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    It was intended for the Horus Heresy Compendium to contain a brief explanation about the characters and notable battles during that period but due to the amount of content still unwritten I have decided to make it in two parts. 1 for characters, the other for battles and places.

    Effort has been made to create a brief synopsis of every character, while inferences of the fates of certain characters given in entries of other characters to create an overlapping chain of entries which when read together, tell the rough story of the Horus Heresy.

    It is with great regret that several organizations (White Scars, Salamanders, etc) are woefully under represented due to the lack of written background information.

    Reader beware: mild spoilers abound.

    Dramatis Personae

    The Terran Administratum and Council of Terra

    The Emperor of Man

    Is created and formed by / with the reincarnated souls of the shamans of Terra to combat the threat of the Chaos Gods. Guides humanity from the shadows before appearing in the open during the Age of Strife. Enters alliance with Mars and attempts to wipe out religion in a campaign known as the Great Crusade.

    Malcador the Sigilite

    The strongest psyker after the Emperor and Magnus the Red, the founder of the administratum and the Council of Terra. The Emperor's regent and first Grandmaster of the Assassin Temples.

    Pherom Sichar

    Lord of Hy-Brasil,double agent for Rogal Dorn's spy network, with links to the Warmaster himself. He was killed by an assassin posing as a Lucifer Black.

    Other members
    : Ormond Braxton, Emissary
    Vadok Singh, Warmaston of the Imperial Palace

    Dark Angels Space Marine Legion

    Lion El'jonson

    Primarch of the Dark Angels. Found on Caliban by the Emperor shortly after ridding the world of Chaos beasts. Known to be sullen and brooding but a tactical genius and a master of the blade as well as a beautiful singing voice.


    Dark Angel Librarian. The only other Calibanite to have slain a Calibanite Lion. (The other being.... Lion.) Discovers latent psychic powers shortly after. Enlisted in the Legion as a Space Marine when the Emperor arrived.


    Right hand of Lion El'jonson and the one who found him and named him. After briefly serving in the Great Crusade, Luther was sent back to Caliban along with Zahariel among others. Driven mad with envy Luther would later turn on his Primarch.


    Chapter Master and known member of the Order of the Raven's Wing on Caliban. Astelan is known to have clashed with fellow commander Captain Belath of the same Legion. Is present when Luther decides to fire upon El'jonson's fleet.


    Chief Librarian of Terran descent, is the first to recognize Zahariel's latent psychic abilities and thereafter vouched for his induction into the Librarius.


    Cousin to Zahariel, they were involved in a plot to assassinate the Emperor following His arrival on Caliban. Zahariel however, managed to foil the plot and was vouched for by Israfael. Nemiel later remained by the side of the Primarch following his cousin and Luther's return to Caliban.

    Other Legionnaires: Hadariel, Chapter Master of the 22nd. [/spoiler]

    Emperor's Children Space Marine Legion


    Primarch of the Emperor's Children Legion. His speech upon meeting his Legion moved the Emperor to allow the III Legion to be renamed to the Emperor's Children and to allow them to be the only Legion of that time to wear the Aquilla.


    Holding the title of Lord Commander, Eidolon led a contingent of Emperor's Children to a world called Murder, where his foolhardy attempts at snatching glory ended with him needing to be rescued by the Luna Wolves. His reputation with the Warmaster has since lowered considerably.


    The other Lord Commander of the Legion, Vespasian was loved by all. Attempted to stop the Legion's degeneration into Slaanesh's ideals and was later killed by Fulgrim for his trouble.

    Fabius Bile

    Apothecary of the Emperor's Children, he is the first known individual to have directly tampered with Space Marine gene-seed, using elements from xenos biology to enhance the Legion's Marines.


    Dreadnought and Keeper of Rites for the Legion. Deemed to be incorruptible, he was sent to the Choral City to die by the hands of his own Legion.

