Lady Lion

Little Primarchs- Time Travel part 2

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The night seemed to go quickly, soon the prisoners were being woken up. The doors to the cells opened and they were led back to the mess hall for breakfast. Valdor returned to the same table that he had eaten his supper at the previous evening. Jared decided not to join him and he ate alone. After breakfast they were taken back to their cells for a while. A guard approached Valdor, who was doing what excercises he could in the confines of his cell.
"You have a visitor, Gentle Giant," the guard said. Valdor stopped what he was doing, and stood away from the door. He was expecting the guard to open the door and let Rutherford in to the cell. The door opened, but the guard motioned him to come outside.
"This way," the guard said and turned away. "You aren't going to give me trouble are you?"
"No," Valdor replied as he followed the guard down the hallway. They stopped before a door and the guard unlocked it. He held open the door and gestured for Valdor to go in. Ducking his head below the door frame, he stepped into a room that had a table and a few chairs in it. There was a man standing there, that Valdor recognized quickly to be the Emperor. He had to restrain himself from bowing as he normally would have, certain that they were under surveillance.
+My name is Charles, and we are friends+ the Emperor informed Valdor. Valdor gave a minute nod of his head to show his understanding. He then allowed a smile to spread on his face.
"Charles!" Valdor said without having to force any form of relief into his voice.
"Constantin!" the Emperor said with a smile of his own.
+I have an idea that may work to get me out of this+ Valdor told the Emperor. +One of the other inmates has the idea that I am someone who tests jail security.+
+A good idea,+ the Emperor responded. Aloud, the Emperor said, "Who's your lawyer?"
"Brayden Rutherford," Valdor replied in kind. "They didn't prepare him very well for how tall I am." The Emperor chuckled slightly at that.
"How did they do for a cell?" the Emperor asked.
"I get a two person one to myself," Valdor replied. "Caused quite a problem with the others in the cell block."
"Well, they will just have to get over it," the Emperor replied. "Anyone threaten to fight you yet?"
"In a round about way," Valdor answered. "Seems a guy called 'Big M' wants to prove that he's still king of the yard. I told his messenger to advise against a fight, but I don't hold out much hope for that working."
"Be careful then," the Emperor said. +My order against killing or severe injury still stands.+
"I'll try to be," Valdor said.
"Good, that's a phone call I don't want to have to take," the Emperor said in a mostly serious voice. "I'll also try to see this Rutherford that they assigned to you. Have you told him what you do for money?"
"Not yet, we had a very brief visit last evening," Valdor said. A door opened behind the Emperor and a different guard stepped inside.
"Time's up Mr. Smith," the guard called.
"I'll try and bring some of the boys with me next time," the Emperor said. "They are wondering about you."
"I think that would be nice," Valdor said. "If they'll let you."
"I don't see why they wouldn't," the Emperor replied, he held out his hand for Valdor to shake. Valdor gripped it in the warrior's way and the Emperor departed. Valdor went back to the door he had entered by and the guard who led him there took him back to his cell.
The Emperor departed from the jail and approached an information counter. There was a bored looking female officer there.
"Can I help you?" the officer said as she looked up from the number puzzle she was working on.
"I have a few questions about visitations," the Emperor said.
"What are they?" she asked.
"First is if I can visit more than once per day," the Emperor said. He had noted that there was a block for morning visits and afternoon visits.
"Sorry, you are only allowed to visit inmates once a day," the officer replied. "Any other questions?"
"Yes, is it possible for me to bring my sons to visit an inmate?" the Emperor asked.
"Only in the afternoon slot," she answered. "They must be with you at all times, and they will have to be searched just like you were."
"Thank you," the Emperor said. "This has been very helpful." He then headed out of the jail building. After a pause, the Emperor turned and headed into town to find the law office where Brayden Rutherford worked. It took a bit of hunting, but he found the office he was looking for.
"Welcome to Colebank and Colebank. How may I help you?" the receptionist asked in a cheerful voice.
"Hello," the Emperor said. "I am looking for a Mr. Brayden Rutherford."
"Oh, he's one of our busiest partners," the receptionist said. "Do you have an appointment?"
"No, I just learned today that he has been assigned to the case of one of my friends," the Emperor said. "I was hoping to speak to him. When is the next available appointment?"
"He can see you for about five minutes today if you can make it quick," the woman said as she consulted her cogitator screen. "It won't be until 3:25 though."
"That is fine," the Emperor said. "I can return then." He then stepped out of the law firm.
Valdor's cell block was led to the exercise yard after Rutherford had come and left. Valdor had told Rutherford that he was a jail security tester, and that was why it was so hard for the lawyer to get a hold of any background information for Valdor.
"Alright! Time to burn off some steam," said a man that Valdor didn't have a name for. He did seem to be very energetic. Valdor was pleased to be able to go to the exercise yard as it gave him more freedom of movement. He found a weight-training area in a shaded corner of the yard. He went to make for it, but recognized Big M with his group around him settling there.
