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Little Primarchs- The Intruder

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The residence was dark. It was night, so this made sense. The kitchen was like a cave yawning to one side of the darkened living room. The living room itself was a massive, inky pool, with outside lumens shining around the slats of the vertical blinds at the armorglass door on the wall opposite the kitchen. All seemed at peace, a stillness that could only come from the residents being asleep.
A shadow moved, disturbing the tranquility of the living room. It slipped soundlessly from the door that joined the residence to the rest of the Palace. It crossed the living room, slipping up next to the door to the landing pad. This was next to the final exit from the room, a long hallway with eleven doors to each side, and one door directly ahead at the end of the hall. It was this last door that the shadow wanted to get to. There lay the shadow's goal.
The shadow began its passage down the hallway of doors. It knew there were other residents behind most of the other doors, but they were not the goal. This meant that the shadow paid no attention to the doors once passed. A door to the right side of the hallway, a grey door with a picture of a hand on it, opened after the shadow had passed it. A young boy slipped out, and began to sneak up on the shadow. As he passed the other decorated doors, he opened the doors. Other boys came out of their rooms, and fell in with the first boy. One boy, his skin a strange red color, sent a psychic signal to the boys in the rooms ahead of the shadow. They slipped out of their rooms, posing an obvious obstacle.
"What have we got here?" asked a boy with long blond hair, his eyes were a dark green.
"Looks like an intruder to me," said another boy, this one had longer black hair and the permanent teeth that he had were filed to a point.
"Indeed it does," said yet another boy, this one was bald. He seemed to have some small level of authority over the other boys.
"What are we going to do about it?" asked the smallest boy. He had a small device in his hand that he set on the floor. The shadow realized it was a sound dampener. There was only one way to go: the shadow would have to fight its way through the boys. It drew a short blade and charged forwards.
"Seems we have to fight it," said another bald boy, he looked a little too happy to have a fight on his hands. Suddenly a Fenrisian wolf pup leapt at the shadow. Blocking the attack, it then flung the white pup hard into a wall. This angered the boys. One blond boy moved between the shadow and the pup, and another revealed great wings, flying up to strike the shadow in the face. The shadow went down, hit in the face at the same moment that its legs were taken out.
"Pin him!" called the leader. Quickly four of the boys sat down, one on each of the shadow's limbs.
"Jaghatai, Lorgar, go signal the Great Custodian," Horus said. Jaghatai and Lorgar nodded and trotted off.
"What kind of intruder do we have?" asked Magnus, he was sitting on one of the shadow's arms. Stretching an arm far beyond what was normal, he removed the concealing helm.
"A Custodian," Horus said as the face was revealed.
"This limits what we can do to him," Leman said. He looked very annoyed that a Custodian had hurled Freki into the wall like that.
"Is Freki alright?" Corvus asked. Leman nodded.
"Thankfully Fenrisian wolves are about as hardy as Primarchs," Leman said.
"I know what we can do," Konrad said. "I'll be right back."
"While we wait for Konrad," Mortarion said slyly as he walked over to the Custodian, and farted.
"That's nasty, Mortarion," Angron said, he had one of the Custodian's legs. Vulkan was on the other leg, wih Sanguinius on the other arm.
"We can tie him up, if you guys are willing to let him up," Ferrus offered, he had his own proximity alarm that the Custodians weren't aware of. This was how he had become aware of the Custodian in the first place. He and Perturabo also had lengths of wire that were easily accessible.
"We can tie him up like an animal," Leman said. He seemed happy with that. Perturabo and Ferrus quickly grabbed wire, and handed it off to Rogal. Rogal was known for making the hardest knots out of all the Primarchs. Konrad reappeared just after Rogal finished. He was holding a thick, black marking stylus.
"What shall I draw on him?" Konrad asked, he looked to Leman. "How about your wolf because he tried to hurt Freki?"
"I like that idea," Leman said with a dark smile. Konrad returned the dark smile and carefully drew Leman's wolf symbol on the Custodian's left cheek. He then shifted and drew his bat-winged skull on the right cheek. He then added the aquila in the middle of the hapless Custodian's forehead. The Custodian tried to struggle from his bonds. That was when Perturabo pressed a button on a remote that he had brought back with him. The wires he had provided sparked with power, causing the Custodian to jerk and twitch until Perturabo deactivated his wires.
"You can shut down the dampener now, Alpharius," Horus said. Omegon reached down and shut off the dampener. The Lion then went down the hall to wake the Emperor.
"Father, we have caught an intruder," the Lion said as he opened the door. The Emperor rose and followed the Lion out into the hallway. He chuckled quietly at the sight of the bound Custodian. Valdor arrived with Jaghatai and Lorgar just seconds after the Emperor entered the hall. Valdor laughed aloud at the sight.
"I think I can take it from here, my king," Valdor said, a wide grin on his normally stern face. He had two other Custodians with him, they took over the prisoner Custodian from the Primarchs, lifting him to his feet. They then quickly marched him out. Valdor turned and followed behind.
"Well done," the Emperor said with a smile for each of his sons. "The drawings were a nice touch."
"Thank you, Father," Konrad said. He was rather proud of his drawings. He also thought it would be funny if the Custodian got a name based on those drawings.
"Back to bed, Primarchs," the Emperor said as he turned and returned to his own room.


  1. Nyctophora's Avatar
    Little Primarchs 1, Blood Games 0. Time to sharpen up your game Golden Boys
  2. GreyKnight92's Avatar
    So close, and yet so far, Custodian Wolf Cheek Aquila Head
  3. Lady Lion's Avatar
    "I don't know if I should call that a success, Custodian Graffiti, but it was something."--- Valdor.
  4. Nyctophora's Avatar
    "Angry Wolf Flying Skull? Sounds like a tough fight!"



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