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Little Primarchs- Time Travel part 1

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The fact that something was wrong was obvious as soon as they entered the warp. The Primarchs were confined to a single room as the Imperator Somnium struggled to move through the immaterium. Jaghatai and Angron were both quite annoyed with this situation.
"At least we don't have the body swapping thing this time," Fulgrim said. He was perfectly fine with never being in anyone else's body ever again. He liked his body just the way it was.
"That is true," Horus said with a ghost of a smile.
"Indeed, I don't think I could hold Magnus' body together this time," Angron said. He was standing by the door, looking very much like he wanted to kick it.
"Then it's a very good thing we don't have that device around," Magnus said. That elicited a few scattered chuckles. The translation back into realspace was jarringly abrupt. Angron and Jaghatai moved in a pair of loops away from the door and tried to activate its proximity sensor again. The door remained closed, Angron made a frustrated grunt and repeated his loop. He sped up as he approached the door and brought back his leg to kick the door. Just as he was about to extend his leg, the door opened. Angron slid to a stop and put his foot back down. Lucial was standing in the doorway.
"I was sent to both check on you and bring you to the strategium," Lucial said. He didn't need to be told that all the Primarchs were unharmed. They followed the Custodian to the strategium. They saw several Mechanicum priests moving throughout the ship, checking for damage.
"Do you know what happened?" Leman asked Lucial as they continued down the hall.
"I know as much as you do, Lord Russ," Lucial replied. He had only been told to retrieve the Primarchs, after ensuring they were unharmed by the rough translation. They entered the strategium to find their father surrounded by reports.
"What happened, Father?" Horus asked.
"We have accidentally travelled back in time," the Emperor said. The Primarchs were aware of the possibility of time travel with the warp. It was part of why Navigators were so important to warp travel.
"How far back?" Magnus asked.
"I have determined that we have arrived in the early part of M3," the Emperor said.
"That's a long way back," the Lion said with surprise.
"Is this when you were a child, Father?" Fulgrim asked on the heels of the Lion's comment.
"No," the Emperor said with a smile. "I was a child before what we count as M1."
"There wasn't any time before M1," Lorgar said. That was what he had determined from Histories.
"Our calendar is based on one of the old religions that Father cast down," Magnus said. "They started M1 based on when their founder was born. But there was time, and even written history, before that. The Gyptian culture is from before M1."
"Magnus is correct," the Emperor said. "The calendar used by that religion became so ingrained across the globe, that I found it far simpler to keep the millenium rather than alter it."
"That makes sense," Sanguinius said.
"How do we get back to our time?" Jaghatai asked.
"We should be able to go back to our own time through the warp, just like we got here," the Emperor said.
"So why haven't we gone?" Angron asked.
"We have been detected by the satelites of the time," the Emperor said. "Valdor will head planet-side and erase the data from where it has been sent for storage. When he returns we can go back to our own time."
Valdor had departed the strategium before the Primarchs had arrived. When the Emperor was telling the Primarchs of Valdor's mission, Valdor himself was on his way to the surface in a single-person stealth flyer that was like something the Raven Guard would use. The Mechanicum had been able to locate where the satelite had exloaded its data.
Landing near the building, Valdor slipped past a few layers of security. He had no doubt that they were top-of-the-line for M3, but they were child's play for him to bypass. He was very pleased with this, as it made his mission easier. He approached a cogitator unit and began to access it. The screen prompt was for a password, Valdor removed a small device that showed him what runes were most frequently used on the runeboard set before the cogitator. On his second password attempt the cogitator screen gave a reminder prompt for the password. All it said was "pet". Looking about, Valdor spotted a picture of a feline; on the back of the picture was written "Kitty Fantastica". Inwardly cringing at the horrendous low Gothic, he typed in the words and the cogitator gave him access.
He worked his way in to where the information about the Imperator Somnium was and deleted it. He then worked back out of the system, removing his tracks as he went out. He was nearly finished with this when he noted another being in the room with him. He was wearing a device that gave him the appearance of a human normal, though it was in appearance only. He was still physically a Custodian. Glancing up slightly he noted a man in a light gray uniform. This man was holding some form of weapon aimed at him, Valdor stopped what he was doing, and turned his attention to the man.
