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Little Primarchs- Dodge Ball and Pillow Fights

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The kids of Nova took the game of dodge ball very seriously. No one more so than Angron though. It was a unanimous favorite, even with Primarchs involved. It was the most requested gym activity. The rules were no head shots, and only legs below the waist. Arms and torsos were fair game. The Primarchs had their own special rules they had to follow depending on the variety of dodge ball that they were playing.
The universal rule was that they had to keep their throws to the same level as the normal students. In normal dodge ball the Primarchs could only bring each other back in for catching a ball, unless they were the last of the team. Prisoner dodge ball and Medicae dodge ball had this altered so that the Primarchs couldn't be the ones getting teammates back in the game at all. Part of that with Medicae dodge ball was that the normal children couldn't shield a Primarch as medicae effectively.
Vulkan's interactions with dodge ball were more mixed than his brothers. He was significantly taller than anyone else in his class. This meant that if he strayed into the path of a ball aimed at a smaller student, he could get hit instead. Also some of the very smallest liked to hide behind him.
One day Mortarion, Vulkan, and Corvus were playing dodge ball with their class. They were up against the Lion, Fulgrim, and Alpharius. Everyone was having a fun time until Vulkan attempted to leap aside from a ball aimed at him- and jumped right into the path of a ball meant for someone much shorter. It struck him squarely in the crotch. Vulkan went down in a heap, laying still. They were playing Medicae dodge ball, so the medicae darted over and dragged Vulkan, with some help, off to the side. Corvus threw both of the balls he had been holding quickly. The teacher, Master Hylyn, headed over to check on Vulkan. He was sitting up against the wall when Master Hylyn made it over.
"I'm alright, Master Hylyn," Vulkan said. "I think I'll sit out until the next game though, if that's alright."
"Yes, that's just fine, Vulkan," Master Hylyn said. The game ended and Vulkan joined in the next one.
The incident was quickly set aside as unimportant, though the Primarchs weren't going to forget it anytime soon. They just let it slide from their conscious thoughts until lunch time. One of the other students from Lion's class approached and tried to apologize to Vulkan.
"You weren't aiming for me," Vulkan said with a friendly smile. "I jumped into the path of the ball. It happens all the time."
"I still feel bad about it though," Jezzerean said.
"It's alright," Vulkan insisted. "Accidents happen, this was one."
"Thanks, Vulkan," Jezzerean said, he then smiled and headed off.
The end of the school day came, and the Primarchs were excited to see who was picking them up. Valdor had woken them up, their father still dealing with the forgeworlds. The Thunderhawk arrived, piloted by a servitor. The Primarchs trooped in, saddened by the continued abscence of their father.
"Maybe he's just catching up with Malcador," Horus said.
"Maybe," Sanguinius echoed. He didn't seem too convinced of this.
"We'll know when we get home," Roboute said. If their father was simply catching up there wouldn't be anyone at the residence. They arrived and were greeted by Freki and Geri, along with Malcador.
"Hello, Primarchs," Malcador said as they made it past Freki and Geri. Not even Magnus could muster up much excitement for Malcador.
"Hi, Malcador," Horus said.
"I know I'm not the one you wanted to see," Malcador said. "I've told him to try and hurry it along. However, it seems that the leaders of the forgeworlds truly have their robes in a wad."
"Can we sleep out here?" Horus asked. "In case he comes back tonight?"
"I guess," Malcador said. "I'll be staying in my normal room though." Anyone staying overnight was allowed to use the Emperor's room as there were no guest bedrooms.
"You could stay out here with us," Magnus suggested.
"I could, but that would be quite rough on me," Malcador said. "The floor is a long way down for someone my age."
"I guess," Magnus said. He didn't think the floor was very far down, but he reminded himself that he was a child. It might be different for Malcador who was an adult.
"How old are you, Malcador?" Mortarion asked. He had been interested in that since Brytheen.
"I'm almost six thousand years old," Malcador replied. Sometimes he came up with numbers right down to the second, but most of those were made up to impress people who asked that question. He figured he didn't need to do that with the Primarchs, besides, they actually could tell their own ages down to the second if they ever cared to think about it.
