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Little Primarchs- Sleepwalking

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All of the Primarchs had quirks, especially in their sleep. The Lion and Leman both snored. Leman's was compared to an ideling engine. Lorgar was a deep sleeper, the Emperor spoke directly to Lorgar's mind to wake him in the morning. The joke among the Primarchs was that one could launch a Thunderhawk next to Lorgar and he wouldn't wake up. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Konrad and Corvus were both very light sleepers. They couldn't share rooms with the Lion or Leman because of it. Several of the Primarchs talked in their sleep, including Lorgar. Roboute was known for making whole speeches in his sleep.
Vulkan seemed like one of the only normal sleepers out of the Primarchs. He didn't snore, or talk in his sleep, and wasn't too deep of a sleeper while not being woken up when the wind changed direction. That all changed one night.
Corvus was finding it hard to get to sleep one night, his mind was just too active for some reason. He was just about to nod off, when he heard Vulkan's door open and then close. He tried to tell himself that Vulkan was just getting some water from the bathroom. They were only supposed to get water from the bathroom sinks at night. However, the bathroom door never opened. Now concerned, Corvus rose and went to check on Vulkan.
He didn't need to go to his brother's room though. He could see Vulkan standing in the hallway, but only due to the bright green pajamas that Vulkan wore. He wasn't even sure which way Vulkan was facing. Then Vulkan moved off down the hallway, he didn't have his cup with him. Corvus followed, confused. He knew that Vulkan couldn't be under mind-control, that would have set off every psi-ward in the Palace and there would be Custodians everywhere.
Then, he remembered that the Emperor had told them about sleepwalking. It was something that people did that wasn't any form of possession. That would leave the psi-wards in place, and explain Vulkan. He then realized that they were passing out of the residence, and he should work on getting Vulkan to turn around and go back to bed.
"Vulkan, wake up," Corvus called as he neared his brother. Vulkan didn't seem to have heard Corvus at first, and just kept going. Corvus followed, he didn't want Vulkan to wander too far. There were always people in the Palace, always things going on. It wouldn't be good for Vulkan to wake up in a crowd of people and not know what was going on.
"We have to keep going," Vulkan said after a few moments. Corvus looked hopeful that Vulkan had woken up. However, Vulkan's eyes were still closed, only Magnus slept with his eye open. Vulkan then turned down a side corridor, moving closer to where people would be. Corvus redoubled his efforts to catch Vulkan and turn him around.
"Where are we going?" Corvus asked, not sure if that would do anything. Vulkan kept going without answering his brother. He tried to climb a wall towards a high set window halfway down the hall. Corvus grabbed Vulkan and pulled him back down.
"We need to go up," Vulkan said in a huff.
"We are going up, Vulkan," Corvus said as they continued down the hallway. It wasn't the direction that Corvus wanted to go, but it was better than Vulkan climbing the walls. They came to a large room, Corvus searched the room, looking for other people, or possibly a Custodian or Sister of Silence to help him.
"DANCE PARTY!!!!!!!!" Vulkan yelled suddenly at the top of his lungs. Corvus was struck with something soft as he turned around. He realized quickly that he had been hit with Vulkan's pajamas. Dragons were smiling up at him. Vulkan was wearing nothing underneath the pajamas. This meant that he was now completely naked, and dancing in the middle of the room.
There were several levels of security to the Imperial Palace. One of those was visual auspex monitors. These feeds were funneled to a monitor room that was always manned by a Silent Sister, and a Custodian. This particular night it was Thayla of the Sisters, and Gerryn of the Custodians. The room that Vulkan's "dance party" was in was a monitored room. Gerryn wasn't watching the feeds just then, he was reading a philosophy book. Thayla on the other hand was watching, and slapped Gerryn on the arm to get his attention.
"What is it?" Gerryn asked, turning to the monitors. "Is that Lord Vulkan and Lord Corax?"
Thayla nodded, shaking with silent laughter. She then made some signs with her hands. She was asking about what they should do.
"I don't know, I think we should send it off to Valdor," Gerryn said after a moment. He was also very much amused by Corvus's attempts to get Vulkan to put on his pajamas again. Vulkan finally stopped dancing and took his pajamas back from Corvus, putting them on as if nothing had happened.
"We need to go back to bed now," Corvus said, pulling on Vulkan's arm to get him heading back to the residence. "It's getting very late, we don't want to be out too late."
"Alright," Vulkan sighed. He turned around and they headed back out. They made it back to the residence between patrols of the Custodians. Corvus ensured that Vulkan went into his room. Corvus found that he was quite tired now, and fell asleep quite quickly.
The morning arrived a lot faster than Corvus was ready for. He felt groggy as the Emperor entered the room to wake him up. He rolled over, an unusual thing for him.
