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Little Primarchs- Fangirls part 2

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There were many people in the Imperium who viewed the Imperial Palace as an ulitimate destination. It seemed that the seat of a galactic empire was a great draw for people who wanted to gaze upon power. Also fangirls, and some fanboys, were drawn to the Palace for the chance to see the Emperor, a Custodian, Malcador, or the Primarchs. There were tours of the Palace for a small fee, but they were usually kept away from the Emperor, Malcador, and the Primarchs. Custodians were not so lucky, but Valdor kept most of them out of the way as well.
The Emperor and the Primarchs were in one of the rooms far from the tour route. The Primarchs were off from Nova that day, and they weren't letting the Emperor out of their sight when the could avoid it. They had to when the went to Nova, but otherwise they congregated around the Emperor. Horus said it was a form of payback for him leaving them alone for three days while he dealt with the forgeworlds.
The Emperor decided to turn it into more education for the Primarchs. He was teaching them about the history of the Necrontyr, the ones responsible for the necrodermis that covered Ferrus' hands. They were the original enemy of the Old Ones, who were an ancient xenos species that was connected to the Aeldari and the Orks.
"The Necrontyr seem to have vanished quite some time before the Fall of the Aeldari," the Emperor said. "It's unclear whether they are extinct or if they are merely biding their time."
"We know that their constructs still work," Ferrus said. It was a construct that had caused the accident. The Mechanicum had thought that they had removed the power source from the construct and had allowed the Primarchs to train on it. Ferrus was practicing on it one day when the construct had activated and attacked Ferrus. He had managed to get it into a lava flow that was used to power one of the forges near the training yard. His hands had become covered in the metal that the construct was made of.
"True, though of the masters we know nothing," the Emperor said. He had been unable to find a way to unbind the necrodermis without costing Ferrus his hands. Ferrus had elected to keep his hands, and was now used to them, and the way the necrodermis worked. The only issue he still had was static electricity.
"I think I hear them!" called a voice from outside one of the doors. The Primarchs and the Emperor froze, staring at the door the voice had come from.
"I thought this room was screened," Perturabo hissed.
"Only from psykers," Magnus hissed back. "They're using mundane methods."
"Sssh!" Horus hissed. He was hoping they would go away if they didn't hear anything. It was clear that it was fangirls, probably adult fangirls as well. They must have gotten away from the tour group that was going through right then.
"I swear it was down this hallway," the voice said, getting closer to the room where the Emperor and his sons were hiding. There seemed to be a decent sized group of women who had heard them.
"We can see if the doors are unlocked," suggested another voice.
"They are!" called a third voice. The doors weren't locked because the hallway was meeting rooms for dignitaries and the like.
"Let's open all the doors," the second voice said. "If they're here, it'll flush them out."
"We need to move," Horus said as the room they were in was very close to the group of fangirls. They all quietly snuck out the door on the other side from where the voices were coming from. However, they were just a bit too slow to get the door closed.
"I found them! They're escaping!" a woman shrieked as she opened the door, just as Alpharius was grabbing the door handle for the other door.
"Run!" Horus cried as they all took off, trying to keep together. Sanguinius was airborne as soon as Horus called out. Corvus dropped into shadow walk, it was practially an instinct for him when escaping fangirls. He did stay with the group though.
"Where's Corvus?" the Emperor asked, trying to do a head count on the run.
"He's still with us," the Lion said. "Behind Vulkan."
"It's his reaction to escaping fangirls at this point," Vulkan said. Corvus dropped out of shadow walk with an apologetic look to the Emperor. They could hear the fangirls persuing them, it was clear that many of them were older women. It became a bit unclear if they were looking to coo over the Primarchs, or fawn over the Emperor. Rounding a corner they saw Valdor, who looked quite confused as to why they were all running down the hallway.
"Is that a Custodian?!" One of the other fangirls screamed. This caused Valdor's confusion to turn to surprise, and possibly a hint of concern. The Emperor grabbed Valdor's arm as he darted past, spinning his Custodian around and getting him going in the same direction.
+There is no shame in running this day+ the Emperor told Valdor.
"Split up! We need to get in front of them!" called the one who had first heard them.