"Is that why you aren't sure if there's picts?" Fulgrim asked.
"Yes, a lot has been lost since I was a child," Malcador said.
"Were you ever left alone like this as a child?" Horus asked.
"I don't remember," Malcador said. He didn't remember much of his childhood, beyond the incident with the snake. He would remember that until he died. When asked he would point out that the normal human mind didn't have an infinite amount of memory.
"You could sleep on one of couches, Malcador," Corvus suggested. "That would be better than the floor, right?"
"Not by much," Malcador said. "Couches weren't made to be beds."
"Alright," Corvus said. He had kind of liked the idea of Malcador joining them in sleeping in the living room. The Primarchs then did their homework before dinner. They set up to sleep in the living room after that.
"Pillow fight!" Angron called out suddenly as he swung his pillow at Leman. He enjoyed starting things like pillow fights. Leman retaliated by hitting Angron so hard that he stepped backwards into Alpharius.
"Hey!" Alpharius said, swinging his own pillow at Angron. This got the attention of the other Primarchs. Rogal grabbed unattended pillows to form a fort, that Perturabo set siege to while Rogal was still building it. It was everyone for themselves, and the Lion was taking that to the max. Vulkan was somehow setting his pillows on fire. Malcador was unsure of how that was happening. Sanguinius and Horus made a pair, Fulgrim and Ferrus were another. Corvus kept climbing on the tall couch, and jumping off to get above his brothers. Then there was Mortarion.
"Mortarion!" Malcador yelped waving a hand in front of his nose. "What did you put in that pillow?"
"A stink bomb," Mortarion said. Fulgrim and Ferrus were teaming up on him while he was talking to Malcador.
"Do you have more?" Malcador asked.
"No," Mortarion said. "I only had the one."
"Good," Malcador said. "Vulkan! Stop setting pillows on fire."
"Alright, Malcador," Vulkan said. "Sorry."
The pillow fight then devolved into a mass of Primarchs and pillows, along with pillow innards. They slowly settled down. Malcador found Angron on the bottom of a large pile of pillows--a giant smile on his face.
"Alright, bed time," Malcador announced once all the pillows had been removed from on top of Angron. The Primarchs all made various whining noises, but got ready for bed anyway. They were soon asleep in the living room. Malcador waited for a few extra moments to ensure that they were truly asleep before moving off to bed himself. He had made it to the hall where the bedrooms were when the Emperor entered. The Emperor froze as he saw all of the Primarchs in the living room. He glanced at Malcador as he quietly shut the door.
+it was their idea+ Malcador said psychicly. +I felt they deserved something as consolation.+
+Fair enough+ the Emperor replied. He began to edge around the living room towards Malcador. Malcador began to edge the other way, heading for the door. He was looking forward to sleeping in his own bed. The Emperor's bed wasn't a match for Malcador, but it was better than any of the couches in the living room.
+Be careful on the stairs+ the Emperor said as they passed each other. Malcador's residence was at the top of a tower near the Emperor's residence. Malcador claimed that the smog wasn't as bad up there and he had a great view. Malcador also always insisted on using the stairs to get to his residence. There were lifts, but he claimed to prefer the ritual of climbing the stairs.
+I didn't fall down them on purpose+ Malcador quipped. On their first night back from Brytheen and M3 Malcador had fallen down the stairs on his way to bed. His ankle had healed, but it still gave him issues, the medicae could do nothing about it. Malcador didn't want the Primarchs to know about it because he didn't want them fussing over him.
+I know+ the Emperor said, he had a slightly devious smile on his lips. Malcador glared at him in mock annoyance.
+Are you going to wake them up?+ Malcador asked, indicating the Primarchs with a glance.
+No+ the Emperor said. +I think I'll surprise them.+
+Good night then+ Malcador said with a smile of his own.
+Good night, Malcador+ the Emperor said. He waited for Malcador to leave before continuing to sneak through his residence to bed, certain that the Primarchs would enjoy his surprise in the morning.


  1. GreyKnight92's Avatar
    I was hoping Angron would make the suit out of pillows but Vulkan's flaming pillows were quite amusing
  2. Lady Lion's Avatar
    Angron's pillow suit was in the other room.


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