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Forces through the editions- Eldar Wraithlord/Dreadnought

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Now this is an interesting one as out of all the eldar it had the biggest change between editions which we will see.

So 2nd ed

Not to bad but nothing really special.

So lets take a look at the Dreadnought so 160pts base and stats are move 8 +2WS +2BS -5 S +2I +1A and -2 LD compared to the current Lord. Now it has no T or W as it is a vehicle with it being 18 all around bar it's heads front armour which is 22. Not durable but then it is built for speed and Eldar aren't a durable race so okay and damage table is standard for dreads so 1-3 minor damage 4-6 oh dear.

Equipment well comes with 2 powerfists and each one can have a catapult or flamer like now.

Can also have 2 support weapons which can either replace the arms or be shoulder mounted for extra pts so can be a pure ranged unit or a combo of range and CC which is nice and has access to standard heavy weapons and the distory cannon which is a fun weapon in 2nd ed as well here's the exact wording of one of the results

Target is moved 2D6” in a random direction and underground to a depth of
10 meters. The target is destroyed.

Ah such fun.

Apart from that nothing really special about the dread but is a useful piece of armour for the eldar and unlike the war walker doesn't have to worry about the pilot being killed as it ain't got one.

3rd ed

Right now a big change has occured as it's gone from being a vehicle to a MC... well it wasn't back then but it is what it became

Stats are the same as they are now and coming in at 75pts base.

So still packing the fists with catapults and flamers and weapon choices haven't changed either bar the Distort cannon is now a star cannon... ahhhhhh that thing was fun and still not bad in 3rd ed.

Now being a Munit it has also gained the special rules Implacble advance which let it move shoot heavy weapons like MC's would get and fearless which fits it.

Now I actually like this change as a T8 creature is harder to bring down then a vehicle as one lascannon can bring down a vehicle quite easily really... a Wraithlord yeah bring about 5.

4th ed

There we go a proper kit for the wraithlord.

So is now 90pts and stats are WS4 BS4 S10 T8 W3 I4 A2 LD10

So equipment still the same as 3rd but can now have 2 heavy weapons again for some added fire power and has gained the wraithsword to make it a bit more deadly in CC.

Special rules so is fearless still and is a now a proper MC. It has also gained wraithsight which means unless a warlock or farseer is near it will do nothing for a turn so pays to have one close.

So Wraithlords start out as a the Eldars heavy vehicle to become one tough MC and quite good at it's job.


  1. Dragonknights's Avatar
    You got the stats of the 3rd edition wrong. That wraithlord had namely 3 attacks instead of 2 as it has now. Also 4th edition now no longer has the option to take the d-cannon. But does have now the option to take a wraithsword which actually kinda makes up for the loss of that extra attack.
  2. Dark Lord Foamy's Avatar
    Originally Posted by Dragonknights
    You got the stats of the 3rd edition wrong. That wraithlord had namely 3 attacks instead of 2 as it has now.
    No the 3rd ed one 2 attacks base +1 for 2 close combat weapons same as the current one hence why the (3) is in brackets.


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