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Hey guys!

I'm so excited to have all the support I've gotten so far. I know Miniature Wargame Conversions will be happy with the way his brain child is evolving.

I want to express thanks to everyone who has joined already:

Guys from MWC's blog, welcome aboard! Thanks for trusting us enough to take a peak. I hope you enjoy the stay!

40kForums, you guys have been family to me since the personal loss that first brought me here. Thanks for continuing to show your love and support!

People that I don't recognize...Thanks for finding me and showing interest!

So guys, here's what it looks like the next month or two will bring. MWC is going to handle his April giveaway and probably another one at the end of April or in May. Please note that his blog is not ending, and if you haven't go check out his awesome work!

Now he's going to continue to give what he can to his followers, because he wants you to know how much he appreciates you all. The bulk of donations will hopefully come to Gifts of Mork, so that we can use that to develop this movement further.

What do I think we can do?

Well, I have plenty of connections to a number of prominent charities to which we can donate funds:

-St. Jude's Children's Hospital
-American Red Cross
-Monkeys for the Ethical Art Treatment

Ok, so I made that last one up...but you see where I'm going with this. My thinking is that generally we will hold events that follow this pattern:

-I buy a series of models like special characters or something that would benefit not from a specific build but from a great paint job.
-We distribute them to talented painters who are willing to paint the models as charitable effort...or for really cheap
-We hold special auctions to sell the painted figures for funds.
-The costs are recuperated and the profits go into furthering the charity or go directly to whatever group we have decided to help at the time.
-Everyone feels great!

I think we'll limit the number of times we actually donate (not the amounts of course). This way we can give a few lump sums to the charities rather than small amounts. Things that have a time issue...such as relief efforts for natrual disasters will of course require a more timely donation.

Now that a little of the business and my sappiness is out of the way....I just want you guys to know that we're gonna keep this fun! We'll be organizing tournaments, painting competitions on other wonderful events starting this summer!

This blog will also become a place for you guys to come and check out some of the interesting things that I find in various hobbies: Cool conversions, awesome painting, new products, etc....

What I can really use is people willing to take on a bit of responsibility with Gifts of Mork.

While I'm the Warboss of the movement, I need some more Big Bosses and Bosses and even Mobs.

I've got a Big Boss in the UK, but I'd like 2 more for the UK. Right now I'm the only guy in the US....I'd like at least 3 more Big Bosses here (preferrably: east and west reps ). I have a Big Boss for since that country is like the size of my backyard...He'll be part of the Europe crew.

This is not a rush thing. It's just a matter of getting events organized and helping me out a bit.

Anywho, that's enough rambling from me. Again, my thanks for checking us out. I look forward to working with you guys to improve the gaming community!

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