"Are you alright, Corvus?" the Emperor asked, surprised.
"I'm alright, Father," Corvus said. "I'm just very tired."
"Do you have any idea why?" the Emperor asked.
"Vulkan went sleepwalking last night," Corvus said. "I followed him around to get him back to bed."
"That is a new development," the Emperor said. "I'll give you another five minutes, but that's all."
"Alright, Father," Corvus said, he put his head back down on his pillow and closed his eyes again.
"Time to get up Vulkan," the Emperor said entering Vulkan's room. The walls were covered in pictures of dragons. Most were drawn by Vulkan himself. Vulkan dragged himself out of bed, and the Emperor noted that Vulkan's pajama shirt was on backwards.
"Corvus said you went sleepwalking last night," the Emperor said. Vulkan looked confused.
"I had a dream, and Corvus was involved," Vulkan said. He then woke up enough to realize that his shirt was on backwards. "When did this happen?"
"Probably when you were out sleepwalking," the Emperor said.
The rest of the day the Emperor was busy. Valdor had received the recording of the "dance party", but didn't get a good chance to talk to the Emperor about it. It wasn't until the end of the day when Valdor came by the residence after the Primarchs had returned from Nova that it became a topic of conversation. Vulkan approached Valdor, he looked like he had a question to ask.
"Valdor, could you check something for me?" Vulkan asked.
"What is it, Lord Vulkan?" Valdor asked, hiding his amusement.
"Corvus and Father say I went sleepwalking last night," Vulkan said. "Could you check the augers to see where I went?"
"I've seen part of where you went last night already," Valdor said, failing to hide his smile. Corvus had approached as well and heard that comment.
"What part did you see, Valdor?" Corvus asked, worried that he already kenw.
"The 'dance party' part," Valdor said. "I got sent the footage by Thayla and Gerryn."
Corvus blushed a deep crimson color. Vulkan looked confused, and Valdor began to chuckle uncontrollably. The Emperor looked over and raised an eyebrow questioningly.
"I got sent a piece of security footage from last night, my liege," Valdor began. "It was of Lord Vulkan dancing in one of the entry halls. He was naked, Lord Corax was about the color he is now. He appeared to be trying to get Lord Vulkan to put his pajamas back on."
"So that's how I ended up with my shirt on backwards this morning," Vulkan said. He seemed a bit embarrassed about Valdor, or anyone else, seeing him naked.
"Yeah, I tried to get you to fix it, but gave up because I was just happy to get you headed back to bed," Corvus said. He was more pink than red now. He even managed a slight chuckle at the situation. The Emperor was also chuckling at Vulkan's antics while sleeping. The other Primarchs hadn't heard the conversation and were therefore confused about why Valdor and the Emperor were laughing.
"What's so funny?" Konrad asked.
"I apparently went sleepwalking last night, and started dancing in the buffer zone," Vulkan said. The buffer zone was the term the Primarchs used for the entry halls, they were between the residence and the administration areas.
"In the buff is right," Corvus said, still embarrassed on Vulkan's behalf. "And we were on auspex."
"Nice," Leman said, also starting to chuckle.
"I do not believe that was the main reason you came by, Valdor," the Emperor said. The Custodian shook his head.
"I came to inform you that we have launched three new Blood Games," Valdor said. Blood Games were used to test the security of the Palace. Valdor always told the Emperor when they were launched.
"Infiltration ones?" the Emperor asked. Valdor nodded. Infultration Games were when a Custodian was sent away from the Palace and told to get back, and as close to the Emperor as possible, without getting caught by other Custodians. Beyond that there were no rules to the Games.
"Perhaps I should make some form of locking mechanism to keep me from escaping again," Vulkan said. "My sleepwalking around the Palace could be an exploitable thing."
"Good point, Vulkan," the Emperor said. "We can install some form of lock on the main doors to the residence so that you cannot escape. It is likely that you will grow out of sleepwalking soon enough."
"True, and I probably won't do it every night," Vulkan mused.
"I hope not," Corvus said. "I'll never get any sleep if you do." He softened the statement with a smile. Vulkan laughed, and slapped Corvus on the shoulder. Corvus staggered, but stayed upright. He was one of the few Primarchs who could stand up after one of Vulkan's "friendly" slaps.
"If I'm confined to the residence you shouldn't have to follow me," Vulkan said.
"You tried to climb a wall to a window last night," Corvus said. "I had to pull you down off the wall."
"None of the windows here open though," the Emperor pointed out.
"Fair enough, Father," Corvus said.


  1. Nyctophora's Avatar
    Well, that will stick in my mind the next time I see Vulkan. At least there's no 40k Youtube
  2. Lady Lion's Avatar
    What has been seen cannot be unseen
  3. GreyKnight92's Avatar
    "What is it? Is that Lord Vulkan and Lord Corax?" as the Silent Sister laughs silently. Although I now wonder if there's 40k Funniest videos?
  4. Lady Lion's Avatar
    Maybe, though would it be fair to add videos of the Primarchs?


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