    Julius Kaesoron

    First Captain of the III Legion. Followed his Primarch to damnation, leading the Phoenix Guard, the Legion's Terminator elite aboard Ferrus Manus' ship, and slaughtered their Iron Hands counterpart, the Morlocks.

    Solomon Demeter

    Captain of the 2nd Company and due to his transport crashing en route to the battlefield, he was not affected by Slaanesh's taint and was later deemed to be too loyal to the Emperor and was sent to the Choral City to die.

    Marius Vairosean

    Third Captain fiercely loyal to Fulgrim and the first Noise Marine.

    Saul Tarvitz

    Captain of Tenth Company, Saul Tarvitz enjoyed a good relationship with Garviel Loken and Tarik Torgaddon of the Luna Wolves. He is responsible for bringing news of Horus' treachery to the loyalists Space Marines and prompting the Death Guard's Nathaniel Garro's escape aboard the Eisenstein.


    Captain of the Thirteenth Company and said to be invincible with a blade. The best of friends with Tarvitz until envy got the better of him in the battle for the Choral Palace. Betraying his fellow loyalists and slaying Solomon Demeter in the process, Lucius returned to his Legion.


    Chaplain of the 18th Company, he fought in the ...
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    I will be working on a simplified version of these articles, kind of a Cliff's Notes on the Horus Heresy or a basic Horus Heresy for Dummies guide. It won't actually contain things that you don't already know, so don't hold your breath. Anyway here we are at part 9. Enjoy...

    Of Primarchs and Psychic Powers
    Here be Dragons, and Nothing is Certain

    I've been trying to shove this small section down one of the articles but various things got in the way. It was supposed to be placed in the original part 3 but that got lost. Efforts to place them in other parts have met with boredom, lack of effort, laziness (which are all the same things, actually) and the general unsuitability of the subject in relation to the particular article. So without further ado, here it is.

    I have mentioned that Primarchs are beings of genetic and esoteric marvel. While the genetic part was obvious from them being 7-feet-tall avatars of perfection, I have barely touched on the esoteric part, merely mentioning that they were creatures of some psychic might and are largely impervious to attacks of that nature.

    The Emperor, for all intents and purposes their genetic Father, was a creature of incredible psychic power comparable to the Chaos Gods. It was believed that he imparted certain features and strands
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    We're basically done with the series. This particular article is to outline how important and pivotal the Horus Heresy was to the current Warhammer 40,000 timeline and how it shaped the far future, in which there was only war.

    So, quick recap of everything that has happened. The Emperor chastises Lorgar for worshipping him as a God, which breaks the Primarch and he embarks to find the old Gods of Colchis, his homeworld - the Gods of Chaos, just as planned by the Four.

    What follows is a galaxy-wide conspiracy perpetrated by the Word Bearers Legion, bringing about the fall of Warmaster Horus and his subsequent betrayal of the Throneworld. Through the Warmaster, fully half of the Legions rebel against the Emperor in civil war.

    The civil war ends with Horus dead and the Emperor on the brink of death, ending ...
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    A minor edit on the previous article on the Alpha Legion and their exploits as well as the Luna Wolves' name change. Sorry for forgetting all about them >_<

    Magnus attempts to warn the Emperor by projecting his ethereal body across space and into Terra via the Eldar Webway Gates. This results in the Emperor's in-construction man-made Webway Gate to be breached with demons from the Warp. Grieved with what he has done, Magnus leaves Terra without telling the Emperor of Horus' perfidy.

    Perturabo loses control of Olympia, his homeworld, the first Primarch to do so. Horus extends his hand in friendship. Horus also brings Kelbor-Hal, leader of the Mechanicum of Mars - to his side.

    Fulgrim's expeditionary fleet joins the Warmaster's, briefly toying with the idea of firing on the Warmaster's fleet, Fulgrim eventually decides against it, and boards the Vengeful Spirit, Horus' flagship.

