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Hello all its Ellis(Deeks2010) Big Boss for UK/Europe.

As Arch is busy with things in the real world (Work) I thought I would take a bit of time to update you all with what Gifts of Mork have been up to lately for all of you who don't know.

As most of you know we have launched our own blog site Gifts of Mork and we would absolutely love for all of our followers on 40kforums to move come and visit it there, and join us as members. We will still keep a presence here on 40kForums after all its our birth place, we just found it easier to utilise some of the extra functions available to us on our own separate blog, so drop by and follow us there too.

If you have visited our blog before you will notice that it has been revamped a little and more functionality will be added as time moves on.

So what have we been up to, well you must of heard about Gamers Give? this is our first of many planned event like this, this is where all of us here can do something small individually, but it becomes something huge collectively.

Its simple, safe, and means that a charity close to each individuals heart will get some much deserved and needed funds.

All you have to do to take part is either run an eBay for charity auction of your own, or get in touch with us with a donation of an item, that we will auction for you on your behalf, let us know which charity you want to support and that is how simple it is.

Auctions should start of September the 23rd and run for 7 days, and should all include the word "GOM" in the title description so we can all find your auctions, and at the end of the auction, you just let us know how much you raised for charity and which charity you supported, a day or two later we will total up all the auction results and announce to everyone, how much gamers around the world raised for charity in one day. Told ya its simple.

So if you havnt already get in touch, let us know what you want to do to support us, if you cant run an auction then why not just make a donation to the charity of your choice via eBay/mission fish sell for charity tool, How?

Simply Find a Charity HERE on eBay
Select the View Button to read all about the charity, then click on the DONATE NOW button, you can then select amounts you want to donate and your done, remember to let us know about it so we can include it in the totals, and dont worry we wont be recording or announcing any names against any donations given so it remains private.

So here it is a plea from us to you, come on take part, do something small that could mean so much to someone else, get involved, it will take so little of your time, let us know what great work you will be doing for charity and lets make this first campaign a success, and put Gifts of Mork and Gamers Give on the map.

I would also like to thank personally everyone both individuals and companies alike that have come forward thus far to support us, it is truly appreciated. Thank You.

Finally Gifts of Mork is still recruiting, If you are a writer and would like to submit a Hobby/Gaming related article/tutorial to Gifts of Mork Blog, If you have a story to tell let us know.

Painters, are you a daemon with your brush, could donate some brush time to us, then let us know, we would like to build a list of painters ready to do some work for us in the future, we are willing to donate items for painting, and to showcase your work for you in return, so let us know, we may need you for future project.

We still need people with ideas, time and determination to help out, our numbers here are limited, most definitely not a hoard do you want to join in and help out practically then let us know.


Thank you for reading and your time.




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