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Gifts of Mork

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Hello humans! Grubby the Gift Giving Goblin here!

I wanted to let you guys know about a new campaign in the gaming community called Gifts of Mork!

Mork (or is it Gork?) has seen fit to bless us with many gifts. From the lowliest of fungus brew brownies on a cold winter's day to the greatest of pet squigs wrapped in a bow, we have cherished the things we've been given. But Grubby wonders if it's enough...

I love giving presents! Be it clay pots with squigs or snotlings stuffed inside or even a simple mushroom in the shape of an orky face. I love to give them all! And I think I'm not alone, though the other gobbos look at me weird for not keeping all my loot. Now I've found others like me, and we've formed the Gift Goblin Tribe!

-Now, while Grubby is off giving out more gifts, let me tell you a little bit about this campaign...

Gifts of Mork is a non-profit movement based upon the concept of gamers giving back to the gamer community.

Basically we take in donations of hobby items, volunteered time, and volunteered skill and turn those into a fun and great way to give to others in need.

For example: Let's say you have a box of space marines that you don't think you'll ever get around to building and painting. Perhaps you donate them to us, and we either keep them as giveaway prizes, event rewards, OR we have them painted by a volunteer artist and sold on auction to raise money.

Any money raised will go directly to the Gifts of Mork 'Loot Pile'. This is a fund that will be used for any number of causes from disaster relief, to children's hospitals, and even the aiding and creating of after school programs in school districts that maybe don't have it in their budget.

In the interest of full disclosure I must say that some funds will have to be put aside for things like promotional materials and logistics (shipping of items, commission work for auctions, auction fees). HOWEVER, in no way will anyone on the Gifts of Mork team be taking any percentage of the earnings for ourselves.

My name is Jason Bond, most of you know me as 'Arch'

I'm the Warboss of the Gift Goblin Tribe and it's my job to look out for the interests of the tribe. Along with the Gift Goblin Great Shaman, Grubby, we'll build a team of volunteers to organize events, giveaways, blogs, competitions and auctions!

So please, let us know that your interested in helping! Whether you can donate time, painting/modeling skills, models, or money...we want to hear from you! Remember, you can make a difference, you just have to choose to try.

To join in and have a chance of winning prizes, simply 'Follow' this blog, using the Google Friend Connect box at the top right of this post.

Join the Giving Waaaagh today!


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  1. DrakonTheNightLord's Avatar
    Blood for the Blood- er...

    I absolutely love this idea - and am proud that one of our own members came up with it. I truly wish that I lived in a part of the world where I could be of more use, say the States or Britain. Also I'd like more money and actual painting skills, but hey we can't all have what we want.

    Mark my words, though I think you already know what I'm about to say - we're looking at a start of something great and noble here, should it take off; and I'm certain it will. As above, I truly hope I could have contributed anything more than just a 'you have my morale support' and 'Go Arch'. So if there is anything Drakon can do, like suggest to change the title 'Warboss' into 'Giftboss', or write something humorous for Gifts of Mork (Perhaps Gork? Hmm.) then he'd be honoured to be called upon to help.


    Go Arch,

  2. daddy4count's Avatar
    Great concept, Arch
  3. Cordova's Avatar
    You know you have my support...
  4. Gifts of Mork's Avatar
    By the eye of Thundara! Thanks for the support guys.

    Currently, I'm working hard towards getting a few things arranged. My next blog entry should cover that well. So watch this space, tell your friends...and everyone: make sure you follow the blog as a google connect friend in the top right.

    Not only does it create a good network for us to use...but it's also the ONLY way you are eligible to win any raffles and giveaways.
    Updated 28th March 2011 at 21:33 by Gifts of Mork
  5. Deeks2010's Avatar
    Hurrah! Pay it forward has a child.....Count me in!

  6. SonsOfStalingrad's Avatar
    Can't join right now getting a server not found error.
    I however am willing to offer my services. I can paint Orks and Grots and I may be willing to do some kustum work for the charity auctions.
  7. daddy4count's Avatar
    I am willing to help in any way that I can be helpful... if that helps.

  8. Casinos Biggest Mik's Avatar
    he man.... always willing to lend a hand.... or a spare somethingorother.... just a question... where are you guys??? cos i live in australia, and thusly may not be of much use to everyone in the states and the UK and the like... sending over all the models i dont really need to help raise funds for a charity would probably cos more than i raised...

    so i was wondering... is there some kinds of australian subsector or something..

    either way, ill tell everybody and get anyone here i can
  9. Architech's Avatar
    This is a fine point you've raised. I want things like shipping to be as easy as possible. So for Oceania and some other places it makes no sense to send your stuff to US or UK. I would REALLY like there to be a chapter in Australia/NZ. But I have not yet gotten someone to oversee it under me.

    I'm in the Eastern US, Deeks is in the UK. We can get international done, but a webwork for other places would be good. Simply because of the fact that I'm currently the guy running's going to build up slower in other countries. At least I presume that will be the case. I know Deeks will do everything he can to spread this like wildfire in England (I think he likes the idea).

    Casinos, I have several friends in Aus/NZ. I'm going to see what we can get done. But hell, if you want to be the fellow to help out there...then by all means. I only 'met' Deeks a little while ago...I'm not looking just at personal friends...I honestly believe people want to help!

    Thanks guys (Up to 40 followers now!),
  10. thegreatergood's Avatar
    i would like to help in some way or another, i remember when i was scrounging for enough cash to buy my next crisis suit also, i see an orky theme, but is the charity totally ork oriented (wanting only ork things), probably not
  11. Architech's Avatar
    Not in the least mate! The idea of a gift giving goblin came to me, then the name...and then we got here. Let me say this: I want this movement to reach out to:

    -Warhammer 40k
    -Warhammer Fantasy
    -Warmachine and Hordes
    -Historical Models
    -Any other company's products...

    If it's part of the hobby of building/painting/playing, it can be part of GoM.


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