Turning from the weights, Valdor set his gaze on an empty corner of the yard where there were just a few other inmates about. None of them said anything as he stepped over and began to do some of the more complex exercises that he didn't have the room for in his cell. He was proceeding through one of his forms when he sensed someone standing behind him. He turned and found Big M looking up at him.
"Is there something I can do for you?" Valdor asked as he relaxed out of the stance he had been holding.
"Being polite doesn't get you no wheres in the world," Big M said. He sounded like he was very poorly educated, which Valdor found to be rather sad.
"It has done me well thus far," Valdor responded.
"It means you don't get no respect," Big M insisted. "It means you don't got balls."
"I fail to see how having testicles is important to one's success in the world," Valdor said with confusion.
"Testicles?" one of the other inmates asked. He didn't seem to understand the word.
"Balls," Valdor clarified with a sigh. Some of the other members of Big M's group sniggered at Valdor having to say "balls", not at their companion who hadn't known what testicles were. Valdor determined that many of them had probably not known either. This furthered his disappointment. He didn't like the idea of having to fight people so poorly educated and so down-trodden. The thought didn't sit well with him, like fighting underhivers. He wondered how many of the people in Big M's group were here because they were trying to cope with their lives.
"I don't think you have any balls," Big M said. Valdor briefly toyed with the idea of showing them that he did indeed have them, but decided against it.
"I will defend myself, but only if you prove it necessary," Valdor said instead. He felt no need to prove his manliness in a fight, as Big M seemed to.
"That won't prove anything," Big M said. "You have to take me out to prove that you got balls."
"I would rather not," Valdor said. "Also, I believe the guards would stop any fights that we started out here." He was also slightly concerned that they would revoke yard privileges and that he would be stuck in his cell all day, save for meals.
"They would, eventually," Big M conceeded, but he didn't step away. "You have until then to take me out." With that statment Big M swung a meaty fist up towards Valdor's face. Valdor simply stepped aside and out of Big M's reach. He made no move to strike back, and this made Big M even more angry.
"Why won't you fight me?!" Big M shouted. This got the attention of the guards, which made Valdor happy.
"I see no need to humiliate you in front of the entire cell block," Valdor replied as he stepped away again from Big M. The guards seemed alright with letting things go for the moment.
"You? Humiliate me?" Big M roared as he kept coming at Valdor. "Block him in, boys! I won't have him running away." The other members of Big M's group tried to get behind Valdor and block him from going backwards, but Valdor walked around them before they could close the net.
"Let's get him in a corner," one of the others suggested. They agreed and began to hem his sideways motions. Valdor tried to escape, and looked to where the guards were to see if they were doing anything. The guards were starting to move towards the group trying to trap Valdor.
"I believe that the guards are coming to stop this tussle," Valdor said. He wouldn't dignify this as a fight.
"They got to get through the boys first," Big M said. "I have enough guys with me to keep them busy, and corner you." Valdor couldn't deny that. There were enough of them to do that, though to keep him trapped, they would have to be very close to him.
"Cornering me is a very bad idea," Valdor said. He somehow didn't expect reason to win with Big M, but he felt the need to try it anyway.
"I don't see how, all you've done is run away," Big M said. He was starting to sweat though, and Valdor was hoping he would tire and drop the fight. That didn't seem to be the case though, as Valdor slowly was cornered. He then held up his hands to defend himself, but still refrained from attacking. He knew that he could defeat his assailants and follow the Emperor's order, but he prefered to not have to take the risk of physical combat with the human normals.
"Fight back, damn you!" Big M snarled. Valdor continued to not rise to the bait. The guards were getting closer with every moment. Big M realized it too, and looked even angrier. He wasn't quite to the level that Angron could get to, but he wasn't far off. He took a powerful swing at Valdor, and managed to hit Valdor on the lower arm. Valdor heard the sound of bone crunching, and knew it was very much not his wrist.
"AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! " Big M shouted in pain, just as the guards managed to break through to Big M and Valdor.
"What's going on here?" a guard said in a gruff voice.
"He broke my hand!" Big M said, holding his hand close to his chest.
"Did you?" the guard asked Valdor.
"He struck me on the wrist, and the force of his punch broke his hand," Valdor replied. "I did not actively break his hand. I was merely trying to block the punch."
"Harry, take Marshall to the infirmary," the lead guard said. Another guard took Big M by the arm and led him away. "Jeff, help me get these guys back to their cells. Take Valdor."
Jeff stepped forwards, but didn't actually lead Valdor until the lead guard had gotten the others away. Then Jeff motioned for Valdor to follow him.
"Will I be punished for this?" Valdor asked. He was hoping to keep his visitations and yard privileges.
