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Forces through the editions- Big Gunz

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Ahhh Ork technology has the potential to be devastating to both you and your opponent. Big guns are great examples of this and I'm going to have a look at them all.

2nd ed

In 2nd ed the orks had 5 big guns or 6 if you count the shokk attack gun but I won't talk about that time my big mek article. Now all big guns required a mek and a runtherd in the army e.g. the mek makes and looks after the dang things and runtherd makes sure the crew do the job. All the guns came with 2 gretchin crew.

So first Traktor Cannon

Wells it's 40pts and has a 72" range so yeah unless your hidden it's going to get you. Once you pick a target they are autohit and you roll the artillery dice. The unit then takes a hit with a str equal to the result. Vehicles and buildings also take a additional armour pen so can deal with any vehicle as well though not likely. If they survive the model/unit/vehicle is then dragged half the artillery dice result towards the kannon so you got a 6" they are dragged 3 inchs forward. Infantry don't suffer any other affects but vehicles will count as ramming if they hit anything.

For misfire it will either overheat and not be able to fire this turn or next or the polarity will reverse and you roll the artillery dice and again and the traktor cannon drags itself that many inches towards the target.

The traktor kannon is not bad but I prefer some of the other guns.

Smasha Gun

This is the only gun I've never actually used out of all the big guns. Dunno why oh wait a minute I kind of do actually.

So the gun has a range is 60" and depending what you target and depending the range depends how easy they are to hit with 24-36" being the best range and vehicles being best target and infantry the worst because you can rarely hit them seriously BS2 orks have a better of hitting then this thing and you can only hit 1 model so a unit of 30 termagants aren't bothered.

Once hit the model is lifted into the air and you roll a d6 and that's how far you can move it. You then drop the unit and if infantry it takes a wound with -1 to its save as does the model underneath it if it lands on one.

Vehicles same sort of thing but take a hit equal to their ram damage on their leg's or wheels and then have a chance to do additional damage but it's kind of eh.

To be honest I prefer the traktor cannon as not only does it autohit it's just better as you can damage a vehicle with the initial hit make it crash into a wall taking further damage better then it's ram value. Oh and 45pts so slightly more expensive but doesn't misfire.

Squig Katapult

Ah here is an anti-infantry one and its 40 pts.

This things launches squigs obviously and has a range of 48". You pick a target and guess the range and then measure how far you've guessed and plonk down the squig template. You then roll a scatter and artillery dice to see if that is where it has landed, gone off target or a malfunction has occurred.

If you hit any models you auto wound them and they must make a armour save which varies from model to model e.g. avatars, orks and greater daemons ignore them, vehicles and Tyranid MC's are very resistant, marines are okay and the rest oh dear. If the model fails it is devoured instantly by the squigs. Once this is done and if the squigs did eat something you roll a d6 1-3 they leave 4-6 they go looking for more food and then move around the board until they fail to eat something or eat enough and leave.

Now for a misfire 3 things can happen

1. It just fails to fire
2. It fires a grot and if grot hits something it takes a hit.
3. It destroys itself.

Overall it's not a bad weapon but is a bit inaccurate but it's orks what are you expecting.

Splatta Kannon

It's 60pts but damn worth it for the entertainment value.

To sum the gun up it fires a shell which hit's or misses its target... and then bounces around the battle field destroying everything in its path. The range of a gun is a artillery dice + 20 so roll a 4 and it shoots 24". The shell itself is str6 and can kill most heroes bar things like hive tyrants and great daemons but it's rubbish against most vehicles due to low armour penetration. Now after doing the first hit you then roll the artillery dice and scatter dice and the shell then bounces around the place colliding with the first thing in its path until you roll a misfire when it stops. This means the gun can do massive damage to your opponent or could bounce back towards you and smack your orks around a bit.

For a misfire it either destroys itself or fails to shoot.

Overall it's fun gun and can do some decent damage if you can hit a squad and have bounce around in it.

Finally the Pulsa Rokkit

Only decent picture on google I could find.

Anyway it's 50pts and is one use only.

Now how it works is when you fire it you choose a number between 1 and 10. You then roll that many D6 and add 12 to the result and the rokkit goes that far and then crashes into the ground. Now at the start of the opponents turn you roll 2d6 and that is the range of the rokkits pulsa aura which has varying affects with infantry being knocked down and being able to move, support weapons being forced to face random directions, walkers legs taking a beating, vehicles going out of control and buildings collapsing.

Now if the roll for the range was a double the rokkit keeps going and you keep rolling at the start of the opponents turn until you fail to roll a double and once that happens the pulse field ends.

The pulsa rokkit isn't bad especially against units in buildings they don't tend to survive and can halt a units advance of vehicle to crash into something so not bad.

3rd ed

Well the orks got some new big guns in 3rd ed.

Big guns now cost 30pts and still have 2 grot crew but can buy extra crew as well as slavers. The guns can now also be targeted and destroyed but have a armour value as well. Anyway time for the guns themselves.


The kannon is actually similar to how it is now but the blast shot having 1 more S and the shell counting as ordinance against vehicles. It isn't bad and target both units and vehicles but I find the other 2 are better at it especially with grots only being BS2 in 3rd ed.


The lobba is exactly the same as it is now and not bad against infantry. Not much to say about it really.


Now this thing is random as it autohits but the 2d6 str makes it interesting as it will either be incredibly powerful or do shod all though no matter it's str it does ignore armour. Downside is a 11 or 12 kills a grot and the gun doesn't fire but does get additional dice for armour penetration on vehicles so good at busting them even at low str.

Overall Zzap guns were very good anti-vehicles for the orks in 3rd ed and the other 2 are okay but not really needed.

4th ed

Well models haven't changed how about rules.

Well a kannon is 20pts, a lobba 25 and zzap gun 30 so varying prices now and a bit more accurate being BS3 and can have ammo runts to allow for rerolls.

As for the guns themselves the kannon is a missile launcher now but not bad for its cost now the increased BS making it a bit easier for them to hit things.

Lobba hasn't changed one bit and is still a okay thing.

Zzap guns well they don't get extra armour pen anymore but if the roll is a 11 or 12 the shot stills goes off which is helpful and any vehicles penetrated or glanced are auto shaken which is handy depending the vehicle e.g. rhino not useful but leman russ handy.

Overall ork big gunz are handy but not really something you'd need to take bar things like the Zzap gun and splatta kannon depending on your army but they are still fun to take.



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