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I have just had the following message from eBay/Mission Fish.

Hi Ellis,

Good to hear from you and great to hear your plans are coming together.
If you could perhaps send me a link to all the GOM items live from the 23rd September, I’ll put this up on our social media sites.
All the best with the fundraising – a fun idea and hopefully it will raise a great amount too. Congrats.
All the Best,


Ria Fleming
Head of Campaigns
Registered Charity Number: 1110538
phone: 0208 439 2027
Follow us on Twitter at

So guys its real important that you let us know if you are going to do a charity auction of your own, and the single most important thing is to ensure that you put the word GOM in your auction title so that we can find them all.

All listings should start on the 23rd of September and run for 7 Days, so were real close to auction day now, please, please try and run a charity auction on ebay to aid a charity of your choice, the more we have this time, the more listing we have the more we will raise funds for charities around the world.

It would be really fantastic if we could get at least one auction from each country that has their own ebay site.


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  1. Michael's Avatar
    Sounds great!


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