+Malcador, where are you?+ the Emepror sent.
+I'm in the West Corridor, why?+ Malcador replied.
+Fangirls are loose in the Palace, they just split up to try and get in front of us+ the Emperor said.
+Where are you then?+ Malcador asked.
+To the south of you+ the Emperor said. +They'll have to use to West Corridor to get in front of us.+
+I'll pick up the pace then+ Malcador said. He didn't need to be told twice to escape fangirls.
Malcador picked up the pace as best he could. There was a corridor that intersected with the West Corridor that would be where the Emperor, Primarchs, and Valdor would be coming from. Malcador was still aways away from it when he heard the gasps, and a startled cry, indicating that the fangirls had spotted him.
"I'm far to old for this," Malcador muttered as he quickly snuffed the psyflame on his staff before tucking it under his arm to start running in earnest. He found it less tiring on his arm if he did that instead of holding it off the ground. Despite that he could hear them catching up to him, his only hope lay in the fact that the intersecting corridor was just ahead. He could sense the nearness of the Emperor.
+They're catching up to me+ he sent.
+We're almost to you+ the Emperor replied. +Can you stay ahead of them?+
+I think so+ Malcador said, he turned his attention to keeping ahead of the fangirls in persuit of him. He managed to speed up enough to maintain the distance, but he was not gaining any ground. He could now hear the Emperor, along with the Primarchs, and Valdor. Sanguinius was the first to appear at the intersection, sparing a quick glance to Malcador before continuing down the northbound hallway. Malcador made the intersection and turned to follow, only to be grabbed from behind, his staff slipping from his grasp. Valdor tucked Malcador under his arm, in very much the same way that Malcador had been carrying his dropped staff. The Emperor snatched the staff from the floor as they all passed through the West Corridor.
"This is very undignified," Malcador said with annoyance. "I'm not a Bloodbowl ball."
"I appreciate that," Valdor said. Malcador glared at him.
"We need speed to keep ahead of them," the Emperor said. "You wouldn't be able to keep up with us for very long."
"I still object to being carried this way," Malcador said.
"Please stop wiggling so much," Valdor said. "I do not wish to drop you." Malcador made an angry sound, but stopped moving around in Valdor's grasp.
"Do we have any ideas of where to go?" the Lion asked.
"Servants quarters," Horus suggested quickly.
"Valdor won't fit though," Roboute said.
"Malcador's tower?" Sanguinius suggested.
"The rest of us would be trapped there with no way down," Lorgar said. "You're the only one with wings."
"If we head towards the kitchens I have a spot we can go to," Valdor said. "Everyone will fit, and it's close."
"Father, Uncle Malcador, and I can make psychic projections to throw them off the trail," Magnus said.
"Good idea," the Emperor approved. The three began to create both visual and audio projections to confuse the fangirls that had regrouped into one unit.
Sid was a new tour guide at the Palace, this was only his second solo tour. He turned to tell the group about one of the tapestries on a wall in the hall they were in. He felt his stomach fall away as he realized nearly half the tour group had vanished while his back was turned.
I am sooo fired Sid thought as he realized what that meant. There were Imperial citizens loose, probably lost, in the Palace. As a tour guide, he was responsible for the actions of the group that he was leading. This meant that if any damage was caused by lost tourists, it would be docked from his paycheck. He was also meant to ensure that everyone stayed together and not bother the Emperor. If that happened, he would be instantly fired.
"It seems we have lost some members of the party," Sid said, trying to keep things up-beat. "Apologies, but I will have to step aside a moment and have the Palace Guard informed. The Palace is a large place and it is very easy to get lost. I will only be a moment, please wait here."
"Kay, I have a problem," Sid voxed to his boss.
"What is it?" Kay asked.
"I have, lost, nearly half of my tour group," Sid said, swallowing hard.
"Largely female?" Kay asked.
"Yes," Sid said. He didn't understand why that was important. "Why?"
"The Custodians have already found your missing tourists," Kay answered. "Seems they are fangirls and are chasing the Emperor."
"I'm fired aren't I?" Sid said, sagging a bit.
"Probably," Kay said. "It'll be the Emperor's call though."
