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Once more into the breach, dear gobs

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We are coming quickly upon the holiday season, and I believe we as a group should do something to help out those who don't get as much holiday cheer as the rest of us might.

While I'd love to organize some grand effort to supply inner city schools or poor children with all the models they could ever want...I think it's an undertaking for which we are not yet ready.

Instead I simply make a request: Give some Holiday Hobby Loving!

I'm also organizing Hobbies for Heroes (we need a logo). What we're going to do is provide models/tools/paints/games to soldiers serving overseas. Something they can have to get a taste of home or get a little fantasy in a harsh reality. No matter your thoughts on war or politics...I think we can all agree that everyone deserves comfort. So I'm asking you to take the time to send something to a soldier serving overseas. Be it cookies, some paints for a hobbyist over there, or a copy of AoBR or Dreadfleet so a couple guys can play...send it out, and let us know, so we can write about it and recognize your efforts.

Also if you happen to sell anything hobby related on ebay...I urge you to give a bit of the profit to one of their many supported charitable causes. Let us know if you do.

I'll be looking to organize another charity auction for the holiday or new year, if possible. But I'd love for you guys to take the reins and do something for others this season!




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