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Forces through the editions- Chaos Dreadnought

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Right despite moving to Tauranga and the new lair I'm setting up having some technical issues with getting net at the moment *looks at his little wireless modem that hates him and keeps crashing his computer* as well as some other things *a loud explosion can be heard and some of Foamy's minions can be seen trying to get away from a warpstone infused Carnifex* anyway I've got some time to kill over the weekend so thought I'd had a look at one of the stranger vehicles the chaos space marine dreadnought.

2nd ed

Yeah this is one old model and it really shows now a days and needs a redo as I have heard that due to the age of the mould the model doesn't go together as well as it used to.

Anyway that's not what you want to know about let's take a look at the bugger.

Pts 135 base and armour is pretty good with 18 being the worst so going take quite a beating. For the rest of its stats as it is a walker it has +3 WS, +1BS and same S, I and A as it does now so easier for it to hit things but otherwise unchanged.

Damage table is not bad basically a 1-3 damages the system but still works while a 4-6 destroys the system or the dread itself so standard really.

Weapons are pretty good and one thing that is quite interesting is the 2nd ed dread can have a thunder hammer which isn't a bad choice and it's the only chaos unit that can.

Now special rules well the dread has stupidity and frenzy but only one occurs at a time depending on the following.

If a enemy is within 12" the Dread frenzies and charges into combat with them hence why taking that hammer is handy.

If not or if it can't reach due to damaged legs it must take a stupidity test and if it passes acts normally but if it fails then you roll a d6 in the shooting phase. On a 2-5 it targets the nearest enemy target and lets loose with everything it has and on a 1 it targets the closest target and lets loose with everything it has... not something you want to happen on turn 1.

So it's a decent walker with some nice wargear but like it has always been is a bit nutty and will chase after things and may let loose with all of its guns on a grot that happened to be a bit to close. Still not a bad thing to take.

3rd ed

Back here again and time to see how the jump to the new rules has changed the dread.

Well it's still a support choice and got the same stat line as now and is 75pts base plus weapons so not a bad price.

Special rules- Well stupidity and frenzy are gone replaced with crazed so this thing is now constantly wacky and to sum it up at the start of each turn you roll a d6 and on 1 it misses shooting to basically gain fleet and must move towards the nearest enemy model and doubles it's attacks so that's a decent number and as long as the dread has 1 CC arm that still works it will cause a lot of pain to whatever it ends up assaulting but that is the issue is you might not want it to e.g. a Hive Tyrant or assault something like a land speeder. Can be good especially on a CC dread but does vary.

2-5- You have full control of it.

6- Now this is the problem as the dread misses assaulting but fires all its guns twice. Sounds good right? Well unfortunately like in 2nd ed it shoots the closest thing and like in 2nd ed that can be quite painful for you early on depending how you've kitted it.

The only exception to this if immobilised count 1 as a 6 or if the dread can't fire e.g. it's been shaken or has none it's a 1... doesn't say what happens if both have occurred though so I'm going to say it hums to itself for the turn.

So overall it hasn't changed to much bar that the fire frenzy and blood rage happen a bit easier now due to the D6 roll compared to how they used to work and while they can be useful they can also be a major problem for you. Still a fun thing to have though.


It hasn't changed... no seriously it's identical to the previous codex bar the extra vehicle upgrades that came but weapons, pts, stats, special rules are exactly the same. Well if it ain't broke don't fix it as they say.

4th ed

Well they've tweaked it a bit.

So WS4 BS4 S6 FA12 SA12 RA10 I4 A3 and is now 90pts which does sound like a increase but the weapon prices have come down so it actually is the same or cheaper with some load outs. Is also a elite choice now joining the marine dreads... fair enough.

Special rules well BR and FF have switched places so FF is now on a 1 and BR on 6 and BR doesn't double attacks anymore. Also if they can't FF or BR then the result is treated as 2-5.

Overall it's not really changed though why they switched FF and BR around I don't know and I kind of see why the BR has lost double attacks as on a 2XDCC dread that was 8 attacks on a assault that was a bit mean.

So the chaos dread a bit of a loony but still a okay unit. Now I have to finish setting up the lair.



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