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Forces through the editions- Ork Meks

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Was going to have a look at another assassin but with the GK book around the corner going to push her back a few weeks. So going to look at a model that has my favourite weapon the Ork Mek.

2nd ed

The 2nd ed shokk attack gun mek with ammo errr I mean snotlings.

So comes in at 18pts and you can always have one in your army plus an extra for each evil sunz mob in your army. Stats compared to now same WS, +2BS, same S an d T, -1 W, same I, -1A and -1 LD.

Equipment- Comes with bolt pistol and flak armour and may take 3 wargear cards and equipment from the armoury and has access to the Shokk Attack Gun. Now the 2nd ed shokk attack is by far the funniest weapon I’ve seen in a wargame because it fires those snotling bases at the enemy. The affects vary on what they hit and what you roll e.g. for infantry they do anything from nothing to re-enacting the chestburster scene from Alien for a tank slow it down or teleport inside and kill all crew and any model it transports. Favourite result has to be when the base teleports into a walker, kills the pilot and then hijacks it.

The mek also has a unique wargear card the force field projeckta which basically puts a 12" straight walll anywhere within 18" of the mek which nothing can move or shoot through. At the start of each ork turnon a 1-3 it fails otherwise it stays or can be moved making quite pain for your opponent if used right.

Special rules- None really bar you need to have at least 1 mek in your army to take pretty much every vehicles and support weapon the orks have.

Overall the mek servered 2 purposes. Give you vehicles and wield the shokk attack gun and it both very well… unless you are prone to rolling misfires.

3rd ed

Originally made for Gorka Morka but were kept on for the 3rd e dorks.

So stats are same as now but with 1 less LD and 25pts.

Equipment- Has access to nob and warboss kit but also some special mekboy kit including the kustom mega blasta and the kustom force field both working how they do now. I should note the KFF was in 2nd ed but was not a mek only peice of wargear.

Special Rules- Is a IC and has the other ork rules but thats it.

Overall 3rd ed Meks while cheap mainly got taken for the KFF (still do) and to repair but for 45pts with the KFF you can't complain.

4th ed

Now those are meks.

So 35pts base and coming in with WS4 BS2 S4 T4 W2 I3 A3 LD8

Equipment- Come with slugga or shoota, choppa and mek tools to start with and have access to most other ork equipment but also have the KFF and Shokk Attack Gun. Now the KFF hasn't changed bar the price doubling but the Shokk has changed from 2nd ed now having a str and being a little bit more risky with the double rolls but still not a bad weapon and can make a unit of infantry or vehicle if you want to risk it go poof.

Special rules- IC and the normal ork rules but can also make a deff dread count as a troops choice which ain't bad really.

Overall the mek is really a ork nob however a ork nob with some rather fancy and funny kit and thats the way you want a ork mek to be really.



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