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Forces through the editions- Grey Knights

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Well got asked if I could have a look at grey knights and to be honest they are interesting unit in both 2nd and 3rd editions so let's see how they've changed.

2nd ed

Yep that's one of the old grey knight models and I definitely prefer the new ones.

Anyway in 2nd ed Inquisitors and Grey Knights were part of the agents of the imperium force which included sisters of battle, assassins, adeptus mechanicus and similar things and while they could be taken as a force they were mainly used as allies for marines and guardsmen.

Anyway so grey knights

The stats are pretty much the same as they are now for GK terms but with 1 more BS and I and the unit was a squad of 5 but the price varied between 350, 375, 400 and 425. Now the reason for this was Grey Knights were psykers and depending how much you paid would determine their level e.g. 350pts was for level 1 psykers e.g. low level warlocks, librarians and 425 for level 4 psykers e.g. Farseers, Greater daemons, Master Librarians.

Now Grey Knights knew inquisition, Adeptus powers and Librarian powers but must always have 1 Inquisitor power but could then switch for others depending the level e.g. 1 level knows 1 power and 4 knows 4 powers. This basically meant you had a squad of librarians in terminator armour. Lovely considering the powers can do anything from allow them to teleport 4d6" and go into combat with it, place a 2" blast marker on unit and each model under must pass a LD at -2 and if failed the model dies with no armour saves allowed and of course destroy daemon where the daemon and psyker lock in psychic battle and if the psyker wins the daemon is destroyed. That's just 3 there is 24 they can have access to though they are chosen randomly thankfully.

Now equipment

Nemesis force weapons are a bit different as they give str bonus equal to the mastery of the squad which meant they either str 5 in combat or str 8 and considering you've got 5 of them to deal with that's quite nasty.

They have terminator armour granting them a save on 2d6 so unless ignores armour saves they will always get a save even if hit with a lascannon.

They can also buy refractor fields granting them an invul save as well and aegis suits granting them a extra save against psychic powers both cost quite a bit.
Transport wise they can buy a land raider which is helpful or can teleport in though this costs half their original pts to do.

Overall 2nd ed Grey Knights are as I've said a unit of librarians in terminator armour and the higher the mastery level they have the more deadly they become. There is also little reason to include a psyker if you take a unit of these guys as they fill the role perfectly though keep in mind they will almost certainly take all of the pts you have for supports if taken as allies and only really available in games of 2000pts+.

3rd ed

The current grey knight terminators and while not a unit of librarians anymore they are still deadly.

Stats WS5 BS4 S4 T4 W1 I4 A2 LD10

They cost 46pts each and a squad consists of 2 knights and brother captain with another 7 knights that can be added.

Equipment- Well they have storm bolters so gained a ranged weapon and have the nemesis force weapon now which grants a basic str bonus which isn't altered and is a power weapon so still deadly. Can use switch out for a thunder hammer and storm shield which are also useful but I prefer sticking with the original wargear. They are also packing terminator armour so still not easy to take down.

One can also have a incinerator or psycannon to replace their storm bolter and they are okay but not essential.

The brother captain can be granted equipment from armoury which is useful but not needed most of the time.

Special rules-

Grey Knights have quite a few special rules now being fearless, can deep strike in, have true grit, the aegis to help stop psychic powers, the shrouding to make it harder to target them with shooting and 2 daemon rules which sadly no longer work but hopefully will be modified in the next version.

They can also have the holocaust power but it's not really that good as it can hurt the terms as well but against a horde like orks or nids could be quite useful.

While not the unit of librarians they used to be grey knight terms are still something you need to be careful of as they can easily decimate most units in combat without issue.

Overall grey knights are both powerful units in both editions and while not a unit of powerful psykers like they used to be grey knights are still something to be wary of especially as there are HQ choices and troops for them now as well but they shall be covered when the next book comes out. Now what to do next.

Edit 13/4/11

So with the new grey knight codex out lets see how the terms are doing now.

Grey Knights terminators

Yep still good models.

So now a troops choice and coming in with -1 less WS and LD then before and come in a squad of 5 with up to 5 more terms able to be added and costing 40pts each.

Equipment- Still got terminator armour and the storm bolter but now have nemesis force swords which only grant a +1 S bonus but a unit of terminators wielding proper force weapons I think is a decent trade off. They can also take daemon hammers, nemesis falchions and nemesis force halberds and also have access to incinerators, psycannons, psilencers, warding staves, banners and psybolt ammo so they can pretty much be tooled to deal with anything.

They also have the hammerhand psychic power like most GK.

Special rules- Nothing to major here the default GK rules of aegis, brotherhood of psykers, combat squads, ATSKNF and preffered enemy daemons.

Overall the termies are still mean as ever and now you can have a ruddy army of them again.

Special rules-

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  1. edmundblack's Avatar
    Nice. I reckon some 2nd Edition sprinkling on to their current incarnations would be quite cool. Worth noting that Grey Knight Terminators don't get True Grit, and power armoured Grey Knights have 2 attacks all the time, not 3 (only the Justicar gets 3).

    As for what is next ... how about a vehicle of some sort. Dreadnought?


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