The Emperor had given Valdor explicit instructions to not kill or mortally wound any of the humans from this time period. This was mostly due to the patchy records of the time, especially concerning geneology. The Imperials didn't want to accidentally kill someone who was the ancestor of an important person in their own time. This did nothing to lessen Valdor's feeling of embarrassment at being captured by a human normal.
Two other men joined the man in gray. These two were wearing dark blue uniforms that almost appeared black. They also had badges that Valdor recognized as belonging to the law enforcement of the time. Valdor sighed, realizing that he needed to drop the disguising field around him. This was because if they attempted to put restraints on him, they would find his physical dimensions to not match the ones they were seeing. Weapons were drawn as Valdor seemed to grow rapidly in size to the three human normals. Valdor kept his hands in plain sight, setting them palms up in his lap.
"I will cooperate with you," Valdor said in a gentle voice that he used often when dealing with human normals, and the Primarchs. As he said this he activated a distress signal from his vox bead.
"Put your hands in the air," one of the enforcers said. His uniform had "police" stitched on the chest. Valdor complied, remaining kneeling as he had not been told to stand.
"We're going to need to chain our handcuffs, Paul," the other officer said, reaching behind him and holding out a pair of manacles to the first officer.
"You're right, if the cuffs even fit around his wrist," Paul said. He took the other officer's manacles and produced his own from behind. It was determined that the manacles would fit around Valdor's wrists, but only barely.
"Stand up, turn around and put your hands where we can reach them," Paul said. Valdor did as asked, keeping his hands as low as possible behind him. The manacles were put in place.
"We're going to need the paddy wagon or something like it," the other officer said. His name was Larry.
"Dispatch, this is unit 456A, suspect in custody," Paul said into his clunky vox unit. "Kind of an Andre the Giant situation. Request appropriate transport."
"10-4 unit 456A," came the distorted voice from the other end of the vox channel. As this was happening, the Emperor spoke to Valdor psychically.
+What is wrong, Valdor?+ the Emperor asked.
+I am quite embarrassed to say that I am being detained by human normals, my liege+ Valdor replied. +I had to allow my capture to avoid killing or mortally wounding anyone from this time period.+
+What of your mission?+ the Emperor asked.
+I was able to complete the main part of the mission,+ Valdor replied. +I was covering my tracks when they captured me.+
+At least the mission wasn't a total loss,+ the Emperor said. +We will come retrieve you. Hold until we find a way of getting you out.+
+I will do my best, my king,+ Valdor said. The Emperor cut the psychic link between them.
The Emperor had been explaining a few things about early M3 to the Primarchs, and had determined the precise year as 012 M3. In the calendar system of the time, 2012. He didn't stop talking to the Primarchs as he also talked with Valdor. However, Magnus was aware that the Emperor was talking to someone else, and saw the micro-expression the Emperor had when Valdor admitted his capture.
"Is something wrong, Father?" Magnus asked after he determined that the Emperor was no longer talking to the other person.
"Valdor was captured by the law enforcement of the time," the Emperor replied. This caused shocked gasps from some of the Primarchs.
"How could that happen?" Horus asked.
"I told him not to kill or risk serious injury to anyone from this time period," the Emperor said. "We don't have complete genealogical records from this time. It wouldn't do very well for Valdor to resist his capture and erase himself from the time line in the process."
"That is a scary theoretical," Roboute said.
"So he had to allow his capture," the Lion surmised. The Emperor nodded.
"What are we going to do about it?" Corvus asked.
"We will go down and work on retrieving him from the authorities," the Emperor said. This meant they would have to wait for a gap in the orbital monitoring of the time.
"What about those of us with odd things?" Ferrus asked. His hands were unusual in their own time, and he was certain they would be problematic in M3.
"We will come up with something for all of you," the Emperor said. He was already intending on using a disguising field for Sanguinius' wings. The device was small and Sanguinius could easily hide it under his clothing.
Locating a gap in the orbital scanning the Thunderhawk departed and moved qiuickly into the Terran atmosphere. A group of Kiavharan tech priests had been aboard and were only too happy to install a reflex shield on the Thunderhawk. A reflex shield was like an inverse void shield. Instead of keeping things from the outside away from the ship, it kept things from the ship from being emitted. It wasn't completely effective, but it was good protection at lower power levels. The Mechanicum had also rigged a sort of cloaking device that would keep the Thunderhawk from being spotted too easily by normal humans. They landed in a remote field outside of the city where Valdor was being detained. The Emperor turned to look at his sons, Malcador was in the co-pilot's seat.