    Horus reveals his plans for rebellion to Fulgrim, and brings him to the fold. Fulgrim vows to bring Ferrus Manus and the Iron Hands to Horus' banner. Leman Russ is ordered to bring the Emperor's sanction on Prospero.

    Leman Russ' orders were countermanded and changed by Horus Lupercal. Magnus is no longer needed to return to Terra for trial. The Primarch and his Legion is to be exterminated.
    Meanwhile, four Legions, the Sons of Horus, World Eaters, Death Guard and Emperor's Children gather in the Istvan system to quell a rebel world.

    Ferrus Manus throws Fulgrim's treacheries back in his face. The Primarchs duel, leaving Ferrus unconscious and the Iron Hand's terminator elite, the Morlocks, incapacitated. Units that were not expected to join the Warmaster in his rebellion are dropped into Istvan and virus bombed. Captain Saul Tarvitz of the Emperor's Children gets the warning to the loyalists in time to seek cover.

    Captain Nathaniel Garro receives the warning aboard the frigate Eisenstein, and escapes, bringing the warning to Terra. Lost in the Warp, they were eventually found by Rogal Dorn and his Imperial Fists Legion.

    Angron disobeys orders and takes his World Eaters down to the battle to finish off the loyalists. Initially angered by Angron's lack of respect, he orders his warriors down as well, with the purpose of blooding his Legions for the coming conflict.

    Having won the battle thanks to Lucius of the Emperor's Children's treachery, The 4 Legions entrench themselves in the Urgall Depression of Istvan V in preparation for the inevitable retribution from the Imperium.

    Rogal Dorn orders 7 Legions alongside his own Imperial Fists - the Word Bearers, Night Lords, Salamanders, Iron Hands, Raven Guard, Iron Warriors and Alpha Legion towards Istvan to bring the Warmaster to justice. The Imperial Fists were lost in the warp.

    The Heresy begins - The second wave of Night Lords, Word Bearers, Iron Warriors and Alpha Legion turn their guns on the Iron Hands, Raven Guard and Salamanders as they withdraw to rearm and repair. This event is later known as the Dropsite Massacre. Ferrus Manus is killed by Fulgrim.

    The Battle of Prospero commences. Leman Russ' Space Wolves, augmented by the Silent Sisterhood face down the Thousand Sons Space Marine Legion and the Prosperine Spireguard. The Thousand Sons escape with the help of Tzeentch.

    Corax manages to escape and heads for Terra to rebuild his shattered Legion. Alpharius allows them to escape the orbital cordon with the intention of stealing whatever secrets the Emperor may bestow upon Corax.

    Magnus the Red contacts Horus, presumably to join his rebellion. The Night Lords leave for the Thramas system to engage the Dark Angels, the Word Bearers engage the Blood Angels in Signus Prime, and the Ultramarines in Calth.

    Forgebreaker, the hammer forged under mount Narodnya by Fulgrim and wielded by Ferrus Manus is given to Perturabo as a token of friendship. Corax is granted the secrets of the Primarch Project to create a new breed of super-astartes.
    It is a mystery as to why the Emperor didn't create this breed of super-astartes from the beginning but it turns out that was a sound decision. Also the super-astartes is made by combining the best of every Primarch, and the Emperor didn't want all the Legions to have the same skill set, as he wanted to fashion different Legions for different uses.

    The first super-astartes is successfully created. Omegon orders his operatives to sabotage the gene-project and claim it for the Alpha Legion. They are successful. Kelbor-Hal declares for the Warmaster, and the Mechanicum is plunged into civil war.

    Captain Nathaniel Garro travels to the now-empty Istvan to find Captain Garviel Loken to add to his Avengers team of pure-hearted vigilant warriors, the forerunners of the Inquisition.

    Before Gregor Eisenhorn, there was Nathaniel Garro.

