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Forces through the editions- Ork Boyz

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Right time to look at ork boys and how they have changed.

2nd ed

A few of the different clans back then.

Now your basic boy is 12pts, come in squads of 5-20 and take the current statline but with 1 less attack and 1 more BS and your there... yes orks could shoot in 2nd ed though were a bit to good at it hence the decreased BS later on making them more CC based as they should be.

Now the boyz were split into 6 different clans and depending the clan depended what they could take.

First we've got the goffs now they comes with bolt pistols, axes and frag stikkbombz as well as flak armour and they may take any assault weapons or stikkbombz they want so are the true get stuck in there and smash something orks. They can only have 1 special or heavy weapon to fit with this. Now they can also be upgraded to skarboyz for 1 pt to increase their S and WS which sounds good but really did depend on what equipment they had as if they were all packing chainswords not really much point. Still nice upgrade.

Next bad moons who have the same standard equipment but any model may take a special weapon along with bombz and assault weapons so they can pack some serious fire power seeing as that is flamers, meltas and plasma guns. They can also have 2 heavy weapons to add to the pain. Now you're probably thinking they are the shootiest orks? Think again.

Death Skulls take the bad moons but replace assault weapons with heavy weapons... these guys make devastators look pathetic as that is a possible 20 heavy weapons ranging from heavy bolters to lascannons. They can also have the kustom kombi weapon a unique weapon that has varying affects from being rng2 s2 to being rng 60 str10... or exploding. I do take a death skull squad for ranged fighting in my 2nd ed orks I'll admit but the rest is goffs so I'm still a true ork.

Evil Sunz these guys are able to take warbikes which have autocannons instead of big shootas so packing a lot more fire power and due to bikes having a AV of 10 all around make them a bit more durable though the driver can still be hit so not that much more.

Snake Bites being the feral orks don't ride bikes but have boars instead making them a cavalry unit but they also increase the orks save and grant a charge bonus when the orks charge so quite handy to have around.

Finally the blood axes who have no special equipment but for each squad you have you can have a looted imperial vehicle which is handy.

Overall the boys varied from mob to mob but each were useful depending on how you wanted to do your army.

3rd ed

The orks got a bit of shift in 3rd ed with the shooting being toned down and getting their own amoury so how have the boys done.

Well they are now shoota boys for 8pts and slugga boys for 9 points and have exact same statline as now and come in units of 10 to 30.

Equipment same as now slugga and choppa for slugga boys and a shoota for shoota boys and can have burnas, big shootas and rokkit launchas as well.

Special rules-

Well they have mob rule making them harder to break and power of the waagh which means on a assault they roll 2d6 and if under or equal to the current mob size they double their I meaning they strike equal with marines. That's quite handy.

However the question is what happened to the clans? Well they are still around but they became specific units.

Goffs- Skarboyz
Bad Moons- Flashgitz
Evil Suns- Warbikers
Death Skulls- Lootas
Blood Axes- Looted Vehicles
Snake Bites-... oh yeah

Eventually the snake bites did return as feral orks but yeah seems they took a kicking when the book came out though boar boy rules were in the 3rd ed rule book.

Now as for 4th ed not a lot has changed from 3rd bar they have now gained furious charge on assault and waaagh is no longer a special activated every assault but a once a game rule to grant orks fleet and preventing them from legging it so still useful. Oh and they are 6pts now so dead cheap.

Ork boys overall were a mixed bunch in 2nd ed with the varying clans doing different things allowing for interesting themed armies but the clans have now become specific units and the boys are just a general unit... still doesn't stop them mobbing you and beating the crap out of you though WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!.



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