"Leman?" the Emperor asked.
"Freki and Geri are wolf-hybrids, and you are only to be called Father," Leman said. He didn't like lying about what Freki and Geri were, but this was the only way to get them off the Imperator Somnium with him. He just felt awkward about calling the Emperor "Father" instead of "Allfather".
"Very good," the Emperor said with a nod. "Ferrus?"
"I had an accident and there is a lot of scarring on my hands," Ferrus said. He was wearing black gloves over his hands.
"Indeed," the Emperor approved. "Vulkan?"
"I have a rare skin condition that causes me to look like this," Vulkan said. "It's not contagious."
"Excellent," the Emperor said. "Everyone?"
"Malcador is our grandfather," the Primarchs chorused. Malcador still looked very annoyed by this decision. He liked people to underestimate him, but that seemed to be coming back to bite him.
"Very well, son," Malcador said. "You haven't told me what name I gave you."
"Charles Smith," the Emperor said.
"Malcador.... Smith?" Magnus said questioningly.
"That sounds weird," Konrad said.
"So does the idea of Father having a name beyond Father or Emperor," the Lion said. No one addressed the Emperor by any name. Not even Malcador used a name with him. The Custodians would refer to him as their master, and the Master of Mankind.
"We have a walk ahead of us to get to the town," the Emperor said. He had already made arrangments for a house and a ground vehicle that would sort of work to move all of the Primarchs at once.
"Alright, Father," the Primarchs chorused. Everyone got out of the concealed Thunderhawk. Sanguinius activated his concealment field for his wings. He looked distinctly incomplete without his wings, but there wasn't much they could do about them. He also had to keep away from people to avoid anyone from learning about them.
The walk to the location of the ground vehicle was not very long. The Primarchs and Malcador quickly got inside as the Emperor finished dealing with the owner of the vehicle. The Primarchs all fit, but most likely because they were all children. They arrived at the house that they would be staying in while the Emperor and Malcador freed Valdor.
"Alright let's get everything inside," the Emperor said as he parked the vehicle in front of the house.
"That's where we will be staying?" Fulgrim asked. He didn't look too impressed with the look of the house.
"It was what was available," the Emperor said firmly. Fulgrim lowered his head at the slight rebuke.
"Sorry, Father," Fulgrim apologized quietly. "It will work just fine."
"We will all have to share rooms," the Emperor continued. The house was far to small to allow everyone individual rooms. Even the Emperor and Malcador were going to have to share a room. The Primarchs quickly split into groups and selected rooms that they would sleep in. There were only four bedrooms in the house, so the Primarchs split into groups of six. This left one room open for the Emperor and Malcador to share. It was cramped, but there was nothing to be done about it.
"Alright, you all stay here, I'll check out the city and see what I can learn of Valdor's location," the Emepror said. There were other children about in the neighborhood. He somewhat hoped the Primarchs could play with them.
"Shall I go with you, son?" Malcador asked. He intended to use the term "son" instead of the name "Charles" for the Emperor. It amused him.
"No, it'll be better if one of us stays with the Primarchs for now," the Emperor said, ignoring the jab. The Emperor departed and headed towards one of the police stations that he had located before they left the Imperator Somnium. The Primarchs watched him go, and then turned to checking out the house.
"What are these things?" Angron asked as he stepped out of a room holding a pair of small dolls.
"I don't know," Magnus said.
"I believe those were called dolls," Malcador said glancing over. "Those ones specifically were often used by girls."
Angron dropped the dolls quickly, looking disgusted. One of the heads popped off as Angron stepped on it. He then stalked off to check out other parts of the house. Vulkan approached the dolls and picked them up.
"We can go try to make friends with the neighborhood children," Vulkan said as he approached Corvus. Corvus agreed and they headed outside with the dolls. Corvus had the broken one, holding the head and the body in different hands.
"Why don't you go up to them first?" Vulkan said as he looked towards the two girls from the neighboring house who were playing in the yard.
"You are the social one," Corvus said nervously.