"I don't know," Jeff answered. "We will have to review the video footage from the yard to see how Marshall broke his hand. However, if you are punished it won't be too hard, we all know you didn't start it."
"That's good to know," Valdor said, relieved to know that visitors weren't going to be nixed. He prefered to be able to see the Emperor, even if it was only once a day. They arrived at his cell and he settled in to meditate.

"I'm bored," Jaghatai said. He hadn't found much to do around the house.
"Can we go explore the neighborhood?" Sanguinius asked Malcador.
"Yeah!!!" the other Primarchs chorused.
"Alright," Malcador said. He stood and the Primarchs all headed towards the door.
"Can I bring Freki and Geri?" Leman asked. Malcador nodded his head. He couldn't think of a reason to have the wolves stay at the house.
"You have to keep them on their leashes though," Malcador said as Leman called the two pups over.
"Alright, Ma-Grandfather," Leman said. He had to catch himself because Jaghatai already had the door open.
"Which way shall we go?" Malcador asked, once everyone was outside. None of the Primarchs seemed to have a good idea of which way to go and began pointing in opposite directions. Malcador finally chose to go left. "I say this way, since you can't seem to decide."
"Alright, Grandfather," the Primarchs said. They went several blocks without seeing much interesting, just more houses. Many of them looked like the one that they were staying in. Then the houses dropped away and they found a large open area of grass, and what looked a bit like some of the playground equipment at Nova.
"I believe this is a park," Malcador said after making sure no one would hear the comment beside the Primarchs. The Primarchs seemed happy with that and left the walking path and set to examining the park.
"Be careful on the playground equipment," Malcador said more loudly.
"We will, Grandfather," Horus called. Malcador found a bench near the majority of the play ground equipment and sat. He found that it had a good view of the park so he wasn't too worried about losing any of the Primarchs.
Leman was being dragged everywhere around the park by Freki and Geri. He hadn't been told that it was alright to let them off their leashes, so he was a bit at their mercy. It took a bit for the pups to find and sniff all of the trees. He then found a stick, but remembered that fetch only worked if Freki and Geri could be off-leash. The wolves stopped suddenly and perked their ears up. Looking in the same direction that the pups were looking in, Leman found another person with a dog. The dog was super small, but also very fluffy, and seemed to be straining on its leash to get to Freki and Geri.
"Hello, young man!" said the man on the other end of the dog's leash. "Are your dogs friendly?"
"Yeah, they get along pretty well with other dogs," Leman said. It was true that Freki and Geri had met domesticated pets in their own time and were always friendly with them.
"That's good to know, Percy doesn't always get the cues to stay away," the man said. Leman figured that Percy was the name of the dog. "What kind of dogs do you have?"
"Freki and Geri are part wolf, we aren't quite sure what the other part is," Leman said.
"Probably something like a husky," the man said. "I'm Peter by the way."
"Leman," Leman said.
"Can I pet one of your dogs?" Peter asked.
"Sure. Geri, sit," Leman said. Geri sat next to Leman. Peter extended a hand and then began to pet Geri. Suddenly Freki snarled at Percy.
"Freki!" Leman chided the white wolf. Peter grabbed Percy off the ground.
"Bad Percy!" Peter said to the fluffy dog, who had attempted to nip Freki. "Sorry about that Leman."
"It's alright, Peter," Leman said. "I don't think any harm was done. Freki was giving a warning."
"That's good, and Freki wasn't harmed either?" Peter asked.
"I doubt it, Freki and Geri are pretty tough," Leman said. "I think it's due to the wolf part of them."
"I'll believe it," Peter said. "Do you know if they've reached full size yet?"
"They're still puppies," Leman said. "Their mother was pretty big, so Father thinks they will get to be pretty big too."
"Is that your father over there?" Peter asked, pointing towards Malcador.
"No, that's my grandfather," Leman said. "He homeschools us while Father works."
"Recess then?" Peter asked.
"Basically," Leman said with a smile. Freki lunged off to the side, and pulled Leman away at speed. Geri picked up on Freki's trail and quickly got ahead of Leman. It took a moment for Leman's mind to catch up and realize they were chasing a rabbit. He quickly dug his heels into the ground and gave the command to stop and stay. The wolves were slow to respond, but eventually they did stop chasing the rabbit.
"Leman!" Malcador called, he didn't want the Primarchs too scattered. Leman managed to turn Freki and Geri around and headed back to Malcador.
"They were chasing a rabbit, Grandfather," Leman said.
"Good thing that you stopped them," Malcador said. "I wouldn't want to have to explain that to your father."
"Indeed, that wouldn't have been good," Leman agreed with a smile.
The Emperor returned after the sun had set, though it was still early. The Primarchs and Malcador had all returned a couple hours earlier. The Emperor didn't seem as annoyed that night when he entered the house.
"Did you get to see Valdor?" Horus asked.