    Siege of Terra finally begins after years of fighting, intrigue, espionage and counter espionage. On the side of the loyalists are the Blood Angels, White Scars and Imperial Fists, on the traitor's side - the Sons of Horus, Thousand Sons, Emperor's Children, Death Guard, and World Eaters.
    Aaron Dembski-Bowden's Night Lords series places the VIII Legion on Terra during the siege. This may be a canon conflict, as other sources cite them as 'on a genocidal crusade in the galactic east'.

    The loyalists are steadily pushed back deeper into the Imperial Palace with the Emperor still busy staving off the demons that assail his artificial Webway. Eventually, the impending arrival of the Dark Angels, Space Wolves and Ultramarines Legions threaten to break the siege.

    Horus decides to take a gamble and allows the Emperor's forces to teleport into the Vengeful Spirit. The Emperor takes the bait. However, it was Sanguinius who faced Horus first. Foreseeing that this was where he met his end, Sanguinius rejected Horus' offer to join the Dark Gods.

    Sanguinius dies by the Warmaster's claws, but not before leaving a chink in Horus' armour. The Emperor finally arrives to face down Horus, promptly gets grievously wounded for holding back.

    Ollanius Pius, an Imperial Army trooper enters the scene. Horus flays him with but a look. the Emperor finally realizes that Horus has fallen too far to be saved and unleashes a psychic attack so great it destroyed Horus' soul.

    We're finished! Well ok, we're just about done. This series will run for two more editions, the next one will talk about the aftermath of the Heresy and the last one will talk about miscellaneous things I decided to omit for being too trivial, such as the Primarch's psychic powers, the Eye of Terra, etc as well as canon conflicts. However, if there is anything else you would like to see fleshed out, explained or mentioned, do let me know and I'll do my best to oblige.

    Part 6 --------- Part 8
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    Welcome back! I think so far I've covered characters, factors and other secrets of the Horus Heresy. I have neglected however, to actually tell the tale of the Horus Heresy, assuming readers to already know a fair deal of the greatest event in Warhammer 40,000 rich lore.

    I'll do my best to fix that now. I don't claim to know everything, but I think I can create a rough timeline of events that has happened leading towards and during the Horus Heresy. However, as the Horus Heresy itself is a time of legend and myths, I can supply very little in the way of date or progression of time between events, and also due to canon conflicts, I will have to construct the Timeline according to what I see as correct and accurate. That doesn't necessarily mean it is 100% accurate however. But do read on..

    Sometime before M25 - The Emperor defeats the C'tan Void Dragon and entombs ...
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    So here we are at part 5 of the Horus Heresy articles! I'm already thinking towards the end of the series, with two more projects in mind. I think one or two more parts should cover the Horus Heresy nicely, don't you? But first, a history lesson...

    The Triumph of Ullanor
    The Emperor Deserts the Crusade

    And Is shortly met by this lot!

    The Ullanor Crusade force comprised of three Space Marine Legions, billions of Army and Mechanicum units, all led by the Emperor, who brought about one of the hugest Imperial invasion fleet in the history of the Great Crusade to combat one of the biggest Ork empires in the galaxy.

    The ensuing victory culminated in a great celebration later known as
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    We now know roughly what are the roles of the Primarchs, the Emperor, the Ulthwe Eldar and the Cabal in the Horus Heresy. The coming parts will discuss the factors and events leading towards the event. The Horus Heresy may be a war between psychic entities but the war was fought by - for want of a better term, mortals.

    Discontent and Rivalries Among Primarchs

    The Primarchs were essentially humanity magnified, the best rising to the fore in charismatic majesty. Underneath all this glorious radiance however, festered also the worst of mankind. Envy, pride and other assorted weaknesses which are already dangerous to a human being became deadly in a Primarch.

    Despite sharing a near-unbreakable bond due to the simple fact that there were only 19 (17, by some counts) others like them in the Galaxy, the Primarchs often squabbled and fought with each other (up to the point of firing at each other's
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