"I look scary though," Vulkan said. "You look far more normal compared to me."
"Good point," Corvus said. "Wish me luck?"
"You don't need it," Vulkan said with a smile and a slight push towards the two other children.
"Hello," Corvus said as he stumbled towards the girls. "I'm Corvus, that's my brother Vulkan over there. We just moved in."
"Hi," said the older of the two girls. "I'm Jazzmin. This is my sister Ashleygh."
"What's that in your hand?" Ashleygh asked, pointing to the doll parts in Corvus' hands.
"It's a doll that one of my other brothers found," Corvus said. He held out the head of the doll to Ashleygh, somewhat inteding it as a gift of friendship. Ashleygh screamed and ran in the house crying. Jazzmin gave an apologetic glance towards Corvus and then ran after her sister. Corvus went back to Vulkan confused and rather sad.
"I don't think that worked well," Corvus said, hanging his head. "You probably should have gone instead."
"You probably should have tried to fix the doll first," Vulkan said gently. "Or hold the body and head out together."
"Possibly," Corvus said. Jazzmin came out of her house just as Corvus was reaching the door to his house.
"Corvus?" Jazzmin asked as she headed over to him. Corvus turned around with a bit of surprise.
"Yes?" Corvus asked with a raised eyebrow.
"I'm sorry about Ashleygh," Jazzmin said quietly. "She just saw the first Toy Story for the first time, and the Barbie head made her think of Sid."
Corvus understood very little of what Jazzmin had said. He had never heard of Toy Story or Barbie, but he nodded as if he understood it all.
"Here, I can fix the Barbie," Jazzmin said, holding out her hands towards the doll parts. "I accidentally pop off the heads all the time." She took the pieces and then forced the head back onto the neck of the doll.
"There, all fixed." Jazzmin said as she handed the doll back. Corvus held his hands up indicating that she should keep the toy.
"I was trying to give it as a gift of friendship," Corvus said. "I wasn't trying to scare your sister. You can keep it, and maybe give it to her? As an apology."
"I can do that," Jazzmin said. "You are very nice, Corvus." With that comment she turned and headed back into her house. Corvus looked even more confused, but he wasn't sad anymore.
"I think that worked better than you thought," Vulkan said with a big smile.
"Yeah, but Fulgrim's going to be jealous of me," Corvus said. "I may have just snagged the first M3 fangirl."
Vulkan and Corvus both laughed at that. Most of the Primarchs tried to avoid having fangirls, but they also couldn't really help it.
"He'll just have to get over it," Vulkan said. "Besides, if we do a school setting here he will have his own set of fangirls before lunch on the first day."
"You guys should come check this out!" Angron said. He had turned on what passed for a hololith display in M3. "This looks like Bloodbowl!"
Bloodbowl was a sport played in various parts of the Imperium. It involved two teams trying to score with a spiked ball. Each of the Primarchs had a team made of legionaries and there was a Custodian team that also participated. There were also several human normal teams that had to occasionally play against the others.
"It can't be real Bloodbowl though," Lorgar said. "There won't be any Space Marine teams."
"True, and all the names will be different," Roboute said. "The ball doesn't look spiked like a Bloodbowl ball either."
"Who should we root for?" the Lion asked as all of the Primarchs filtered into the living room.
"I say we go for whoever is behind," Corvus said. He always liked going for the underdogs.
"I like that idea," Vulkan said. Many of the other Primarchs agreed.
"What about overall?" Mortarion asked.
"I can look up teams," Perturabo said from the cogitator unit in the corner. He tapped away on the runeboard and went quiet for a few moments.
"There's a team called the 49ers for you Mortarion," Perturabo said eventually.
"I like that name," Mortarion said.
"There's a purple one for you Fulgrim. Oh, wait, they are called the Vikings... Leman?"
"There's a team called the Lions," Ferrus said. He had gone over to the cogitator and was looking over Perturabo's shoulder.
"Nice," the Lion said with a smile.
"We can share the Steelers," Perturabo suggested to Ferrus.
"I like that idea," Ferrus said. "There's a team called the Ravens for you Corvus."
"Falcons are a team as well," Perturabo said.
"I call that team," Sanguinius said. No one was surprised. Roboute also looked over Perturabo's shoulder to see the team names.