"Thanks, Kay," Sid said, feeling like it might be one of the last times that he spoke to her. I'm probably just getting fired, not turned into a servitor, Sid thought firmly to himself. He then returned to the remaining tour group.
"Alright, teams are being sent out to find the rest of the group," Sid said. "I've been told to continue the tour."
"Through here," Valdor said as they got close to the kitchens. He turned them down a corridor that nearly escaped notice. It ran a short distance and ended in a door. The door opened into an empty store room that was quite large. Valdor set Malcador down once they were inside.
"What do they store in here?" Mortarion asked.
"Nothing anymore," Valdor said. "They used to store bread in here, back when the Palace was being built."
"Why don't they store bread in here anymore?" Fulgrim asked.
"Hungry Custodians-in-training kept stealing the bread from it," the Emperor said. Valdor nodded his head in the Emperor's direction. He had been one of those Custodians who had stolen bread from the store room.
"For some reason the kitchen master didn't approve of it," Valdor said.
"I wonder why," Malcador said. He had also taken bread from the store room, and had been a bit annoyed when the kitchen master had moved the bread to a locked store room. The Emperor's vox bead activated, along with Valdor's.
"We have rounded up the fangirls, sire," Gerryn said. "What shall we do with them?"
"Escort them to the gates of the Palace," the Emperor said.
"Do not sign anything, or allow for pict captures," Valdor added. "Let us know when they are to the gates."
"As you command," Gerryn said and closed the channel.
"I still don't remember 'being carried like a bloodbowl ball' on my schedule today," Malcador said, looking pointedly at Valdor.
"He could have carried you as a groom carries a bride," the Emperor said. The Primarchs giggled at that mental image. Malcador didn't seem mollified at all.
"I felt that it would be more comfortable for you than being thrown over my shoulder," Valdor said. "That had been my original plan."
"I see, decided that blinding the Primarchs was a bad idea," Malcador said, finally dropping the annoyance from his face.
"How would that have blinded us?" Horus asked, all of the other Primarchs looked confused as well.
"Let's just say that my legs are paler than Konrad and Corvus," Malcador said with a chuckle. This caused the Primarchs to realize that they had never actually seen Malcador's legs. Even in M3 when they had worn clothing appropriate to the times, Malcador had worn full length pants. It had made sense as it was getting towards winter, so nothing had been thought of it.
"It shouldn't be possible to be paler than me," Konrad said, Corvus nodded his agreement.
"It is, it's just not common," Malcador said.
"The fangirls have departed," Gerryn reported over the vox.
"Thank you, Gerryn," Valdor replied. He then opened the door of the store room. Malcador made a point of walking out himself.
Sid had been summoned to the Throneroom. It was nearly an hour after he had realized that most of his tour group had gone missing. He rehearsed several different apologies to offer to the Emperor, but none seemed appropriate. Also, none of his imagined conversations ended with him keeping his job. That was the worst part for him. This job had been his big chance to really get somewhere in the Imperium. He entered the Throneroom, escorted by a Custodian named Gerryn.
"Sidney Carsons, my king," Gerryn announced. Sid stepped forward before kneeling in front of the Emperor.
"Rise," the Emperor commanded. Sid stood, but kept his head down. He was scared and ashamed, and he didn't want to show it.
"I understand you were the one in charge of the tour group the fangirls used to get into the Palace," the Emperor said.
"Yes, my lord," Sid said quietly. "I am truly sorry, my lord. I didn't mean for them to bother you, my lord."
"I know," the Emperor said. "It is obvious to me that you did not mean for them to escape from your group."
"I am still fired, aren't I, my lord," Sid said, risking a peek at the Emperor.
"No," the Emperor said. Sid felt hope surge through him. "You will be reassigned to the admissions desk though."
"Thank you, my lord," Sid said. "You are a most merciful ruler, my lord."
"I believe you still have some of your shift left," the Emperor said. "Gerryn, make sure that Sidney Carsons makes it to his assigned duty station."
"Yes, my king," the Custodian said. Sid followed Gerryn out, happy that he still had a job.


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    +There is no shame in running this day+ Even in the 41st Millennium fangirls are still terrifying O_o
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    Some things will never change
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    It's true. They scare me and I'm a girl!


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