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Forces through the editions- IG Sentinels

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Well time for IG I suppose and going to look at the Imperial Guard Sentinel.

2nd ed

Now before I begin an explanation on 2nd ed vehicles. Each vehicle has multiple parts that can be hit e.g. for a leman it's tracks, hull and turret and each has its own armour values and damaging each one has different effects so damaging tracks will slow the vehicle down and the turret will take out some of its fire power. Anyway let's have a look at the sentinel.

Funky looking thing ain't it.

So stats well it's 75pts and comes in squads of 1-3 and has 15 armour all around so can medium armour but heavy weapons will have no trouble damaging it and has 1 crewmen who is exposed so can be targeted by infantry as well. It is quite speedy for a walker as well due to the lack of armour so can get around quite fast.

Equipment wise well it has an assault cannon and is the only guard vehicle that can and considering how nasty assault cannons were (they could pump 9 str 8 shots) it's good at gunning down infantry and vehicles. It also comes with a targetter so a good chance of hitting with it as well.

For the damage table pray it hits the legs or it's screwed as the most likely result on the weapon is the assault cannon will be destroyed meaning bar ramming it's pretty much useless and on the body the crewmen dies making it spin out of control for a turn and then crash and become useless.

Overall the sentinel in 2nd ed has a good gun but it can be taken down by someone with a lasgun with the right dice roll so not very durable even when compared to similar vehicles like the war walker which at least has a shield for the pilot.

3rd ed

Fairly old model this one but a decent one.

So stats are exactly the same as current scout sentinel same pts wise actually 35pts and comes in a squad of 1-3.

Weapons wise they could be given heavy flamers or a multilasers and had access to a large amount of the vehicle upgrades including a armoured crew compartment meaning it was no longer open topped.

Had the scout special rule meaning they could always be deployed on the board no matter the mission and got a free move after deployment.

So in 3rd ed sentinels were designed to quickly get around the board and hunt down infantry units. They weren't to bad at it but were not really essential or needed they were just nice to have.

3.5 Codex

Well sod all changed in this book bar sentinels gaining access to autocannons and lascannons allowing to hunt vehicles now which made them into mobile HW teams in a way. Though still nice to have but not really essential.

5th ed

Yeah Guard didn't get a 4th ed codex though didn't need it so let's have a look at the current ones.

Well the sentinels are now split between scouts and armoured sentinels.

Scouts have the same sentinel stats as before and same cost but have gained move through cover special rule and access to the missile launcher. They can't access extra armour or armoured crew compartment now though.

This is where the armoured sentinel comes in as it has both and gains a front armour value of 12 for 20 more points. It can also use the plasma cannon as well granting it a decent weapon to deal with heavy armoured infantry and light/medium vehicles.

Out of the speedy scout sentinel and armoured sentinel I prefer the armoured as with that extra armour it is a bit more durable now as it can't be glanced by bolters or similar things and that plasma cannon is quite handy. Still it's not something I'd go oh yes must have that but nice to take out once in a while.

Overall 5th ed is my favourite because of the armoured sentinel with 2nd ed being next due to the assault cannon and then 3.5 and then 3 but as I've said with the other guard vehicles and options it's not something I'd recommend that all players must take but it's a fun thing to bring once in a while.

Next time I have a look at a couple of the necrons and how they changed from being a WD list in 2nd ed to a full codex in 3rd.



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