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Gifts of Mork Gamers Give, Is It Worth It?

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As we get close to the start of the Gamers Give, I have found myself being so caught up in the organising of it all that I thought I would sit back and take time to reflect on why I am doing all this.

The last couple of weeks has seen me hunched over a laptop computer, blogging like crazy, e-mailing anyone and everyone I think could help us out, posting on forums anywhere I have permission to advertise the event, contacting companies all over to try and drum up support, designing and creating auction templates and listings, the list goes on, and all this on top of what can only be described as a debilitating condition (Fibro-Myalgia) affecting all my muscles in my body, causing me extreme amounts of pain, just sitting and typing so much had me literally crying in pain by the end of one particularly busy day.

So today I took it a bit easy, sat back and did very little, somehow I felt a little disheartened that despite my best efforts, determination and positivity, I still have this niggling in the back of my mind that somehow I wont pull this off, and the amounts raised for charity will probably only reach a hundred or so if I am lucky, I genuinely asked myself the question why bother? I started to feel real down with myself, So I sat in front of my computer and staring blankly at the screen, wondering what if anything I should do next, I opened up Turbo Lister to look at the auctions sat there waiting to go live on the 23rd, “Only 17 items” I thought to myself, that isn’t going to raise much, I clicked on one just to give it a final check over, and read the information about the charity it was going to support, I still had this thought of pound signs in my head, and how little this whole effort is going to make, I wasn’t reading the text in front of me really just seeing pound signs.

I clicked on the link to the charities website it was Help for Heroes, as I glanced at the website, taking in the images of forces personnel, different fundraising events that were happening, things started to jiggle around in my mind.

Slowly the pound signs in my mind were replaced with memories, flash backs if you like, memories of conflict, naval gunfire, helicopters, smoke, the sound of the general alarm sounding in the middle of the night, jumping out of my rack (bed), running through the ships passage ways, frantically pulling on protective anti-flash hoods and gloves, getting closer to the hatch out onto the upper deck, grabbing my flak jacket putting it on, running back down the upper deck, the dark night, the wind blowing in my face as the ships engines screamed to push the warship faster through the water, I find myself now at my upper deck gun position, my LMG mounted ready on the side of the ship, check the ammunition is fed in ok, cock the weapon and then wait, wait, wait. In the distance you can see some of the US fleet firing tomahawk missiles, seeing the upper deck of their ships light up as, the missile crawls it way up high into the sky before tipping over, dropping down to cruising height and streaking off towards the land.

Above and behind me our ships Sea Wolf missile system sits ready, to defend our ship from anything coming our way, and without warning, the loudest bangs I have ever heard as the Sea Wolf launches 2 missiles of behind the ship, as they leave the launcher at Mach 3, the deck below my feet vibrates as they streak away, the ship lurches to starboard, in one of the fastest turns I have ever experienced, desperately trying to present the smallest of target possible to the missile that must be heading our way by turning away from the threat.

Upper deck guns start blasting away from all over the upper deck, It was impossible to hear the announcements being shouted out over the upper deck tannoy over the noise of gun fire, and noise from the funnel as the ships turbines scream away at full power, Do I shoot, let rounds off? Where is my target, I can see nothing except the trail of our Sea Wolf missiles, Sod this I think to myself! I pull the trigger and rounds start pumping out of my LMG, tracer rounds streaking out into the night sky, hoping that they hit something that might be heading our way, Its only then I notice my “Oppo” (Ship Mate)stood next to me, readying another box of ammunition, then another lurch from the ship, this time in the other direction, as we turn I manage to catch a glimpse of our Sea Wolf missiles as they explode only a few hundred meters from the ship, gunfire on the upper deck slowly drops off, we can then hear people shouting cease fire, cease fire, I try to let go of the triggers to my gun, smoke flowing from the tip of the barrel, hundreds of brass shell casings are rolling around my feet, I can’t let go of my triggers, my hands frozen, I can hear my mate shouting “Fu** Fu**” “That was so cool!” he starts laughing, slowly I too start laughing audibly, inside I’m shaking like a leaf.

This was my first and sadly not my last ever experience of military conflict, I was a young 21 year old lad, serving in the Royal Navy in the Northern Persian Gulf during the first Gulf War.

I was lucky, I came home, I came home intact, I have my hands to type this, I have yellow Labrador’s they are pets not guide dogs, I can take a walk in the park with my children, and see them grow, I have my legs and eyes.

My mind came back to the screen in front of me, here many brave men and women’s lives were on display for the world to see, not as some sort of freak show for us all to look at and pity, but as a kick of reality, because as we all sit safe and warm in our little homes, we still today have young men and women who put themselves in the line of the gravest type of danger, every single day, be it the infantry man on the frontline, fighting for his life, or the chef aboard a nuclear submarine, each and every one of them faces a danger that us as civilians just don’t face, or even consider, for the most of the time, and its sad to say that we as a nation expect these brave young men and women to go and do their job, we as a nation do not have the facilities and services needed and in place to help these deserving few when they come home broken, both physically from the bullets, bombs and missiles they have to face, and emotionally from the trauma of having to endure what some of them endure on a daily basis.

To steal a quote “A man that is good enough to shed a his blood for his country is good enough to be given a square deal afterwards. More than that no man is entitled to, and less than that no man shall have.” Theodore Roosevelt speech at Springfield Illinois, 4th July 1903

So if I only raise a few pounds for this charity, then It might buy a fissure stick to help one of these heroes walk, or pay for someone to just talk and listen, whatever it does, it will be worth the effort I have given.

Remember this is just one charity we at Gifts of Mork will be supporting.

Is it worth it?

Yes, sell something for charity, have an auction be a hero.


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  1. Architech's Avatar
    All it takes is one mote of happiness for the downhearted
  2. venerable bolter's Avatar

    I just read this by coincidence, and I must say, I have been one big fool since I came here. I guess I was stressed out when you broke into what I foolishly thought of as some kind of personal haven, where I controlled and the others obeyed.
    Let's call it the Norwegian train of thought. At some points, being greedy, stubborn and dominant is essential for survival.
    My dad is cancer-sick, and had cancer cells in brain, lounges and hip. The brain has been cured, but there is a high danger the cancer will return. For now, dad's come home, but... I never got to get 100% known with him. We never played together. There also is my mother-in-law, Maureen... A real tiger mom.
    For the time being, I live in Oslo with my biological mom, liv berit, who is poor. You know I'm 14, and by now I have studied in 3 schools. At the first two, I was crowded, ironically, first by a girl, and then by immigrant children. I was no nerd then, but I turned into one, dunno when. To be honest, at some points, I'm some kind of nerd bibliotecary.
    Read this well. I must also inform of the fact that I have asperger syndrome. If you don't know what it is, look it up on Wikipedia.


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