"Yes, he even had an idea of a way to get him out," the Emperor said. "He's allowing the other inmates to believe that he tests the security of jails."
"He tests the security of the Palace, so that isn't that big of a lie," Sanguinius said.
"Does that mean that we let him break himself out?" Angron asked.
"It does mean that we will have to allow him the attempt," the Emperor responded.
"Will we be allowed to see him?" the Lion asked.
"Yes, however, it will have to be in the afternoon visiting hours," the Emperor said. "I'll only bring two at a time, this will help keep things easy for the guards. Every one has to get searched before visiting."
"That makes sense," Corvus said. "I would expect people to try and sneak things in when visiting."
"I think I should also make a visit to him," Malcador said. "It keeps the idea that Valdor is a friend of the family better."
"Indeed, I was thinking that we could both go together, but we would have to arrange babysitting," the Emperor said.
"That will complicate things, we don't know anyone old enough in the neighborhood yet," Malcador said.
"We can go out and try to meet other neighbors," Vulkan suggested.
"I doubt anyone is out now, Vulkan," Roboute said. "It's kind of dark outside."
"All they'd see of your face would be your eyes," Corvus said with a chuckle.
"I would like to see that reaction," Konrad said. "Any one trying to find your face would just seeing floating red eyes instead."
Vulkan laughed at the thought of what some people would do if that was how they first met him. "I guess you guys are right."
"We will have to try tomorrow, when the public school kids come home," Magnus said.
Valdor had learned that he wasn't going to be punished for the events in the exercise yard. The rest of the day had gone quietly. Big M hadn't returned to the cell block yet. Valdor heard the other inmates whispering that he had been put into solitary confinement for trying to start a fight in the yard.
"Lights out!" Harry called out and shut off the lights for the cell block. Valdor curled up onto his makeshift bed. He closed his eyes and went to sleep.
He was woken several hours later by the sound of the lock on his cell door being picked. He feigned sleep, curious to see who was trying to get into his cell. The lock finally gave and the door opened. Four of the five people who had been hemming him in earlier slipped into his cell. They were all holding something in one hand. Valdor quickly realized that they were improvised knives. He wasn't concerned about the knives, they were very likely not sharp enough to pierce his skin.
"I'll take his throat," one voice whispered. "You guys make it look like a fight."
"Right," the other three whispered back. Valdor tensed slightly, preparing to resist them. They would have to pull his head back in order to get close to his throat. A hand grabbed his shoulder, and he moved, shrugging off the hand with a slight movement of his shoulder.
"Get him!" the one who wanted his throat cried.
"This is a bad idea," Valdor said. He would try everything else before resorting to violence. There was a glancing blow to his lower arm, just below the elbow. He reached out for the man who had made the blow and put him in a sleeper hold. The moment the man went limp, Valdor let go.
"You killed him!" the leader cried.
"He's merely passed out," Valdor said. "In fact, I can still feel his heartbeat. This is your chance to back out."
"Never, you hurt Big M," the leader snarled and went in for another slash.
"What's going on here?" the night guard asked, the lights flicking on.
"Valdor killed Alec!" the leader called out. The guard came down to Valdor's cell and looked in.
"Why are the three of you in Valdor's cell?" th guard asked.
"We......" the leader trailed off.
"They were attempting to kill me," Valdor said. "Also, Alec is not dead, he should be coming around here soon."
"We were getting vengance for Big M," the leader snapped at Valdor. "Your death was just a nice way to do it."
"So death is the punishment for something that Marshall did to himself?" Valdor asked. "That seems rather extreme."
"It is rather extreme," the guard agreed. There was a groan as Alec regained consciousness.
"What did you do to me, Giant?" Alec said.
"I put you in a sleeper hold," Valdor answered.
"Alright, everyone out of the cell," the guard said. "Valdor you stay of course."
"Naturally," Valdor said as he settled back on his bed so that he could return to sleep.
The next day the Primarchs made a point of all being outside when the public school kids got home. Malcador was watching from the front yard of the house. Freki and Geri were also in the front yard, Leman was playing fetch with them. To their surprise a mother and daughter approached Malcador.
"Hi!" the mother said in a very cheerful voice. "I'm Karen and this is my daughter Samantha."
"Hello," Samantha said in an equally cheerful voice.
"I'm Mal," Malcador said. "These boys are my grandsons."
"All of them?" Karen asked in a surprised voice.
"Yes," Malcador confirmed. "My son is always trying to make sure that everyone has a home."
"So they're adopted," Samantha said.
"Yes," Malcador said. This was also part of the story they had prepared before coming down. "Some of them are true brothers to each other, and they all consider themselves to be blood brothers."
"That's a good thing," Karen said. "I've heard that sometimes adopted siblings don't get along with each other."
"That was a concern," Malcador said. "They do treat each other just like real brothers though."
"There aren't any girls?" Karen asked. "That seems a little sexist."