"I'll take the Colts," Roboute said.
"There's a team called the Cults?" Lorgar said, interested.
"C-O-L-T-S not C-U-L-T-S," Roboute clarified quickly. "Though there is a team called the Saints."
"Definitely mine," Lorgar said.
"There's a team called the Redskins, Magnus," Ferrus said after a moment.
"I'll take them," Magnus said with a smile. "What team do you want Uncle Malcador?"
"There's one called the Eagles," Perturabo suggested.
"That sounds like a good team for your father and I," Malcador said.
"Are there any wolf themed teams?" Horus asked. The Primarchs by the cogitator shook their heads.
"Sorry, Horus, there's nothing wolf themed," Perturabo said.
"Well, that's no good," Horus said. "I'll have to find something else."
"There's a team called the Raiders," Roboute said. "That sounds like a team for Konrad."
"It does indeed," Konrad said.
The Emperor returned just as the Bloodbowl like game, called football in M3, was ending. He was carrying several plastic bags that were full of food. He went through to the kitchen and set the bags down before going back into the living room.
"Did you learn anything, lord?" Malcador asked. He could sense that the Emperor was annoyed and so opted not to poke fun at their situation.
"They are determined to hold on to Valdor until they go to trial," the Emperor said. "We will have to wait until then before we can get Valdor away."
"Does that mean we will be here for a bit?" Horus asked. The Emperor nodded.
"It'll be several days before they can arraign him," the Emperor said.
"Will we be in a school setting here?" Fulgrim asked.
"No, it will be best to keep you out of the public school system here," the Emperor said. "If anyone asks, you can say that you are homeschooled by your grandfather."
Malcador made an annoyed sound in the back of his throat at the use of the term "grandfather" again. The Primarchs all turned to look at Malcador with confusion.
"Why don't you like being called grandfather, Malcador?" Horus asked.
"There are a couple of reasons," Malcador said after a moment. "The first is that it makes me feel old."
"What's wrong with being old?" Sanguinius asked. "You choose to look that way."
"Besides, it shows that you've endured to this point," Mortarion added. He could always appreciate endurance and longevity.
"It also means that I am weaker," Malcador said. "It means that I am closer to death." Magnus didn't look happy about that admission.
"What are some of your other reasons?" Magnus asked in an attempt to get the topic away from Malcador's death.
"The other main reason is that it just feels weird," Malcador said. "I never took a wife, and have sired no children that I know of. It's weird to be called 'grandfather' when I was never a father myself. I have no family left in the world, so it's very strange."
"We are your family though," the Lion said. "Father treats you like a brother."
"Yeah, he killed the Brytheen Champion to punish the Brytheen leader," Fulgrim said.
"You are my uncle, and that will always be true," Magnus said. He seemed happier that they weren't talking about death and Malcador.
"I'm not going to die anytime soon," Malcador said, having picked up on Magnus' thoughts.
"I'm planing on keeping Malcador around as long as I can," the Emperor said with a smile. Magnus relaxed at that statment and smiled himself.
"What about Valdor?" Malcador asked. "Is he also part of the family?"
"Of course he is," the Lion said. "That's why we are down here in the first place. We need to get him back."
"I wonder how he's doing," Ferrus mused.
Valdor was having a complicated time in jail. He had been assigned to a cell meant for two people by himself due to his sheer size. He was aware that this had caused issues with the other members of his cell block. He chose to ignore the muttering from the other cells and opted to meditate. He had already moved the two beds in the cell together to create an almost appropriate sized bed.
A bell rang shrilly in the hall and the doors to the cells opened. A guard announced that it was dinner time and everyone was to move into the hallway before being lead to the mess hall. This was the first time that everyone in Valdor's cell block would have a chance to look at him. He ducked through the door to his cell and waited in front of the door, others up and down the hallway were doing the same.
"So that's why they call you the gentle giant," one man said as he looked up at Valdor. Valdor chose not to respond to the other prisoner. The guards then herded them into the mess hall where they formed a line to get food.
"Don't expect to get more just because your bigger, Giant," said a voice from behind him.
"I do not expect to be treated any differently from you," Valdor said. He had no reason to expect differential treatment. He knew that the cell situation was a practicality on the part of the jail staff.
