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Forces through the editions- Incubi

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Well Dark Eldar have got their new and book and I swear that Decapitator is stalking me so lets take a look at a DE unit and it's going to be Incubi.

3rd ed

A bit bland but still like them.

So they were a retinue only for DE archons and drachons in 3rd ed and come in squads of 5-10 and have the same stats as current Incubi but with 1 less attack and coming in at 25pts each.

Equipment- Come with tormentor helms and punishers so entire unit has power weapons and the helm ain't bad to weaken a enemy before assault and there armour grants them a 3+ save. 2 incubi can be given either a blaster or shredder and also have a master who can take items from the armoury.

Thats really it for 3rd ed Incubi so sure good body guards but nothing really wow about them.

5th ed

A decade later and the Dark Eldar finally get a damn good makeover. God they look awesome.

So now a elites choice and 22pts each for a squad of 3-10 and stats WS5 BS4 S3 T3 W1 I5 A2 LD8

Equipment- Come with Klaives which are punishers renamed but lost the helms and still have the 3+ save so no more shooting but still deadly in CC.

They can also have a klaivex who can take bloodstone granting the unit a quite nasty template weapon or demiklaives which aren't bad. He can also have the abilities onslaught allowing the unit to gain extra attacks if they roll 6's to wound and murderous assault letting the klaivex gain PE against a IC each round of combat so both useful but not really needed.

Special rules- Nothing to special fleet, night vision and power from pain though Incubi with 2 pain tokens with FNP and furious charge is not something you'd want to fight.

Overall Incubi are bodyguards but damn good ones and capable of doing with any infantry unit without issue though they need to stay clear from vehicles especially walkers.



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