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Little Primarchs- Pagent

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Nova was expanding it's curriculum to include music. The Primarchs and the others of their grade were very excited. Fulgrim was quite excited, because there was already talk of a pagent. This meant that he would get to dress up. Sanguinius was also excited because he enjoyed music. The Lion had already proven himself an excellent singer. Leman liked to sing, but wasn't the best at it. Lorgar was excited, but a little concerned; it was a joke amongst the Primarchs that Lorgar sounding like a drowning grox when he sang.
"Alright everyone! Let's get started," the music teacher said. Her name was Mamzel Eralin. This was her first teaching position. She then srtarted teaching them words for a song. After going through the song a few times, she asked if there were any questions about the class.
"is there going to be a pagent?" Fulgrim asked as soon as he was called on.
"Yes, there will be," Mamzel Eralin said. "It'll be in celebration of the worderful Imperium that we live in."
"Father will like that," Lorgar said. "Will there be a lot of singing?"
"Of course, that's a big part of what a pagent is," Mamzel Eralin responded. She had noted that Lorgar had only appeared to mouth the words instead of actually singing out loud. "And I expect to hear everyone's voice in it."
Lorgar looked uncomfortable with that. He knew that it was going to take a lot of work to make his singing voice sound better. He didn't want to disappoint his father. He guessed he could ask the Lion for help if needed.
"Don't worry, Lorgar," Mamzel Eralin said, noting Lorgar's discomfort. "The pagent isn't for several months yet."
"That's good, Mamzel," Lorgar said. "I'm not a very good singer, but I will try to not sound too terrible."
"I can also work with you after school if you need the help," Mamzel Eralin said. Lorgar shook his head.
"Thank you, but that won't be neccessary," Lorgar said. "Father and my brothers can help me at home."
"That works even better," Mamzel Eralin said. "That way you can all practice together, but remember, your father isn't supposed to know any of the songs in the pagent before we present it."
"Father probably knows them anyway," Lorgar said. Mamzel Eralin had been informed who the Primarchs were, and who their father was, but she thought it had been a test of her nerves and didn't fully believe Master Kirraen.
"It can still be a surprise that we are using the specific songs that we are using," Mamzel Eralin stressed. She very much wanted this to be a surprise for all of the parents.
"Alright, I won't ask Father for help," Lorgar allowed. He then went on his way.
"There's going to be a pagent, Father!" Fulgrim called out with excitement as they boarded the Thunderhawk after school.
"Interesting," the Emperor said. "When?"
"It'll be two months from now," Horus said. That had been his first question.
"Is this a singing pagent or a play?" the Emperor asked. He remembered both, and was curious about which it would be.
"A singing pagent," Lorgar said. He looked downcast about that fact.
"It'll be alright, Lorgar," Horus said, trying to cheer his brother. Lorgar was somewhat of a loner amongst the Primarchs. It was partially due to his thoughts on religion.
"Yeah, we have months to practice," Magnus said. "I can help you. Maybe we can change your vocal chords for the performance."
"That might be what it takes," Lorgar said. His psychic powers were nowhere near as strong as Magnus', but he could do minor things, and use his powers in combat. He still seemed unhappy as they landed. He got out and plodded towards the door.
"What's wrong, Lorgar?" the Emperor asked, he was waiting for Lorgar, who was the last Primarch in.
"I'm a terrible singer, Father," Lorgar said. "I don't want to disappoint or embarass you at the pagent."
"I won't be disappointed, or embarassed," the Emperor said gently. "I will be proud of you for trying your hardest."
"Really?" Lorgar asked. He often earned the Emperor's displeasure by being adamant about religion. He also didn't like learning tactics and other tools of war. He felt that the Primarchs could be so much more than just tools of war.
"Really," the Emperor assured Lorgar. Lorgar then went inside ahead of his father. He was still nervous about the pagent, but he felt better about his father.
The days went by swiftly for Lorgar. He almost felt like he didn't have time to practice enough. Magnus was helping him, both with the singing and with the adjustment of his vocal cords. He could only achieve a temporary alteration though, and it wasn't consistent.
"Is everyone ready?" Mamzel Eralin asked as she walked backstage. The pagent was taking place over the last two class periods, and all of their parents had been invited. The Primarchs were actually not sure if the Emperor was coming, or if it would be Malcador instead. The students all indicated their readiness.
"Alright then, let's go!" Mamzel Eralin said cheerfully. "Remember! I want to hear everyone's voices!"
"Yes, Mamzel Eralin," everyone chorused, Lorgar quickly made the adjustment to his vocal cords to allow him to not sound like something dying. He hoped it would last. They all trooped out on stage then. To the surprise of all the Primarchs, the Emperor was indeed there. He was in one of his prefered guises of a Palace administrator. It was his most common guise when he was at Nova. He waved to his sons, they all waved back briefly. Lorgar managed a smile before having to take his place.
The pagent went well, or at least Lorgar thought so. He didn't think that he sounded too terrible. He also saw the Emperor smile during the pagent. The others seemed to be having a good time as well. Lorgar rushed over to their father at the end with his brothers, feeling his vocal chords returning to normal.
"You all did a good job," the Emperor said with a smile. "I'm proud of you all."
"Even me?" Angron asked. He was also a terrible singer, but revelled in it.
"Even you, Angron," the Emperor said with a smile. "You were having fun, and that's what was important to me."
"So, what you wanted was for us to enjoy ourselves?" Lorgar asked. He seemed a little confused, like he just had a revelation.
"Yes, Lorgar," the Emperor said. "That's why I told you that all you needed to do was try your best. You just needed to try it out, and attempt to enjoy yourself."
"That makes sense," Lorgar said after a moment. "You are always trying to get us to be happy and accept being ourselves."
"Even when it means we don't agree," the Emperor said, placing a hand on Lorgar's shoulder. "It is part of how each of you is unique. Not everyone agrees all the time. And I always love you, even when we argue."
Lorgar leaned his head against the Emperor's leg and smiled. "Thanks, Father," Lorgar said. "It's nice to be reminded that you always love all of us."
"Indeed I do, Lorgar," the Emperor said as they arrived at the Thunderhawk to head home.


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