"Fulgrim should be allowed to count as a girl," Malcador said. "He's the one with the long white hair." Fulgrim was in fact playing with another Barbie that they had found in the house.
"I guess he can count," Karen said. "It still smacks of sexism."
"Ah, but girls are more likely to be adopted," Malcador said. "Also, all of these boys were considered to be difficult to adopt."
"How so?" Samantha asked. She seemed very interested in the boys.
"Ferrus had an accident that caused a lot of scarring on his hands," Malcador said. "Vulkan has a rare skin condition that causes him to look that way. Most people find it off-putting. Magnus is missing an eye and refuses to get a prosthetic. These are just the most obvious examples."
"Well, if you ever need a babysitter," Samantha said. "I live just two houses over."
"Thank you," Malcador said. Karen and Samantha turned away. Karen still seemed to be annoyed about the lack of girls in the Primarch household.
"What did that lady mean by sexism?" Magnus asked as he approached Malcador.
"Sexism is a system of oppression where men are given more power and privilege because they are men," Malcador said. "It keeps women in the background, often powerless."
"But we aren't sexist," Magnus said. "We're just children who all happen to be boys."
"She wasn't accusing you of being sexist," Malcador said gently. "She's accusing your father of being sexist."
"Father isn't sexist either," Magnus said. "The Sisters of Silence are one of the most powerful groups in the Imperium, and they are all women. Also, women are allowed into the Imperial Army."
"I know that, but we can't tell Karen that," Malcador said.
"True," Magnus said, he still looked annoyed that someone had called the Emperor sexist. "And some good came out of it, we have a babysitter if we need one."
"True, we will tell your father when he gets back," Malcador said. He refused to call the house home. His home was the Imperial Palace, just like it was home for the Emperor and his sons.
"He should be back soon," Magnus said. "He said this morning that he would be taking Lion and Fulgrim to see Valdor today."
"He did," Malcador said. As if summoned by that, the Emperor returned.
"We have a potential baby sitter," Magnus said as he headed over to the Emperor.
"That is good news," the Emperor said. "I'll have to talk to this person later though."
"I understand, Father," Magnus said. "I just thought that you should know."
"Thank you, Magnus," the Emperor said with a smile. the Lion and Fulgrim had gotten in the van while Magnus was talking to the Emperor.
"Valdor, you have visitors," Jeff called out. They had had to replace the lock on Valdor's cell door that morning due to the tampering from his would-be killers. Valdor waited for the door to open, curious to see which of the Primarchs would be with the Emperor. The trip to the visitation room was short, and Valdor stepped into the room.
"Valdor!" the Lion called out from where he was standing next to the Emperor. Fulgrim waved with a smile.
+They are still using their chosen names+ came the Emperor's voice.
"Lion, Fulgrim," Valdor said. He rarely adressed the Primarchs informally, but he was the only Custodian who would do it.
"How are you doing?" Fulgrim asked. "Do they have showers?"
"Of course they have showers," Valdor said. They were short to the point that the taller human normals had issues using them. Valdor found them nearly impossible to use, and had to sit on the floor.
"Has anyone tried to fight you?" the Lion asked.
"Yes, a man they call Big M attacked me yesterday," Valdor said. "Then four of his friends broke into my cell last night and attempted to stab me, and slit my throat."
"What did you do?" the Lion asked. The question proved to Valdor that the Priamrchs knew about his restrictions.
"I was able to dodge and then block Big M's blows until the guards were able to remove him," Valdor said. "Though he did break several bones in his hand when he landed a punch on my wrist."
"What about the four who broke into your cell?" the Lion said when Valdor didn't go on.
"One of them landed a glancing blow just below my elbow," Valdor said. "I put him in a sleeper hold to discourage the others from continuing their attack on me. However, everyone is alright."
"That's good," the Emperor said. "A new charge would complicate what you are doing here."
"Not necessarily," Valdor said. "It would be a deeper test of their systems."
"True enough," the Emperor said. The guard signalled that the visitation time was over. "Time to go."
"Goodbye, Valdor!" the Lion and Fulgrim said together.
"Goodbye for now," Valdor said.
The next day was a Saturday, though that didn't change visiting hours. The Emperor spoke with Samantha and she came over a little before the Emperor and Malcador left. She rang the doorbell and waited patiently.
"Hello!" she said when Jaghatai opened the door.
"Hi! Come on in," Jaghatai said. "Father, Samantha is here."
"Hello," the Emperor said, coming into the living room from the kitchen. He then stepped over to where there were loose pieces of paper, he wrote a series of numbers and handed the paper to Samantha.
"Here's my number in case you need to get a hold of me," the Emperor said. "I don't think they will give you too much trouble. Leman needs to walk Freki and Geri before he can get on the computer."
"Alright," Samantha said. She wasn't sure which one Leman was, but determined that she would figure it out.
