to be back to square one."
"I'll bring him when I come back tonight and you can tell him that yourself," the Emperor said. It was nearing the end of the recess. "Sadly, I must return to work. You should rest."
"But that's what I've been doing since the field trip," the Lion said. "Even I'm tired of sleeping."
"Don't drive the medicae too crazy," the Emperor said as he stood in the doorway of the Lion's room.
"I promise," the Lion said. The Lion went and adjusted the bed so he was closer to sitting than laying flat. He activated the hololith that was in the room. He was still sleepy, despite what he had said to the Emperor earlier. When the medicae came to assess him they found him asleep again. They laid him back down again, and turned off the hololith.
The Emperor returned in the evening, as promised, with Corvus in tow. The Lion was awake again. He looked up as the door opened. He was expecting another medicae or an Apothecary. The Lion perked up a bit when he saw that it was the Emperor and Corvus.
"Corvus! Father!" the Lion said, switching off the hololith as they entered.
"How are you feeling, Lion?" the Emperor asked as he took his normal seat, Corvus taking the chair beside their father.
"I'm feeling better, but not fully well, Father," the Lion said.
"Are you in pain?" the Emperor asked.
"Not really," the Lion answered with a slight shake of his head. "I'm sore, but not pain really."
"That's good," Corvus said. "I'm sorry you got hurt."
"You aren't the one who beat me up, Corvus," the Lion said. "You made a joke. It was a good one too. It was nice to hear you laugh."
"You aren't mad at me?" Corvus asked. He didn't look convinced.
"Of course not," the Lion said. "You have any idea how hard Vulkan and I have been working for that single moment? I'm angrier with Surlaz as he has messed up all of that work."
"You and Vulkan have been working on getting me to make jokes?" Corvus asked, bewildered.
"Yeah, ever since the body swapping incident," the Lion said. "I was super proud of you when you made the joke at the museum." Corvus still looked confused, but decided to accept what the Lion said.
"How long are you going to be here?" Corvus asked after a moment.
"I don't know," the Lion said. "They haven't told me anything about that yet."
"I'm sure that you will be here for a few more days," the Emperor said. The Lion yawned and looked at both Corvus and the Emperor.
"I think I should sleep for awhile," the Lion said around another yawn. The Emperor and Corvus both stood.
"Good night, Lion," Corvus said as he headed towards the door.
"Good night, Corvus," the Lion said. "Good night, Father."
"Good night, Lion," the Emperor said. He reached over and placed a hand on the Lion as he passed. "I'll be back tomorrow."
It was three more days before the Lion was allowed to leave the Apothecarion. Corvus was probably the happiest for the return of the Lion. The Emperor went and retrieved the Lion personally. Malcador and Valdor were both present as well for the Lion's homecoming.
"They're back!" Magnus said, sensing the approach of the ornithopter. The Primarchs all rushed forward and stood by the door. The Emperor had the Lion enter ahead of him. His brothers all greeted him warmly, even the ones he didn't get along well with.
"It's good to have you back, Lion," Leman said. Freki and Geri were also there, wagging their tails and rearing on to their back legs with excitement.
"Welcome back," Corvus said. He looked like he might have been nudged by Vulkan before speaking though. The Lion cringed internally, knowing that they had lost a lot of ground.
"How are you feeling, Lord Jonson?" Valdor asked.
"I'm a lot better, Valdor," the Lion answered. He smiled around at everyone present, and promptly yawned.
"You should head to bed, Lion," the Emperor said. There was one other entity for the Lion to greet, and the Emperor was slightly suspicious that the yawn had been faked.
"Alright, Father," the Lion said, he did actually sound tired. If it was an act, it was a good one the Emperor decided. The Lion headed to his room, carrying his toy with him.
"I'm back, Frederick," the Lion announced once he had closed his door. The hooded creature appeared from the shadows of the room. The Lion called Frederick a Watcher in the Dark. There were more than just Frederick, but most stayed on Caliban, though there were a few that occasionally appeared in the Dark Angels training hall. They never spoke, or made any sound really. They created something like an empathic projection that they used to communicate. Frederick was broadcasting a sense of peace and welcome.
"I missed you too," the Lion said as he prepared for bed. He was determined to start harder combat training as soon as his father would allow it. It was sure to be an uphill battle though, the Emperor was quite protective of his sons. However, the Lion was sure he could work something out, he could get Luther to help him if he needed it. Luther was better with people and words than the Lion was.
The Emperor looked in on the Lion after the other Primarchs had gone to bed. It was a relief to have all of his sons home again. He watched the Lion for a few moments, before heading to bed himself, knowing all was well again.


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    Poor Lion! I'm glad he's all right.

    "I brood," Corvus muttered. "There's a difference there." ... this made me laugh after a long day Thanks!
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    You're welcome!


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