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    who is this?
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    Hmmm, that could be an issue, wifey's gonna want me during the weekends cuz she works during the day during the week. Bummer, but I still plan to stop in at the GW up there and pick up some supplies one day.
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    Hey buddy, I'll be back in Cali for a couple weeks here in a few days. Maybe we can get together for some gaming. Lemme know.
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    Happy Smurfday!
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    Smurfy! I often skip your posts because of your avatar, which is painful to the eyes! This is a damn shame, as your post often are quite interesting and/or helpful.
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    (9:49:39 PM) Phail: you're reliable - will you PM smurfy for me and tell him i've saved our game of vassal and can continue whenever, we were about to start combat in my turn
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July 30, 1987 (30)
About yWizePapaSmurfy
Half the people on this site know the rules and the other half don't. If you expect to learn anything, please swing by the IRC chatroom, I'm in it the majority of the time. I'll steer you in the right direction, be friendly, and only faux-mock you.

Not about myself too much, but if you're new to this site checking this, here's a warning: Many people here don't know things and will only do things to piss you off without so much as a sorry. I've beared with it for 10 years, and the Mods don't like it when I prove myself right and degrade the person who was trying to degrade me. If you know the rules, stay out of rules discussions like I do, because it only results in losing brain cells. Otherwise, have fun, and don't let anything get to you.

Those of you who wonder why I care about this, it's because if I'm bringing something up, it's because it affects everyone under the normal rules that all the people I play with in my area. Good or bad, I accept how THESE people play, and to say I should play differently just to appease my apparent selfish needs of not following some rules/suggestions means I gotta not play with much of anyone in these cases.

I am not a non-sensical person.
I am not an asshole.
But- I do not stand for two-faced dicks.

And they are many places, just saying.
Orange County, California
GW, Photography, Smurfette, 'Shrooms
College Student ; Intelligence Analyst


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Recent Entries

Battle Report: Eldar vs. Chaos Daemons Part 2

by yWizePapaSmurfy on 28th August 2010 at 22:06
Turn 3 B:

Last Horror unit with Icon arrives. So does Fateweaver.


Horrors generally move to try to get to Fateweaver lovin' zone. Bluescribes unit moves in to be ballsy.


Bluescribes unit pops Northern Falcon. Bluescribes "Watch This!"'s and splits fire to the Fire Dragon Exarch turns him into a Spawn with Boon of Mutation.

Watch This! allows him to do another power again possibly.

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Battle Report: Eldar vs. Chaos Daemons

by yWizePapaSmurfy on 28th August 2010 at 22:05
Well here it is -

This thread will be updated every so often by me sharing insights on armies/tactics/Battle Reports.

Disclaimer right now - You don't have to listen to me, I am not always right. I just speak from game experiences. I do not know the precise inner workings of the math of anything, so don't expect that silly stuff out of me. You guys can provide it if it makes you feel better, but for me it's just how the dice were and how you played.


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Beginning of Transfer of post log for Madness! Introduction

by yWizePapaSmurfy on 28th August 2010 at 21:43
Well this is a test/starter post to see how this crap shows up.

Welcome to Smurfy's Tactical Blog. In this series of articles, I will focus on various army lists/builds/strategies/tactics/battle reports. I will focus mostly what I am playing at the moment because well, it is MY blog not everyone else's. Also, not like I find the time to study every aspect of the game in depth, I am due to ship out soon, so I will not be updating this so often as I'd like, but hey: Maybe someone

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