"Are we ready, son?" Malcador asked as he also entered the living room.
"Yes, Father," the Emperor said. Samantha completely missed the amusement shared between the Emperor and Malcador.
"We should be back in two hours," the Emperor said. It could be almost three if there was bad traffic.
"Sounds good, sir," Samantha said. "Do I need to feed your sons?"
"They can have snacks, but you don't need to cook for them," the Emperor said. "Though while on the subject, Fulgrim is not allowed to cook while we are out."
"Leman needs to walk his dogs and Fulgrim can't cook," Samantha said as a recap.
"Yes, beyond that, they can do what they want," the Emperor said.
"Oh, keep an eye on Mortarion," Malcador said. "There's some rat poison hidden somewhere in the house and he keeps trying to eat it."
"That's dangerous though," Samantha said.
"Indeed," Malcador said. "It's a health condition that he has, causes him to crave non-food things."
"We will be back in a few hours," the Emperor said to the assembled Primarchs. "Behave for Miss Samantha."
"We will, Father," the Primarchs chorused. The Emperor and Malcador left.
"Well," Samantha said after a moment. "Leman, you should probably walk your dogs, before we both forget about it."
"Alright," Leman said. He called Freki and Geri clipped their leashes in place.
"What do you guys want to do?" Samantha asked. She had brought a few DVDs to show them if they wanted.
"Can we go to the library?" Magnus asked. Samantha wasn't sure how to answer that, because she hadn't been told if they could leave the house.
"Your father didn't say anything about leaving the house," she said carefully.
"Father said we had to stay here," Horus said. "He told us before you came over, Miss Samantha."
"Just Samantha works just fine," Samantha said.
"Alright," Horus said.
"I know he said that," Magnus said. "However, I wanted to try."
"Where is Mortarion?" Samantha asked, she wasn't sure how many there were, or where everyone was.
"I'm Mortarion," Mortarion said from a corner where he was working on something that Samantha couldn't see.
"What are you working on?" she asked as she stepped over to him.
"It's a rebreather design I've been working on," Mortarion said.
"A gas mask?" she asked. Mortarion nodded.
"That's.... interesting," Samantha said after a moment. Leman returned several minutes later.
"So, what do we want to do?" Horus asked as all of the Primarchs were in one room again.
"It's movie night," Ferrus said thoughtfully.
"True," Horus said, several of the other Primarchs seemed pleased with that idea.
"We've seen all the ones we have," Angron said after checking their meger supply of movies. "I want to see something new."
"I have a pair of movies that we can watch," Samantha suggested. She also took a quick glance at the movies in the house. Neither of the movies that she had brought were there.
"What are they?" Angorn asked, getting excited. Samantha pulled the movies out of the bag that she had brought.
"I brought Up and Tangled," She said, placing them down as she stated the titles.
"What are they about?" Leman asked.
"Up is about an old man who takes his house on an adventure," Samantha said. "He also accidentally takes a young boy with him."
"Why would he take a house on an adventure?" Roboute asked.
"He doesn't like leaving his home," Samantha answered. "Also he kind of views the spirit of his wife as still being in the house with him. He wants to take her too, even though she died."
"What's Tangled about?" Fulgrim asked. He had picked up the DVD case and was somewhat admiring Rapunzel's hair.
"It's a version of the Rapunzel fairy tale," Samantha said. "She has magical hair in this version."
"Let's watch Tangled," Fulgrim suggested. Most of the other Primarchs agreed with the suggestion.
"Of course you would pick the one about hair," Angron muttered. They put the movie in and everyone settled down. Everyone, Angron included, seemed to enjoy the plot of the movie.
"I didn't know you were in this movie, Angron," Alpharius said when they found the guy who collected porcelain unicorns.
"Are you sure it isn't you?" Angron said with a smile. "He's wearing a helmet to hide his face."
"I don't always hide my face," Alpharius said. "I'm not hiding it now."
"True," Angron said. He nearly said that Alpharius would probably hide his face for awhile when they got home, but he couldn't with Samantha there.
"You're Flynn Rider, Fulgrim," Ferrus said, poking his brother with his elbow.
"But who's Rapunzel then?" Fulgrim asked.
"Lion of course," Ferrus said. "He's the only blond with long enough hair to qualify."
"I guess," Fulgrim said with a fake pout. He liked the personality of Flynn Rider better than Rapunzel.
The Emperor and Malcador returned as they were retrieving the DVD from the player. The Primarchs all paused as they heard the van pull into the driveway and then the doors open and close. Samantha glanced out the window at the sounds.
"Your father and grandfather are back," she said. Horus handed her the DVD of Tangled, returned to its case. "Thank you, Horus."
"We're back," the Emperor announced as he entered, Malcador just behind him. "How were they?"
"They were just fine, Mr. Smith," Samantha said. "We watched a movie, and Leman did walk the dogs."
