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GoM News - Less than 3 days to go left on the auctions.

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Its less than 3 days to go on our Gifts of Mork - Gamers Give eBay Chairy Auctions, and all seems to be going to plan so far.

There are still some items that are awaiting a bid, but every item has a large number of watchers, sitting waiting to bid.
I say to you guys, "BID NOW" get those bids in, these are charity auction items, be generous dig deep and bid away, we need every penny that you can spare, lets make this event a success.

At present we are at £152. 27 or $234.42, and I know we can beat this figure, remember that 100% of these auctions final selling prices will go the charities they each support.

There are a couple of items from still waiting to arrive by courier that have been donated, so I will run those over the initial 7 days and add them to the overall total

If you want to check our eBay auction items, Just check them out here:

Some pop over to the auctions and place your bids.




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