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Forces through the editions- Vindicare Assassin.

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*Dodges sniper rounds to get to the blog* Alright alright I'm doing an article on yor now quit firing those turbo-penetrator rounds... and aren't you supposed to only have one? Anyway time to look at the vindicare assassin.

2nd ed

This version of the vindicare was the 2nd ed model. His other sculpt showed up in 3rd ed. Assassins were allies to IG, Marines and the other imperial forces. They also is the opponent agreed could show up with Eldar or Squats though obviously it was just because they helped with the mission and they'd probably kill the Xenos afterwards.

So the vindi well has a move of 6 so is very fast for a human and has the same S and T as now +3 to his WS, BS and I double the amount of wounds and 1 more attack so a bit tougher and going to hit you. Pts well he costs 215pts so pretty much double how much he costs now.

Special rules- Well being an assassin he is immune to psychology, comes with the standard 4+ invul save, immune to all toxins, may infiltrate and can see through smoke clouds and gases without any issues.

His only unique rule is that he can run and shoot his pistol in the same turn so moving 12" and shooting is quite handy.

Equipment now this is what makes the vindicare so special.

Stealth Suit- If hiding the assassin can fire and this would normally mean he would automatically come out of hiding however he is only detected which means only blast and template weapons may target him and he can hide again quite quickly so very good at shooting people and not getting shot back.

Spy Mask- May fire at hidden models at BS2 or detected models at BS5. Yeah no hiding from him though can be a bit tricky to hit.

Exitus ammunition- His unique 1 shot ammo but can be used by the rifle OR the pistol which suddenly makes that 12" run and shoot a bit more useful.

Shield-Breaker- If it hits and the target has a field of any kind it is instantly destroyed which basically means bar daemonic aura or ork medi squigs no invul saves for the model hit. Very handy.

Turbo-penetrator round- Ignores all armour bar terminator and causes 2 wounds. Against vehicles when rolling for penetration double the result. Very very handy.

Hellfire- Shot wounds on a 2+ and can cause d6 wounds. Use the shield breaker to remove a invul save and then target the hero with this and they are pretty much dead.

Exitus long rifle- Has 36" and always grants a +1 to hit (helps with that spy mask modifier a bit more) has S of 5 and ignores most armour bar power and termy armour and can do up to 6-11 damage on a vehicle or 12-22 with a armour pen round which ain't bat.

Pistol- Same as rifle but shorter range but +3 to hit if the target is 6" or less away.

So that's the vindicare and he is very good at his job of finding a character and killing them no matter what they try and do to survive.

3rd ed Assassins codex

Now before the hunter codexes and while I still read White Dwarf before Andy Chambers and Paul Sawyer left a strange book came with the WD for the 3rd ed Dark Angel release. Turns out it was a small codex allowing imperial armies to have the 4 assassins as elite choices again. However these versions of the assassins did end up having the same rules as the hunters anyway but just thought it would be an interesting bit of info to know and I still have mine wonder if it allow me to take assassins as allies in a tournament without an inquisitor?


So yes the assassins moved here and I was annoyed that you need to take an inquisitor to have one as it means to take one as a ally for marines you needed to take a Inq lord as a HQ and then the assassin as a elite.

Anyway stats WS5 BS5 S4 T4 W2 I5 A3 LD10 and is 110pts

Special rules

Well he has the generic rules of being a Independant so no joining units or capturing objectives, having the 4+ invul as normal, is fearless and may infiltrate standard fair. Also has the marksman rule allowing him to pick who you want him to shoot at in a unit which is useful.


Spy Mask- Now helps negate cover saves which is useful especially now a day's bloody guardsmen hiding behind bushes and now able to survive a shot from a battlecannon I don't know. Oh and it helps with a nightfight as well making it easier for him.

Stealth Suit- Shoot as if in a night fight and if night fight half the result. Still a pain to shoot and in night fight might as well not bother.

Exitus Rifle- A ap2 sniper rifle which also has the special ammunition.

Hellfire- Similar to 2nd ed but no D6 wounds anymore.

Turbo-penetrator- Well the armour doesn't matter anymore but does the same amount of wounds and armour pen has changed to be pretty good at penetrating anything if the dice go your way.

Sheild-Breaker- This just ignores the invuls now doesn't destroy which is a shame.

Exitus Pistol- Similar to 2nd ed but with no hit modifier but ignores all armour now.

Overall the vindicare has changed from targeting heroes to going Marine with a Lascannon Boom Headshot Warlock Boom Headshot Ork Nob Boom Headshot Transport Boom Headshot... what there has be to a driver. So he is still quite useful just wish he could go Inquisitor needed to take me... Boom headshot. Well let see got asked to look at banshees so we'll do them next.

Edit 14/3/11

Right Vindi got a update

So now a elite and does not require a inquisitor (woo) is a 0-1 to one choice coming it at 145pts with WS8 BS8 S4 T4 W2 I7 A4 LD10.

Equipment- So the exitus pistol and rifle both use the special ammo now and both bunch through armour like nothing still. Only real difference is he can move and fire the pistol at short range or stand sitll and fire the rifle at long.

The special ammo hasn't changed since 3rd bar Turbo-pen which is now 4d6 vs vehicles so even a land raider or monolith stands a very good chance of going boom oh and the ammo is not use only now can rain them down all you want.

Sadly his spy mask and stealth suit are gone but he can still pick individual models in a unit.

He also comes with his 4+ invul , feel no pain on a 6 and has stealth, fleet, fearless move through cover and infiltrate.

Overall he hasn't changed much but the ability to constantly fire special ammo is very handy.


  1. edmundblack's Avatar
    Again, nice piece there Foamy.

    Any chance of doing something on Space Marine Dreadnoughts at some point?
  2. Dark Lord Foamy's Avatar
    Maybe I have to admit I'm not going to cover marines to much because out of all the races they have had very little changes over the editions compared to other races mainly just changes to their equipment and how much they cost. Marines will still get a few entries though but it will mainly be Special Characters and units like death company that have changed over the editions so don't expect entries for things like tactical squads as they haven't really changed.
  3. edmundblack's Avatar
    Fair enough.
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