"Very good," the Emperor said, he then paid Samantha who made her exit.
"How's Valdor?" Horus asked as soon as Samantha was heading back to her own house.
"He's doing fine," the Emperor said. "No one's tried to fight him since the ones who broke into his cell."
"That's good," Konrad said. He didn't like that people had attacked Valdor, though he assumed they had been punished accordingly.
"When will he make his escape attempt?" Corvus asked.
"Tomorrow night," the Emperor said. "We need to create some documents to present to the poice after the attempt."
"So we won't be here much longer?" Jaghatai asked. He was finding M3 to be boring, and wanted to go home.
"Correct," the Emperor said with a smile. Jaghatai and Angron had been remarkably patient while they worked on getting Valdor out of jail. Leman stepped away from the cogitator unit. He had gotten on just as the movie was ending.
"You can finish your turn on the cogitator, Leman," the Emperor said. "I'll start work on the documents after dinner."
"Thanks, Allfather!" Leman said as he sat before the unit again. The Primarchs enjoyed playing games on the cogitator.
"Will you see Valdor again tomorrow?" Corvus asked.
"Yes, that will be when I tell him if the documents are in order," the Emperor said.
"Can Corvus and I go with you?" Vulkan asked. He seemed interested in the idea.
"That would be fun," Corvus said. He had become interested in prisons since Deliverance.
"If you would both like to," the Emperor replied. Both boys nodded their desire to go.
The next day arrived, Vulkan and Corvus were both excited to be able to see Valdor. The Emperor had stayed at the house to work on the documents that Valdor needed to prove that he assessed jail security.
"Time to go," the Emperor called to Vulkan and Corvus. They both nodded and headed towards the door.
"Corvus!" Sanguinius called. Corvus turned to find his brother approaching him. Sanguinius was holding a feather that clearly came from him. "Can you try and give this to Valdor?"
"Why?" Corvus said. He thought it might make a nice gesture, but it seemed weird at this point in time.
"We are keeping up the idea that he's not going to escape, right?" Sanguinius said. "You can say we found it in the yard while we were playing and wanted to give him something to decorate his cell with."
"That makes sense," Corvus said as he took the feather and tucked it in a pocket. "Hopefully they will let me take it in."
They arrived at the jail and the Emperor signed them in. Then they had to turn out their pockets. The guard looked questioningly at the feather that Corvus had.
"One of my other brothers and I found it in the yard," Corvus said. "I was hoping to give it to Valdor so he can having something nice to look at in his cell. Is that alright?"
"It's fine," the guard said with a smile and handed the feather back. "Head on through."
Valdor arrived a few seconds after they entered the room. He smiled at the Primarchs as he approached them. he then greeted the Emperor.
"Look at this feather Sanguinius and I found," Corvus said, holding out the feather. "We thought you might want it, so you have something nice to look at in your cell."
"That's very considerate of you," Valdor said as he took the feather. He knew the feather came from Sanguinius.
"That went a lot better than the last time you tried to give a present," Vulkan said with a chuckle. Corvus blushed and then giggled himself.
"What did I miss?" Valdor asked.
"We tried to make friends with the girls next door to our new house," Vulkan said.
"I was holding a broken Barbie doll and tried to present it as a present," Corvus said. "But I only held out the head of the doll that I was holding."
"It scared the younger girl," Vulkan said.
"I still think that the older girl has a crush on me," Corvus said. Valdor smiled, seeing that both boys were smiling about it. He suspected that Corvus at least hadn't found it funny at the time.
"Time's up!" the guard called from the door that the Emperor had come through.
"Bye, Valdor," Vulkan and Corvus said. They both smiled up at the Custodian, they knew that they would see Valdor again soon.
"Where is Valdor going to go when he makes his escape?" Vulkan asked as they drove back to the house.
"He'll make his way to the house," the Emperor said. "We gave him the address yesterday. We will leave almost as soon as he arrives, so sleep lightly tonight."
"Alright, Father," Vulkan said.
"I always sleep lightly," Corvus said with a chuckle.
"That is very true," the Emperor said with a smile.
Valdor waited until after the first round of bed checks after lights out to make his escape. He had little trouble with the new lock on his cell. He slid out carefully, keeping to the shadows as much as possible. He paused by the guard room and watched the rotation of the monitor feeds. He determined the cycle, and when exactly the visitation room would next be off the feeds.
He had to wait a few seconds when he reached the visitation room. It was the easiest room to escape from in Valdor's opinion. The monitor feeds cycled away from the room and Valdor hurried across the room. He then picked the lock to the door on the other side and slipped out with only a few seconds to spare before the room was back on the feeds.
The front of the jail was deserted. He could hear the measured footfalls of a guard on patrol, but he was easily avoided. Valdor approached a restroom located near the main doors. He was pleased to see a large window that he could escape through. Better yet, the window was propped open to provide ventilation. He slipped through the window, having to open it a bit further than before, but placing it back on its prop silently when he was out.
