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Gift of Mork eBay Charity Auction Event Totals (So Far)

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Well here we are, our first ever charity event has finished (sort of), there are a couple of still running.

I would like to take this chance to thank all of you who supported this, especially those of you that donated items to be auctioned.

In particular:

Brother Michael
The Bitz Box
Total Wargamer
Commissar Dave

With their donations, combined with my donations we were able to run 21 separate charity auctions which benefited 3 separate charities including:

Help for Heroes
Breakthrough Brest Cancer Research
The Art Room.

And I bet you are all wondiering what the grand total raised is?, well it is:

£252.58 or $393.53

So once again, well done everybody, and thank you for your support on this one, there will be more charity events comming soon, I have some Ideas for a Christmas event, and I know there some ideas FLOATINGg around behind the SEA'ns which may get some of you excited.

Thank you all for your support and help



  1. Architech's Avatar
    Adding my personal thanks. It's hard to be more proud than I am now.

    Deeks, thank you so much for taking point on this.

    Michael, thank you for donating such wonderful models to great causes.

    Everyone else, you did a great job raising some much needed cash for charity!

    So as we look to the future...I'm putting out a call for talented miniature painters who will have time to paint something for around xmas/new year.


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