"Good, 'cause I wasn't going to give you any of my food," the voice said. Turning slightly Valdor noted the man who was speaking to him. The man was quite short to Valdor, but just short of average for the men of the time. If he had any hair it was covered by a cloth tied over his head. Valdor turned back as it was his turn to approach and get food.
After getting his food, Valdor turned and assessed the mess hall. There were several long tables in the room that had benches attatched to them on either side. Valdor located an empty table and knelt on the floor at the end of the table. It was the only way he would fit. Coming to the conclusion that he would have to wait in the mess hall for everyone else before being returned to his cell, he chose to eat slowly.
"Mind if I sit here?" it was the man with the cloth on his head. Valdor indicated the empty benches at the table without speaking.
"I'm Jared Halls," the man said as an introduction.
"Constantin Valdor," Valdor replied. He was only giving that part of his name to anyone,
"The Gentle Giant as I hear it," Jared said. "You could have taken those cops down, or at least run for the hills. Why didn't you?"
"I have my own reasons for allowing my capture," Valdor said. Jared looked interested and then leaned in conspiratoraly.
"Are you one of those people who try to break out of jail?" he asked. "To see if you can?"
"You could say that," Valdor said. He determined to relay that to the Emperor when he could speak with his master again.
"Well, that might change things for Big M," Jared said.
"Big M?" Valdor asked, confused.
"See that big guy over there? The one with all the tats," Jared said with a quick jerk of his thumb; Valdor nodded. "That's Big M. I heard his name is Marshall, but everyone just calls him Big M. He thinks that you are just a push over, and that all your muscles are for show."
"They are not 'just for show' as you put it," Valdor said calmly.
"Big M is likely to try and fight you, to prove that he's still King of the Yard," Jared said.
"I would advise that he not attempt to fight me," Valdor said. "I can, and will, defend myself if it becomes necessary." Valdor was certain that Big M couldn't actually harm him, but he didn't want to have to risk a confrontation with the man.
"Good luck with that," Jared said. "It took five guards to get him off the last guy he picked a fight with."
"That would not be the problem with me," Valdor said. They ate the rest of their meal in silence. Once everyone was done they were herded back to their cells. There was a man waiting for Valdor in his cell. This man was wearing some form of formal clothing that Valdor didn't fully recognize. He looked up as Valdor entered and appeared quite surprised.
"Oh my," the man said. "I-I mean, hello."
"Hello," Valdor said. He sat on the floor, his unnamed visitor was seated on one of the beds.
"I'm Brayden Rutherford," the man said. "I'll be your attorney. Sorry I'm visiting so late, but I had several other clients that I needed to visit."
"I am Constantin Valdor," Valdor said. "I do not mind the lateness of the hour."
"Good," Rutherford said. He pulled out several pieces of paper from a folder that he was holding in one hand. "I need you to fill out these forms please."
Valdor took the forms, and the pen that Rutherford handed over as well. Valdor had to hold the pen very carefully in order to use it, but he made his way through the forms. He handed them back over when he was done. He was quite pleased that part of his training had involved ancient Terran languages and that he was able to read and write in the required language.
"Thank you, Mr. Valdor," Rutherford said as he took the forms from Valdor and returned them to the folder. He checked his watch and gimaced. "Apologies, but I have to depart. I have another client to see before I can go home."
"I understand," Valdor said patiently. "I will not be going anywhere any time soon."
"I will try to be earlier to see you tomorrow," Rutherford said. "We will need to discuss the case against you to see how best to counter it."
"Very well," Valdor said. "I will expect you tomorrow Mr. Rutherford." With that, Rutherford made his way out of the cell block.
"LIghts out in one hour," a guard called down the hallway. Valdor went back to meditating, hoping that the Emperor might attempt psychic contact with him. As a non-psyker Valdor was unable to initiate such a contact. It became time for lights out, and Valdor had not heard from the Emperor, he had to curl into a ball to fit onto the two beds together. He figured it was better than sleeping on the floor.



  1. Nyctophora's Avatar
    I know I've said it before but I love the way you reference the Primarchs' actual histories And it is strange to think of Malcador being young, even if I know he must have been!
  2. Lady Lion's Avatar
    Young Malcador is just a weird concept. I love making references to the lore, so many fun things to slip in


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