He kept away from the streets as best he could. The jumpsuit that he was wearing wasn't a particularly bright color, but he was certain that the officers would recognize it if they saw a man walking the streets in one. As he neared the house where the Emperor was staying he began to climb over fences into back yards. He found it was easier to avoid motion activated lights in back yards.
Valdor approached a fence that he was certain would be the last fence he needed to go over. He heard a deep throated growl from the other side of the fence. He recognized Freki's alerting growl.
"It's me, Freki," Valdor hissed quietly. He realized that Freki hadn't recognized his scent because of the jumpsuit, and spending several days in jail. Freki's growling stopped and Valdor waited for Leman's voice calling out to Freki. When it didn't come Valdor came over the fence, landing next to the wolf.
Valdor didn't have to wait to find out why he hadn't heard Leman call to Freki. Leman wasn't the one out with the white wolf. Malcador was leaning against the house, looking half asleep as he waited for pup to come back.
"Come on, Freki," Malcador called. "I don't know how much sleep I'm getting tonight."
"Hello, Malcador," Valdor said as he approached the house, Freki at his side.
"I see you made it," Malcador replied, as he looked up to meet Valdor's gaze. "This also answers the question of more sleep."
"My apologies," Valdor said with a hint of a smile. "Why isn't Leman out here with Freki?"
"Seems Leman wasn't waking up, or rolled back over," Malcador said. "Freki came into the room the Emperor and I are sharing. I got up first, so I took him out."
"Bad Freki," Valdor said chuckling.
"Bad Freki indeed," Malcador agreed with a smile. They stepped in the house to find the Emperor already working on waking up the Primarchs.
"Valdor!" several of the Primarchs called out.
"You made it," Lorgar said.
"That's pretty obvious," Roboute said. Lorgar responded by sticking his tongue out at Roboute.
"Was jail scary?" Konrad asked.
"It might be to some human normals," Valdor said. "Naturally it wasn't that scary for me."
"That makes sense," Konrad said.
"We can leave now right?" Jaghatai asked no one in particular.
"Soon," the Emperor said. "Valdor has to leave a report of jail security for them to find when they come to the house looking for him."
"They aren't likely to be happy with the review I give them," Valdor said. He quickly wrote out the majority of how he escaped, breaking down the worst of the weak points in the security system. He also had to remember to keep it within what they could actually fix in M3.
"That should be sufficient," Valdor said after a few moments. Jaghatai and Angron both seemed relieved at that announcement. Malcador didn't seem as happy about that announcement, but Valdor could understand that. They all headed out to the van.
"Will we all fit, Father?" Rogal asked. He gave a wary glance at the van.
"We don't have much choice," the Emperor said. "Though it will be very crowded."
Malcador atempted to give Valdor the other front seat, but Valdor insisted that Malcador keep it. He knew it wasn't entirely his fault that Malcador hadn't gotten much sleep, but he could make up for it by allowing Malcador to keep the one seat in the van, other than the driver's seat, that would likely only have one occupant.
Valdor ended up sandwiched between the Lion and Lorgar. The Lion seemed about as tired as Malcador and settled in as comfortably as he could between Valdor and Mortarion. Valdor put his arms on the back of the bench seat to give the Primarchs a bit more space. The Lion pressed up against Valdor's side and fell asleep again. Lorgar did the same on the other side, causing Valdor to have to leave his arms on the back of the bench. Magnus and Leman opted to avoid the congestion in their own ways. Magnus shrank himself a bit and sat on Malcador. Leman was in the very back where Freki and Geri were. He had also fallen asleep again. Horus had wanted to get on Valdor's lap, but the way Valdor had to fold to fit in the van left a space too small for him. Alpharius ended up on Valdor's lap as he was the only one who fit.
They made it to the Thunderhawk without too much issue. Several of the Primarchs were excited about being able to return to their own time. This did cause issues with Primarchs who wanted to sleep.
"What about the ship that I came down in?" Valdor asked.
"I took it back up to the Imperator Somnium the day before yesterday," the Emperor said. "I teleported back down."
"Shall I try and wake the sleeping ones?" Valdor asked as the Emperor stopped the van near the Thunderhawk.
"How many are asleep?" the Emperor asked. Malcador had tried to sleep again, but found the awake Primarchs to be too noisy.
"I know of four who are asleep," Valdor said. All three of the ones on him were asleep.
"I'll get Alpharius and Leman," the Emperor said. This left Valdor to carry the Lion and Lorgar. Everyone made their way over to the Thunderhawk, the Emperor and Valdor placing the sleeping Primarchs in their seats before taking their own. Valdor once again opted to stay in the back. They then launched the Thunderhawk and returned to the Imperator Somnium.


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